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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Help - I NEED Your Input Please

You have all seen my bedroom a million times, well it is time to change things up and try and bring some cohesiveness to this room.  I am going to redo this room and I so NEED YOUR HELP.

When we moved and downsized I sold and gave away tons of furniture.  What I have here is what didn't sell or no one wanted and so it became my bedroom.  Just a hodge podge of stuff.  Now some of it I really love, and some of it has to change.  The settee is definitely staying, the end table and wicker chair are going.

The padded headboard I made just so I would have something, it is going too.

 I love the size and storage in both the end tables, but here is the problem.  I hate the color finish.  These are antique wash stands and yes I even have the towel racks that go on the back, but I don't want this room country, so I took them off.

 This is the one on my side of the bed.

 Across from the bed we have this armoire that I am going to keep.  I really like the color of it and it goes with everything else in my house, plus it holds the tv and also has drawers in the bottom for much needed storage.  (That chair is a light beige color, don't know why the back looks yellow, must be the light.)  It may get a redo or it may go, I havn't decided on that one.  I've seen these chairs redone and they look fabulous, plus since it is so small it works perfectly in my room.

 This is the new headboard that I found.  Love it, the wood tone is darker than it looks here, I had to use a flash since this was in a warehouse.    If the wood finish isn't as dark as I want it, I will paint it ASCP black and then distress it.

The fabric is wonderful,  black and beige and yes the price is wonderful too.  This was the treasure I found at Hotel Liquidators.  I will show you my whole antiquing and thrifying trip in another post.  Unreal!!!!

 So try and picture the new headboard here.

And keep in mind the color of the wood here.

So the question is what color to paint the two end tables.  I will refinish the tops in a dark walnut color like the  armoire, but should I paint the bottoms black and distress or what?

I am thinking black and distressing.  I love the look of the white also, but I don't think white is what I need here.  I really don't want a color like blue or green, so you guys help me out.  What is going to work and make this look better.  Second question, should I just sell these and buy two new chests?  Ok, I am all ears.


  1. Hi Marty,Oh what a nice bedroom you have-great size too. My question about the washstands-are they antiques or reproductions? Hubby and I had all of our furniture in medium oak but the last couple of years, we've been drawn darker too. If the stands aren't really old and valuable, I would definitely go dark on the top and black on the base. I think you'll do a splendid job with whatever you choose-you have such a wonderful sense of style. My girls paint wood furniture all the time and it looks great, just my hubby is a purist and doesn't.
    Have fun.

    1. Yes, both of the washstands are antiques. Very old. I have had them for over 30 yrs. I use to have a house full of antiques when we lived in Oregon, but slowly they have all been sold or given away as my tastes have changed.

  2. Marty, Love the idea of painting the bedside tables black and then stressing them and doing the top a darker walnut, that would definitely tie in the larger piece in your room. I have done the same thing in a guest bedroom of mine. The hardware on your bedside tables, I would change them out. Here is a site that I have used over and over again In my kitchen that I redid about 3 years ago I used French brass pulls on all my drawer but mixed it with clear glass knobs on upper drawers and upper cabinets. It came out looking really good. Hardware is often overlooked but yet can change the look of a piece of furniture and make it look amazing. The little bergere'chair, love it and it would look fabulous covered in a black and white toile. You could also repeat the same fabric on your bed in pillows which I would also suggest. You mentioned painting the headboard, stressed black, excellent idea. I am assuming that you will keep the same comforter? I wouldn't concern myself at all with using a black and white toile but if you decide to paint the walls, they look white right now, I would suggest a medium Kakki(sp?) color, everything hung on walls just pops against that color. I have used that color throughout my house and it works with whites, off whites but most especially with blacks. I can't wait to see how this all comes together.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  3. Oh I am too much of a purest. I love your bedside tables as they are. I would want to see how they do look with the headboard.....and what a bargain that is! I always think the woods do not have to match if you can pull it all together with accessories. Good luck, and I know what ever you do, it will look wonderful.

  4. Hey Marty! I think painting them black will work. Are you going to use the new Black and cream Toile bedding? If so, the sides could be nice in the ASCP old white with dark stain. Love the head board you found!

  5. Your room has some lovely pieces, Marty. The side tables are lovely as they are, but I also understand why you want to paint them. I agree that they would look lovely painted black and distressed. The headboard is a great find too. Looking forward to your progress.
    I just picked up a nice pine sideboard and primed it in preparation of painting. I started to paint it with an oops grey, but now it looks too greeny-grey at night. I am visiting blogs while I decide whether or not to sand the top down to bare wood and start again. A simple project is now taking much longer.

  6. Since those are antiques, I would not paint them. I'm afraid I would have to replace them. Love the headboard. Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing.

