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Monday, August 2, 2010

24th Table Top Tuesday - Goodwill Was Loaded

Welcome to the 24th Table Top Tuesday. We always have so much fun seeing what everyone has been up to and all their gorgeous vignettes. I am so glad you joined us.

As I told you in a previous post, I made another trip to GW the other day and got there just as they were unloading carts and carts of things. I got first pick and I really scooped up some treasures.

Look at this wonderful ironstone pitcher. I love the shape and it is really big.

I thought it would be wonderful to add to my shelf on the breakfast room wall. (The shelf really isn't crooked, just me when I take a pic. lol)

Goes nicely with all the plates and platters and the little tureen. (Well, on second thought it is a little big for such a small shelf. ) Great for a flower bouquet.

Look at this cute little bottle. It's flat on one side and has the cork too. See the little pour spout and the little handle.

Love the oval shape of it.

I thought it went well in my corner display on the kitchen cabinet.

Tied a few strands of rafia around the top, and filled it with split peas.

Such a cute and usual bottle.

I love this little dish. It is so pretty with such lovely detail.

See the berries and leaves and all the pretty detail around the top.

Perfect for this little table.

I love pedestals and columns and these three are so pretty.

Look at the lovely detail.

I've been wanting to elevate this lamp and look how perfect the round one works.

Perfect height now to sit and read a book. The light is just the right height.

Senior day and 25% off so I got everything for $16.90. I was so thrilled.

I will be leaving tomorrow the 3rd for Calif. Jamie @ Mimi's Corner and Ceekay @ Thinkin of Home and I are driving to Calif. to visit Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds. Now you know with 4 bloggers there will be lots of shopping, the beach and of course tons of pictures. We will be back Friday and I will catch up with all of you then. I am so excited, this will be such fun.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits and I can't wait to see all of your creations.

I am also linking this to August Table Tops @ Colours Dekor. Be sure to pop over and all all the wonderful Table Tops there too, and say hello to Patricia.


  1. You are so lucky to have such a great GW! Congrats!

    Have a safe and fun filled trip Marty!


  2. Marty, I love where you put your GW finds. I still love that bowl and I love the split peas added to that bottle. I would not have thought of that. Very creative thinking.

  3. Love the lattice dish w/the berry details and the crackle finish pedestals. Your GW is definitely a great place to shop for pretties! Have a fun trip to Cali. :-)
    hugs, Sue

  4. What a great pitcher, it will be spectacular filled with flowers! Have fun on the trip:@)

  5. That bowl is just too pretty. May- be you could start another blog "A Stroll Through Goodwill."
    hugs ♥ olive

  6. I tell ya - you have the BEST Goodwill stores ever! I'd be embarrassed to take you to my two. Pathetic!
    It all looks wonderful. I do like that little bottle. But I think the pitcher is my fav.
    See you tomorrow! :)
    Hugs! Karen

  7. Marty,

    You are so lucky to have such good stuff at GW. I'm still searching for my sourcet. Also, your trip sounds like a complete hoot! 4 bloggers, oh my. We'll be joining you again soon -- once Allison's DD gets married she'll be back on the case. Miss your fun link ups. Have a great trip. Jane F.

  8. Oh, Marty! Everything looks sooo beautiful!

    Have a great trip and take lots of pictures!


  9. "Hi Marty", I THOUGHT my favorite thing out of "all your wonderful displays" was the BIG pitcher(LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that) and I DO REALLY love it on the little shelf. It's an unexpected thing that looks wonderful! Just make sure it doesn't slip off, hehe, maybe put a pad on the floor underneath, JUST IN CASE. OK my "FAVORITE" thing now is that wonderful white compote and the vignette you put together. It's PERFECT!!! HUGS

  10. Looks like a great shopping weekend!! Love your "lemon" display!

  11. Wow Marty, you really scored some great items at your Goodwill! I especially love the pitcher and dish.

    Have a fantastic time on your trip to CA!

    ~ Tracy

  12. Oh Marty,
    So much good stuff! I love your GW, it's the best! I just adore the white ironstone, it looks great in your kitchen.
    And of course I am so sad I can't go with you all. But I will be thinking of you and looking forward to the pics.
    Hugs and have fun and give Karen a hug for me!

  13. Wow Marty! You've been hitting the GW jackpot! Love all your treasures.

  14. I love your corner display in the kitchen. Looks like a beautiful vignette in gourmet kitchen shop. You have such good luck at your Goodwill!

