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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cooking & Cleaning Made Easier

I am trying so hard to eat healthier, so I have gone back to an old routine that I did for years when the kids were young.  Love me some bacon or sausage for breakfast, and having some bacon already cooked on hand for some other dishes and salads is always a time saver.

I choose the day that I am going to clean the kitchen and that is when I cook up a lot of both bacon and sausage.  I separate all the bacon so it is easier to put in the pan.  I fry at least 2 to 4 lbs at a time.

I love the smell of good bacon cooking.

 I don't fry it really crisp, that way when I heat up some in the micro it isn't cremated, it just comes out perfect.

I usually cook a couple of tubes of sausage at the same time too.

 Nice and brown and again not really super well done so I can give them a spin in the micro.

After it cools the bacon gets stored in a zipper baggy so I can pull out of the fridge just the amount I want.  When the sausage is cool, I transfer it to a tupperware container, then I can again just pull out how many patties I want at a time.

Now that all of this mess has been made, I am doing my thorough kitchen clean up anyway, so all the greasy mess gets cleaned up with the normal weekly deep clean of the kitchen and I have some fabulous treats ready to use later during the week.  So much better than cleaning the kitchen several times.  Stove is all clean and shiny and ready for the next time I cook.

I use my favorite window cleaner (car windshield wash cleaner) and microfiber towel to clean the grease away.  Then I scrape the top with a razor blade.  They make special scrapers, but this works just fine.

 These towels are fabulous.  I can't clean house without them.  They are kind of a smooth jersey on one side and the other has a little bit of a strip texture that is rougher.  I find them at the Dollar Tree and sometimes at the grocery.  They polish everything so beautifully, no streaks, no lint, just beautiful shine.

There are several products out there that make cleaning the glass top easy, I like the Weiman's.  Really inexpensive and I can find it right at the grocery store.  A little on a sponge and it cleans to perfection.  All those weird dark rings are gone.

(I just threw my bottle out since it was empty, DH took the trash out already, so this is their pic off the internet. Great product.)

So, next time you start to clean the kitchen, fry up all that bacon and sausage before the stove gets cleaned, and your mess for the whole week is done.  


  1. I made some lovely British bacon this morning. Here is my method:

  2. Looks so good! Smart idea - cooking in advance like that. I usually try to do some advance cooking on the weekend, but not sure it is going to happen this weekend. My daughter cooked a big breakfast/brunch last Sunday, and I think she cooked 2 lbs of bacon. I enjoyed 2 strips, first I have had in a very long time.
    Have a great week.

  3. Marty,
    Smart planning!!! We cook our bacon in the micro~wave here on the Prairie!...and usually, only on weekends! During the week, it's cold cereal or toast and jam! This could change drastically when I finish working outside of the home! Great tip! Thanks for sharing...and have a great week ahead!

  4. Marty I do the same thing, but I do it in the oven. Put the bacon on a cookie sheet lined with foil(easy clean-up is always my objective) put in a cold oven and then turn oven on to 475. The premise is the bacon is heated both top and bottom and basically it fries it. It takes about 17 min, but it is so easy.When my boys are coming home I do 5 lbs and they eat it all weekend, breakfast, lunch, snacks.
    I still have to get one of those cloths and window cleaner, thank you for the reminder, Happy Sunday.
    Take a look at the video I posted on FB I think you will love it,
    xo Kathysue

  5. Marty.. this is such a fabulous idea!! Thanks for sharing. xo HHL

  6. Hi Marty - I use the Weiman's on my cooktop as well, but didn't realize I could just use a sponge? I've been using the pads they make for that purpose. So, the sponge doesn't harm your cooktop? Thanks!!

    1. The sponge works just fine. I havn't ever used the pads.

  7. I love bacon too, one of the rare times I eat meat. I also love those microfiber cloths. Can be a godsend at times.

  8. yes, we are bacon eaters too and I hate how my pretty stove looks after! We are so good about using our leftovers for salads, blt's, breakfast sandwiches etc. for the week.

  9. Marty,

    I cook like that everyday having three boys. I look forward to the days we have leftovers. It does happen but not very often. My husband says I cook for an army :)


  10. Thanks for the great tip, Marty. There are lots of times that I'd like a few bacon sprinkles, but pass because I don't want to pull out another pan. Your idea will solve that dilemma.

  11. Sausage & bacon always make such a huge mess, so this is a great idea!

  12. Great idea for cooking bacon ahead....that is a great idea when I have company to cook the bacon ahead of time...That would certainly save me time and a messy clean up when time is of the essence when you are entertaining!

  13. That is a great idea. I used to do that when the kids were little but haven't done it in a long time. Thanks for the memory jogger...and smart to do it before the big kitchen-clean-day! xo Diana

  14. Hi Marty love your blog I see above someone does their bacon in the oven like I do ,I do sausage patties the same way on a foil lined cookie sheet slice the sausage and bake for 20min till done!

  15. What a great idea! I don't cook much because, hey, then it's gone quick and you have to clean up. I like your strategy. And I think I'll be looking for those towels too.

  16. That's a great tip Marty! We eat quite a few piggy products here and it can get messy:@)

  17. Great idea, I like to keep my freezer stocked with bacon but I don't usually pre-cook it. I think I will from now on!

  18. Great idea, Marty! This would solve my problem of having to toss half of the bacon because we don't always use it quick enough! How long does it keep & can you freeze it after cooking?
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

    1. Yes, it freezes beautifully. Love to have some of it in the freezer and just pull out what I need.

  19. Good idea to have all that scrumptiousness already in advance. We don't do sausage, but I cook my bacon in the oven. I cook it on a cooling rack inside a large bar pan at 400 degrees for 25 min. (you would have to adjust for your own oven). It comes out perfect every time. I love that I can do a lot at a time. I can cook 2lbs. in 2 batches this way.

  20. I feel like I am in my own home!! I do the exact thing! I usually spend an entire day cooking for the week. I chop and shred everything for the week. Make everything for salads except the green, potatoes, baking, you name it. It makes everything much more enjoyable.
    Happy Monday, Marty.

  21. Well, you are just so smart! Great idea. I clean my glass top stove with a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid. I also use a razor blade. Love the little silver tray over your stove. laurie

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