Friday, May 1, 2009

Met Monday - Adding a Little Yellow

Susan from Between Naps on the Porch is hosting another wonderful Metamorphosis Monday. This wonderful event allows us to see what everyone has been working on. Be sure to visit her blog to check out all the fabulous transformations.

My metamorphosis is very small this week. I decided it was time for all the Easter and spring accessories to be packed away and bring a more cheerful summer look to the living room. I found a couple of bunches of yellow tulips at the $1 store and that started the change.

Below is the living room with the fairy angels, tea set and easter decor for spring.

This is the after. The froo-froo stuff on the coffee table has been changed out with a much simplier arrangement, bringing some bright yellow into the room.

Dining room side of the room before.

Dining room side after.

End table before with moss ball.

End table after with sunflowers. This spot looks so much brighter with the flowers, and I added one of my yellow plates from the GW.

Sofa end table before.

Sofa end table after. An old alphabet plate, brass planter with ivy and antique dish with yellow candy. Much brighter space now.

Coffee table before was set for tea and had my angel fairies enjoying the scene.

Coffee table after. I replaced the fairies with a pitcher filled with yellow and white tulips and replaced the tea set with a pretty yellow plate and botanical book. I kept the little pot of ivy and added a small votive.

Dining table floral arrangement before.

Dining table floral arrangement after. I changed out a couple of the flowers and added in a few yellow and white tulips. Now your eye really travels to the table. I'm amazed how the painting changes every time I change the floral arrangement.

That's it. I didn't make any big changes, just kept the soft colors of the blue/green and added a spice of yellow. Changing the accessories out and simplifying the tables makes the room have a totally different feel and it didn't cost but $2, I just shopped the house for the rest. I removed a couple of pillows and added one yellow one that I had and that completed the change.

Thanks for the visit. I can't wait for you to come back, I always look forward to you stopping by.


  1. Marty, the touches of yellow added are like little rays of sunshine...
    really like the effect! I especially like the V&B plate and the sunflowers - think I'll copy that idea! Linda

  2. Beautifully done Marty! Happy Mother's Day! hugs from Conroe, TX!

  3. I love all your touches of yellow! It really makes the room feel like Spring has arrived. Great job! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. Simple, Summery, Super! Great job!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  5. Hi Marty!

    Wow, the spring touches really light up your room ! Spring is so happy , don't you think ? I love
    decorating and re-decorating....over and over again !
    Always love your posts !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  6. Simple touches...but lots of impact. Thats the bestest part of decorating, isn't it. I love the touches of yellow. I especially like the coffee table. Hugs my friend, Barb

  7. Great job Marti,
    I love how you re-do without spending a fortune and yet everything looks like a million bucks! Cindy

  8. Very cheerful and elegant!

    The tulips and the moss ball are so beautiful. Love the yellow plate you have displayed on the end table as well.

    ~Wonderful job! ;)

  9. Marty,

    It's all in the details isn't it!


    Have a great week!

  10. Marty sometimes its the little things that can have the biggest impact, love your hits of yellow. I always enjoy looking at your rooms. I too was trying to change things up a bit today, love to putter.

  11. Hi Marty,
    Love the changes! Even changing out the pillows on the couch made a big summery difference!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  12. Still looks great Marty! I love the touches of yellow... If I haven't told you yet, I love your blog "dress" as Shelia would say. ;-)

    I did something with yellow, too!

  13. Hey Marty, I think you did a great job...I must say I really like that occasional chair, I really like the fabric!

  14. Marty, I love what you did here. The yellow is so bright and summery, and I love the little vignette with the sunflowers and GW plate. You are so talented at changing the look of a room without spending a fortune. And the best part is it always looks like you've changed alot more than you have! Hugs, Kat

  15. hi marty, i hope you had a great weekend.....
    i love the little touch of yellow one of my fave colors,so fresh eh!..everytime i look at your mirror i want it even more it really does look amazing ...

    i'll be later ok, have a great day my dear friend.

  16. Marty, you've made such an impact just by changing out accessories. The yellow looks lovely in both rooms. I still love that fabric you used for your end table, table runner, and sofa...just beautiful!

  17. Marty ..
    It's amazing how lil changes make such big differences. Love all the lil yellow touches and LOVE your drapes.

  18. Your living and dining room are both beautiful, before and after! Love the touches of yellow! Looks so cheerful and welcoming! ~Rhonda :)

  19. The touches of yellow are so very nice! I also really like the alphabet plate☺

  20. Hello Dearheart...

    My friend...I do believe that your home is my favorite for watching changes!!! I have finally come to the conclusion (just now) how it is that your beautiful living room and dining room can change so much with just adding different's because your wall color, furniture, and flooring are neutral! I wish that I had everything more neutral so that I could get these results!!! It just amazes me...seriously!!! Now that you've added splashes of yellow into the rooms...I can see the golds and yellows pop in the brass lamps...the shades of the lamps and chandelier...the yellow hues in the wall art!!! I really am amazed and I just love the pretty soft splashes of yellow that you've added!!! It just takes these rooms to a different level and looking so summery!!! And to think that this new look started with a few yellow tulips!!! They sure are pretty and I also love the yellow sunflowers!!! Love all of the changes that you've made my friend!!! You know that I just adore your's gorgeous!!! Girl, you really are onto something with changing out a few get such a different look...yes, it's subtle but different and with each change a different ambiance!!! I love that!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  21. It is amazing how little things can make such big changes! Love that sunshine you have added to your house! :D Jewel

  22. Nice spring/summer spruce up.

  23. It is so much fun to change things around a bit and the yellow is a bright touch. Thanks for sharing with me.

  24. You make me want to "tweak" things around here! Your changes are small but make a big difference. It's always good to get out of our ruts!