  7. OH dear, Marty! What a dilemma. Because they ARE real antiques I don't think I could bear to paint them. Are you emotionally attached to them? I guess that would be the deciding factor for me as to whether to sell them or paint them-if you decide to keep them. Any room in a guest room or elsewhere for them?

    I love that new headboard and think it will be perfect in your room. I think that little side chairs would be great painted and recovered. It is hard to find chairs that are just the right size.

    You know, you have good taste and no matter what you end up doing it will look lovely. Can't wait to see what you do~ xo Diana

  8. Wow...lotsa questions!!! Love the new headboard and I understand the new look you are going for......however, I am very traditional about antiques. Beautiful pieces like yours should not be painted, I've seen other gals in blog land paint treasured pieces and I cringe!!! Put the towel racks back on them and sell them!!! You are such a good shopper so you can find more suitable pieces. The settee will look nice when centered in front of the window with pillows and a small blanket. Get rid of the chair next to the armoire and put the wicker one there, that chair is so dated......

    The black and white toile would be a great choice for this room!!! And I like a mix of wood tones, don't like it all to match. Your wall color and carpet are good as is, or a darker will like the look of space when the chair and end table are gone by the window. You asked and I am always honest!!! hugs...cleo

  9. I vote for the white bottom and walnut top. that would brighten things and still blend well.. that new toile bedding would be Da Bomb on your new set.. I can see it in my mind...

  10. Black would be good. But I also think a nice dose of red with dark wax would add a bit of "Wow!" But if you want it a bit more calm stick with the black.

    Can't wait to see how they turn out.

  11. I have your same dilemma of lots of acquired, but mis-matched pieces....some antiques. It's hard to let go, and it's hard to paint them. However, you might enjoy 2 light (ASCP Old White Distressed) bedside tables or chests along with the dark pieces. I do like black used along with a stained top. I'm curious to know if you are going to use the black & white toile as well. If so, someone mentioned khaki walls - gorgeous with the toile. SW has some great colors (including relaxed khaki and outerbanks) that would be dramatic with the wood and toile. Oh, I'd like the little chair with caning painted ASCP Old White and distressed. You might not want to pay too much attention to me....I am in a "lighten up everything" mood. Linda

  12. Marty, I like the idea of painting them black or you could change the wood color with an ebony stain. Here is a good tutorial about staining I would add a little color with pillows and accessories. Can't wait to see what you do. Hugs, Sherry

  13. Marty...I am sure that you have a wonderful plan in mind....The key is that you should follow your instincts and heart...for as you will be the one spending time in the room and you should feel warm and comfy just like you feel in the rest of your home.....Through the years, I have invested in many warmer wood tones, so I lighten them up with fabrics, paint etc and then add a bit of the contemporary feel in accessories to give it a more updated look...
    I know whatever you chose, it will be great!...

  14. Hi Marty, I think you should try to get them as close to the color on the trim of the headboard, So if you darken the headboard you should put the same color on the nightstands. It will give a cohesive look.

  15. I think the black distressed would really pop in your room and go nicely with the new headboard. You have a lovely bedroom! I love the settee!

  16. Marty - your ideas sound fabulous! LOVE that headboard - what a bargain! I love the idea of painting the bottom of your nightstands black and keeping the tops their original wood - stained a bit darker.

  17. Hi, I know nothing whatsoever about deisgn but I think that the wicker chair that you are going to get rid of is the same pattern as the new head board and the other little chair... as for anything else...I'm just not clever enough. Joan

  18. Marty - I am ALL about color and painting furniture - BUT - I don't know that you should paint those two washstands. They look quite old and I don't know if the paint would make enough impact to be worth the damage to the antique. How about adding color to your bedding - pillows and a comforter folded across the foot of the bed? And some more color on the chairs.
    I like the colors in this tobi fairley bedroom, maybe for the comforter and pillows-

    Or you could change bedding to stark white and add color to pillows for a greater contrast in the neutrals. like here:
    and here:

    Maybe a darker stain on the washstands will be more to your liking.
    Take all of my advice with a grain of salt! Trust YOUR judgment!


  19. I don't know the colors well of the AS paints but they have some beautiful neutrals. I am a bit concerned that everything is going to be too dark and when that happens you can't see it well. I would go with the old ochre color maybe or something in that family, it would go with the other colors in your house too or maybe the french linen could work. Are you keeping this same bedding? I know you will do a great job of putting it all together!

