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Friday, October 7, 2011

Guest Post - Adventures In Decorating

What a thrill to have Becca @ Adventures In Decorating as my guest.  She is a  beautiful wife and mom and such a very talented lady.  Her home is full of amazing DIY projects and crafts that she has created and is gracious enough to share the how-to with all of us.  Her home is so beautifully and tastefully decorated and totally full of fabulous eye candy and inspiration.  You definitely have to visit her blog and put her on the top of your follow list.   You will be totally inspired. 
Thanks so much Becca for being a very special guest.

Greetings, everyone! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Becca from Adventures in Decorating. And, I was be-YOND flattered when the lovely Ms. Marty asked if I'd share a guest post on her fabulous blog while she's enjoying some much deserved time away. Seeing how Marty is the queen of vignettes and tabletops, I thought it only appropriate to share my Fall dining tabletop/room as my guest post. So, please, come on in ...

Since painting all of the furniture in this room earlier this Spring BM White Dove (followed by distressing, sanding and glazing), I decided to do this year's Fall tablescape in mainly neutral tones, but with a few pops of color here and there. I also added several mercury pieces because I just loving the look of that right now:

You can see that I've incorporated quite a few elements ... pumpkins ... books ... silver/mercury ... raffia ... burlap runner and antlers. Some of these cute pumpkins USED to be orange. Rather than buy white pumpkins (as they can be unnecessarily expensive), I simply painted a few cheapie orange ones Annie Sloane's Old White chalk paint!

My hurricanes hold munchkin pumpkins, acorns and pinecones, along with tapered candles that I placed in candlestick holders (Dollar Tree) to add height:

And, do you want a fun and inexpensive solution to not having to look at glass hurricanes that get *cloudy* from the sun (despite cleaning them once a week!) ... just throw a few book pages (or scrapbook paper) in there, and, voila ... no more cloudiness! (Of course, either take them out when lighting the candles or just use battery operated tapers, which I need find!) And, how ironic that the chapter of the book I picked up to rip a few pages from is appropriately titled "The Pilgrim's Progress" ...

As for our table settings ... the silver chargers are from Old Time Pottery, the cream dinner plates are from Wal-Mart, and turkey salad plates are from Home Goods (last year):

Over on our sideboard, I layered a French print with a beautiful mustard floral, just to add more Fall-ish pop of color ... it also ties in with the oversized pillows on the chairs that flank the sideboard:

I love to mix in a few seashells with the "Fall-ness" ... have to stay true to my coastal living!

And, on the shelves, I nestled a mercury pumpkin on raffia. FYI: they sell these fabulous pumpkins at Tuesday Morning, too, for only $9.99! That's wonderful compared to Pottery Barn, where they are $24 for the smallest!

My plate wall remains unchanged ... still have the twine wrapped around select plates, having added a leaf and old photo for Fall.

And, one last thing ... just for fun, let's look at what my dining room looked like a few years ago (pre-blogging)! From that:

To this! Quite a difference, isn't it ?! LOL. Now, if I could just put my new beautiful *blingie* chandelier together (which is STILL sitting in the box) !!

To all of Marty's loyal friends and followers, thanks so much for letting me guest post today ... I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would love for you to pop on over and visit me sometime!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Becca,
    I dont even have the words to say how beautiful everything you've done is. I will be coming back to see this many times and sending my real life and frum pals by for a peek too.
    thanks so much for sharing this with us and sharing the color you used on your chairs as I reently bought a set of four and have been waiting to see a sample in white,and here they are .. talk about a fab friday, this is it for me..


  2. I don't think I have ever seen your dining room, Becca, but I am in LOVE!! You deserve to be in a great book or magazine!! Beautiful table and love the plates on the wall. I could gush over this forever!! :-)


  3. That's a huge transformation. I love everything in the white and neutral. I'm so tempted to do that.

  4. beautiful! I really like the furniture painted white -- I did it a few years ago and have never regretted it. A dark fancy DR just does not fit my lifestyle anymore, and the white is so much happier and less serious-looking. You have done a lovely fall setting -- I will save a couple of your photos and become a follower, too.

