Monday, June 1, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Italian Ribs

It's time for another Tablescape Thursday, and thanks to Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for hosting this wonderful event. It's always such fun to see all the wonderful tablescapes everyone has created. Be sure to visit her blog for a list of the participants and check them all out.

When I went to the grocery store I bought some great ribs and some shrimp. I think we'll have a BBQ and have Italian Ribs and a shrimp cocktail. With that in mind I am doing my version of a little bit of Italy for the tablescape.

The table is set for 4 with my new "big" candlesticks. The centerpiece is made up of different "faux" flowers I had on hand, and again I went big.

I've used two table runners that are made from a beautiful crewel fabric with tones of camel, green and gold. I pulled out these colors to use in the floral arrangement.

I used my rattan placemats and faned the napkins just for fun.

I love using a platter for ribs. That way you have plenty of room for a nice big portion. My little square chef plates that I got at the grocery store work well with the platter and speak Italian to me.

I placed one of my Pfaltzgraph cups at the top of the tablesetting for the shrimp cocktail with a small fork. I use this Pfaltzgraph Village set of dishes every day and I think I have multiples of everything they ever made. (I have a tablesetting for 32. Don't ask.!!!) These little cups have been used with the punch bowl, to serve ice cream, custard, jello and even as wine glasses in the past. They have probably gotten as much use as the plates. The amber stem glasses I got at Pier 1 years ago.

It doesn't show up well, but there's an etched palm on the stemware. I really like how heavy these glasses are.

I put feathers, grasses and a little bit of everything into the floral arrangement, and I really like the look and the colors.

A view of the whole table. When dinner is ready I will move the floral arrangement to the end of the table so there's plenty of room for a big platter of ribs, baked beans and cole slaw. We can still enjoy the flowers while everyone enjoys the meal. I love to serve family style and I do have a huge matching platter, and yes the bean pot too plus of course a big bowl for the cole slaw.

My cute little chef plates that you saw when we all went grocery shopping. They have so many pretty dishes there, but I just had to have these. They are by HD Designs. I'm also using my Paul Revere silverware.

The platter is Pfaltzgraph Village. I started collecting these dishes over 30 yrs. ago and I use them everyday. I still love them and they wear like iron.

A final view of the table. I hope you enjoyed it and I wish you were all here to have ribs with us.

Thanks to everyone's response to the idea of a Cloche Party, we will be having it on Friday, June 19th. Remember the Target Birdie Party, this time it is with Cloches. Be sure to see my post "Cloche Party" and plan to join in all the fun. I can't wait to see all your fabulous creations. Click here to see all the details and read all about it. Some of the ladies are also going to include their apothecary jars they decorate, so be sure to include both if you want.


  1. Hi Marty,
    I'm going to grab a button and put in on my blog! I love this table and now I'm starving after you told me the menus which fits perfectly with this lovely table~ I think the fanned napkins and those so cute plates from the grocers are my faves~ Hugs, Cindy

  2. Hi Marty,
    Love the table and the cloche party sounds fun.

  3. Oh what fun. I love this color combination. Adding the chef plates with the older pfaltzgraff pattern is fabulous! Happy TT...

  4. Oh Marty this is just lovely my friend...I had that Village dishes for years in fact every piece you could order including soup mugs, soup tureens and all the differ sizes mixing bowls...I gave it all to my Daughter # 3 two years ago...I had mine from 1975 WOW!! long time ago...I alos love there Yorkshire pattern...Love your center piece you made...all the color work so weel together...girl I need to delete my Farkle family table...I can't hold a candle to what you gals can do...and Yes I will show peeps how to make cloche's with every day things...May you have a great day my friend...thanks for coming by....hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. oh marty,shrimps and ribs!!i'm coming over!save me a
    love,love this tablescape, the chefs dishes are the cutest,great glasses too!and awesome job on the coming to visit every time..have a great evening my friend and enjoy your delicious dinner.....


  6. Marty, ribs and shrimp are two of our favorites...mouth watering! Oh, okay, back to the tablescape...who needs food when they're a tablescape around :-). Love the Pfaltzgraf dinnerware and they go beautifully with the Chef plates. Of course, more than dishes, I absolutely love the amber glasses. I have a thing glasses...just can't help myself. My family thinks I'm insane because I have so many glasses...way more than dishes. The centerpieces is lovely, and I see you are quick to put to good use your candlesticks. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs!

