Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thank You for Joining the Cloche Party

There is no way I could ever thank all 118 of you enough for joining the "Cloche Party" and making it such a huge success and so much FUN. I tried to see all of your creations and I have been left totally in awe of how creative everyone is. So many beautiful cloches and displays. Some of you said you didn't have a cloche of the standard variety, but boy you sure came thru with tons of different cloches. I've posted just a few pictures of some of the different types of material that cloche forms come in. Please forgive me, I forgot to give each of you credit for these pics, but I do appreciate them all so much.

See the pretty little wire one.

I love the square bottom on this one.

Both of these with the little birds are so pretty.

Now she was only kidding, but it just cracked me up. It really is a cloche.

Now this is the one I really want. I just need a bigger yard and win the lottery.

Don't you just love the chicken wire with the crown top. Such fun.

Look at these beauties.

Now this is called using what you have and I love it.

I have never seen so many beautiful shapes before.

Just look how pretty the chicken wire and glass go together.

I am so totally fascinated with these pretty chicken wire ones.

This iron one is so stately.

Pretty shaped iron with the tall finial.

So pretty with the little bird on top. I love how open it is too.

The scroll work on this one is so lovely.

Another gorgeous metal beauty with such a pretty finial on top.

She said a cloche was to cover important things. I really chuckled over this one because my coffee is really important to me. lol

Another beautiful wire one used with a sweet little glass one.

You guys all had such fabulous glass cloches and apothecary jars and they were filled with so much inspiration and creativity that I could never have thought of. If you missed any of them, you really missed a lot. Every one was so stunning. You gave me a thrill and some great laughs. I really do thank you all for playing. The poll shows that you would like to have another one seasonally. So how about we schedule the next one for fall. Maybe sometime in Sept? Thank you again to all!!!


  1. Marty,
    Thank you so much for hosting such an inspiring event! I loved it & look forward to fall. The wheels are already spinning in my head!

    I was so inspired with all the ideas yesterday that I went on a cloche quest & not a cloche could be found. I'd love to find a black wire cloche like Pat's at Back Porch Musings.

    ☺♥☺ Diane

    ps Whooo hooo! I was so exicted to see that my backyard is the first picture!

  2. ~Wonderful photos Marty!!!
    Everyone enjoyed your cloche party!

    Thank you very much for hosting and being ever so gracious.
    Love ya, ~Melissa ;)

  3. It WAS fun!! And I enjoyed your review, too. Sally

  4. Thanks for all your hard work in organizing such a fun party. What inspiration everyone has provided. Hard to know which project to create next!

  5. Thank you Marty! It was so much fun and I love this little collage of others wonderful works of art. It's just amazing. I look forward to the Fall!


  6. Hi Marty....

    Darn, darn, darn. I was so busy with the garage sale that I missed all the fun....I LOVED cloche that covered the Starbucks funny was that? Ahhh....we all love our latte's, don't we?

    I'll come back and check everthing out.


  7. Thanks so much for hosting such a fun event. I got some great ideas for future decorations, and found out how to make a mini one for my dolls houses. I also found blogs out there that I knew nothing about until now. I noticed one who just started blogging and this was her first post. One small problem - I have spent so much time admiring everyone's creations that nothing has been done around my house. :-) But I consider it time well spent and the heat index is to high to be outside for any length of time. Have a great weekend and thanks again.

  8. Thanks for hosting like the coolest blog party ever! It was so fun! I'm glad you liked my cloches :) They aren't even as cool as some others! LOL. I think you should host a cloche decorating party with every holiday to see what people change under them (just an idea) LOL! I just loved this party so much! :)

    All the best,

  9. Thanks so much for hosting this event, Marty. I had so much fun visiting. I'm still trying to get to everyone!!! It may take me all weekend, but I've enjoyed every bit of it!!

  10. Hi Marty,
    I am so dissapointed I missed out on all the fun!! But my son was having a birthday, so I just had so many things going on I couldn't participate.
    Thanks for showing the highlights for me!! I do hope you will have another party again soon!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    hugs, Sherri:)

  11. I may not have actually participated, but I sure have loved looking at everyone elses'! Everything looks soo pretty and I just love everyone's ideas!

    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event!!


    Robin :o)

  12. Marty, I don't have a cloche, but this makes me have to get one! I loved this party...please host another soon! Liz

  13. Your party was a great success!

  14. I really enjoyed the cloche party. I think I went to every post! I also thought you might get a kick out of my post today if you get a chance...
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Dear Marty,
    Thank you for hosting such a fun party! I was unable to post - but I have really enjoyed getting ideas from others who are decorating with cloches!
    I hope that you have a nice weekend! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  16. Well, you were the inspiration and you were kind enough to host it. We just went to the party as guests!

  17. Oh, Marty! Thank you so much for thinking of this cloche party and hosting it! It was so much fun. I so enjoyed looking at all the folks pretties. Actually, I'm not finished yet! ;) This may have been one of the best parties I've attended since I've been blogging! Thank you so much, Dear One!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Shelia ;)

  18. I would love to participate again. And I have all Summer to plan and gather ideas. Thanks Marty!!

  19. Wonderful review of the more different cloches out there Marty and thank you so much for hosting! You did a fabulous job. And yes, please host another one whenever you feel ready. I will be on the lookout and be so ready the next time. I can't wait!

