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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have You Ever Had A Decorating Block?

Have you ever had something that you just loved and still couldn't find a way to decorate with or around it. Well, that's my problem with my favorite Soup Tureen. It is a Fitz and Floyd and I love every single detail about it, however, I really can't figure out how to show it off. I have it sitting on the dining room buffet and it seems like just odd things wind up on the top of the table and always looks like an afterthought, which it really is. This is what I saw this morning. Pretty bad.

So I cleared everything off and put out two gold candlesticks. This is not very impressive.

Maybe two white candlesticks. This isn't any better and the candles are all wrong.

These candles don't look any better.

So maybe to emphasis the fruit theme on the tureen. All I have on hand are some apples, so let's just play with those. A couple of cloches, a birdbath, and a leaf. This isn't bad, but it's really just a little cutsie.

Ok, pull out some different things and try again. This is better for right now.

A gold charger, a couple of candlesticks, two leaf bowls and a small pumpkin is enough.

I think every detail from every angle of this tureen is lovely, and it really does stand alone all by itself.

So I've finally settled on this, and it looks great with the dining room table centerpiece.

So what are your suggestions? I always get inspired by all of you. So, what would you do?

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.


  1. You have such a good eye, Marty. That tureen is so gorgeous, I wouldn't mind it sitting (strutting!) all by itself.

  2. I think that gorgeous tureen could pull it off all by itself!! Soooo pretty! I think this looks beautiful!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. It looks beautiful, I really like it with the apples too!

  4. It is pretty all on it's own. But every way you had it was so pretty. I liked all the fruit. And I also liked it with the first set of candles. But I like candles.

  5. Oh Marty - you took the words right out of my mouth on this one. I've been having the.exact.same.problem. ALL WEEK! SO frustrating to have such an amazing piece, and in my case that I got for a steal, and nowhere to put it. I try forcing things and it never works. Now I like the one with all the fruit jars placed around it - so pretty. It just brings out all the colors. But they're all great! That tureen is to die for, truly.

  6. Marty I love the final look. The fruit sceen didn't look bad either, just a lot of fruit. It turned out great though.


  7. You know you could just send it to me..:)

  8. It really is a beautiful piece all my it self girl...But I see tulips and bunnies sitting by it...just me thinking out loud again which really is not good on my old brain ha ha!! When you get tired of that tureen you have my addy girl just send it to me ha ha!! RIGHT when pig's fly...May you have a great day my dear friend...Do you miss our ms. Cindy next week...Love ya sis...Gl♥ria

  9. HI Marty,
    Your beautiful piece looks great where you have it. I like symmetry so I'm partial to the tall candlesticks with candles on both sides of the tureen!
    You have a very nice decorating touch so I know whatever you decide on will be pleasant.
    God bless you,

  10. Hi Marty,
    I thought your before's looked good! You just have the touch! The soup tureen is just stunning and all your viginettes looked lovely, can't pick a fave but don't worry, you haven't lost your touch! I am getting excited, we leave next Wed. Morn and I am going to go dig out the shorts! Aaah, can't wait for the luncheon too! Hugs, Cindy

  11. Well girl, I like'em all! You always do a great job! That is a beautiful tureen. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Hi Marty, it all looks good to me. I adore that tureen! Gorgeous!

    Barb ♥

  13. Oh Marty the soup tureen is beautiful! Well anything Fitz and Floyd looks wonderful. All the photos looked wonderful; the last one looks more your style though. It's gorgeous.

  14. Pretty Marty!!! I really like how you ended up displaying it with the decorative plate and leaf cloche. Do you have a second buffet lamp for the other side? Maybe that would help your eye fill up the space and really show it off with lot's of light. Just a thought. It really is a gorgeous piece!

    ~Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  15. Marty, I do like the final product you ended up with. We all have issues/delimnas like this and it's sometimes hard to figure out. I still am not happy with the sitting area of my kitchen. By the time I figure out what kind of pillows to put on the sofa, the sofa will need to be recovered! Linda

  16. I certainly relate to having a decorator block...I have it every day! The last display is best...colors are great for autumn and the balance is perfect. I also like the apples...the red gave it pizazz..but the gold is best.

    Happy decorating!

  17. I love that tureen, Mary and love it all alone on the buffet. Gorgeous!!

  18. Try a table runner, and maybe a nice swag along the table, either way, it's looks great, and I love the tureen!!

  19. Such a beautiful tureen! It looks lovely each way you've shown - but I do like your final vignette. You've shown it well in some tablescapes too -- I know you'll find ways to enjoy it in every season. -- I'm on the way to send off the giveaways! So hopefully your basket will arrive soon.

