Sunday, April 19, 2009

Three or More Tuesday-Antique Scales

Today is Three or More Tuesday being hosted by Tam @ A Gypsy's Corner, be sure to go by her blog and see a list of all the participants and the wonderful things they will be sharing. So many wonderful collections in blogland and you don't want to miss any of them.

For many years I decorated my home with Primitive Americana and still have some of those pieces that I just can't seem to part with. I thought I would show you a few of the antique scales that I've collected.

I love this scale. It has the greatest patina and the turquoise color is so pretty. The brass trays still polish up beautifully, but you can tell from all the dents that it has been well used and loved. In all the various homes that we've had, I think this scale has been in just about every room. I've used it to hold everything from fruit, candy to bath soaps and sponges.

For now I have these three on the kitchen counter. They are all very different and were used for very different things.

This one is an egg scale and they use to actually use these to measure the eggs to tell if they were small, medium or large. I also have an old wooden egg resting on it. Such a fun piece and always causes conversation.

This little scale was most often used to weigh candy or nuts. I love how they put such fabulous detail in even the simple things of life.

It is made of tin, so I'm sure not very expensive at the time and it is partially rusted, but look at the wonderful stamped design they put in the side of the base. So pretty and the little brass tray really dresses it up.

This is a kitchen scale, while it is old, when I found it someone had painted folk art designs on it. I still love it's many uses and I often use it to weigh things.

I love the pretty flower and scallop design painted on it. It's so nice to know that someone before me also enjoyed this piece and decorated it with some of her handywork and talent.

Thanks for taking a look at my scales, and thanks for stopping by. I love it when you visit.


  1. Marty,
    Happy 'Three Or More - Tuesday'.
    What a great post about your scales. I've never seen an egg scale before.
    My favorite is the last one, the kitchen scale. I'd live to find one like it.
    Have a great Tuesday,

  2. Those are neat!!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. What an interesting thing to collect! I learn so much from you blog friends!

    I totally agree with you about the details that used to be a part of everything. I love that my radiators have scrolls and filigree and were meant to be painted gold. How much more elegant than a modern space heater!

    All your scales have such personality. I think my favorite is the painted one, but the egg scale is my next favorite! :D Jewel

  4. Very fun to have! They are all so different. I know you enjoy them. that's one thing I don't have.

    Oh boy, I suppose I will be on the lookout for kitchen scales!
    I have this "collecting" problem! :)


  5. You have a nice collection of scales. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your scale collection is so unique. My favorite is the egg scale...Have a wonderful Tuesday..julie

  7. What a great thing to collect. I never thought about it before, but I think I have 3 of these setting around too. Ours are used for different things at different times. I never thought about using them to decorate too!

  8. Marty,
    What a wonderful collection!!! They are all so unique and interesting. My favorite has to be the turquoise scale...the color and style are amazing!!!

    I'm thinking I might need to make a run to the closest antique store and start my hunt for the perfect scale!!!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!!! Great post!!!

  9. What a neat collection! I love the turquoise scale. The color is so unusual. Thanks for sharing your collection with all of us! Have a great day!

  10. These are really neat Marty. I've never seen an egg scale before, and that turquoise one is really pretty. I used to have a kitchen scale just like that (without the hand painting, which I love), but have no idea where it is now. Hugs, Kat

  11. I think a lot of us have been through the primitive stage, but isn't it fun to still be able to use some of those things we love. I have a lot of those things on my screened porch.

  12. I had no idea there was such a thing as an egg scale. I just thought they just graded eggs by the actual size. Interesting post. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.

  13. That is a very unique and beautiful collection! I found the egg scale especially interesting.

  14. Each scale is very nicely designed.

  15. What a neat collection! I love the egg scale. I have a kitchen scale that I love. I used it all the time for my ebay shipping. Thanks for sharing!

  16. This is a reallly cool collection. So different. The painted one is great. Actually I like all of them. I enjoyed your met post too. Loved the cupboard and everything in it. The story about the doorknob is precious. So special. Thanks for visiting me today!

  17. I love your old scales! The egg scale is especially intriguing. My Mom had a chicken farm briefly, in the 1940s; I'll bet she used something like that to grade the eggs from the girls!

    thanks for sharing; I love seeing people's treasures. :-)

  18. hi Marty,love this post!you have the coolest treasures ever.
    thank you for coming by and your warm words,you are such a dear friend...i'll be back later

  19. I love your scale collection ,Marty. I would love to ow one of those that you put weights in one to balance it, the one they use in laboratories. I guess that's the lab tech in me. I am sorry for your water restriction. That is just too bad cause your garden could be so gorgeous. I was actually looking forward to seeing it. Unfortunately, I will have to pull out a lot of our plants in the backyard cause we are building a pool...Christine

  20. What a pretty collection of scales! I love that egg scale...reminds me of my in laws they use to own a chicken farm.

  21. Marty, I love those old scales!

    Hope you're having a great day.



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