Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's Blooming in your Yard - Outdoor Wednesday

Thanks to Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer for hosting this Outdoor Wednesday. Be sure to visit her and find a list of all the wonderful posts showing fabulous outdoor scenes and events.

Since we live in the desert and can only grown mostly very warm weather plants, a few things do start to show their pretty heads at this time of year. I thought I would show you a few things starting to sparkle in my yard.

The common name for this plant is Coral Fountain. I love how the stems start out straight and then as it blooms they start to weep and resemble a fountain.

One of the beautiful roses that gets the right sun and will survive most of the summer because it has some afternoon shade. I love the pretty yellow color.

A beautiful Amarillas. These are planted in a shade area on the side of the patio.

These seem to be really happy here and are even multiplying.

A wok bowl that has a few pansies that are still blooming, although since the weather is warming up, they will be gone soon.

A geranium planted in the same bowl. They do really well in our winters and part way through the summer, but the high temperatures aren't kind to them. Some will come back the next year.

Since water conservation is a major priority this year, there won't be nearly as many flowers planted. I usually plants dozens, but alas we will just enjoy all of yours this year.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I so look forward and appreciate your visit.


  1. Happy Outdoor Wed Marty! I love your outdoor posies! They are all just beautiful, my favorite is the amaryllis. ;) ~CC Catherine

  2. Marty, these are so pretty. I really like the coral fountain. Is that a plant that will only do well in an arid environment? It really is pretty and unusual. Does it attract hummingbirds or butterflies? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm really ignorant when it comes to plants. Hugs, Kathy

  3. OK, I am officially jealous ... we just don't grow things like this in our part of the world. Our soil has so much lava in it, we are limited in what can grow in the ground. That's why I love container gardening.

  4. Your flowers are all so beautiful. I can smell that pretty rose by just looking at!!

  5. Beautiful flowers. That rose is just stunning! laurie

  6. hi marty , i love all your flowers,they are beautiful!,you are sooo very lucky you get enjoy them,something tells me you have a green thumb. i won't see a flower a while,we just had more snow today:-(
    i'm glad you came by thank you!and btw i just noticed the new look on your blog i really like the cherries.,good choice!.
    have a great evening my friend...

  7. All of your flowers are so pretty! I know what you mean about cutting back on planting. I think we will be cutting back some as well! Thanks for sharing your lovely garden!

  8. Hi Marty,
    Love all your flowers. It makes me miss my son so much. Thanks for sharing my friend, love your pic. Cindy

  9. Marty you have some of the prettiest and most unique flowers! You do a good job on your gardens.

    Your new blog design is really fresh and so Springlike. I love it!
    I meant to tell you it's so nice to finally see your beautiful face. It's great to put a face with the name.

    Have a wonderful and blessed week.
    ~Melissa :)

  10. Good morning Marty! What a lovely post with nice photos! My favorite being the Coral Fountain and that yellow rose...to die for! I promise to share my flowers with you...if I have any! LOL! Thank you for stopping by yesterday and the kind comments and encouragement you always seem to give everyone. I hope my posts are interesting to others and not boring and too long! LOL! Sometimes I get on a roll! Please tell me if they are! LOL! Luanne

  11. All you flowers are so pretty! My wisteria is in full bloom - need to get a picture! My pansies are winding down with the warmer weather here also. Some years they last till May, but I don't think these will. Thanks for sharing all those pretties! :D Jewel

  12. I'm jealous of all of your plants.. They are so pretty!!!

    I'm glad you put your pretty up. I finally get to see what you look like. You are just beautiful!!!

  13. Beautiful plants, Marty. I just love seeing what people grow in other parts of the country.

  14. I agree with KBeau--it's interesting to see what others grow and your flowers are pretty.

  15. The coral fountain is so pretty! I enjoy seeing what others are growing, especially since my yard is not purposefully landscaped in any way.

  16. I love all your flowers! Beautiful! I'm now convinced that I need more plants in the patio of our little apartment, so I will do that.

  17. That's the first time I've seen a coral fountain. It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Happy Outdoor Wednesday. Here's mine:

  18. Marty, I love the new dress your blog has ,it is so springy and so you. The strolling ladies are wonderful. It is also so nice to see your beautiful face among all of your beautiful posting. I love this coral fountain, I have never seen that before, is it in the grass family I will have to see if we can grow that in our area,the roses have wonderful color and I can imagine when they are all blooming how pretty it all is. hugs Kathysue

  19. Marty - all your plants are beautiful and it makes me want to break out my bucket of garden tools and get busy. We had planned on revamping the front porch this weekend. If you saw it, you would ask "what's taking me so long." It's downright ghetto. :-D
    I can see you are a natural gardener... I just love the picture of your rose, too. The desert climate is so very different from my own, but I do love the grasses and various desert loving plants. Thank you so much for sharing part of your garden - I can't wait to see more. Hugs, Barb

  20. Such lovely, lovely flowers!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  21. Hi Marty,

    I just love the rose, it is beautiful!

  22. Marty,
    Beautiful Blooms! I love the Coral Fountain....Ust beautiful! And the Yellow Roses...just so Gorgeous! Thank for sharing...Have a wonderful week..kathy

  23. Oh my! I love the Coral Fountain! I've never seen that before. It is just stunning!


  24. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Marty! Love the coral fountain!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  25. Hi Mary,
    I have never seen Coral Fountain until today and it is so lovely,I enjoyed all of your photos, Spring has certainly arrived at your place and I know you are enjoying them. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you and your family a very blessed and happy Easter.

  26. Hi Marty,
    I just love the new look foryour wonderful blog. The beautiful strolling women are just perfect for you. Your blog designer did an outstnding job! Thanks for the pictures of the gorgeous flowers. Maybe I can reprint them and place them in my very Winter-like yard until Spring decides to visit us here in the Midwest! Love your blog, look forward to your psotings all the time.
    Pat, your Micasa Pal

  27. Your flowers are so beautiful! It's funny for me to think that you have your geraniums all winter and I can just now put them out.

  28. Hi Marty...Look at your pretty photo...love it! and your new blog dress is gorgeous too...We lived in Phoenix in the early 70s and I learned to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes that thrives in that climate...you have some beautiful plants! ;-) Bo

  29. Thank you !
    What a blessing your site was for me today.
    The ladies strolling,
    the overflowing Coral fountain and all the rest simply put a smile in my heart and lifted the heaviness I was feeling this afternoon.
    Blessings to you and yours.
    Thanks again for sharing.
    Happy Easter Week.

  30. Just popping by to say hi and to look at your pretty posies. I have a Coral Fountain, but is bright red and the butterflies love it.
    Coral Fountain

    That rose color is magnificent.

    Hugs to you Marty!

  31. Oh how beautiful -- and I love your header to! Thanks for stopping by for a visit today - come back again - anytime.

  32. What lovely flowers you have, Marty☺

  33. Finally I got here to see your flowers.Ahh,that is an amarylis.They don't grow here,guess that's why I didn't recognize it.Can't wait to see all the pretty succulents,there are so many beuties to pick from.((hugs)))


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