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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reworking the Gallery Wall

My house is full of windows which I love, however that really doesn't leave me much wall space.  It is an open floor plan, so no interior walls to speak of and then with all the windows, not much in the way of exterior walls either.  I love a gallery wall and try to make the most of any wall space I have.  So the family room one wall got a few tweaks.

I redid a couple of things on this side of my collage.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family Room - Brown-Camel and Cream

I love dark brown with camel and cream, it just seems so warm and inviting to me.  Now that I have the familyroom all scrubbed and cleaned, warming the room up with some earthy colors seemed perfect for the cooler weather we're having all of a sudden.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Family Room Done - After Christmas Decorating

Not a lot of fancy going on, but the Christmas that was in the familyroom and kitchen is all packed up so this area is back to normal.  I left the red for a while, just thought it was fun and it ties into the kitchen.

 The pointsettia plant is still blooming so beautifully, so I left it and all the red and green for a while, but all the Santas are packed away.

 The coffee table got a new vignette.

 Some fun red books, my cute doggie and a globe.  Just a little of this and that.

 Bright and cheery and simple, but it is clean and fresh, so that's always a great thing, and - - - -

since the kitchen is part of this whole area, it ties in with the little bit of red I kept here too.

I am still packing up the rest of the house, this is taking forever.  How about you, is it all put away?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Changes in the FR this Year

It always amazes me to look back and see how many changes took place in one room in one year.  Wow, my familyroom has really been through the changes.

At the beginning of the year, this is what the seating area looked like.  The dreaded and outdated plaid sofa and the drapery panels just tied back and sheered on a rod.  I had one clock and a painting on the wall. (Love that painting, but this room needed something else.)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Adding Beadboard to Bookcases

You've all seen my entertainment center bookcases, they're definitely one of my favorite places to play.  Many have commented on the beadboard, and wanted to know if we added it or if it came that way, did I paint it or just what is the skinny. So I thought I would give you a before and after on how we did it.  This is such an easy fix for some really bad fake wood backs they seem to put on everything.

The dark backs of the bookcases were so depressing looking, it made the whole unit look cheap.  I can't believe that I lived with it this way for several years.  I thought about paint and decided that isn't what I wanted to do.

I decided that beadboard would be the perfect answer.  I bought a sheet of it at Lowe's and we cut it to fit perfectly.  Such an amazing difference.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Traveling Cornucopia

Do some things in your house just seem to wander from place to place and room to room?  I had the cornucopia on the dining table with the new table runner to begin with, you can see that here, then I found the velvet and beaded pumpkins and just had to create a centerpiece for them on the dining table  (here,) so that meant I needed to find a new home for the cornucopia, so the LR coffee table seemed logical, (here). Well that lasted about half the day and I felt like the room needed something a little more elegant and classy, so I spray painted some pumpkins and created the silver and gold centerpiece. (here),  Did you follow all of that?  Whew!!!

  The family room needed a touch more fall, so a perfect place for the cornucopia.  I also added the orange candles.   I had a floral arrangement her before, but the orange in the cornucopia definitely adds more fall.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Burnt Orange and Brown

I am so ready for Fall and since we are supposed to be down into the 90's this week, I just had to add a little more Fall decor to the house.

My first choice was to add some to the family room.

Since my LR and FR are open to each other through a large opening, and I added a little bit of rusty/orange to the LR, I thought adding a little of this same color tone continued the flow.  I kept the LR really subtle, you can see that post here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Budget - What Budget?

I am trying to practice the art of camouflage.  Or "How to make a lot of different pieces work together".Don't you just hate it when real life gets in the way of all your fun, you know things like A/C repair, new tires and on and on. Seems like my budget has been really stretched lately, so I think it prudent to postpone having the recliner reupholstered for a while. There's really nothing wrong with it except the color.  Just the wrong shade of beige.  So how to camouflage it and make it work.

For this fall and winter, this will work great.  The white sofa has a yellow undertone and the beige chair is sort of a putty with a tiny blue stripe, and the two really aren't that good next to each other.  The dark mink throw adds just enough visual separation.  Seems like you focus on the throw more than the two individual pieces.  I could move the chair next to the leather one,but then I would have to sit sideways to see the tv.  Not a good thing, so it actually has to stay where it is. This is a pretty good solution.  I like the touch of green too.

This is what I have now, not the best.  I added a camel/gold throw to the chair.  

Not really very good.

