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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Everything Old is New Again-The Beginning of a Room

This is a picture of what our living room looked like when we first moved in 5 years ago.  I had just finished making the drapes, pillows, table cover and redoing the ottoman.  It's amazing that not much has changed except the addition of another chair and some different accessories.  (I wasn't blogging then and the hubs took the pic, so not the best, but it shows how we started.)

As I've said, with such a small house leaving the walls and carpet a soft camel colored beige kept everything very neutral and allowed me to add color and interest with accessories.  I loved these two fabrics for the drapes, and wanted a third one for some accents.

Then I saw this and knew it was perfect. So the ottoman got recovered and a tableskirt was made. 

I used remants from the drapes and ottoman to coordinate with some other fabrics for the pillows.

I've always loved to mix a ton of fabrics together, and I really liked the bright deep peach color for accents.

Tassels gave this one a little extra bling.

This was the color I was looking for and couldn't find it anywhere until I went to Anna's and there it was as a drapery panel.  For $9.99 I had a ton of fabric to use.  One panel gave me enough for two pillows and a table runner.  Not bad.  Always consider all options when you are looking for fabric.

These have all been packed away for a while, then recently while going through all my decor tubs and fabric stash,I rediscovered them again.  This sparked an idea to use them for the basis of my Thanksgiving and Christmas decor.    

I am having a ball recreating this color scheme and decor, and updating it to fit my room today.

So fun to see all these old pillows again and of course the mink goes with them too.

The dark peach roll pillow is perfect for the white chair.

 I created a new vignette for the end table, and love that the orange frame goes with the color scheme.

 The urn is a soft camel color, so I kept all the florals in the same camel tones from dark to light.  A few feathers and berries finish it off. 

So as you can see, I'm busy tweaking my accessories.  Check back later on for the final reveal.  Just playing and having fun.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

89th Table Top Tuesday-Holiday Decor

Welcome to the 89th Table Top Tuesday.  Wow, you guys all had such fabulous Cloche displays and I drooled over every one.  Such fabulous eye candy.  Now that you are all warmed up in the Cloche department, don't cool off, it won't be long and it will be time for the Christmas Cloche Party.  I will let you know a date.

I have had this brass stand for years, but broke the glass insert that came with it, so I looked around my stash and found a cut crystal bowl that I have that fit just perfect. I think it adds a touch of bling to the piece.

With Thanksgiving almost here, I thought I had better start to get a few things done in the decor department. I want to start adding a little more bling and elegance for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I moved the wicker cornacopia to the breakfast table and changed the buffet in the dining area to something a little more elegant.

The gold ornate frame on an easel, the super tall candlesticks and the fruit display looks a little more elegant than the cornacopia. 

I love how real all of the faux fruit looks these days.  Both of these sprays of grapes look like you could just pick a few and enjoy.  I think placing fruit in the bowl created a fabulous display.

I think this is a piece that I am going to enjoy using for a lot of different things.  For now I am thrilled with the look of the fruit display, adds just the perfect amount of formality to the buffet.

Also a reminder that the French Grainsack pillow giveaway is still going on.  Click here to enter.

Now, I can't wait to see what you guys have been up to.  With Halloween over, I am sure you have all been super busy changing all of your vignettes.  Can't wait to see!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Little Sneak Peak

I am getting my colors and ideas all finalized for the Holiday season, so I've started with the basics and also revived some old decor from a few years ago.  Here's a little sneak peak at what I'm up to.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for Table Top Tuesday to see part that is done.

French Butter Bell Crock

My DH totally gets it.  He is definitely a keeper.  This week he has been at a convention and yesterday at the last day and dinner, they also had a drawing for certain prizes.  He put his raffle tickets in the jars next to a few things that he wanted and in a couple of jars next to some things he thought I would like.  Well, to my delight, one of the things he thought I would like won.

                                                     A FRENCH BUTTER BELL CROCK

 Now how fun is this.  I have never heard of or seen one before, but what a great idea.

 This side explains how it works to store butter, keeping it spreadable without refrigeration and so it doesn't spoil.

 The water goes in the bottom of the crock, the butter is packed into the cup shape of the top and the water forms an airtight seal when the top is placed into the crock.  To use just turn the top over and dip from the cup shape.  Now how clever is that.

 I went online to find out more and discovered these have been used for years and were designed long before refrigeration.  According to all the info online, this is something the French have used for ages.

So here it is all ready to use next to the stove.  I've added it to the top of the butter slab holding all of my daily necessities.  I am sure this will become an instant favorite.

 How fun and what a treat. So glad that my honey gets it and chose something really super for me, considering he didn't win anything for himself. I do have to say he really was pretty proud of himself when he came home. He knew he did really good. lol

So, have you seen one or do you know about them?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Being Thankful

I have been doing a lot of thinking about Thanksgiving and thought I would change my huge cloche to something other than pumpkins and reflect the serious side of the season a little better.

 I want our Thanksgiving to reflect all that we have to be thankful for.   A beautiful covered Bible and a Crocheted cross reminds us to thank the Lord for all of our Blessings.

Just a simple change, but one that helps to put the season in focus.

Have you counted your Blessings today?

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.  Don't forget to sign up for the French Grainsack pillow giveawy.  Just click here to enter.

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French Grainsack Giveaway - GW - Yard SAles

Just a reminder that the French Grainsack Pillow giveaway is still going on.  Just click here to read all about it and to enter to win.  It is so stunning, you really will love it if you win.

Now onto this weeks treasures.  I didn't find much at GW, but I did find some real treasures at the yard sales.

GW was having their 1/2 off day and it was a zoo, I didn't look too long,but I did find a bag of rafia and rope orbs marked $4.99, so for $2.50 they came home with me.   Great textures and colors.

 I went to a couple of yard sales.  The first one I found this really pretty oval frame for $1.00.  Love the color and the detail.

 She also had this little brass planter complete with styrofoam for $.50.  Always a great accessory, and the swirl design on the bottom is really pretty.

 The next yard sale had the best stuff.  Some really lovely furniture, if I had 2 inches for anything, she had some really pretty things.  Most of her things were definitely more on the designer side.  She did have a couple of things that I couldn't pass up.  I love faux flowers and especially the really large, really nice ones.  She had a group of 3 stems that were perfect, and for $3.00 they were mine.

I love the soft camel colors of all of these, and this is such a lovely and huge hydrangea.

 Another one that has some gold and clear glitter on it.  Perfect for the Christmas season when you want a little bling.

 See the clear and gold glitter on this one also.  So pretty. Now I am almost positive these are like some I just saw at Michaels that were either $4.99 or $6.99 each.  I think the bunch for $3. was a super bargain.

 She also had 2 fabulous Frenchy placemats.  This first one shows a winery.

 This one is of a restaurant.  They were $1.00 each because she had washed them and they shrunk a little bit.

I think they are fabulous and I am thinking about taking the tops off and making them into pillows.  What do you think?  What would you do with them?  Really kind of fun don't you think!!!!

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