Friday, April 10, 2009

I Won - I Won - You Just Have to See

When the mail came today, you can't believe how excited I got. It was a wonderful present from Luanne @ All in a Day's Work. She had this fabulous contest and she had questions that we were suppossed to answer to show how much we knew about her. It was so much fun. So I answered all the questions and found out I was wrong on some. Well so many had answered the same number that we had more questions to answer in a run off. Isn't that fun! So I put my thinking cap on and tackled all those questions. Well, you just won't believe it. I came in Second and she gave me a choice of several gorgeous pieces of jewelery she had made. I just couldn't decide between 2 of them, so I told her to surprise me. Well it came today, and here it is.

When I opened the envelope look what was inside. Isn't this just gorgeous all by itself. Look at the pretty little envelope with the scrolly design on it and look how it fastens with the heart. I was very careful when I opened further.

Oh my, the most beautiful pendant you have ever seen.

It has the most fabulous colors, and a gorgeous silver eye to hang on a chain.

Just look how the colors dance and change in the light. Isn't it stunning!

Even the back of the pendant is perfection. What wonderful attention to detail, even on the back. Maybe I'll wear it that way sometimes.

Of course I had to hurry and put it on a chain and take a picture. Luanne, I am so thrilled, it is so beautiful and the workmanship is just flawless. It means so much because you made it and because you're such a dear friend. I will cherish it and enjoy wearing it often. Thank you again, you really made my day.


  1. Congrats !!!
    thank you for sharing
    such a beautiful blessing.
    Happy Easter

  2. Woo Hoo! Congratulations on your win! Your prize is just beautiful! I love it!

  3. How very pretty! Congrats on your win☺

  4. Oh how pretty Marty. I am sure it will look just beautiful on you. You deserve the best, and I am glad that you won.

    Easter Hug


  5. Congratulations Marty. It's gorgeous!!

    Happy Easter!

  6. Congratulations! This is really beautiful. I would have done the same and let Luanne pick, they were all so gorgeous. Hugs, Kat

  7. How wonderful...It's such a beautiful color...Have a great Easter...Julie


    That is just incredibly beautiful!!


    Robin :o)


    Congrats to you Marty!

    ~Enjoy your Easter weekend.
    ~Melissa :)

  10. Thank you for being a fan too. And congrats on that pretty gift. Mishelle

  11. Marty, I went shopping all today, went to GW and didn't find a doggone thing! I'm so glad your pendant arrived safely and you like it. Thank you for playing the game! I hope everyone had fun and it wasn't too boring! I know that I had fun! I love giving away gifts!

    I have the kids coming over for Easter dinner tomorrow so I'll be busy cooking! Have a great Easter weekend! Luanne

  12. Oh too, thank you for doing a whole post on it and listing my blog, that was so sweet of you. It's nice to see such appreciation and excitement......almost as good as being there when you opened it! LOL! Thanks again! Luanne

  13. Wow. What a wonderful prize! Congratulations.

  14. Yay! I'm so glad such a dear person won. What beautiful pieces!!

  15. Hi Marty :)

    What a beautiful pendant! Congratulations on your win :)

    Have a great Easter weekend!!

  16. omg marty, thats so pretty!,the colors are just wonderful,i can believe luanne made it ,she is so talented and sweet!,what a great piece to cherish....congratulations my dear friend...
    you have a great weekend and the best time with your family..i'll be back on monday...

  17. Congratulations on winning the pendant - it's gorgeous!
    Blessings and have a wonderful Easter,
    Shelia :)

  18. aww Marty im so happy for you, congrats girl and the piece is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you have a great Easter weekend.

  19. What a gorgeous gift to win. I am thrilled for you. You have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Congratulations! What a beautiful prize. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. laurie

  21. Congrats! I got busy and didn't get to participate glad you did! hugs from Conroe, TX! Have a great Easter!

  22. Hello Girlfriend...

    Just sitting down to long enough to check my blog before going to bed and noticed that you had I am! Hehe!

