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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring in the Yard

It is definitely the time of year to get out in the backyard and try to clean and spruce things up a bit.  We don't have a really large yard, but I do want the flowerbeds to have a little color.  So time to weed out and refresh things.  Yesterday we took a trip to the nursery and bought a few things so today has been planting day.  I can't believe the red and purple petunias are left over from last year and still blooming.

 I like to fill in bare spots with pots of color.  A tall cyliner pot holds 3 new trailing Calibrachoa.  I chose salmon, yellow and purple colors to intermingle as they grow and drape over the side.

Another yellow one in a small cylinder pot.  (Yes, that's wiring for lights, which we havn't installed.)

 I've also been pulling out and rearranging pots with all kinds of plants in them.  I like to mix the flowers and the desert plants together.

 Maybe a pot in between the two cylinders.

 My crazy frog got washed and he's peeking out from behind the bush.  There's also another cylinder with a geranium.

 Can you believe these are left over from last year.  This is the section I am tackling next, some cleanup of the area and a few more plants.

 Just these two  to plant today and I can rest.  Hubby has a bunch of cactus and succulents he is planting, so I will leave all of that to him.

 OK, at least this corner is looking a little better.  Now if the rest of the yard looked this good I would sit on the patio and have some iced tea.  Ok, back to work, the tea will have to wait. lol

So how about you, are you trying to get your yard in shape too.  There's always a ton of work to do in the spring.

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  1. Beautiful Marty! Here in Michigan I'm enjoying all of our blooming trees and spring bulbs. Such a pretty time of the year.

  2. Very pretty, Marty. It's hard to believe that you have flowers blooming from last year...lucky you! This is a perfect corner for pops of color and it looks like you get a lot of sun. Enjoy!


  3. Well, Marty- that corner is looking VERY good! We are just starting to get greened up here in WI. I do have some daffodils blooming which is good news. I can't wait to get some things planted outside. xo Diana

  4. Looks beautiful, Marty! I am new to the beauty of Calibrachoa. Bought some a few weeks ago at Whitfill's & they are doing beautifully. They look so delicate, but I guess they are pretty hardy. I should really do a post on the things we've done in our blank canvas yard, especially the "back 40"!
    Have a Happy Easter!

  5. Your yard looks really pretty and the Calibrachoa is one of my new favorites. I've used them the last couple of years and found they really perform well in the heat. I like your edging around your beds too.
    Thanks for sharing your pretty pots and froggy.
    Happy Easter,

  6. Very Pretty!! Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Easter!

  7. Pretty Marty. I cut my petunias when they get leggy and they bloom all over again. They take our heat. I have to cut grass to day. Yard sales were fair today but hopefully better next week. Happy Easter.

  8. Marty, your yard and gardens look great! How nice that you have petunias that survived the winter and are still providing beautiful colour. I spent some time in the yard removing leaves (mulch) from a couple of flower beds. I left enough to protect the perennials as it's supposed to snow overnight! I raked the grass a bit as there is lots of cones, needles and leaves and I filled 4 large green bags! Too much work and my back is sore now. :) I'm done for the day! Happy Easter!

  9. Everythig looks so pretty, Marty! I think I will plant next week...just have the pots filled now. Happy Easter to you and your family!...hugs...Debbie

  10. It's still not quite planting season here, Marty. I have a full month and better to wait for that. But I'll be working on digging up sod and laying out a patio area during the next few weeks. It'll be so much easier to plant once the foundation of the space is in!

    Your space is looking terrific! I'm envying you madly over here.

    :) Liz

  11. Lookin good Marty!! We plan to start some spring clean up next week. I love it when everything looks so fresh and neat!

  12. have a blessed Easter! Lori

  13. Hey I love that frog!! I do the same thing and stick pots in spots where I just can't get stuff to grow because of all the roots. Have a blessed Easter Marty!!

  14. LooKing good, Marty. My petunias survived the winter too....Christine

  15. Marty, your yard is looking great. I can't wait to plant on my deck where I live in New Jersey we have to usually wait until early May for annuals.

  16. Wow, Marty! I was excited about 2 little petunias that came back in my window box....but you have a lovely patch there! Is that "c" plant also called "million bells"? I love it. Happy Easter to you and your family. Linda

  17. OMG... not now, Lady? Stockholm is still snowing and it's still really freezing. My porch is white and the grass is still white when I woke up this morning.

    Hope I will do some gardening soonest...

    Happy Easter to you and your dear family.


  18. Hi Marty, This is my favorite time of year. We have been visiting the nurseries and doing some planting too. Your yard looks great and how nice to have all that privacy. Have a happy Easter.
    Hugs, Sherry

  19. I love your containers full of colorful flowers Marty. They look wonderful and make your flower beds really interesting and pretty! We have most of our yardwork finished, but still have the basement patio and the deck to spruce up. I worked on transforming our front porch yesterday and today.

  20. Looks like you're getting things done -- like that corner and I like bloomers with greens -- and your corner is very pretty!

  21. Looking good, Marty! I like pots mixed in with ground plantings and of course frogs too!

  22. Your flower beds look great Marty!!y We were out in the yard today cleaning out the pond, straightening the decorative rocks and freshening up the mulch...can't wait to get to planting!!!

    Have a great day!!!


  23. Hi Marty! you obviously have a green thumb! Very pretty gardens! Happy Easter to you and your family!
    I notice my old url is still on your roll. My blog will not show up unless that one is removed and the new one is added. Hope you don't mind adding the new one back. Thanks

  24. Lucky you to have blooms in your yard. Here at 4,000 feet on the edge of the Sierra's, nothing is in bloom. My peonies are popping through and trying so hard to look like plants and the lilacs have buds galore. You have a beautiful yard. Happy Easter.

  25. HI Marty, yes, Spring is TONS of work. Your corner looks so pretty and fresh now. I hope you have a beautiful, blessed Easter. XO, Pinky

  26. Marty when it is not snowing (we got 14 inches Tuesday!) I am trying to get my yard just presentable no less in shape! I think I will be racking and sweeping little pink paint chips from when the house was pressure washed for the next 100 years!

    Your yard is looking fabulous! And so many flowers blooming! The pears and plums are in bloom here so we brought the girls home for some fabulous food! Just one hive of bees here though I would love to bring all 3 but think it might scare the neighbors with all those bees around!

    Pray you have a blessed Resurrection Celebration with your family!

    bee blessed

  27. Hi Marty! Your yard is looking great! :) Ours is coming around too. :)

    I hope you have a Beautiful Resurrection Sunday!

  28. Looks great! The Petunias are amazing.

  29. Hi Marty... I am sure after somedays I can see your blooming garden as gorgeous as your home is...I love the way you arranged the place for gardening... is it still spring yet to come at your end... here it is perfect summers start...
    Hope you will enjoy a visit to see beauty of spring @
    With love

  30. I love that your flowers survived so beautifully from last year. Everything looks so lovely. Time for that glass of tea.

  31. This corner of your yard is looking superb, Marty. I love the way that you're mixing colors and textures. I haven't started doing much in my yard yet. As much as I enjoy the outcome, I'm kind of dreading all the work! Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

  32. Your flowers look very happy...beauttiful landscaping Marty...Don't you just love this time of year?....

  33. Spring is my favourite season. And you allot fantastic and beautiful image with us. I like this amazing photography so much. Nature is great gift of given by god.