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Monday, January 30, 2012

Problems with White Pages & No Comments Tip

I have had several people tell me they can't see my post or leave a comment because everything turns to a white page.  I had the same problem with a lot of blogs, then someone suggested I download Google Chrome and use that for my blogging instead of Internet Explorer.  Problem solved.  Not only did I not have any more problems with white pages or commenting, but all of the blogs load sooooooooo much faster.  It's free, so give it a try.  I love that I can visit now so much easier and I can read your blogs and leave a comment..

Be sure to link up this evening for Table Top Tuesday.  I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful vignettes.  Also, the winners of the 100th Party giveaways will be announced.


  1. Bonjour,
    Effectivement c'est ce que j'avais suggérer à l'ensemble des mes amis bloggers...
    J'ai toujours utilisé Google Chrome... et je n'ai jamais rencontré de souci.
    Je vous fais de gros bisous

  2. So far so good with Firefox...I quit using IE a LONG time ago!

  3. Wasn't that an easy fix? I switched to Chrome a few months ago and all my problems were solved. I think it has something to do with Google owning Chrome and Blogger, but not IE. Or maybe I am a conspiracy theorist.

  4. I once had problems leaving comments on peoples blogs that didn't have a "pop-up" comment box. Then, the problem went away because those people changed their comment boxes to that style and they told me they were informed by Google of some changes that were taking place and they should set it up that way. I never switched to Google Chrome. The problem has been resolved now.

  5. I agree with Kelly. I ran across the same things, and changing your comments from "embedded" to either "pop-up" or "full page" fixed the problems. I haven't changed to Google Chrome just because I don't like feeling as if "they" are pushing/forcing it on people, if it's not necessary! Yep..I'm also with Pam on the "conspiracy theory!" Have a wonderful day, Marty!

  6. Good tip Marty, I've shared this with several people having the same problem. Because Blogger is owned by Google now, they are in essence forcing people to use Chrome (which is Google's browser platform) instead of Internet Explorer when viewing any of their products like Blogger blogs, Gmail, Youtube, etc. I really like Chrome, I find it very easy to use, glad you found that to be true too!

  7. Thank you for passing that information on Marty, I'm certain it will help a lot of folks :o)
    Now, I'd like to pass on my congratulations as you have won the 'handy shopper' in my giveaway!
    Please email me with your address details and I will get it off to you.
    replacing 'dot' and 'at' with the normal characters.
    Rose H

  8. I'm using Google Chrome and having no problems. I do remember not being able to comment on your blog several glad your problem is fixed.

  9. Thanks for the tip. I'm afraid to try anything different - I'm afraid I'll lose everything!!

  10. I'm going to try this cuz my blogging has been so screwy lately.

  11. Yep- I had to do the same thing, Marty. Don't you love how we all learn from each other? xo Diana

  12. Hi Marty! I have been using Google Chrome for some time now and just love it!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  13. Marty, I have been using Google Chrome for several months because of issues with IE. Now I have had no problems with posting and linkings.

  14. Hmmm...I have it I'm pretty sure and still have many twitches going on. Maybe I need to have Alex work on my computer and redo some stuff.

  15. I have had Google Chrome for awhile and like it. So much better than IE.

  16. Hi Marty,
    Yes, Good tip. I was having problems also. I'm not a techie so I paid my computer guy 30 bucks to download Google Chrome and I was good to go. Now we have new issues. Followers and reading blogs. Plus I would love to make different kinds of mosaics than what is offered by Picasa 3 since we won't have Picnik anymore. I will still keep blogging...Just for me.

  17. Like Ceekay I switched over to Mozilla Firefox and everything worked great till blogger made the comment changes to their imbed box- so I changed that back and it seems like everything is flowing along smoothly.. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way..

  18. Hi Marty. Glad you were able to find a relatively pain-free fix! I started out on Explorer and quickly became frustrated, so I switched to Firefox where I stayed for a pretty good while. Then I got fed up because my pictures took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to upload. Finally made the switch to Google Chrome and voila! - no more problems! Hope it stays that way....

  19. Hi Marty, I've used Chrome for a long time and been more than happy with it. I use Google Reader to read all the blogs (and then some because for some reason Google finds more blogs it thinks I might like!). I think you'll be very happy with Chrome.

  20. Hi Marty,
    Lovely Vignette, I always think silver looks so elegant, and stately. Love the use of the coffee beans in with the candles, great idea. I tend to use gold or brass more in my family and dining room, but silver more in the living room, since I have a breakfront that has silver trim on it. I love them both equally I think, and also
    the new finishes as well.
    Thanks for hosting hon, we appreciate you,
    Blessings, Nellie