Friday, April 17, 2009

Beautiful Cut-work Linens - Bargain Prices

With all the tablescapers out there, I know you're always looking for a good price on linens. Me too. I looked at my linen assortment and realized I didn't have anything that was really pretty and in white, so I went off on a hunt. Horchow is having a wonderful sale so I thought I'd share. Now all you girls can fill up your linen closet with some really pretty linens. Below are a few pictures of ones that caught my eye. I only listed some examples of prices, but all the styles have tableclothes, runners, placemats and napkins and all marked down. Just go to, they don't have stores, but they do have fabulous catalogs.

This first one is called "Emily". You can get 4 placemats for $9.90 and 4 napkins for $11.97.

This is "Elizabeth". 4 napking for $8.90. How can you beat these prices!

This is "Elonor". Again 4 napkins for $8.90. The tablecloths are all marked way down as well.

This one is "Ceilia". 4 napkins for $15.90 and the 16x72 runner is $19.90. This is so sheer and elegant. What a gorgeous table this would make.

There are so many other styles and lots of sizes of tableclothes and runners and they are all so pretty. I placed my order for quite a few things and thought I would share the bargain with you. I'm not on commission, I just love to share a bargain when I find one. If you're in the market for something new, this is a good place to look.

Thanks for stopping by. I love to have you visit.


  1. Thanks for the info. They all look just lovely. I'm not sure how to pick just one!:-) I am going to go take a look. Have a great weekend!

  2. WOW! Great buys! Wish we had that store around here.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Marsha

  3. Marty these are all just beautiful. I think that Elizabeth is my favorite, so classic. (and it's Cait's middle name lol). Thanks for showing us these, they really are gorgeous. Hugs, Kathy

  4. Beautiful, and for those wondering about a store, I am not aware that Horchow's has any stores. I thought it was only catalog.

  5. Marty,
    All these are just wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Elizabeth is my favorite. I need to add some of these to my collection too.

  6. Wow Marty, you hit the jackpot again! These are just gorgeous and my favorite is the Ceilia! Do you have a Horchow store there? I've only seen their catalog....just wondering if it's another store we don't have here!!? Way to shop!

  7. Marty, every single one of those linens is gorgeous....I couldn't make a choice! Linda

  8. Oh darn. They had some red zebra striped placemats that I would have loved....sold out. Thanks for the tip

  9. Thank you Marty for the some of those napkins would be beautiful to use as doilies girls..just wonderful things..I have to check this out for I want a white table without stains like I have now Haha!!Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. ~Gorgeous Marty.

    They are all so elegant and beautiful I wouldn't know which one to choose. I do like the last one very much.

    I can't believe the prices! They are a bargain.

    Thanks for sharing the info with us.
    ~Melissa :)

  11. Oh Marty...I love cutwork linens! I have a few placemats and napkins, but I would love a tablecloth! Maybe I need to check this out! Thanks! Have a good weekend...hugs...Debbie

  12. Marty,
    Those are really gorgeous, thanks for sharing. Are you getting one? It would be hard to pick. Cindy

  13. They are all very pretty. We don't have a Horchows around here. I do like a pretty tablecloth.

  14. Hi Marty! These all look so wonderful. You know I have a weakness for tablecloths (among!). Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see your garden again. It must be looking gorgeous now...Christine

  15. How thoughtful of you to share this source with us! Great prices and beautiful linens. Ironically my favorite (I think) is of my dd's names!

    Great post!

  16. Thanks for sharing this sale info. All of these linens are too beautiful!

  17. Hi Marty, Yes yesterday was marvelous and today is supposed to be the same! I got a few photos from my escapade about town last night before the sun set. It was a good day and the sun/warm temps so great of a mood lifter for me! Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for answering the Horchow question...I will check it out. I used to get their catalog but since I never ordered anything from it, stopped coming in the mail.

  18. these are great.i love pocketbook doesn't ,ha but i do.but these are true bargains.and oh so lovely..ann

  19. I haven't been ot the Horchow web site or seen a catalog for a long time. Always the most wonderful things in there.... too tempting! One of my favorites the last time I looked was the back to back couch. Incredible!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  20. Wow, the price is good! The problem is picking one!
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Hi Marty,

    Thank you so much for telling everyone about the sale Horchow is having.
    I appreciate your visit to our blog and your sweet comments about my tablescape.
    I look forward to visiting your blog often. It's so true, you do meet some very nice people in blogland. I'm so enjoying it.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    The Bloom Girls
    Nashville, TN

  22. Bad Marty! What a tempting post! I love the last one and the sheer looking leaves.

    Your comments are always so kind and I just want you know...they are always appreciated!

  23. That you so much for sharing these. I have been on the hunt for some pretty white napkins, and I have not been lucky at all. I am definitely going to check out this website. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Nicole

  24. Thank you for sharing, Marty! I love Horchow...many people aren't aware of the fact that they do have some great sales! These are fabulous examples of some of the bargains they offer!
    Have a fabulous week!

  25. These are so beautiful! I love them all but really love the sheer one. These are really just beautiful! And the prices are really good as well.


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