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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Cloche Party

Hurrah!!!! It is finally time for our next "Cloche Party". I can hardly wait to see everything everyone has done.

You have already seen most of mine, so this will be a repeat for those that follow me.The first few are cloches that I have in my kitchen decor.

My chicken wire cloche seems perfect for some eggs.

This rooster cloche is one of my favorite treasures since it was a gift from my son. I just love apples in it.

Coffee and cake tablesetting. A cloche makes the perfect cake cover.

A table centerpiece using several cloches and all white. I love all the different sizes of the cloches.

The dining room buffet gets a little makeover with some of my cloches too.

Some little Dollar Tree bells look so elegant under a cloche.

Just a couple of big magnolia flowers and you have a perfect arrangement.

Since I am always playing with my "stuff" ( I really need a life ), I changed out the bells for some really cute Dollar Tree finials. Love the look.

This is the sofa end table that sits close to the buffet and it is also decorated with finials. A cloche gives one of them extra importance in the vignette.

Ebony, marble and aged wood all live happily together.

My precious Granddaughter and some pearls. She always loved playing with them.

This pincushion is such a treasured gift, and all treasures really belong under glass.

Just look at how beautiful it is. Pat one of my dearest friends in the whole world gave this to me, and I absolutely love it. Several have asked where she got it. It came from the etsy shop of

Thanks for coming by and I can't wait to see all of your creations.

Be sure to link up to Mr. Linky below. I want to be able to find all of you.


  1. HI Dear Marty! Oh, I can never get enough of your pretty cloches and how your decorate them! You are the Queen of clocheness!
    Thank you again for hosting this most fun event!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. You have some great cloches. I love mine in the house, thank you for getting me interested in them. I am looking forward to seeing what others have under theirs.

    Thank you for setting up the link just before I go to bed. Night night for now, Jackie in UK.

  3. So many pretties Marty!

    Thanks for hosting this lovely party, I can feel the excitement building!

    Your pin cushion is just the prettiest thing I have seen in a very long time. Thanks for sharing it.


  4. Hi Marty. Thank you for hosting this party. I'm really looking forward to see everyone's creations. You have the most gorgeous ones of all. My favorite is the baby. Oh, so sweet! The pin cushion is just beautiful. Rosie

  5. OH Marty,
    They are all so lovely! And not only that, you have gotten so talented at photographing them. I love them all but my top faves are the white ones of the table. The pearls with darling grand-daughter and the pin cushion! Beautiful Job!! I just got home from work and need to go work on my post! Hugs and I will see you soon! Cindy

  6. Hi Marty, your cloches are creative and lovely.

    I took you quite seriously about the 'winter' part. My vignettes are icy cool! :-)


  7. You just have the prettiest cloches, Marty, and I can look at them every day. Your vignettes are beautiful also! I really love your wire cloche, maybe because I want one so bad!

    Thanks for the re~post! :-)


  8. Hello sweet friend...

    Yay!!! The time is here for the long awaited winter cloche party!!! I have been sooo excited! Thank you so much for hosting this fabulous party for us, Marty! I really appreciate all of your efforts!

    Well my friend, I just savoured each and every beautiful cloche!!! Girl, you have quite a collection of them by now...I love it!!! Ohhh...I just adore your new little pin cushion in that gorgeous sugar bowl...what a clever idea! It looks fabulous under glass! I think my favorites are the cloche table centerpieces...with all those beautiful white figurines! That is just sooo stunning, my friend! Breathtakingly beautiful!!! I also really enjoyed seeing all of your new finials! I have a thing for pretty finials! Hehe! My dear, I do declare that you are the Queen of the Cloches!!! You give us all such inspiration!!! Thank you again for hosting this party and thank you for sharing all of your fabulous cloches with us!!!

    Love ya,

  9. Marty, I am so sorry I missed this party. I would love to be a part of the next one. I am off to follow you so I won't be late, beautiful pictures, I love it all, Char

  10. Why don't people tell me these things before the day before, sugar?! I love cloche parties. I'm going to have to add you to my Google Reader then so I can keep up with ya, chickee. I'm going to try and do this.