  20. Todos são maravilhosos!!Voce tem bom gosto,
    amei a imagem 2 e a 6.

    Abraços querida!!
    All are wonderful! You have good taste,
    loved picture 2 and 6.
    Hugs dear!


  21. It is a fabulous piece and can stand only in its beauty. Maybe a complimenting runner to show it off.
    But I do like what you ended with nice fall colors.
    Wednesday Blessings ;-)

  22. Wow Marty, that soup tureen is just beautiful! But I'll be no help oh accessorizing around it... I loved everything you tried... how bout change it weekly?
    Or how bout some pumpkin soup? Have a great rest of the week!
    ~Really Rainey~

  23. Hi Marty....all beautiful but I think a runner or scarf and the tureen alone would be beautiful. If you have another buffet lamp on each end. But you know, YOU have to love it!

  24. How beautiful, Marty! I adore that gorgeous tureen and I like it with those apples and the way you've settled. You just know how to do it right!
    be a sweetie,

  25. Hello Dearheart...

    Just read the sweet note that you left on my Autumn with Antoinette tablescape, my are always so complimentary and so kind! You always make my day, my friend!!!

    Well Darlin'...when I came over, I realized that I've missed a few of your posts...I do apologize! I left you notes on your entertainment center's new Autumn decor and your newly decorated kitchen as well! Fabulous posts...I thoroughly enjoyed them!!! You're such a talented lady, Marty...your home is one of my favorites in all of Blogland!!! It's so warm and inviting and so very elegant...not an easy combination to pull off...that's for sure but you've done it, my friend!!!

    Ohhh my...I do love your beautiful Fitz and Floyd soup tureen! I've never seen one like's gorgeous!!! I certainly can see why it's your favorite!!! I loved how you posted the "progress" or birth of this beautiful vignette!'s really so much fun, isn't it? Playing with different always amazes me how different pieces bring about different looks! I also like the vignette where you used your pretty cloches with the apples...but you're absolutely right about the look and feel of the vignette that you settle on...being so much more elegant! It's the pretty gold mixed in with the autumn colors! All of these pieces showcase your pretty tureen so beautifully!!! You did GOOD!!! Thank you for sharing this...loved seeing the process...that was fun!!!

    Love ya,

  26. Hi Marty,

    I think the first photo you had with the girl in the cloche and bird looked great. I also like the fruit vingnette. Cutsie is good!


  27. I think all your ideas were pretty. Beautiful tureen.

  28. You struck a good balance with your end arrangement. There is going to come a time (one rat can spot another, you know) when you will want to change up this display and probably be back in the same mode again. This tureen is so detailed that I believe that is what is causing your dilemma. I would suggest a pedestal to display it all by itself in the corner so that it can contribute but not be challenged by other objects. Soupy just wants to shine all by herself. If you have someone handy around, they could build a quick pedestal with 8-10" wide boards and some molding and you could stain it to match your lovely buffet. I would say a 4ft height would be perfect. Just a thought.

  29. I change things around every time I walk into a room and then I get mad when I tell my husband to get an item and the poor guy can't find it:) I think I was born with a decorating block so I am the last person to ask. Tomorrow I am doing my second TS after months and months. Cooking is my thing and I have been told I should stick to just that:)

  30. Marty, I think your last choice is a good one. The items all balance & complement each other. The tureen is lovely. My big pumpkin tureen broke this year. When I unpacked the bucket & unwrapped it... about 5 pieces :( So, enjoy yours!

    Also, thank for stopping by to see Ms Reba & I today for Outdoor Wednesday. We had fun doing the yard for Halloween. Have a wonderful week my friend.

  31. I think I'm a bit different than many around here when it comes to decorating style. I think "less is more" for many things (not Christmas). I think your tureen is absolutely gorgeous, but I like it that it makes the statement by itself. I would like the lamp on one end and the tureen on the other, with nothing else. I think a large piece that is busy on its own, can stand alone. Just my take on it. It really is stunning!


  32. Hi Marty - I liked all your lovely vignettes, but my personal fave was the last one - something about it looked very fallish and just like something you would do and love!! Of course, that tureen is gorgeous enough to stand on it's own, but I loved the last shot the best!

    Thanks for visiting today - I'm getting very excited (and nervous and anxious) but ready!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  33. Well, I know what it is like to have ONE piece that you just DROOL OVER. Problem is, if it even has a hint of a specific season in it, it might bug you if you try to fit it in another season that doesn't go. I like it in the final vignette - a lot really - love the leaves and colors. But I will bet you it is the colors that are in the fruit on the tureen, the springtime and summerish colors that are distracting you. I have a piece that is similar and I ended up putting it away 1/2 the year. UGH! I know I know - I want it out to enjoy, but I just . . . . it looks funny come fall and Christmas/winter.
    Well, that is my two cents. Not very helpful I'm afraid.
    thinking of CeeKay!

