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I love collaborating and working with brands and fellow creative minds that have the same passion I do for design, DIY and creating a story.
I would love to hear about any of your ideas for an upcoming collaboration opportunity.
I would love to work with you on any of the following:
Brand Campaigns - Product Reviews or Giveaways - Home Decor Ideas - Holiday & Seasonal Projects

Brands I've worked with -

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  1. I know that you had a great blog post on your cleaning supplies. I can't seem to relocate in when doing a search.... Am I crazy, or didn't you do one regarding all of the items you use.
    Please help

  2. Marty, Are you leopard pillow Ralph Lauren or something else? They are so pretty and I've wanted some for ages.

  3. I don't usually comment but while your house is so new to you those chairs in the sitting area need to change places. It looks like everything is crammed into the space. We moved from our large family home when our last one got married and I found that I had too many furniture pieces for the new spaces. It took me several months to "get it right" so be patient and live in space for a while. Merry Christmas and happy new home.

  4. I don't want to sound cranky or angry but please stop calling your new home the builder basic like it is some kind of awful thing. It is offensive to me and probably to other readers as well. I know that is not what you intend. I read your blog daily and this is not your usual sweet way.