  11. Hi sweet marty! I alway enjoy seeing your cloche photos. Beeeaaauuutttiifffuuulll! I didn't get to decorate for this cloche party but look forward to the next one. :) Have a great evening.

  12. Marty your cloches are absolutely breathtaking. I love every single one of them. You have inspired me to start collecting a few.

  13. Well, I was going to say that the chicken wire was my favorite (I WANT one!), but then the magnolia! And your grand-daughter!! And the pincushion!! I just love them all!
    xoxo Pattie

  14. Marty you have to stop this!! Six months ago I would have never dreamed of decorating with them. My husband may have to have a chat with you about stopping this, 'cloches' come up in too many of my ebay searches! LOL

  15. Ok call me chocolate obsessed, but the cake under the cloche looks super yum! :)

  16. I love these cloche parties!!!

    You have sooo many pretty ones. And what good ideas you have for them.

    I had to scratch my head to come up with new things!!!


  17. Love all your cloches Marty, but my favorite of all is that of your precious granddaughter's picture...Christine

  18. Thanks so much for hosting! I always love the cloche parties! Your arrangements are so beautiful. I love the cloche with the rooster in it and the cloche with the apples is the prettiest pedastal!!

  19. Thank you dear Marty for hosting the fun cloche parties!! I just love all of yours, you are truly our cloche queen!! Love the roosters! I still think the baby picture with the pearls, etc. is still my favorite!!

    Sorry I didn't comment right away, I posted quickly then ran in to prepare dinner!


  20. Hi Marty,
    Thank you so much for always being such a lovely and gracious hostess. Love your Cloche Parties! Oh! And love all your cloches. My personal favorite is your chicken wire one. Too cute. Have a wonderful evening my dear friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  21. Marty, I made it! I made it! I wasn't sure I was going to...but I had the right day off this week! ;) I love all the different ways you decorate with cloches, your pictures look great too! Thanks for hosting!

  22. Marty, you wrote the book on cloches. Wow! Just beautiful! Oh, by the way, I read how you got your blog name on Gloria's site...that is really sweet! Linda

  23. Oh, I forget every time to tie some ribbon like you do! I love that pincushion. You know me and pincushions. These are all so inspired and original. I guess I need a life too, then. Because I can't leave anything alone! Thanks for hosting, Marty!

  24. Marty, I still don't have cloches to share, but sure to enjoy visiting to see what you and the others have. Thanks for hosting the party.

  25. Marty- I rushed home from work to get my cloche post up. Internet wasn't working at the Antique store darn it. I thought I would have time to do it there as it has been a bit slow.

    Always enjoy this party and seeing all your wonderful ideas with your cloches!!


  26. Marty you really have prettiest cloches around. I just adore them all. They are all just beautiful and very elegant.

    I wish I could join you for the party. I looked and looked for a new cloche and never found a thing around here. I do have the same one I showed you before. Maybe I can try to figure something out with it and join you later on.

    Happy cloche party! ~Melissa :)

  27. These are so lovely, Marty. You sure know how to do PRETTY !
    XO bj

  28. Marty, thanks for having this party. All your cloches are so pretty and filled with so many different things. Such pretty things. I am glad I came up with something so I could join in....Kim

  29. I was soooo excited when I saw you were hosting a cloche party! Thanks, I love all of yours and can't wait to check out everyone. Lezlee

  30. Marty! I missed your party! All because I was painting! I am so sad! :( But I have enjoyed visiting lots of the gals who participated . . . everyone did such wonderful jobs!
    Yours are gorgeous - as always - and I do think I love the pincushion best. Well, and your rooster.
    Everything looks grand! Now I'm off to a few more before I sit down to watch the Olympics . . .
    See you next week!
    Hugs! Karen

  31. Marty,
    Your cloches are beautiful! Yours are so elegant in every way. I have a white rooster like yours ... I may have to put my under one of my cloches. And the pincushion is adorable!

  32. Thank you so much for hosting this fun event. You have so many beautiful cloche(s). What is the plural of cloche? I love getting to see what eveyone puts together.