  20. Hi Marty, what a fun dilemma you're having My first thought would be to stain the washstands darker, live with those for a bit before painting/staining them black. You might may too much "dark" going on the room. The room appears to be nice size. Have you already purchased the headboard? I know you'll follow your own hear and do what feels best for you, looking forward to seeing what you come up with. hugs ~lynne~

  21. Marty you know I am always honest with you. I say leave them alone, they are gorgeous, if you go black you will have all your black pieces on that one wall, it will become cave-like IMHO. I don't have a problem with the wood on the headboard going darker, in fact I think that is a good idea, but not those gorgeous wood wash stands. I would be looking for a slab of marble to put on top of those beauties. Good luck with your project, xo Kathysue

  22. My honest opinion??? do not paint them. If you want more color, then accessorize with lots of bold colors...These pieces are beautiful and I just feel that later you will regret the paint decision...


  23. I love the headboard, it's beautiful! I'd go around that color, to do the great night tables to match. I think the black eventually would be tiring and boring and too dark for a bedroom...that usually happens with black. You will make the best desicion as you have terrific taste dear Marty. Have a wonderful week.

  24. Hi Marty,
    I'm no interior decorator but my first thought is to not paint them and put lighter color accessories on the tops,maybe lampshades with black and creme. How about a pretty table scarf to add some contrast.


  25. Marty, If they were mine...:) Since they are antiques, I wouldn't paint them, but try to sell them at a consignment shop and buy something new/different that would work for storage and the look you want...BUT, if you wanted to keep them, you might stain them darker and change the handles to a more simple style, to give them a slightly more contemporary look to work with the armoire. Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing what you decide. I have old pieces I've agonized over for years. My mom's old cedar chest is still sitting in the shed because I couldn't decide what to do with it. LOL

  26. are killing me here. I just hate antiques being painted....but you have to be happy with it. I LOVE the headboard...but you know me...mix and matchy!!

  27. Hi Marty,
    My first question would be what color are your walls in the bedroom? or do you plan on painting them?? Cause that could make a big difference, they look like they are pale yellow. They are really beautiful chests, and the headboard is
    gorgeous, think it will go very well with your armoire, and is the fabric sample a comforter or what you are gonna make into a comforter or drapes or both?? Cause if so, you might want to be careful to not overdo it with the black. It also depends on if you want a more modern look with clean lines or
    if you want to keep these chests in the family.
    Guess I am not much help, just full of questions, but maybe they might help you in your quest to decide.
    Blessings hon, Nellie

  28. What about an off-white?! Or cream for the nightstands?


  29. No! I would not paint them either, because they are such nice antique pieces. Maybe wait until you get the headboard in and then go from there. You can always pull more black into the room w/the linens and a side chair. Just a thought!

  30. Hi Marty! Oh, I love your new headboard! Those wash stands look wonderful. I don't know if I'd paint them, they're so pretty. The pretty cut work wouldn't show up so much if they were painted black. Heck! I don't know nothing but you have to be happy with your room and I know you'll figure it out!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. Shannon@Cozy Home ScenesMay 20, 2012 at 5:00 PM

    Marty, I agree with my friend Sweet Shelia. -----------Shannon

  32. Marty, your new headboard will really make a statement in your room.It will definitely be the focal point. I think painting the end tables black and making the tops walnut will be the best idea. And the distressing is a must! I can't wait to see what you decide!

  33. HI Marty, I know I am late here to give my 2 cents worth. If you love the antique stands I would paint them black, NOT white. But, if the thought of painting an antique is foreign to you, you could seel them and get something new. I know this is NO help at all, huh? I have made so many decisions about MY possessions in the past month and ahalf my brain is FRIED, LOL! Sorry!!!! XO, Pinky

  34. I think distressed black would look fantastic, but I'm sure whatever you choose will look great! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop...I am your newest follower! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  35. If they aren't sentimental family pieces, I would sell them and get something that goes with the style of your other pieces. I paint a lot of furniture, but I wouldn't paint those pieces- it would ruin the value. I could be wrong, but I think that no matter what color you paint them, they will still look country. You always have such great luck with your thrifing, I'm sure you will find something perfect for the space.

  36. I love the headboard!!!! I am visiting from Thee Blog Hop and I am a new follower! I hope you will stop by and do the same.


  37. Hi Marty-
    I'm late to the party as usual! I see a lot of great conversation going on here!
    I hate to see an antique painted so I'll leave it at that.
    I think your look is heading towards French so I would look for nightstands that
    suit that look and finish them like you want to do the headboard. How about some black tassels on the armoire to tie the black in a little more too!

  38. Marty,

    I think the heardboard looks for the wash stands. I think that you could paint them black or as several other people have said you could find something new.

    I think whatever you do it is going to look great!

    Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

  39. Oh Marty - paint them!!! I understand about the purists saying "no" to paint...but you've had them all this time, so obviously you LOVE them! Why sell them and have to start all over?