  15. Oh, that worked out perfectly for the looks like it was made that way! I also really like how you put the split peas in the bottle...very pretty. Have a fun trip, can't wait to hear all about it!

  16. What wonderful things to find! I hope you have a blast on your trip! Jacqueline

  17. I remember your thrift store finds and the flat backed jar... I LOVE the split peas in it with your kitchen vignette!

  18. Wow, you did good!! Awesome day for GW shopping for you.

  19. Personally, I think you hit the jackpot at GW this week, sugar! That white pitcher would have been speaking my name if I had been there, chick...

  20. Thanks for hosting another great linky party and for sharing all of your finds. I really enjoy visiting here! After a wonderful trip!

  21. Wonderful finds Marty! Love the pitcher! Thanks for hosting!

  22. Wow, Marty, I am always amazed at the great deals you find! You have a good eye to spy those things and then find the perfect spot at home for them! i love the little pedestal which raises the lamp. Have a great trip and take lots of pictures. I love looking at vacation pictures--it's like going on a little trip! Linda

  23. Marty I can't believe the deals you found. That pedestal is absolutely made for your lamp. Thanks for hosting this gathering. :) You girls have a wonderful time together.

  24. Lord have mercy we never have pitchers like that at our goodwill's. What a find!

  25. Marty, I love all your wonderful finds and the way you have them displayed. What a beautiful way to elevate your lamp. Would you like to spend about a week in the mountains? I could use a wonderful decorator. Thanks for visiting.

  26. Marty, what great finds! I love what you did with the little bottle and how you used the candle holder to raise the lamp ....brilliant!
    Have fun in California. Be sure to have a burger at In N Out for me! :)

  27. Marty have a safe trip most importantly, and then shop to you drop......safely! lol Have a great time!

  28. Wow, you hit the mother load at Good will. I never seem to find anything there. You inspired me to try try again. I wanted to join your fun table top party but I cannot get your button to put on my blog. That is all I know how to do. I hope what I did is okay.

  29. Wow! You always find the most marvelous things at GW! I like how you have them displayed. Incredible that the lamp fits that round dish perfectly!

    Have a ball on the girlfriends trip! Be safe!

    God Bless!


  30. Marty, I love you style. You always find great things at GW. I am so impressed! Thanks so much for sharing.

  31. Hi sweet lady...

    Ohhh really did find some great treasures at GW!!! I'm sooo envious right now! Hehe! Love all that beautiful creamy whiteware!!! Aren't those pedestal stands simply fabulous? Love them all and you're right...the one fits your pretty lamp so if it were made for it! I think your pretty bottle filled with split peas looks fabulous in your kitchen corner vignette!

    Well my friend, you gals are going to have sooo much fun driving to California to Karen's place! That vehicle is gonna be "a rockin' and a rollin'!" Hehe! Can't wait to hear all about it! Enjoy and have a safe trip, Marty!!! We'll all be waiting for lots and lots of photos!!!

    Thank you so much for hosting Table Top Tuesday...I always have so much fun participating!!!

    Love ya,

  32. Marty one of these days I'll figure out how to get a pretty table top!

    Oh I bet the drive out there and back will be just as much fun as getting there and all that shopping with Karen!! You all have a fantastic time and be sure to take lots of pictures!!

    bee blessed

  33. You will have to say Hi to Karen for me- I met her really good friend Joy the other day when she walked in the Antique store where I have my booth!

  34. I love all your GW finds, Marty. I have that flat clear glass. I have 2 of them and both flat sides face each other. I can't remember where they are though, maybe in my bin of bottles in the attic. My favorite among your finds are the white pedestals and the compote, so pretty! Enjoy CA with your bloggy friends and take lots f pics!...Christine

  35. Marty,
    I can not believe you found all of that wonderful stuff! I need to check our GW in Charlotte, little town just won't have that kind of wonderful! I LOVE the pitcher, the bowl, the bottle...just all of it! You displayed it all so well and lovely! Have a wonderful trip!
    three pixie lane

  36. Hi Marty! You do have a fabulous GW! I love what you did with the bottle! And all of your white goodies are so pretty! Have a wonderful trip!...hugs...Debbie

  37. You find the best items at Goodwill!! Wish I could shop with you. Have a wonderful trip and have lots of fun. Take pics to share with us. I linked up with Patricia today too. It's so much fun to meet new bloggers. Thanks for the tip Marty!!