  33. Marty, you have an amazing cloche collection! Love the one with the birdies on top, but my favorite was the one with the edged glass. Very classy.
    And you sure know how to make a variety of objects look gorgeous under a cloche. Nice groupings too.
    Thanks for hosting this fun party. I am glad I get to play along.

  34. You have such a nice cloche collection. Love the one your son gave you, but they're all nice. I bought those same Dollar Tree finials. Weren't they a great find? The teacup pin cushion and magnolia displays were also very nice. Thanks for hosting a fun party!

  35. Hail to the Queen of Cloches! Marty, your cloches are beautiful, and I always love seeing them. That pin cushion cloche is still one of my favorites. It is such a pretty piece, and I would never have thought to display it under a cloche, but it is perfect under the cloche. Thank you so much for hosting this party. (Do you have any idea how many people have gone out and bought cloches after seeing your amazing cloches? You should have been getting some kind of kick back from some of these stores!). laurie

  36. Hi Marty, I always love your cloches, but that little pin cushion is just the absolute cutest. Just love it!! Thank you for a great party!

  37. Oh, they're all so beautiful. I love the texture of that chickenwire cloche and the amazing all white one with the varying heights is sublime!

  38. I just find your site to be so beautiful...that
    I want to look and look some more...You are fantastic

  39. Oh you are the queen of the cloche. That's a nice title don't your think? Just great. I hope to join in next time but I did enjoy seeing the party.

  40. Ohhhhh weeee they are beautiful girl!!!! I can't decide which is my know I love those chicken ones and I saw that same tray you have in the kitchen at Hobby Lobby..I should have got me one! I can't believe how beautiful those little Dollar store white bells look and the pin cuchion is glorious but that precious grandbaby pic is just priceless Marty....and man what is wrong with me that I never think to put a pretty ribbon on my cloches! lol Love these cloche parties girl and love you..thanks again for hosting such an inspirational....eye candy...jaw dropping event!!!! Love it!!!! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  41. Hi Marty,this is my first visit to your Blog. Thank you for hosting all this fun. Your post is lovely and the many ways you display your treasures is inspiring. Beautiful, every one. I LOVE your beautiful grandbaby. She is adorable. I would let her play with my pearls too. Smile. I had to laugh when you said you played with your cloche displays. I did the same thing. My dh asked me if I put our eggs (from the fridge) in the hen display. I have a wire hen like yours and those eggs have been in their forever. Not real of course. Men!!! You gotta love em!
    Have fun with your cloche party today. I did.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  42. Hi Marty! I am so excited that I finally have a proper cloche for your winter cloche party! Maybe one day I will have just as many beautiful cloches as you!

    Thanks so much for having me and best wishes for a lovely weekend,

  43. Good morning Marty! This is just way too much fun! I agree with the poster who said 'you wrote the book' on this one! I agree. I love how you stage your cloches. Just beautiful. My favorite of course is your sweet little granddaughter. It doesn't get any sweeter than that! Have a blessed weekend cloching! Big smile. Of course that's not a word...but we know what it would mean if it was!

  44. Oh, Marty, as always you've created such gorgeous cloches! All of them look beautiful. I'm pretty hungry this morning, so the one with the cake looks awfully tempting!

    I'm so excited that I'm actually getting to participate today with a real cloche! I've been looking forward to this since I received it at Christmas.

  45. Good Morning Marty,
    It's been a fabulous party, can't wait for next week! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess!
    Hugs, Cindy

  46. Hi Marty! I'm still in baby land and have no cloche, but I wanted to come by and visit! I love your post! As usual, you are the undisputed queen of cloches! And...Dollar Tree has frenchy finials? Woo hoo...I feel a trip to Dollar Tree coming on! Have a wonderful weekend...hugs...Debbie

  47. just found your beautiful blog.....I have been a cloche addict for some time now...I will post some pics soon!