  5. That really is a dramatic difference from the before, Becca! The new look is just wonderful and something I'm into myself right now. You put a lot of work into this room and it shows. What a pleasure it must be to look at in person!

  6. Very pretty! I love all the different elements you used in your table setting including the zebra runner on the sideboard. Your dining room looks so different. What a beautiful change!

  7. Your dining room is very pretty! You have done a wonderful job on your fall decorations. Everything looks so lovely!

  8. Your dining room is very pretty! You have done a wonderful job on your fall decorations. Everything looks so lovely!

  9. Thanks SO much, Marty for the sweet introduction ... I sincerely appreciate it! And, I also thank you for asking me to guest post for you ... I'm truly flattered to be a part of your fabulous blog! Hope you're having a wonderful, relaxing vacation! Thanks again, xo

  10. Becca, you've done a fabulous job transforming your dining room! Your fall decorating looks so gorgeous, too!

  11. Becca, you have done a marvelous job with your dining room. The transformation is beautiful and you have thought of every lovely component to incorporate! It's stunning!

  12. Oh my, what a transformation. I love each and every detail. I've considered painting my dining room white. This looks gorgeous. I too mix up fall with coastal in my beach room.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Becca, I have always thought your dining room was beautiful but now decorated for Fall it is even more so. Perfection!

  14. Becca, your home is absolutely gorgeous and your dining room is exquisite! Wonderful post!


  15. Oh my goodness Becca! Seeing your before photo makes me realize just how amazing your dining room transformation really has been! I absolutely love your Fall tablescape and the book pages in the hurricanes was genius girl. :-)
    Everything is positively gorgeous and it was so fun to see you over at Marty's today!

  16. Marty,
    Becca's soft hues of Autumn are making me swoon!!! Another fabulous choice in guest artist for your blog! Although it has been wonderful seeing her exquisite transformation...I'm beginning to miss you, dear friend!

  17. What a beautiful dining room! I love all the silver and white that you used in there mixed in with some orange for Fall. I also like the dishes displayed beside the mirror. You did a great job with layering. Your new "after" is wonderful!

  18. Becca
    Wow !!! Your dining room is beautiful~ and I love the idea of painting the orange pumpkins...
    We are in the process of painting our dining room set also, and you just showed me that we are moving in the right direction. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Curtis & Sherrie

  19. WOW! Its amazing the transformation your dining room has made in a few years. I love all your fall touches and your turkey plates!
    Great guest post!

  20. Beautiful post, definitely love the white. Love those plates hanging on the wall. If I could only get my dh to do that for

  21. Beautiful transformation there....and I love the neutral fall decor!

  22. Hi Becca, I think that everyone has said it. Meaning Your look is fabulous! Now to convince mr dh to let me paint our oak chairs and table...hmmm.

  23. Marty and Becca, it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Fabulous ~ over and over! I'm thinking you need to come see me and re-do everything here. Seriously lovin' the mercury glass. I'm trying to collect more pieces.

    Enjoy your fall beauty!

  25. Your transformation is awesome! I love the mercury pumpkins, the sea shells with the fall and your sideboard, as well as the table.

  26. Becca your dining room belongs in a magazine! It is GORGEOUS and I love your fall tablescape!! Girl you really know how to put a room together! Martina

  27. Becca, your dining room looks SO pretty, what a transformation! I LOVE your Fall decor. I will be posting my dining room probably on Sunday or Monday. XO, Pinky

  28. What a bright change and fresh fall look. I love it!

  29. Becca -- I enjoy your blog as much as I enjoy Miss Marty's! What a fabulous fall dining room and what a transformation you've made in that room!!


  30. Hi, I love your work, I point out this company for this type of rustic work.

  31. You again chose your guest very well, Marty. Becca is so talented and fun. I enjoyed seeing her dining room very much -- just beautiful!
    :) CAS

  32. WOW, Becca, what a transformation. Night and day in comparison. Two totally different looks and styles. You sure know how to bring change in such an elegant way. I know the pictures in this post are going to end up in a magazine, you wait and see. Thanks for sharing, what a treat! XO~Liz


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