  7. Don't you just love Pfaltzgraf dishes! I have a couple of sets. I really really like the chef plates! Love all the amber stemware. The runner is lovely! The whole setting is wonderful!

  8. What darling dishes... you were right, I wouldve had to have them too!.

    Very fun.


  9. Marty, that is beautiful! I love how you incorporated the color of the candlesticks to reflect the whole table. Brilliant!

    My table is mainly earth tones, too! Come and see it; I'll be posting it at Texas midnight, 10PM your time. ;-D

  10. Hi Marty,
    Your tablescape is lovely. Using the cup for shrimp coctail is a super idea!
    Have a lovely week!

  11. Your tablescape reminds me of fall, Marty. Lovely warm colors. Your French chef plates are so cute. Pretty goblets and candlestick holders too...Christine

  12. Howdy Marty
    Oh my everything is so lovely.
    Those are wonderful candlesticks.
    The plates are so sweet and go great with your dinnerware.
    Blessings to you sweet lady .
    You bring so much joy to my day.
    Have a wonderful Thursday .

  13. I love the brown's and blue in the table runner. The candle holders are very nice love the wood.
    very pretty.
    stop by and see Grandma's China.
    And while your there click follow so you can stay caught up on what's going on at create,live,love
    again job well done.

  14. Marty I can't believe my eyes...My parents had those dishes many years ago as well. How neat!

    Your little chef plates are just too cute.
    Gorgeous tablescape!
    ~Melissa :)

  15. Your table is so lovely, and dinner sounds great - what time did you day? I love those little square chef plates. And your floral arrangement is beautiful. I love all the colors and textures. Beautiful table as always Marty! Hugs, Kat

  16. Marty, that is a pretty table. I love the way you used runners for placemats - nice - and the little chefs are adorable. I probably won't be doing the cloche party as I an "cloche-less" (clueless? hee hee hee), but I do have a little cheese dome from GW and a larger cake dome (also GW). If that counts, maybe I can come up with something for that. Either way, I'll look forward to visiting the party and getting ideas!!! Linda

  17. Lovely. The platters as plates is a great idea! My mom had the village set, too :). I still like the neutral/brown colors of it. I try to resist buying pieces when I see them at thrift shops, because my dad's cabinet it bursting will all the extra pieces.

  18. Hi Marty !
    I am loving your neutral brown tones ! I really am in love with your napkins ( I love love plaid !)
    So true about your dishes wearing like iron - that is a great brand...Your dinner menu sounds yummy - what time should I be over ??
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  19. I think my silly comment got lost somewhere! Anyway, I was saying I would like to join you for ribs, and that I to enjoy my mother's Pf. dishes.


  20. A cloche party sounds like fun - I just may have to join in. I have some Pfaltzgraf coffee mugs with that same pattern, only the pattern is blue on mine - we have good taste. :-)

  21. I'm ready for a barbecue! What time is it? Sounds so good and the table looks so inviting. Expert looking napkin arrangement too.

  22. Oh, I LOVE those table runners, and your big wooden candlesticks! What a wonderful table. And now I'm drooling at the thought of ribs... ;)

  23. J's company gave us Pfaltzgraff Yorktown, as a wedding gift in 1983. I've always wished I had exchanged it for Village.

    I love those square plates!! Great table, Marty!

  24. Hi Marty, thank you for telling me about the cloche party! I love your table, everything looks just perfect, even the painting in the back round matches. :O) Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

  25. I've had those Village dishes for a long, long time too! They do seem to last forever. Beautiful table!

  26. Hi Marty,
    I hope you see this, I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog for Tablescape Thursday. You asked where I got my cut work chargers. I just bought 5 (thats all they had) this past Saturday at Home Goods in CA. Hopefully you can find some. I am on the look out to add to my lonely 5. Good Luck and have a great day.

  27. Hi Marty! Beautiful and cute tablescape. I love the little chefs! I don't have a cloche so I can't participate in your party but I'll enjoy checking out everyone elses! I know, I know..everyone has a cloche now! And I don't have any of the Target birds nor the bunny on a stick!! I'm way behind the times! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  28. Hello Dearheart...