    Susan and Bentley

  38. You always find the BEST goodies at you always find just the RIGHT spot for you new items. Have a blast on your trip with fellow fun and I am sooo jealous! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Marty, you have put your finds to such good use! I cannot believe how that base looks like part of the lamp. the lamp is even prettier than it was before! That white vignette on the table is beautiful. Love the little bottle with the split peas in it, and your pitcher does look so pretty with all of the other white displayed in your kitchen. I do think that you are an amazing shopper and an amazing vignette designer. I know y'all are going to have a blast at your blogger get together. I'm so jealous. Can't wait to hear all about it. laurie

  40. "Have OODLES of fun on your trip Marty"! I'll be SO looking forward to pictures and adventure stories!!! I'll be praying for you to have a safe trip, Hugs, Donna

  41. Hi Marty,
    You got some great treasures at Goodwill and they fit perfectly into your home.
    Have a great trip.

    Thank you for hosting,


  42. Such finds!

    Have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to hear all about it.

    - The Tablescaper

  43. Those are just gorgeous..

    thank you Marty for linking to my table tops as well.. :-) Im super happy!!

  44. Every time I come here, I wish that I had your knack for display and your eye for the find!

    What a great gift to have.

  45. Now those are some GREAT GW scores! I love the pitcher and the jar you added peas and raffia... oh, and the the lamp, too.

  46. I am officially jealous. I never find anything!! I love your finds!

  47. Fantastic stuff you have, I have enjoyed my time spent here, hugs and blessings Barbara ♥

  48. I keep saying I'm going to GW more often...actually made it there once in the last month. Wish I had your luck!
    Where in California are you going? I am south of SF and would love to join you guys for shopping if you're anywhere near.

  49. What beautiful finds! I love white for summer time decorating! I went to Goodwill today and found a few small items...I came home happy! ♥

  50. Wow...every single item was meant just for you!!

  51. hi
    i have put in my table top post as well...great to be a part of such a vibrant table top party :)

  52. Such wonderful finds!!! I love the white ironstone pitcher! And the jar full of dried peas too!

  53. Wow you found some great things! Love how you have found a place for everything too.

  54. Love that fluted bowl and using peas to fill that bottle was genius!! Great ideas and great finds!

  55. Hi Marty, love all your things. The white ceramics are just too lovely. Think I will visit you with a big ole purse and grab that duck casserole! Ha. So pretty!

    Can't wait to see your roosters.

    Barb ♥

  56. Marty...You always leave the best comments. Love linking up to your party because you are the most delightful lady. Love the finds! You have a great eye!
    Have a wonderful day my dear :)

  57. I think I am going to give you a wish list of the things I would like for you to buy at your GW. You seem to have the best luck. Ours is NEVER that good.

  58. I wanna go too! Waaaaaaaaa! ;-(

    You did some serious black belt shopping, Marty! I love the white pieces & am amazed at how beautifully they compliment what you already owned. Great GW Hunting!!

    Give all the girls a {{HUG}} from me, okay? No wild & crazy mischief, ya' hear?!


  59. p.s. Forgot to say...I think your flat sided bottle is 1/2 of an oil & vinegar set that slid down into a dual metal holder. The flat sides of each bottle faced each other. I like what YOU did with yours way better!

  60. I am amazed at your finds! Geez! I never knew there was such items in Goodwill. You are like a treasure hunter.

  61. Hi Marty,
    It is simply beautiful!!!
    Just now I have added my Table Top post here.
    I am your follower also :)


  62. Hi, I've been traveling so only now do I comment on your post. As always your picss to delight everyone. You found BEAUTIFUL pieces!!!!! Hugs,Fatima-Scrapart.

  63. Hi Marty - just stopping by to see if you'd be willing to join my first ever meme on Vignettes. It'll be up tomorrow, and I just love your vignette pictures - so I was hoping you'd be willing to share! :) It'll be up tonight, so if you want - check in with me around 10 EST! :) Take care, Artie

  64. I cannot believe you found all those wonderful things. You must have better thrift store than we have! I am going to post this week on making herbed olive oil. That bottle with the cork would be so great for that. I just went and bought a few from Target and I probably paid way too much for them! Lovely vignettes all around the house. You have a great eye.

  65. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  66. Hello Marty... How are you love??? I missed your linky this week.. :-( But I'll post on time next week... and come back to link... Thanks for hosting such a fab event every week..