    Heart Hugs,

  48. Fabulous photos !! I joined the party ! Will take awhile to visit every blog , but what fun ! Thanks for hosting !
    The Little Things

  49. Marty-All your cloches are beautiful, as usual! I love the one with I love the one with the baby picture and the reflection of the bird in the lamp> I am so sorry! Life got in the way this week and I did not get a cloche done (even though I had your button posted and had planned one)! I will enjoy looking at the others! Great party!

  50. You have done a great job decorating with your cloches! I won't try to pick a favorite. Thanks for hosting this fun event.

  51. Hi Marty,

    I just love this party. It is just such a great idea. Your cloches are so beautiful. I don't know which one is my favorite, although I am leaning towards the pincushion. I also like the wire one which I have never seen before. You have a lovely home.
    Thanks for hosting this great party.

    Carey from Chicory Nits

  52. Hi Marty. Thanks for being the gracious host of this fun party. Your cloces are beautiful and you really know how to take good pictures. I am learning, but it was fun.

  53. Hi Marty, it's my first time here, but I'm so excited to join in. I love what you've done with your cloches. So creative. I'm afraid most of mine have plants and more plants. I'll be back soon. Love your blog.~~Dee

  54. Hi Marty!

    Frist off, thank you for hosting this party! It gives us all glimpses into so many different ideas people have for creating a cloche.

    Your cloches are just amazing. Each one of them different and so sweet. I love the fact that you really mix it up. One has some amazing antique item and the next has a little pretty found at the dollar store. That is why you are such a fantastic hostess! you welcome everyone and all kinds of different cloches to your party and you make us all feel great for participating!

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  55. So beautiful, Marty! The thing that amazes me is not only your beautiful cloches, but how sparkly clean everything in your house is.

  56. Late as usual, but I could not miss this party! Your cloches are gorgeous, Marty, but they always are. Now I am off to see everyone else. Late...late...late! Have a wonderful weekend.
    ♥, Susan

  57. Wow, Marty, love, love your collection of cloches!

    So sorry I didn't get to join in... We've been busy looking for a house so I'm rarely home lately but at night, after dinner.

    I'll have to try to see if I can join in next time. You are a great hostess, look at all of the entries!

  58. Man, I am late today! Trying to pack away that Valentine stuff....and put my pretty B/D presents on my table!!! But I posted the Valentine better late than never!! Talk to you soon!!

  59. Marty, you are definitely the Cloche Leader! Thanks for hosting this party.

  60. Oh, Marty, your cloche designs are so much fun, and so beautiful! I LOVE the chicken wire one -- wow, that's unique! Love the eggs inside.

    Gorgeous, all of it. (Dollar Tree finials? How did I miss them???)

    One of these days I'm going to get me a cloche, and jump on into one of your parties!


  61. I love the look of the cake under the cloche--so inviting!

  62. My cloches aren't nearly as artfullly FILLED as many of them that I see posted here; but then I'm not doing mine for display in my home to change out seasonally; but for sale.

    Although! After seeing so many GORGEOUS arrangements, I just may have to start KEEPING a few for myself now!

    aj ~ trash2treasure

  63. Dear Marty:

    Thanks for hosting such a lovely party. I certainly hope the saying, better late than never applies here.

    Your cloches are just beautiful, as always. I always look forward to your parties.

    - The Tablescaper

  64. Marty, you know I love all of your cloches. I think your pearl and granddaughter vignette is my favorite. And of course, that gorgeous pincushion from Pat. One of these days I'm going to get around to decorating mine to that I can join this party, it looks like so much fun. Lot's going on here right now, and too many things are getting pushed to the back burner. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Kat

  65. where do you find your cloches? My SIL wants one and I have looked everywhere...still unable to find.

  66. Just lovely! But my favorite of all is still the wire cloche!

  67. Marty,
    I'm sorry I was a party pooper this time, but I was out of town. However, I always enjoy viewing the clever ideas other partygoers put together.

  68. I really enjoyed all of these!! When does this go until? or end??? Are you having a spring one???
    You guys are all so creative!!


  69. Marty! I think I stopped breathing while looking at your amazing cloches! The shapes, the sizes, the decorations. So marvelous and creative!
    What a wonderful party!

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