  34. Ack! Marty, my whole life is a decorating block! I have just a few spots in the house I'm satisfied with, and the other places just look like orphans -- not put together right at ALL.

    That is one spectacular tureen you have there ... I think it might look very nice in MY house, if you ever tire of it.

    I like your final vignette the best. One thing that I sometimes do is take the largest item in the grouping -- in this case the tureen, and move it off-center. Add a something small next to it, then something tall at the other end -- just mix it up a little bit.

    And leave the center bare! I tend to do that in the dining room on the sideboard, so that the empty middle of the buffet is always available to hold serving pieces or a wine bucket or coffee carafe at dinner.

    Meanwhile, my F&F tureen is plopped on top of my Grandma's china closet, looking just plain silly. sigh....

    Fun post!

  35. How funny that I see your post Marty, I've just seen a tureen on ebay so I decided to watch it and might bid on it... strange thing is I don't have any tureens and all of a sudden I thought I might like to collect some? I have a vision of showing them off on some shelves in the dining room above the buffet (have to make the shelves first!). I love your tureen, and love what you did with the display at the end. I wasn't sure what I would do with it either, but I think your end result is perfect.

  36. What a lovely tureen! I loved seeing all your different displays. There wasn't a bad look in the bunch! :D Jewel

  37. Marty I remember this tureen from another post of your and thought then how lovely it is.

    I Like the last vignette the best and think Cass is on to something when she mentioned the colors might be the hold up. This looks lovely but if it is still not quite what you are looking for it may be time to let it go into hibernation for the winter - and bring it back out when the tulips are blooming again.

    My other thought was all those pretty candlesticks- maybe 3 on each side and move the lamp-

    You do have such a lovely lovely home! I have several places where I still have a block- my living room mantel being one huge one!! I still cannot seem to get that thing to look the way I want it!


  38. I'm surprised you have mental blocks, you are always so good with your vignettes! I have them too!

    Hmmm, what would I do? I like things asymmetrical, not matching, I usually don't use two matching candlesticks together, nor two matching lamps!

    The beautiful tureen needs to be alone, or with only one small bird, or piece of fruit beside it. I would place the tureen on a green scrunched up scarf.

    On the other end, I would place something on a book beside the lamp, something like a figurine, a candlestick, etc.

    I agree with some of the others, less is more with the tureen!


  39. I liked the two big white candlesticks as I was looking through the pictures....but when I got to the final picture....well, you did a great couldn;t be more perfect.....

  40. Okay, I'm going to be different here. But immediately I thought it was the lamp. Blinked, like I sometimes do to change my focus. Still the lamp. I see a lamp with a ceramic base that is more rounded and shapely to compliment the tureen. Your husband is going to kill me for suggesting you go buy a lamp now!

  41. Hey--I think it looks pretty every way you did it!! I do like the warm fallish feel to the last one.

  42. Marty, this is such a beautiful tureen, it really can stand on it's own. But I do love the last vignette. It's very warm and autumnal and it does work beautifully with the centerpiece. Hugs, Kat

  43. I remember when you got that as a is just stunning!
    I love the way you have it..shows it off perfectly.
    You are mentioned in TThurs post..come on over..:)

  44. Something as beautiful as that soup tureen simply stands out! It's stunning! I can see why you are having difficult decor moment.

  45. That tureen is just gorgeous. I have never seen one like it. Love it. I also like your final choice the best. So pretty for Fall. Thanks for your visit today too!


  46. Stunning tureen! I like your final choice too. However, I do like the apple one. Just feel the last one fits the season more at this time. Thanks for taking us along on the process. I do the same thing at times!

  47. Marty,
    It looks just wonderful the way you have it. It's just a beatiful
    tureen. I think you have it perfect.

  48. This is such a coincidence-I have just discovered a store here in Australia that has started stocking Fitz and Floyd! I have been eyeing off the beautiful Christmas goodies.
    Your beautiful tureen would look stunning on its own but I really love the way you have displayed it today.
    Best wishes, NM.

  49. Oooh, I love that tureen ! You have a great eye for decor. I might do the white candlesticks to the left, paired with the white birdbath in the middle, and the apples under glass to the right.

    A table runner might be a nice layer as well.

    You have gorgeous things my dear, I just loved looking at your thought process and I so wish I could join you for your Oct 30th luncheon !

  50. I think they ALL look lovely! I can't pick a favorite, but I love what you ended up with. :)

  51. Your soup tureen is just so beautiful! I really think all of your arrangements look lovely. You have a great eye for decorating!

