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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Met. & Thrifty Monday - Thinking Fall

Thanks to Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch and Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality for hosting these two wonderful events. Be sure to check out both of these blogs to see what they've been up to and to find a list of all the participants.

Recently I went to a book sale at the local library. I found three really wonderful decorating books. This really got me to thinking about how much I really admire the Country French look and would love to bring some of that into my home. Secondly I am so ready for fall and thought maybe it was time to start bringing a little fall into the house. It's time for a lot of the white and the daisy's to rest for a while.

The first book I found is Charles Faudree's Country French Living. Now I know this is Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict's favorite designer, and her gorgeous home really reflects it. I love her place and her style.

All the books were really mixed up and you just had to dig through piles. Then I found Charles Faudree's French Country Signature. Now I was really doing the happy dance.

I just kept digging and I finally found Secrets of French Design by Betty Lou Phillips. I thought these three would give me plenty of eye candy to look at and for a total of $12 I felt really happy. They are all three in perfect condition.

Armed with all the knowledge I learned from these books I started looking for Frenchy type accessories. This brass stand was given to me years ago and while never my style, I did cherish it in memory of a wonderful friend. It use to have a crackle glass bowl that sat in it and has long since broken. I decided that I would give it a coat of paint to age it a little. I chose Ant. Bronze and got busy.

Next I needed some kind of bowl to fit in the top and found that a clay planter worked perfectly.

I think it looks better, but needs a touch of gold.

I had a can of gold paint and sprayed a little on a paper towel and gave it a few highlights. Much better. After a little more tweaking, it matched another piece that I have.

The LR has looked like this since February. Very light and airy for the summer. Let's change it up and bring in a little fall.

See the elephant box, it matches the planter almost perfectly. I did a floral arrangement in the bowl, and also put the shell balls I made on marble egg stands and placed them in the tray. I've just shopped the house for all different accessories.

Now to change the end table between the two leather chairs. Some books to elevate the lamp, a plant and then a big cloche with an antique dish, a faberge egg, a scrimchaw tusk that belonged to my DH's great-great-grandfather and an antique lady's magnifying glass. Works great.

The antique transferware dish is also very old. I love the long rectangular shape.

Rugs were a must in the country french design. I only have one and so I took it out of the breakfast room. The color will work and the size isn't too bad.

Tons of pillows in different fabrics and a tapestry one is a must, all with a lot of fringe and tassels. I shopped the house and brought in pillows from everywhere. I don't have a lot, but now I have an excuse to hunt for fabric and fringe. lol Maybe some toile, plaids or checks. I also put a group of spheres on the skirted table.

I've had this riding scene tapestry pillow for over 20 years. I just added some fringe around the edges to give it a little facelift.

I brought in the ottoman that my DH and I made a few years ago. The fabric matches some of the pillows and the skirted tablecloth.

I used the tabletopper that usually goes on the skirted table and scrunched it up and used it on the dining table to tie all the fabrics and colors together.

Finally, just a couple of pictures of the finished room for now. There's always the possibility of more change. lol Not a really heavy fall look and not very frenchy yet, but a fun change.

All of this was totally free, I just shopped the house, so I think that qualifies for the Thrifty Monday, but in case it doesn't, this is a picture of a lamp I found this week at GW for $10. It's perfect on the end table by my chair in the familyroom.

Thanks so much for stopping by and wading through this really long post. I always appreciate your visits and your comments.

Hugs, Marty


  1. Oh, Marty, you know Debbie & I scour the GW stores on a regular basis for Charles Faudré books. You truly hit the jackpot! I really love all your fall changes. You make me want to start doing that myself! So warm and inviting. Linda

  2. Good stuff! I never find any good decorating books. And that makeover turned out great! I dug a little pot like that out of my backyard.

  3. Hi Marty,
    You are so good at transforming your living room again and again! I am so impressed by everything here and I love the new frenchy slightly fall look! Great finds, love those books, I am looking for more decor books myself. Thanks for sharing, Cindy

  4. Marty, this is so warm and cozy for the fall. What a wonderful transformation. See the more you do it the easier it gets, you are becoming a decorating Diva. love it and love you, Kathysue

  5. Thanks for letting me peek into your's beautiful!

  6. Such a pretty room, and I really like the redo. Looks great.

  7. I love the changes that you made, Marty. Great job redoing the bowl and stand. I really like the arrangement you made for it too. French country is my favorite style!