Ok, I have a beige fur throw and I like it with the chair.  Since it is the same color beige as the chair, it adds that color to the sofa.  Not crazy about it with the gold/camel pillows though.

I put the check sample fabric on the sofa, and it's not too bad.  I think if I use either of the fur throws and the chocolate pillows it will be ok.  Works for me and at least the chair doesn't look like such a foreign animal.

The wicker chair currently has a small check on it in a soft camel color that coordinates with the drapes.  I have a drop cloth and layed it on the chair to see if adding something else white to the room helped.  I really didn't like it, but then I am not sure.  What do you think?

I could move the wicker chair out and move the leather one back in.  It was here before, however it just seems like a lot of big heavy chairs to me.

 This is a space filler, but shows what a smaller non-descript chair would look like.  Not too good.

This one looks best for right now.  Just a little too warm to have out a fur throw.  Maybe if I look for a green throw.  That's a good idea.

 I am grateful for all of my things, so this looks super to me.  Maybe not the exact best color match, but it is a warm and friendly room and super comfortable.

So what do you think?   Give me some input folks, chairs - throws - pillows - start over?

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fabric for the New Chair-HELP !!!!!

Shopping for fabric is either really fun or super frustrating. With my room fabric samples in tow,  I spent the day looking through 3 super huge fabric stores for the perfect fabric for my new chair.  I came away with nothing.

Here is what I am working with to refresh you memory.  Leather chair, white sofa and beige La-Z-Boy recliner.  (This is the one I found at GW for $20.)  It replaces a much larger recliner, and fits the size of the room so much better.  (Take note of the drapes, they have to stay, so something has to coordinate. )

 The beige on the recliner needs to be replaced and it is definitely the wrong color beige.  So I am on the search for the perfect thing, whatever that is.

I use two different groups of pillows mostly, so I am including those here to see how fabrics coordinate.

 The plaid pillow matches fabric that is on the top of the drapes, so it definitely stays.  The next pillow is a fabric  that I also made table runners for the breakfast room table so the two areas coordinate.

 This is the second pillow combination that I like to use in here.  Since I have the dark leather chair, some dark in the pillow fabrics seemed to tie things together.

 I was really looking for a neutral fabric of some sort, maybe some kind of a cream or something, however, I didn't want something as light as the white sofa, and yet I didn't want really dark either.  There were a ton of fabrics that were stunning in silk, however, not for a recliner.  I came home with four samples, non of them right.

 This one looks so yellow it is really not good at all.

 This one has more of a rusty tone and is ok, just that, simply ok.

I really thought this was going to be perfect.  This one is a creamy color, but then it looks dirty next to the sofa.  Whites are hard to match up, I think I need more contrast.

 You can see here that none of these are good choices.  I think I will look online and send for some samples.

Ok, guys, I need help.  What should I be looking for and what color do you think would be great?  Maybe I need to get rid of all the pillows I have and look for a print for the chair, then I can use solid color pillows, or maybe one pillow in the same fabric as the chair.  Help, give me some imput.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top Dog & Traveling Chair

While out shopping I came across this stately fellow, and since he looked so regal, I just had to have him 

 As I said last week, I had to rearrange a little furniture in the familyroom, so that means some of the accessories get moved around also.  This side of the bookcase holds one of my favorite dog pictures and a really cute little pug, so my new treasure looked like he belonged here as the "Top Dog".

 As I said last week, I had to rearrange a little furniture in the familyroom, so that means some of the accessories get moved around also.  This side of the bookcase holds one of my favorite dog pictures and a really cute little pug, so my new treasure looked like he belonged here as the "Top Dog".

Fun playing with accessories, but now I had to move some furniture around, I am swapping out chairs.

When I moved the wicker chair out of the master bedroom, I needed to find a new home for it and that meant a whole bunch of musical furniture started happening.  The wicker chair found it's new home here in the familyroom.  To see all of the musical furniture arranging, you can check out that post here.

 I had this chair in the familyroom of our old house, so I had the back cushion that matches the ones I am using on the sofa.  This helps to tie it all in.  This chair was here a while ago, so now it is back to the beginning.

 Changing the chair out gives the room a little bit of a tropical flavor and looks more light and airy.

This is what it looked like before.

It's always fun to have a change, and this gives the room a new look.

Now I would like a new recliner to replace the camel chair, just can't find what I want.  Have you looked at recliners lately, they sure need to give those chairs a little more style.  Some are really ugly. lol

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