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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blessed Again

It seems like every time I need something and really want to do something for as little money as possible, the Lord jumps into action to provide it for me.  He uses my Goodwill a lot to Bless me.  Now these are not really "needs", mostly just "wants" or "it would be nice".

My son who lives in Oregon is going to be working here for several months on and off this winter, and I am just so excited that he will get to stay with us.  You know how mom's are about getting to spend time with their kids even if they are grown, we still cherish every minute.  My guest bedroom went through a makeover this past year, you can see that post here, so it will be a comfortable place for him to stay and work.

I know it is definitely unusual, but I used all of my antique kitchen pieces in this room.  I just didn't have anywhere else and I think they work beautifully.  The hoosier top will pull out to make a fabulous desk. (see pic below)  I have cable nearby and plenty of plugs, so hooking up a computer to the Internet will be a snap and he will have plenty of work surface to work on.  Only thing is I didn't have a very comfortable extra desk chair to sit on.

Well ask or wish and you shall receive.  Thank you Lord.  I didn't want to spend a ton of money since I don't need one full time, so off to look around at GW and this is the beauty I found.  $12.95 and totally looks brand new.  I am so thrilled, this will be so much more comfortable for him to work at than sitting on a wood chair, plus I think it is really nice looking.

  I moved  the wood chair out and when he isn't using the new chair at the desk area, it will slide ride against the back wall and be totally out of his way.  This isn't a really big room, but this will work fantastically.

The other thing I have wanted is a TV for this room.  I just think that would be nice for my guests, they could relax and watch the news or any program they want to and have a little "me" time to themselves.  This room is steps away from the kitchen, so how nice to grab your morning coffee and relax in bed.  I was hoping to get a small flat screen to put on top of the antique lawyers bookcase.  This is on the wall across from the foot of the bed and would be a great spot for one.

Well again, the Lord said how about a really great TV without spending hardly any money at all.  How about just $1.   That's right, GW marked all of their TV's down to $1.

 They did that once before when they had a bunch, and then now they have done it again.  This one looked absolutely perfect, had the remote and the manuf. date on the back is 2005, and made by Sharp.  So not that old and is 20 ", so a great size for this small room.  Fits perfectly on top of the antique butter churn and slides right in that corner and is completely out of the way.   Blessed again.

This is what the wall across from the bed looked like.

 and here it is with both my new Blessings.  Isn't God good and isn't this just perfect.

A Flat Screen TV would still be nice and I am sure He will provide one at a fabulous price down the road, but for now, this is perfect and I am so thankful and thrilled.

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  1. Wow Marty, what a bargain. I found a wonderful desk chair at Goodwill a couple of years ago for $15. It was perfect for my college son, who spends so much time studying and using the computer. Great finds!!

    Jocelyn @ @

  2. What a great mom...getting the room "just right" for your son :) How nice it will be for you to get to spend some more time with him.

  3. It's great that you found the things you needed/wanted, Marty! I don't always find what I go in GW looking for, but sometimes I find some things that are just as good.

  4. Your son is blessed too.The room is wonderful.Yes,the Lord is awesome.So glad I dropped by.Denise

  5. That's great, Marty! You always inspire me with your thankful heart--reminding me to look for the "little" things that He sends down in love to me. There are SO many. So much to be thankful over.

  6. I can feel your excitement. That is great that he is going to be with you for a bit and he certainly has a relaxing, loving and welcoming place to stay and work.


  7. Wow Marty you have such luck. AND Blessings!!!
    I LOVE that room, it looks SO COMFY.
    Thank you for letting us PEEK in on that very inviting guestroom of yours once again!
    Big Hugs,

  8. What great finds! It all came together perfectly. Your son will definitely enjoy his visit, as I'm sure you will too!

  9. Marty, isn't it such a blessing when you get exactly what you want/need, when you need it? You got some wonderful deals! I am sure your son will be very comfortable and appreciate this room that you have put together for him!

  10. So nice to have your son staying with you for a while, I know you'll enjoy that. Great find on the desk chair, I need one and you've reminded me to pray! Hugs ~ Mary

  11. What fabulous finds....the room looks so beautiful! I'm glad you get to spend some time with your son exciting!
    Happy Wednesday!

  12. I think you must have the best GW EVER!!! Great finds at great prices. Your son will have such a fantastic place to relax and unwind in. XO Cindy

  13. great chair Marty.. I have one just like it only it wasnt 12.00.. talk about stealing a new and useful treasure~! you did GOOD..

    as I get to spend lots of time with my adult daughter I can understand a million percent how sweet it is to have them around. I hope ya'll enjoy every moment.