  8. You know I think it is a real talent to have a more formal living room like yours and yet have it feel so warm and welcoming...not an easy task!! Hope this finds you well,Chrissy

  9. Ok, I can't stand it anymore...I have to see your home in REAL!! Great job with the updates...loved the fabric on the DR table!

  10. Gorgeous, Marty!!

    I love Charles Faudree, too!

  11. There is a nice subtle change in your decorating to fall. You house is so beautiful! Love your leather and pretty woods with you beautiful fabrics.

  12. Charles Faudree is a favorite of mine . . . and I've even been to his Tulsa shop!

  13. What fun to browse through you lovely books! I love your fall transformation. It's getting to be that time!


  14. What a wonderful home you have made for yourself....

  15. Hi Marty, What you did with the bowl and stand is remarkable! It looks really great. I would have never thought of that.

  16. Oh Marty what a cozy and beautiful home you have... I enjoyed my time here strolling through your home... I love how you were able to changed your new finds into some work of art... and that clay planter worked perfectly! what a great job done.... blessings to you and yours...


  17. I love French Country and what a beautiful result after a day of shopping indoors ;)


  18. Oh Marty...You know I love your French country touches...perfect! And I love that white lamp...from your prize-winning GW! lol And three books from our CF plus Betty Lou for $12...amazing! I am on my way to hit all of your favorite places!! You find great buys!!! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  19. Marty, you really accomplished a lot here...your rooms were beautiful before and even more beautiful after...applause!!!

  20. Marty, Your dining/living room looks quite cozy- and to think you achieved it so well by simply reorganizing what you found in the rest of your house! The addition of the warmer colors in the little details like the rug, pillows, and florals really made a big difference. It looks really nice!
    :-) Sue

  21. Hi, Marty,
    Your living room is so pretty. It's so cozy and warm looking.
    Great job!

  22. Great finds on those decor books, Marty! You lucky ducky! I love your transformation on the stand and bowl, looks very tres chic! Your living room & dining room warmed up beautifully with the changes you made; so rich and welcoming! Gorgeous!


  23. I think our styles are quite opposite, but I LOVE this room!

  24. I am a huge fan of Charles Faudree. I have all of his books and can not express how invaluable they are. Because of his beautiful books I now have a Caveleir King Charles Spaniel. I fell in love with the breed after persuing his books. My Cavelier is a female named "Miss Scarlet".

    BTW, loved your post.


  25. Looks fantastic!!! I love all you did!


  26. Marty...what great books to find at the library definitely got a great price! I have all 3 of those books and love them! I am just amazed at the change you made to the brass's beautiful! I was wondering if you were going to put a round piece of glass on the top of the pot to create a coffee table. :-) It really turned out great! And you living room Fall look is awesome! Hard to believe you just shopped the house because it is so completely different looking...that takes great vision to do the way it turned out! Great many fabulous ideas!

  27. Hi Marty, I like your transformations...I still love that mirror! ;) I am a fan of Charles Faudree, I met him once while he was lecturing at my workplace...I think I like his 4th book the best. Great post!

  28. I want to do that! It looks so great. I want to decorate for fall now with that kind of inspiration. Beautiful!

  29. Oh Marty are you speaking French yet? Bravo for you and how lucky you were to find such treasures.
    Happy Twirls

  30. To find not one but three of those books is such a good catch! I would love to find these one day. I can see they really inspired you. Love the fabric on your little couch cushions, it such a nice greeny blue, (or is it blueish green?).
    Love, Marianne

  31. HI!!!
    That is amazing marty that you ahd all of that stuff right at your finger tips to change the whole look of the room!! Thanks for that transformation!!!
    love it!!