  52. Marty, that is an amazing turreen. It really is a standout piece. I like what you've done.


    Sheila :-)

  53. Marty, that tureen is stunning! I really like this final result. I would probably have gone with the "too cutsie". I don't mean to, but unfortunately, I usually do. Please be sure to come see my tablscape today. I think you're going to like what you see. laurie

  54. You pulled it off, Marty. The last one is perfect!...Christine

  55. You and I are the same, we won't rest until it is just right! It has to have that *click*, if not, I keep tweaking it!

    That tureen is one of my favs...I've always wanted one.

    No worries, Marty. You have a great eye and you alway pull it all together so beautifully!



  56. Marty, this is so funny! I do the same thing! Makes me crazy!
    First of all the piece is GORGEOUS! Every inch of it. I've always found when I REALLY like a setup, it's usually the one to stick with. When I start trying too hard to change it, it becomes very frustrating.
    I do think with a piece like that..less is more. It could stand almost alone.
    Oh but again, I have soooo been there. Ugh!

  57. Your tureen is beautiful and I think you've done a great job with it!

  58. You have such lovely things and such an eye for detail. Where DO you store all these items though?!

  59. Oh Marty thank you so much for your lovely comments you are wonderful. I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting you with this upcoming luncheon, I will have to see if the girls will be at school this day, so that I can find time to sneak away. God bless you.

    Thanks for visiting me,

  60. Hi Marty~
    Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers!
    Your vignette is lovely...actually several of them were. I love Fitz and Floyd, too. When I have a situation like yours...I pull out richly colored fabrics and ribbon that correspond with the season. Perhaps trying a beautiful burnt orange or bronze colored runner or piece of fabric under part of your vignette along with darker candles...and mixing up your candlesticks rather than matching them...going for 3 (each one different). If you choose to leave it as is lovely!
    I like the cutesy one, too!

  61. That is a hard piece with which to do a vignette. I liked it by itself, or with the apples. When I have pieces similar to that, if they're not too tall, they go on top of my kitchen cabs, so I can see them every day, but don't have issues with trying to decorate around them.

  62. Good grief girl I needed to take a nap just getting to the bottom of your comments ha ha!! Just look at how much these gals love you...Thanks so much for coming by today...I went to town today which is an all day thing for me...I have to travel 60 miles one way to get to the BIG stores...did spend some time in Michaels, Marshall's and Ross...Got Len a coin magazine and parked him on a Husband bench for hours ha ha!! He don't care so long as I'm happy...It was great getting out for the day...You see Marty I suffer with panic disorder so its hard on me to leave the house even some days...Len does all the driving...because I won't drive went I have to take my meds...anyway too much information ha ha!! bet you didn't care to know that about me...All this time you thought I was just a sweet little old lady..ha ha!! Hope all is well in your world my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  63. What a lovely gift you've been given, Marty! I'd be the last one to offer YOU advice on how to display it, though. I've really enjoyed reading all the comments from others on how to show it off to its best advantage.
    It has been very educational!

  64. Hi Marty! Well I hate to tell you this....but it is so lovely that I don't think I would put anything with it. I'm no decorator though. I just received a huge Victorian hand painted china punch bowl from my mom and I can not figure out what to do with it. I love it, so I have to find a spot for it. All that to say...I know how you feel. This is really a pretty piece!
    P.S. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

  65. Hi Marty!

    Your soup tureen is just beautiful. Fitz and Floyd pieces are so gorgeous, aren't they? That's one of the loveliest pieces I've seen.

    Have you ever tried the table with two buffet lamps, one on each end? With two lamps, the tureen really could stand on its own in the middle of the table. You could always add small seasonal things under each lamp, or perhaps matching tassels hanging from each lamp.

    Of the tablescapes you pictured here, my favorite is the one with the pumpkins. Simple and elegant.

    Have a great weekend!

  66. Hi Marty!

    Oh, that tureen is just delish, isn't it? I love Fitz and Floyd too... I think your final arrangement is just grand. Perfection. :-)

    I don't remember ever reading that you used to live in Bend. Isn't it just the most fun place? I know it's a really old town, but growing quickly so everything looks so fresh and crisp. And, quite modern. I try not to drag the Hubbs all over shopping, so we just do a tiny bit. It's his anniversary too, and actually, he's quite good natured about the whole thing....I don't want to poop him out!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  67. I like the two gold candlesticks pic because the centerpiece gets all the attention. Have a very happy weekend!


  68. Hello Marty; My favorite is the last one,,, it really looks just right... and it does go with you center piece on your table.... You did a wonderful job...


  69. You have a beautiful home, and I love your decorations.

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