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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Where To Hang Drapes Over An Arched Window

I love the large windows in the living room and I love, love, love the shutter they added to the arch.  It gives the room some architectural interest.  In fact I like the windows just as they are without any drapes, but I do think they will help bring the room together.

Now the question is where to hang them.  I like this simple treatment on this window.

 These windows are big and they are tall.

Deciding on a rod has been one of the questions I have.  Lucite is lovely, but I really don't want the rods to be a focal point, so I am thinking something white like the wall.  It needs to be at least 1 1/2 inches in diameter and I need to use really big rings.  I love those huge ones they have at Hobby Lobby and they have some in white too.

Where to hang them is the next big question.  I like these hung high above the arch and I also really like the white rod and the large rings.   This look is simple but elegant.

Some people hang the rod just below the arch.  That is ok, but to me it cuts the window in half.

Here is another option, to just hand them on the side of the arch with rosettes or a small rod that doesn't go all the way across the window.  Not my favorite.

 This is a mock up that I cam across of how you can swag fabric over the arch.  The previous owners must have done this kind of treatment on the top of the arch because we had scarf hardware above the windows when we bought the house.  I took them all down.

This is definitely my favorite and the way I think I will hang mine.  (Maybe a little higher above the arch since my ceilings are so tall.)  I love this white rod with white rings.  It just blends in with the wall and doesn't demand attention.  I think that is what I will go with too.  I just want the drapes to add softness to the room, not be an attention getter.

I am also thinking just plain cream colored linen panels.   What do you think, do you have a favorite way to hang drapes over arched windows?

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  1. My first thought was short rods on either side. I think you are correct though. Above the window would look best. I
    Think cream with a small print or tone on tone would be good to give some texture. I like the room without the extra chair in front of the it some elbow room! Your home is looking fabulous.

  2. First one. Long rods looks elegant and functional, and above the arched windows makes sense to me because you have a very high ceiling.


  3. Your instincts are very on target, high above the arch usually looks elegant.
    Fabric to match the walls or as one commented a small print.

  4. I like the first picture! Maybe these will balance out your large mi

  5. I like your favorite arrangement the best. But instead of a single neutral color, how about a tone on tone print, like a damask?

  6. I love them hung high above the arch. I love the curtains in that pic. Looks great!!!! xo

  7. Marty, I'm looking at the fabric, of the drapery style you like best....and it looks like that fabric, or something similar would look lovely and would tie into the color of your mirror.

  8. Will you ever draw the drapes closed?? If not, then you don't need full drapes, a narrow panel on each side will do and it lessens the bulk at either side. Is that a motion detector in the corner?? Careful not to obstruct that.

    I like the white rod and rings and tone on tone fabric....very nice!!

    1. No they will never be closed. We are only using one panel on each side of the window.

  9. I like your choice for above the window but I agree with some others about a subtle print just to add a little interest in that corner. I think it will bring everything together. Love the new arrangement.

  10. I like the drapes hung above the arch. White rods/rings are okay but your fabric choice may steer you to something with a little more color, maybe a touch of gold. A tone on tone leopard print, damask, etc would add texture without overpowering and add interest. I was a drapery designer for 20+ years! You are creating a beautiful home!

  11. I like your idea for the height! A soft design/pattern as others have said will add interest vs just a solid swath of color in a neutral on a neutral background. Your rug choice is lovely and a subtle design. Use that thought with the curtains. Your inspiration picture is a fine example of a soft pattern. Huge neutral walls benefit from eye interesting pattern.

  12. Love big arched windows. The first one is lovely

  13. Your instincts are right on target, Marty. Can't wait to see what you choose because I have a feeling it is going to be a decorating lesson for all of us to watch the scale of your beautiful mirror shrink before our eyes!

  14. I look forward to seeing what you decide, Marty, and no doubt it will be perfect!

  15. I think above the window Marty will look fabulous. You have high ceilings to this look will be perfect and will not take away from your arch window. It will look awesome. Can't wait to see.
    Happy Friday.

  16. I like your pick. You want them to compliment the new rug, not fight for attention.

  17. I am not much help. I love a window left with no covering. I can see where just adding panels would add to the room and give some warmth and maybe more of a finished look. I like your idea, of using white, to blend in with the walls. Your sure making headway on your decorating.

  18. Love Love Love the first photo !!!

  19. Yes Marty, I LOVE your idea!! I too have these big arched windows and after seven years still have not put any drapes up because I didn't know what to do. What an inspiration. And since the cost of these big windows were truly an expense we could have done without, you wouldn't want to cover their beauty. Thanks for helping me with a hard decision also. Can't wait to see your reveal.

  20. I love that idea! And I love the drapes in it as well.

  21. I have archways.... half moon windows.... ugh... and in my bathroom have one and I just CAN NOT find anything to cover it that looks... even remotely good... so it just sits there... mocking me! I can honestly say if I ever build another home... NO rounded corners.. NO arches... NO half moon windows! LOL I feel like Edna Mose in The Incredibles when she says NO CAPES!

  22. Your home is so lovely Marty! I like the idea of short rods on the sides without a visible rod in the middle. But I know that whichever version you choose, it will look great. You have accomplished so much in such a short period of time in your beautiful new home!

  23. Marty, I like your idea of a straight rod. I had swags at my last house, and I wished many times that I'd opted for a straight rod. Your instincts are wonderful!

  24. Thanks Marty, What a cool window!! You have some neat projects!