    I just realized that you posted a tablescape today...I've been over to your place a couple of times but missed sorry!

    What a fabulous table!!! Ohhh...your new treasure finds, the candleholders really make for a grand statement in the play of your centerpiece! And your floral arrangement is gorgeous!!! The size, colors, and all of the pretty florals are sooo perfect! I didn't know that you could do floral arrangements...this really is pretty, my friend!!!

    I love how you turned your table runners...I've never tried that before but will have to give it a shot...hmmm, but I would need 2 of the same kind! I love the fabric...that crewel work is so pretty! Again, the colors are perfect!!! I have always liked this Phalzgraph's so versatile as you have just proved...pairing it with your new salad plates! They are just adorable...I certainly can see how you couldn't pass them up! You're right, they are very Italiano!!! Love the look of the rattan mats with this tablescape and also your pretty napkins! I haven't ever tried fanning the napkin...another great idea and inspiration for a future tablescape!!! Thank you Darlin'...for sharing this lovely table with us!!! It's simply delightful!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  29. Ummmm - I love shrimp AND I love ribs too! And those darling little chefs all ready to whip up some wonderful food -- I love your rattan mats - what a wonderful combination of pretties on your table.

  30. Marty, I think using those platters when you are serving something like ribs is just brilliant! Of course my son and husband would want me to use the platters for every meal. They always complain that our plates are too small (they don't understand about going back for seconds!). This is an even better picture of those candlesticks. They are absolutely stunning. What a beautiful statement they make on the table. The square plates add the perfect amount of fun to your table, and I love the way you fanned the napkins. laurie

  31. Love those cute little square chef fun!
    Happy TT!

  32. Marty, Thank You for the thoughtful comments on my Tablescape and the invitation to the cloches posting June 19th. Sounds fun!I'm following your blog also, I think it's the first time I've been here! Tour blog is as sweet as your tablescape. Love the square dishes the best, so cute. xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  33. Awwwww those little guys are adorable. I wouldn't have been able to resist them either. Love your scape and thank you for the invite. I just bought a cloche last week so I'll try to attend.

  34. I love the earthtones of your tablescape and how you used to runners instead of placemats -- clever!

  35. Thanks for stopping by my blog....I am new to all of in progress! Love all of your earthtones of your TT. Looks like you have a talent at floral arranging too.

    Nice to meet you....keep in touch!

  36. Hi marty, I love the big candlesticks they look amazing and what a nice addition to all you great pieces, You are doing such a good job at coordinating everything.You are a reallllly good treasure hunter. Hugs Kathysue

  37. Hi Marty!
    I love those little plates from the grocery..just adorable!
    Such a pretty table..And the menu sounds delicious!
    I have a set of canisters in that pattern packed away..Interested??
    I have your button up, and I am thinking about what to do!

  38. Hi the shape of those platters...they do look great for ribs! The little chef plates are soooo cute! Love this table! Thanks for posting such a wonderful tablescape! Oh, wanted to let you know that I've had several folks ask about the larger pics so I'm going to work on a post explaining just how to do those. I'll try to get that up soon! In the meantime, I'll send you an email that someone sent me...hopefully I can still find it. Susan

  39. Hi Marty.... Again....
    I just had to let you know that it is your fault that when I was at Savers last night I found some of your Pfaltzgraph Village ! I have always wanted some and it is discontiuned...(I was bad and bought 12 dinner,salad,bowl,coffee pot,sugar and creamer for around $25) I think I have to make room in my shed outside cuz, I can't fit anymore dishes in my cupboards....I told another lady shopping for dishes "I am a dishaholic....she said don't worry I am one too!)
    I need prevention....LOL
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  40. This is all so pretty! Love the little chef plates! You also made me hungry with all the yummy sounding food!

    We've been on the go so much lately (and leaving again tomorrow!) I'm missing all this meme's fun!

    I put the cloche party button on my blog! Will you do it more than once? I hope you do so I can participate next time!


  41. What a lovely tablescape! My husband loves ribs...maybe a nice tablescape will make them even better. Yours was gorgeous, love the big candlesticks!