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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So What Do You Think?

I have been using a garden stool that I painted in the bedroom as a small end table next to my settee, however I found a fabulous replacement which I will show you late.  Now the question is what to do with this one.

 I thought maybe I would try it here in the bathroom. I use soft aqua towels in here, so the color is fine. It's always great to have a place to sit or even a place to put a glass of wine when you take a long soaking bubble bath.

 It's not in the way and I love this idea.  Hum, just not sure if this is the one or not.  Maybe paint it again or change out the rugs, or - - -- - what is your idea?

I originally painted it for the front porch and it would be fabulous to put it back there.  You can see that whole post and how I painted it here

I really like this one on the porch, so maybe I will find something else for the bathroom, or maybe I don't need anyting at all.  Give me your input.

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  1. I like it the best on the porch. Anxious to see what you came up with !

  2. Well Marty, I am afraid I can't be of any help to you - I like it in all three spaces!!! Jane

  3. It's great anywhere- but love it on the porch! I've been looking for one of those stools (we don't have a Big lots nearby)
    I never would have thought to paint one- so clever!

  4. Love it on the porch best! It looks so good with your shrubbery and the green plant by your door.

  5. What a beautiful piece Marty! I think it would look beautiful where ever you put it.But I like it best on the porch :-)

  6. I love it on the front porch - totally!

    and your front porch is divine, too.


    1. Hi Marty!
      I'm with the other gals. I like it on the porch, looks awesome!
      Can totally see a little wooden table with legs near the tub for
      your "grape juice" or towels!

      Keep us posted on what you do!


  7. Love it outside Marty! Just wait and see if something you like pops up for the bathroom, don't look for it, because the bathroom looks fine with or without it! I use the similar stool for my master bedroom beside my hubbys recliner and it would usually go out in the patio in the summer.

  8. Definitely on the porch. It looks awesome there.

  9. I like it outside too. Maybe don't use it that much next to the tub.

  10. I love it on the porch! It looks perfect and adds the perfect pop of color!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  11. I agree, looks best on the porch!!! And I don't like that color at all in the bathroom.....your tub has a nice wide surround to hold a glass or mug......

  12. I vote for the porch too Marty! It really looks good there!

  13. I love it on your porch, Marty! I'm looking forward to seeing what you got for the bedroom.

  14. Marty,
    I adore it on your porch!! Looks great!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  15. Always been a fan of these little garden stools. Your porch looks so welcoming!

  16. The best thing about that piece is that it can really go anywhere. I am a fan of it on the porch.

  17. Could I ask a question? What is this stool made from? It looks ceramic to me, so I am curious how you painted it. I think it looks great on the porch, as where you have it there seems like it fits beautifully, whereas in the bathroom, it seems like there is no perfect place for it. That being said, I whole-heartedly agree that there should be a place to put o wine glass for those long, luxurious bubble bath soaks I am always dreaming of taking but never do! (I'm going to work on that!) Now I must confess that I have been visiting your blog on a regular basis, and have been quite inspired by your posts, but haven't left a reply for a bit. It always seems that just as I am about to post, I get called away to deal with something or other! So, in this rare quiet moment, let me say "well done" and thanks for the pick-me-up! Strolling through your post is always a welcomed break!

    1. Yes, It is ceramic. You can paint ceramic and glass very easily. This piece I just rubbed down really well with a course steel wool and then did light even coats until I got the finish I wanted. So glad you stop by and visit, I love having the company. Hugs, Marty

  18. I agree with the crowd and like it best on the porch but, really, it's nice anywhere! You know, I have a stool similar (different shape) and I have no clue where to put it! It's one of those pieces that can go anywhere so I just get confused and give up! LOL!! Maybe I'll send you a picture and get your advice? Take care, friend.~~Angela

  19. Really pops on the porch. I think it's unanimous. Love your blog!

  20. Well, I really love it in the porch! it's very pretty there! :-)

  21. Actually, I like it on the front porch. It looked great there. But I would still change out the rugs in your bathroom to that pale aqua ...what a gorgeous color!! Soft fluffy ones..sooo pretty and soft to walk on.

  22. I like it best on the front porch too. It is lovely! Blessings, Patti

  23. I'm torn...and I hate feeling that way. If your tired of it on the porch (which it looks great because the colors match) then I'd re-paint it to match the bedroom, but I would try it in front of that loveseat, on the left hand side of it...or add more touches of green in that room.

  24. I remember the post when you painted this, and I was so impressed. I like it either place you've tried it. Look forward to seeing what you got for the bedroom. laurie

  25. Hi Marty, I have always loved the stool and you may remember that I copied your paint treatment. I think the stool would look great anywhere in your home. Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

  26. I too like it best on the porch, Marty - it is a marvelous piece - I am sure you'll find something fabulous for the bathroom. It's fun moving things around - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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