    Congratulations Sweetie...I'm so happy for you! Your gift pendant is soooo beautiful! Luanne is defintely a creative and talented lady!

    Warmest wishes,

  23. Congratulations! Such a lovely pendant - on both sides!!! It looks beautiful with that teal and I bet it will go with most colors. Can't think of anyone who deserves a special gift more!!! :D Jewel

  24. How pretty!!! And to think she made it, wow that is great! Congratulations.

  25. Beautiful pendant! CONGRATS! And those were some great photos of it too! I also love that header on your blog... Two women walking on the beach!

    Hoppy Easter Marty!
    ~Really Rainey~

  26. What a special blessing for a special gal. Marty, I'm sure it will look gorgeous on you.
    Easter blessings from my home to yours.

  27. Hi Marti, You're such a sweet lady, thank you for your nice comment on my miracle cat post :O). That necklace is soooooo cool! It looks like an opal, except with a different color scheme. I think I need to start entering some contests, hmmm.....Anyway, I pray that you and your family will have a glorious Easter! God bless you, Mary @ Boogieboard Cottage :O)

  28. Hi Marti-
    I enjoyed visiting your blog today.
    Have a wonderful Easter.


  29. Congratulations Marty! What a lovely gift. Cindy

  30. Congrats, Marty! What a beautiful pendant! Kinda looks like an Italian glass. How nice to see your picture! I was gone for a week and look what I see when I come back to US! Love your new blog look too! Happy Easter to you, my friend! I have missed you!..Christine

  31. Hey Marty..
    How beautiful...Congrats on winning such a stunning piece. I absolutely love your He Has Risen tablescape Awesome!! Have a Blessed Easter Celebration.

  32. What a beautiful piece of jewelry! Congrats on winning this gorgeous piece of art!
    Even though I'm not blogging much right now (hopefully more when I'm off this summer?), I DO want you to know I'm a fan of your blog and would love if you added me to your Fan collection! :-)
    Have a beautiful Easter day! Laura

  33. Marty,
    Lucky you, what a neat prize! Hope your having a wonderful Easter Sunday! ~Cathy~

  34. Oh my goodness! And that was second prize? How beautiful! And you put the perfect chain with it! The talent some women have is amazing. A sweeter person could not have won!
    Thank you so very much for visiting is going to be fun getting to know you, Marty. Your blog is lovely!!
    ~smiles and love~

  35. Congratulations! The winnings go to a most deserving person, I'm sure! I wanted to thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Have a nice day! Many blessings, Marsha

  36. Oh what a beautiful pendant! I love how the light just dances on it! Enjoy and have a blessed spring! With love from Colorado, Denise :-)

  37. It's beautiful Marty, lucky you!

  38. Luanne certainly is a talented lady...and aren't we just the luckiest ...

  39. Marty, that is beautiful! Luanne is very talented! Yes, I think wearing it backwards would be just as beautiful...

    Thanks for visiting me today!

  40. That is beautiful! Congrats on winning, how exciting!

  41. Gosh how nice - and it was even 2nd place! plus - you are so sweet about it = I'm sure Luanne is very proud. what was first place? I can only imagine? A mercedes? :)


  42. What a beautiful pendant! Congratulations! Luanne is a very talented lady. Enjoy!

  43. COngrats... it's always fun to win a giveaway!

  44. oh marty ,you are the sweetest lady i know,you always have something nice to say..thank you!.
    so have you wore your new and beautiful pendant yet???...
    have a great my friend,i'll be back later.

  45. Oh Marty congrats on your win girl...and its so beautiful..May you have a great day dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  46. Hi Marty!! I love your new blog dress! It is soooo you! Great job to Barb! and congrats on the win...such a pretty necklace!! I hope you are having a great week!!...hugs...Debbie

  47. Marty, I'm so glad you received this pendant. You deserve to be blessed, because you are such a blessing to others! ~CC Catherine ;)


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