    Thanks Marty!

  20. Marty, I was so sorry to have missed this. I was really hoping to participate but I just could not fit it into my day! I was really hoping you would host another. I almost thing it could be before fall!!??!

    It's obvious from the response this is quite a popular way of decorating. Oh my at the creativity!

  21. Marty, Thamks for putting this party together, it's fun to see all of the unique designs and pretty things put together. I love all of the ones that you have highlighted today. ~ Robyn

  22. LOL...a Starbucks paper cup under a cloche? And I mean it really looks rather nice...and I NEED a few of those...looked so hard today and not one in any of the garage sales I hit...NOT ONE! Ah well. NOW I am getting determined to have a few of those delightful little things around. I mean...I got a world of ideas ...I will keep searching. Pier1 had some but for some reason they didn't quite fit what I had in mind. (whatever that is!) THE HUNT IS ON!!

  23. Oh Marty...YOU are the reason that the party was such a success! You are such a sweet and kind person and that comes through in your blog. I am honored to be able to call you my friend! Thanks for hsoting this many pretty ones! Maybe by fall I will actually have a real one! Have a wonderful Sunday!...hugs...Debbie

  24. Mornin Marty, Thank you so much for hosting such a fun party!!! I can't wait until next time, I will have a REAL cloche by then...I ;) Nancy

  25. MArty, although I dont own a cloche, I have been inspired and will try to join the party in September! Thanks for sharing the pics,it was hard to go to all the blogs,so this was a nice way to see quite a few, your party was such a huge success, there where to many to visit!!! Sue

  26. How beautiful! I adore the chicken wire cloches too!

  27. Marty, I have decided I need more cloches after visiting a few other party-goers!

    it was a fun party, thank you for hosting it. I was out of pocket the day it posted, so I still have about 103 more to visit! ha ha!

  28. my favorites? the building ! and the starbucks! haha!!!

    thanks for your sweet comment today - I loved it!!!

  29. WOW!! That was a little bit of heaven for us cloche lovers, those wire ones are my fav. Hope you are well, Chrissy

  30. Sorry I missed the party! It sounds and looks terrific.

  31. Marty, it was such a great idea, and the huge response just shows how loved you are in Blogville. Thanks for hosting it. laurie

  32. Marty,
    This was a fantastic blog party and thank you for your effort organizing it for us. Next time I am sitting on the bench outside of the “biggest cloche” I will think of you! Cathy

  33. ok, I'm jealous of all the beautiful cloches! I'll have to be on the lookout for one as I yardsale and antique! Thanks for a fun and inspiring party, Marty!

    Sharon at Chickens in the Mist

  34. Marty, I confess that I had not idea there would be soooooo many possibilities for a cloche. That's a great idea to re-do in the fall! Linda

  35. thanks for stopping by :) I love all the cloche photos, really like the metal wire ones.

    have a great week!

  36. Marty, this was a joy. Thank you for all the work and effort you put into this. It was a great success and oooodles of fun!!!!

    Hugs, Barb

  37. Hi again Marty,
    Thanks for the comment on my cabinet redo! There really is just something special about a screen door. I am loving mine. We have some sun today so hopefully my hubby will be able to install the back one as well. Yay! Have a fabulous week!

  38. Thanks for doing a re-cap on the cloches....I really intend to go thru them but will have to do it in small bits of time.
    What a great idea! Hope you do it again sometime, I'd like to play along! ;-)

  39. Marty - that was so much fun! I'd love to do it again in the fall and see the seasonal goodies that people have in their cloches.

    Thanks for hosting!


  40. Hi Ms. Marty,
    I found your blog too late to enter the Cloche Party, but I did participate in the poll. I'm totally excited that you will be hosting another in the fall...I can't wait. It is such a great idea. So much creativity from all the entries! I love it!

    ~Ana♥ A Petite Cottage

  41. I didn't get around to everyone but saw so many great ideas that I want to try out! Thanks for hosting!


  42. Marty, thanks for stopping by to see me today and for your suggestons about my picture sizes! :) I'll try that for sure.

    Also I just noticed you are having a vote on how often to do a cloche post. I just voted. Once a month sounds perfect to me!

  43. Hi Marty, thanks for coming by to see my new wall. I liked it so much I also painted the bay window in the dining room the same way. Now if I can get through the construction, I will be able to show the whole room. LOL
    Your blog is one of my favorites.
    I just started another one for animals. You can click the pic of the puppy if you want to see it.
    Kelly :)

  44. I enjoyed these so much and I was hoping you would do them monthly! :-( I didn't have time to prepare since we were on vacation! I did do a re-post of three cloches though.


  45. Hi Marty!
    The cloche party was totally fun! I'm the one that posted the "cd" cloche...sorry but my goofiness slips out of me now and again! But I promise at your next party I will have a real one! I am on the hunt for one! Thanks again!! Huggy Hugs!

  46. Oh, Marty, what a fabulous pictoral display. I completely and totally and utterly forgot to join up last Friday, and I even had an original cloche for you ! Darn tootin. Well, I may just send you an email picture for kicks.

    Loved this post !