  32. This is such a beautiful transformation. How fun to be able to change the look of your room without spending a dime! I love what you did with the brass stand, it's perfect. And the hunt scene pillow - love it! This room is really inspiring me to get off my duff and finish some projects. Hugs, Kat

  33. Marty,
    I love your changes. You got a fantastic deal on the books. I love French anything. Isn't it just fun to shop your own house and see all the things you have that have been forgotten about.
    I have started to make some changes for fall but you have inspired me to get busy and do more.

  34. Those books look so inspiring. I love your living and dining rooms. Makes me eager to make the change to Autumn!

  35. OMG! Gorgeous! Beautiful home, beautiful decorating, and I love the redo!
    DD and I are big fan of library book sales. We hit at least 3 per year and we always come home with armfuls.

  36. Hi Marty !
    Your living areas are very polished looking ! I adore what you have done....very good tips and I love decorator books too - you scored on this one !

  37. Gorgeous room! You have beautiful taste, your home is so lovely. Thank you for sharing a peek inside!

  38. Gorgeous! I love what you did with the antique bronze paint!!! Your living room is magazine cover worth both ways!!! I'm thinking Fall too but haven't done anything about it yet!! :D Jewel

  39. Your living room is looking really nice. My faves are the riding tapestry and the white lamp. So chic.

  40. I'm amazed at the transformation of your brass stand and clay planter. They look so good together now! Great job!

  41. Hi Marty,
    Love the fall look so far! The planter looks wonderful, you did such a great job visualizing what the end result would be! Fantastic.

  42. This is beautiful!! I love it! So elegant!

    Lou Cinda :)

  43. Hi Marty, I love those books!!!! Your home is absolutely warm and charming.

    Barb :-)

  44. ~GORGEOUS Marty! I just love your new bronzed planter and all of your accessories. Your throw pillows are so beautiful as well. Your entire home looks wonderful and ready for Fall. ~Lovely!

    How have you been doing? I haven't seen you come by my blog in so long and I've missed seeing you.

    Have a blessed day,
    ~Melissa :)

  45. Hi Marty,
    I love all the changes you did in your living room. Doesn't it feel like you're walking into a brand new room. I love changing my home around for the seasons too. Keeps everything fresh. Have a wonderful day.


  46. I like to change things up for each season as well.

    Come for a visit.
    Its So Very Cheri

  47. Beautiful! Really classic. You've got awesome furniture

  48. Hi Marty,
    I'm hanging out with my mom today and I'm trying to catch up on some blogging.
    I love those french books you found. I would love to look in them for inspiration.
    I love the changes you've made in your room as well. I am so excited about fall. It's a special time for our family. We love to visit all of the local fall festivals.
    I'm nervous about tomorrow. We will find out a lot more about mom's condition. I'm praying for just a glimmer of hope. Please say a prayer for our family.
    Love in Him,

  49. You have done an amazing job in your room. It has such a finished, warm feel about it. Super good deal on those books! I must not have patience, as it seems I never find any good decorating books. Those look really good. I love your stand/bowl transformation. And you know what else I really love? "Shop the House"! LOL! Love that term. I could definitely do that too!


  50. Since rugs are my "passion" I must comment on what a change adding the blue rug made to your room. Super transformation! Visiting for the 1st time for Met Monday. Thanks for stopping by.

    Jane T. (I post about rugs on Atticmag)

  51. Beautiful! And I'd love a tutorial (or just instructions) on how you did the shell balls (spheres?).


  52. Oh Marty I love the warmer color of fall you did here...Now this is so funny because this is what I am doing today...redoing my LR and cloches..getting ready for the cloches party...Looks great my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  53. I love the new fall look to your living room. You have such an amazing decorating talent. I love you blog!!!! Have a great day.

  54. Hi Marty
    What great books you found and I think you really captured some of the French Country look that Charles Faudre is so famous for. Everything looks so elegant. I'm ready for fall too but since we still have temps in the 90s for few more weeks I don't think I'll start changing things quite yet.
    You did a wonderful job!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  55. You have such a lovely home! And I love all your wonderful finds.

