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Monday, April 13, 2015

Kilm Pillows

I love Kilm rugs and pillows, they are so pretty and have so many fabulous colors and designs in them.  While out doing a little thrifty shopping, I found some stunning Kilm pillows that I just couldn't resist.  

Not only are the designs gorgeous, but so are the colors.  You know I am on a orange/tangerine kick, so how perfect are these.

There were actualy three of them, and they all have fabulous designs.

 I chose to use two on the sofa for a less cluttered look and place the third one - -

on the wicker chair by the window.  This brought the pattern all the way around the room.

I wanted to lighten up the coffee table, so I shopped the house to find a couple of candles and a pretty floral bouquet to compliment the colors in the pillows.  

I havn't found anything at goodwill in a long time, seems like they are shipping all the good stuff out.  I went in looking for a lamp, but couldn't believe such pretty pillows and for $2.99 each, of course I couldn't resist.   I had an orange pillow in my stash, how perfect is that and of course I think leopard is a neutral that goes with anything.

What new treasures have you found lately?

Be sure to get all of your projects lined up for Inspire Me Tuesday.  Party goes live Monday afternoon at 3 PM CMT.  Can't wait to see you there.

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  1. What a great find! I'm not even a big fan of orange, but I love these. There's nothing better stumbling on something completely unexpected but perfect. Last year, I found a handmade rustic wine stand at Goodwill with small drawers and slatted shelves for $14.99. I use it in my kitchen to hold spices and oils/vinegars.

  2. Wow! I really love those pillows! They are inspirational.

  3. Marty, I can't believe what a great bargain! The pillows are beautiful, and look wonderful in your room.

  4. These pillows look great in your room. They are so "you". I am wondering, though: did you do anything to them when you brought them home to make them not smell like "thrift store"? It seems like every item I ever find at a thrift store has a musty,dusty smell to it. I always have to clean the items very well to freshen them up. How would I do that with pillows like these?
    Michelle from

    1. CLEANING PILLOWS - These had a zipper, so I just took the old inserts out and threw them away, then I sent the pillow covers to the cleaners. They did an amazing job of cleaning them and only $1.50 a pillow cover. They look brand new. I added new feather pillow inserts.

      If it is something I can't take to the cleaners, then I use to gently spot clean and spray really well with Febreze and Lysol. So far no problem.

  5. Marty, when you find something like these pillows at GW do you clean them? I GW cleans linens and draperies, but I'm always a hesitate about anything like that. I did find a planter that had an Aztec design on it to put on my bookcases. It was the perfect height and colors for my room. Had been looking for items to place on the bookcase for quite sometime. Either they were too tall or just not the right coloring. Thanks for sharing, love the pillows!

  6. I love the pillows! The orange and green and black combination is so striking! What a great find! I, too, would like to know how you clean them to remove any lingering store/previous owner scents. Once I learn your secret, I'll start searching the linens/textiles section of our GW. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Marty I just found you and love those pillows!! Our Goodwill lists all their good items on their online sight. The store has become nothing but a junk yard, sadly. Glad that some people are still able to find nice bargains.

  8. Should have read site. Fingers click too fast to correct.

  9. Marty these are so beautiful. Perfect colors for your room too. Great find.

  10. Hi Marty. I love your pillows. Our Goodwill rarely have any nice stuff. I continue to stop by once and while hoping to get lucky.

  11. You always have the most stunning pillows. They look great.

  12. You always have the most stunning pillows. They look great.

  13. Oh Marty...they are just gorgeous and simply perfect on your sofas! So funny, now everytime I see leopard print I think Marty!!
    XO Barbara!

  14. They are so beautiful Marty! And they look perfect in your living room! Love the pattern, love the colors, love everything! You hit the top score girl!!

  15. Oh Marty, your new pillows are wonderful, what a deal too! I love your delightful colors. you always have an eye for that lovely and charming look! You did it again!!

  16. Wow, Marty you scored big time! I can't believe someone got rid of those. They are quite expensive, too. You really got a super deal and they look nice.

  17. Your entire room is absolutely delightful! I couldn't agree more with the pillows… a true find! Love it! :)

  18. I love those pillows, but the wicker chair caught my eye! May I ask where you purchased it and the manufacturer's name?
    Phyllis @

  19. Forgot to check the notify me box!

  20. They are beautiful, Marty! What a great find!

  21. Marty, Thanks for your reply to my question!
    Best, Michelle from

  22. Your new pillows are gorgeous...loving that tangerine color.What a great find!!