Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let's Go Thrift Shopping

I have been showing you for weeks all the wonderful thrifty things I have been finding at my favorite store. It's Goodwill. Some of you have even said I must have the best Goodwill in the country. Today I thought I would take you shopping there. I have two that I like to go to, but this one is the closest. I wasn't sure they would allow me to take pictures, and other shoppers were giving me the eagle eye and dodging around to not be filmed, so we are only going to look at a couple of the aisles. Just click on any picture to enlarge and see all the goodies.

Stemware anyone. They have from plain to really fancy.

They try hard to keep it merchandised well. I like that if they have several of the same glass they are always lined up together.

How about some decorative plates and knick knacks.

Silver anyone - They usually have a huge collection.

How about some brass.

Maybe some cut glass or crystal.

More crystal.

Lots of dishes. This is where I've found so many gorgeous things.

More dishes.

Still more dishes.

How about some collectibles. Anyone for piggies?

More collectibles.

Still more knick knacks.

One rack is always just seasonal. Lots of Christmas right now.

More Christmas.

Still more.

And more.

Cute little angels.

How about Easter.

Maybe you'd like some salt and peppers.

This is what I bought today. It seems I always find something.

A white charger plate. I already found one of these before, so now I have two. They are simple enough to mix with some other ones that I have. It is by Gibson, I don't know the pattern. It was $1.49. Had to have it.

I found 6 of these pretty yellow salad plates. The back says Buttercup Federalist Ironstone - made in japan. They were .50 each. Maybe a yellow and white tablescape.

Love this gorgeous yellow plate with the basket and fruit design on the edge. The back says Villeroy & Boch Germany - Piemont Estivo. I would love to have more of this pattern, but I looked it up on-line and found 1 more on Ebay for $69.00 and then Replacements had 1 for $89.00 so I don't think that fits my thrifty budget. I paid $1.99 for this one.

I love this pretty blue plate and thought it would be pretty on the wall. The back says J. & G. Meakin Classic England - Park Lane Hand Engraving. I havn't found it on-line yet, but it was only $1.00 and I thought the detail was so lovely.

This pretty blue and white plate has no marking at all on the back, but I love the stylized floral design in the center, and the edge is just exquisite with embossed flowers and birds.

Well, that is a sample of one of my favorite Goodwill's. Wish you were all here to go shopping with me. I just know we would find all kinds of treasures. Part of this shopping trip was especially for you Debbie. I thought you'd have fun.


  1. Marty, That is the nicest Goodwill Store I have ever seen. You are lucky to have it close by. I have to drive a hour to get to a Goodwill Store. And then it's just junk. You picked up some wonderful things. It's probably a good thing I don't have a nicer store close by. I would have to build more shelves in the basement. LOL Not really.. But, where would I go with it?? You are a great bargain finder. I love your blog!

  2. Yes! Its official! You DO HAVE the best Goodwill anywhere! LOL I have seen real retail stores which were not so neat and organized. (My local Ross, for example)

    I love all your plates. What beauties!!! I wish my local GW was HALF as good. sigh! (on another thought, maybe I'm glad it's not!) :-)

    Hugs my friend, Barb

  3. Our Goodwill's aren't nearly as organized and clean as this one. You found wonderful treasures, Marty!

  4. I wish I was with you! Your Goodwill is great. Mine is not nearly as organized or clean. You are one lucky lady! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

  5. Holy Moly Girl...all I can say is WOW!! you no have to have the best GW I have ever seen...Oh girl I could do some shopping there just with dishes...and you are so right Debbie will love this..Let me get my purse and I'm on my way...thanks for sharing yet another great post Marty...I have my Hospice to go to in the morning...can't wait..May you have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Oh marty you should make this a weekly post I loved my shopping trip with you. You have a fabulous GW I would say a Very Good, Good Will. I heart those yellow plates. Great post lots of fun. Hugs Kathysue

  7. Oh Marty! I have Goodwill envy. Your dishes are to die for. Especially that Villeroy & Bach. Wow! What a score. Good for you!! ~Kim

  8. Oh my goodness I can't fathom a goodwill like this ours is so tiny in comparrison. I love the tour of the shelves ,thank you .
    I am afraid one basket would not do if I were there I would just have to fill it up .
    Thank you again this was so much fun.
    The plates are fabulous .
    Blessings to you.

  9. I will now drive to the nearest city, since I live in the sticks and see what the Goodwill store looks like. I may be missing something!