  56. I like the way you think, and I still LOVE your drapes!

  57. Well, I think it looks frenchy! Beautiful job! What a deal on those great books!! I love all the little details you did in the living room..especially the cloche. It all looks so warm, friendly, and inviting. Great job!
    BTW~ the Dollar Tree had those little blue and white tea light holders! Just 4 of them, and I bought 'em all!! ;-)

  58. Your home is lovely, it's amazing how little changes can make such a difference. Thanks for sharing!

  59. Marty, you really scored BIG on those decorating books. I always look for decorating books when I'm out thrifting and never find anything current. I'm also amazed at the fabulous transformation of the stand and planter. It looks wonderful...and so current now. :)

  60. Your living room is very pretty and great deal on the books

  61. I am soo jealous!! Those books are a steal!

  62. Howdy Matry
    Wow lady ,as always you nailed it !!!!!!!!
    The look really works well for your beautiful home.
    You are the most creative lady !
    Thank you for sharing all the fabulous photos.
    I really enjoyed each one so much.
    I must confess I scrolled back and forth several times just to enjoy the beauty of it all.
    Thank you again for the awesome eye candy.
    Blessings to you .
    Happy Trails

  63. Wow- very nicely done! I am impressed with your "gilding" it turned out really well.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today as well!

  64. Marty, you are so popular I just about don't have the nerve to comment. But I will anyway...I love your decorating! And how you present yer posts, so charming! The house is really looking ready for fall...I love that expression you used, "shopping the house" for things to recombine...LOL...

  65. Your house looks great with all the neat changes you've made! What a nice job you have done! This makes me want to follow suit!

    Nice job!


  66. hi marty, i'm back!!!i think?
    hows your summer going?i hope is not that hot so good to see you again i missed you..
    love the new look but i have always loved everything you do..i'll be back later my friend..xx

  67. Shells from Dollar Tree? I can do that! I'll send you a pic when I do. Sheesh, by the time I get my 'summer' decorating done, it will be fall...I guess I can just add a few leaves to the shells! :D

  68. Marty,
    You found some wonderful decorating books! French country is a favorite style of mine also, and I love the touches you added to your home.

  69. You did a great job! Love the new pillows and the fish/pot came out great. Very dramatic!

  70. Fall is definitely tiptoeing into your rooms...and I LOVE it. Just beautiful! The books! I love those books!

  71. I see that you're a devotee of Charles Faudree also, sweetpea! Yep, I love his french style of decorating and have some of his books and articles he's written. I especially love that he uses such feminine yet masculine touches in his gorgeous designs. Who says the two can't come together? Not ME! Love what you have done, very clever and stunning.

  72. The Faudree books were a terrific buy and so was the lamp. Your transition-to-fall decor looks great...very inviting.

  73. Well, Marty, if you ever get down to number 72 of your comments, I just want to say that it is beautiful. I really like your "summer" decor, as I am a summer person, but your fall redo is so warm and inviting, who could resist! Take care,


  74. Hi Marty,
    I'm so happy for you that you found those beautiful books for such a fantastic price! All your changes were beautifully done. You always display your refined tastes and natural flair for elegance in your posts! Kudos!


  75. Awesome new decor! I wish it were closer to Autumn here, but we're still in the 100's. But your blog gave me something to look forward to. Please stop by for a visit :-)

  76. Just absolutely stunningly beautiful Marty. (Your package is going out tomorrow..)
    xo sue

  77. Everything looks wonderful!!!! I am jealous, now I want to get out my fall things. You lucky dog for getting those books for such a great price, I really am jealous!

  78. Marty, you paid less for all 3 of those books than you would have for one of them! I also love Charles (as you can tell when you see my "more is more" look). The way you painted that stand and pot was genius. I love the way it turned out. Your room looks so pretty. laurie

  79. Charles Faudree ohlala! I love decorating boks they give me such great inspiration! Traci

  80. just found out about your cloche party.
    will check how to sign up. =0))

    wonderful post on all the french and beautiful decor.

    barbara jean

  81. Marty, I am so impressed! Your room transformation is wonderful. The pillows made such a difference, but... I do love toss pillows.

    You may like my blog, it is all about using what you have already to create a wonderful new space!