  14. What great finds Marty! I think you are being blessed for being such a good steward of what God has given you and I'm so thrilled that you will get to have your son "home" for awhile! :-)

  15. Marty, great items at such a great price! I am so glad you are going to be able to spend some time with your son over the next few months. It doesn't matter how old they get, you still miss them dearly! I have "my sailor" coming home in about two weeks and I can't wait to have him home for a little while. I have not seen him in a year, since his leave last Spring got cancelled at the last minute due to an unexpected deployment. Enjoy your time with him! I think this room is perfect and it looks very cozy and comfortable!

  16. Everything looks wonderful, Marty! I'm so glad your "new" guestroom is going to be your precious son at that! :)


  17. WOW I can't believe the price you got it for! It's lovely!

  18. Hi Marty! I do believe God smiled down on you today! Wonderful prices for the things you needed. Actually, you were thinking of your son fist an I'm so glad he'll be getting to stay with you a while.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Marty,
    I adore the "ask and ye shall recieve"!!! ...and you did...and you did!!! Nice of Goodwill to be the vessel!!! Our Goodwill is nothing like yours, dear friend!!! Your son is going to love staying with you! Something tells me...he likes being "home", too!

  20. The room looks great and you can't beat the prices on the items you found. I'm excited for you that you will get to spend some quality time with your son. Enjoy.

  21. I think your son will be very comfortable in that lovely and functional room. He is lucky to have you for a mom.

  22. Marty,
    Your room looks so nice and cozy.A perfect place for your son!Great deals too!

  23. Wow! Another great deal! So glad they had it at GW. What a nice room he'll have. He may never leave home again. laurie

  24. Perfect finds for you and your son, how awesome.

    God works mightily, indeed!

  25. How sweet of you to provide those extra comforts for your son. I am sure you will all enjoy his visits.

  26. Such a great chair. That is wonderful that he will be spending some time with you this winter. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Marty your such a great mom! That's great that your son will be spending time with you, I know you probably can't wait!

  28. The room looks great Marty. I never would have thought of putting a hoosier a bedroom. I am actually not surprised that you got a TV for $1.00. Many people are turning in their TV's for flat screens now. The last time I was at GW they had so many TV's.

  29. I know you will LOVE having your son stay with you and God saw your need and steered you to the RIGHT destination! ONE dollar for a TV! That is fabulous. The chair is great too and another bargain. I wish our GW had some decent things. XO, pinky

  30. How wonderful you will get to have your son with you for awhile! My son has 5 little ones, so it is rare we get 5 minutes to talk.
    The room looks very comfortable, and it is so good of you to make him so comfortable!

  31. God is good, I agree. Little blessing, big blessings, He covers it all! Your room looks amazing, Marty. I hope you and your son can reconnect and have a wonderful visit. Sons are amazing too!

  32. Indeed! If only we turned to Him more often. God will always grant us our wishes and dreams if they are to be for the welfare of our lives and souls.

    How wonderful to have your son staying with you for a while - Enjoy!

  33. Marty you are a very kind soul, so you are blessed every day....I believe there definitely was some "divine intervention" going on when you went to GW....I so love your Hoosier does make a great desk...Enjoy your son's happy that you will be spending time with him....I am sure that you shall treasure each moment of this visit!....

  34. You are very lucky and obviously have a great eye for bargains. Sadly, the Goodwill where I live is not that good, and most of the time you do not find many bargains there. I know you'll enjoy having your son around, and he'll hopefully appreciate the trouble you have gone to in order to make a cozy place for him to stay. Enjoy your time with him Marty.

  35. How nice to get to see more of your son.You have to have the best Goodwill in the ountry! If I found anything for a dollar at ours, somebody would have to resuscitate me!

  36. What a beautiful piece Marty and I am in love with the horse on top!!

  37. Wow Marty you surely are blessed with finding nice things! Your son should love it! What a nice guest room you've created! The horse on the top caught my eye immediately! I don't remember seeing it before.

  38. How perfect and the price was more than right, really bargains for sure! Your son will appreciate all you have done to make him comfortable, Marty!

    Art by Karena

  39. Beautiful desk! I love when God gives us things we know we really don't need...but he knows we want. =)

  40. Marty you are my hero! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop . I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo

  41. Your son is going to be quite comfortable in your guest room. I enjoyed each post when you showed us how you changed it. Your Goodwill finds make this a perfect spot for resting and working.

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