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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sea Inspired Cloche

Just a reminder of the Summer Cloche Party that is coming up on 7/19, so I thought I would show you a little seaside display that I have in the living room.

 Shells are perfect for summer decor, and since I have a few that are special to me, I wanted to display them.

 Remember these precious little Salt Cloches that my friend Chie in Sweden sent to me.  She gave me 4 of them with the most precious little spoons.  I think they are way too cute to just save for a tablescape, so I use them all over the house in all kinds of decor.  I put some of my shells inside two of them for this vignette.

 Light colored shells in the first one and darker shells in this one.  Bright sunshine today made it a little hard to photograph, but in person you can see the shells perfectly.  Aren't these just the cutest little cloches you've ever seen.  I totally adore them.

 A view of the darker shells inside.

 I also added a small crystal bowl to hold a few more.

 A small arrangement under the larger cloche ties them all together.

 A bit of summer and the seashore.  Now if I was just there. lol

 Don't forget the Summer Cloche Party is on 7/19.  Use any glass container, apothercary jar, mesh cloche, wire or even wicker.  Birdcages and terrariums also count.  So I know you have something you can use.  Just fill it up or place it under and join the party.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.


  1. I just love shells. Why? I don't know. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

  2. Marty, I always enjoy your cloche parties and all the inspiration I find. I look forward to the upcoming party. Love the seashells and your little salt cloches.

  3. I'm going to have to start thinking about what I should put under my cloches, Marty! I have no idea at the moment though. I love the mini cloches, too. I picked up a set of three through Willow House earlier this year and I just think they are so cute!

  4. Oh how I love all the shells you used in this post!!! I am a SHELL NUT! In fact I just got finished taking a bunch of photos of some of my newest beauties for a post for next week. AND if you go look at a post a couple back... I bought that shell manni in the photo. SHELLS SHELLS SHELLS so glad you shared yours! I LOVE shells! Have a safe & Happy 4th!

  5. Marty I love your sea inspired vignette!! Soooooo Pretty! Martina

  6. I enjoyed my trip to the seaside on your table today Marty! I would never have thought of using a cloche or salt holders to show off the shells. That's a topping idea! Very creative. Now, I must put on my thinking cap and see if I can come up with something myself for the 19th.

  7. Very pretty the way you have the shells displayed. I also enjoy having shells around.
    Hope to have something ready for the party.
    Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  8. Lovely arrangements you have shared with us today. Glad I was able to stop by for a visit
    Hope you have a Happy and safe 4th

  9. I LOVE your classy cloche sea shell display!!! Thanks also for letting us know what all types of containers "count" to be able to come to your cloche party on July 17.

  10. So pretty Marty! Have a happy 4th!!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. Those are adorable little cloches, Marty! I'm really looking forward to your party. I will be at the beach picking up shells that day but I'll prepare ahead because I actually have a cloche now! Linda

  12. Your last cloche party was the first one for me and I had so much fun with it! Can't wait to join in on this one! Love your seashells cloches. They look awesome!

  13. I love cloches and your sea inspired display is just lovely. I'll make sure to come back for the party! Thank you for the sweet comment on my fireplace project.

  14. Hi Marty.... will probably think I am some kind of back country ding-aling...Did you know that I had never heard of a "cloche" until I started blogging....Had no clue as to what one was....
    I have since purchased one and I can't wait to participate later this month...



  15. I have a cloche right this minute with shells in like that,, and one with mushrooms and moss in them,, i had no idea they were so popular,, I'm a newbie,, does it show!!!Love your blog so much,,

  16. I love the shells and you've displayed them beautifully.

    Happy 4th to you and your family! XOXO ~Liz

  17. I also have to admit I did not know what a "cloche" was til I also started blogging! So glad I discovered this as it is such a versatile decorating item. I do believe I have something that qualifies! lol I have just recently added sea shells to my decorating as found some left here by one of my daughters when she moved out. Your arrangement has given me some good ideas for using the shells I have. I am your newest follower and look forward to the cloche party as well as the table top Tuesdays.

  18. Hi Marty, Your sea inspired vignette is gorgeous!! I love all your beautiful cloches.


  19. Love your cloche and display! So pretty!! I'm working up my nerve to get a cloche ready for your party. :)