    The Raggedy Girl=Roberta Anne

  10. Marty,
    That was so fun...just like going shopping with you. I must say, that is the really nice Goodwill Store. It's so well organized. Thanks for sharing your trip and good finds! Hugs, Mumzie

  11. Oh Marty...Not in my wildest dreams did I picture anything as wonderful as that!!! I am on the next plane!!!! Thanks for sharing...Debbie

  12. Marty I am drooling and wishing I was at that GW right NOW!!!!
    It is so organized....I can't stop drooling!!!! Hugs..julie

  13. Marty, I'm going to hop on that plane with Debbie and get over to your GW! I can't believe the beautiful things and the attractive way they are displayed! Oh, guess what, I have the yellow V&B pattern that you wish you had more of. I have 4 dinner plates and was thinking that I wish I had 4 salads until I checked out the price at Replacements - oh, my goodness! I got them for way less, many years ago, on sale, with a coupon! You know I am looking for a mug that I broke (originally cost $15) and Replacements is selling it for $90! ARGH!!!! I hope you find more yellow plates and I hope I find my mug : ) Linda

  14. Marty, now I know why you find such great things. What a great Goodwill, I've never seen one this organized. Much less one with this many nice things. I love all of your finds, especially the V & B yellow plate. What a steal. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any around here (and a mug for Linda), but unfortunately there are so many antique hounds here it's hard to find a bargain. Great shopping trip! Hugs, Kat

  15. Oh wow Marty, like every one else, "What a great store." There are three green stemmed goblets I spied in the first two pictures straight out if the seventies. I just wanted to reach into my screen and turn over the figurines to see if any said "Occupied Japan." What a great place to shop, I felt like I was there with you!

    Hugs Back To
    You.. Sue.

  16. My goodness, Marty, it's hard to believe that's a Goodwill store! Nicely arranged and good prices, you are fortunate☺

    Come take a look at what goodies I found today--I need opinions!

  17. Marty,
    Now I do know, you do have the best GW in the country! I was floored at the plates and stemware. I would be in GW hog heaven. Love what you found today, oh such lovely plates! Cindy

  18. Hi Marty, i wasnt sure if i came by to let you know that i have an award for you, i was in the middle of doing this and company came in, if you wish you may stop by and grab it. Oh my gosh i have never seen a thrift store such as this, you must spend hours looking around in there.

  19. OMG Marty! You do have the best GW in the whole USA! I want to go there so bad, lucky you for being so close to it. Love the goodies you bought especially the yellow plates. I will be gone for a week so I might not be able to comment as often. I will try to keep in touch if there is free internet access in the hotel. Have a nice week! I posted in advance so I will have contributions on some days....Christine

  20. Marty, just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for an award. You are always leaving such sweet, kind comments to me and so many times I see your name on other's blogs. I see you have several awards. Others must see the same kind person that I do. Anyway, come by my place when you get a chance and check it out.
    Have a happy Friday, Marsha

  21. My favorite kind of shopping, I just wish I had known that when I could have gone with my grandma...She loved to go and I never once went with her.

  22. Good morning Marty :)

    I can not believe that is your GW!! Mine looks NOTHING like that and I am sooooooo jealous LOL

    great finds too!


  23. Your Goodwill is dramatically better than mine; no wonder you find so many goodies! I love your blue and white "new" plates.

  24. Marty,
    Wow! That's all I can say! And your plates, wonderful...can't wait to see what you do with those on Tablescape Thurs. I had one for yesterday but decided to do the other post and one of my horses are leaving today to go to the trainer so I'll post it next week on Thurs. Hugs! I just cannot believe your GW so neat, clean and organized! Luanne

  25. Nice finds! I guess I don't go enough to my Goodwill to get some good finds. And our Goodwill doesn't have the stuff like that one! I would be in there all day poking around!
    ~Really Rainey~

  26. I want to go thrifting with you! WOW!!! Yours are clean, prices neatly marked, well organized, great selection ... the ones here don't even come close by a million miles.

  27. I cannot believe that is a GW store. I'm going plan a vacation to your town! ha
    Ours is a junk store.

  28. Yep, Marty, you have the best Goodwill in the nation! Wow! Where do you live again? ;-)

  29. Marty, you do have the best GW store in the country! (Not that I've been to all of them, but I can't imagine any being better than this one!). Your finds are fabulous. Love both of the blue and white plates, but especially the one that said "Meakin" on the back. I think that other is a pattern called "Blue Onion"??? Those little yellow plates are so pretty. Boo Hoo! I want to come shop at your GW! laurie

  30. Marty, no such Goodwill exists here in Riverside, darn the luck. There is one..but certainly nothing close to what you have shown us! enjoy all that wonderful Goodwill shopping FOR us. Ok?
    ~Love and hugs~ :)

  31. Marty I'm speechless!
    It's so sparkling clean and well stocked. It has everything! No wonder you shop there. I would probably go weekly if we had that.

    I love your new Yellow plate with all the pretty details. What a find!
    ~Melissa :)

  32. You have a really nice Goodwill, ours is not all that great at all. I saw quite a few things I would have loved to have on that trip.

  33. Awesome treasures! I wish I could go shopping with you too...I just love thrift shopping!

  34. I will have to do have the BEST GW ever! Our SA (don't have a GW here) is pretty organized, but NOTHING like yours! Such great and beautiful finds!!


    Robin :o)

  35. You guys sure have one AMAZING thrift store.....ours isn't so nicely organized :)

  36. You have a great GoodWill! Wow! Your plates that your purchased are very nice. I wish we had a GoodWill around here. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne


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