Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Thank you all for such a good response to the idea of a Cloche Party. We will be having it on Friday, June 19th. That gives everyone 2 weeks to get your pictures ready.I see so many of you using them in your decorating and thought it would be such fun to showcase them with a special event.

Remember, a cloche doesn't have to be glass. I've seen them in wicker, wire and other materials as well. A cloche is anything that you can display something inside. So dig through those closets and pull out all your hidden treasures and show us your creations. Some of the ladies want to also show their apothecary jars they decorate. So feel free to show either or both.

1. What kind of cloche do you have?
2. Where do you display them?
3. What do you put inside?
4. How do you change them for the seasons, holidays and etc.

Be sure to tell all your bloggy friends about this event so everyone can participate. Remember also that you can do a post now and schedule it to be published on a future date if you are going to be out of town.

Be sure to grab the Cloche button at the top of the post and display it in your post on June 19th. That is a Friday, and I will have Mr. Linky up and running on Thursday evening the 18th by 8pm.

I am so excited to see all the different cloches everyone has and how they display and decorate them.

See you then, and thanks for participating.

Hugs, Marty


  1. Hey Marty- I think I am the only one in blogland that DOESN'T own a cloche! I will be checking out the party though. Can't wait to see all the great ideas. That way, when I do get one, I will know what to do with it!


  2. OH Marty I am doing my Happy dance now claps to you for doing this...I just know is is going to be a fun day in blogland...thanks for taking the time to do this...I know Mr. Linky can be Stinky...Maybe I'll show peeps even how to make a cloche's as I see some don't owe them and so easy to make...just a tought my friend...May you have a great day and I'll mark my blog calandar for June 19th which really is the 18th in blogland ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Hi Marty, placing button on my blog. Now....I have to go out and buy another one. Ha!

    Thanks for thinking of this!


  4. This will be fun!! I'll put the button on my sidebar.

  5. Hey Misti, I don't have one either! LOL! Marty, it's too bad I won't be able to participate....I was so looking forward to do so and thought it was a great idea! I'll be gone that week and I don't have a laptop to take with me! Boo...I'm bummed. Have a fun party! Luanne

  6. Marty this is a GREAT idea! I can't wait to get inspiration from other bloggers. I will participate with my one and only, lonely little old cloche.

  7. Marty,
    I left a link to your Cloche Party on my decorating blog. Have a good day! Luanne

  8. Sounds like a plan! Gotta get mine decorated!

  9. Great idea for a party! Can't wait to check out all the great ideas.

  10. Hi Girlfriend...

    Yeeehawww!!! I'm so excited about the cloche party...thank you so much for hosting it!!! June 19th will probably be the day that we leave for Texas but I hopefully I can get a "cloche" post together ahead of time so I can participate!!! I'm so exicted!!! Was wondering if I could include a few photos of my big apothecary jar?'s sort of cloche-like...hehe!!! I want to just run out and find some pretty cloches...I don't want to be a party pooper, you know! wink! Anyway, Congrats on the fabulous's genius!!! I'm looking forward to the party, my friend!!!

    Love ya,

  11. Sounds exciting, Marty! I own a few but I really don't know how to display anything nicely in them but I will surely try just to be able to join the fun. June 19th is when we leave for FL to pick up AJ and then to on a Caribbean cruise. I hope I can find time to read comments and respond....Christine

  12. Writing it down, Marty..I am not very good at it, but I will give it a shot!
    Adding the button to my sidebar ...

  13. this sounds fun, Marty. I might give it a try.

    you have a window on your blog from Photobucket that says bandwidth exceeded. Thought I;d tell you in case you had not seen it yet.

  14. Hi Marty! Oh, I want to join your cloche party! These are just the most funnest things to have!

    Oh, I see you have that Bandwidth Exceeded button that I had! I took off my blog dress and it went away. I really don't understand it, do you?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. Marty,
    I just found out about your fabulous cloche party from reading your comment on Chari's blog. I'm so excited that I haven't missed this event. I want to join in on all the fun. So I'll put me a reminder to do my post & join the party. Looking forward to the fun.

  16. Marty,
    I came over after seeing the plans for your new party...sounds like so much fun!!!

    I became a follower today of your lovely blog!!! I feel like I already know seems as though we are at alot of the same sites and participate in alot of the same events!!!

    I look forward to visiting with you often!!! Can't wait for the cloche party!!!

    Enjoy the day!!!

  17. Oooh, count me in. Now I've got to come up with something fabulous for you to appreciate !

    Many blessings,

  18. Hi Marty, thanks for following Bella Vista and your lovely comments.

    Also.....think I will take you up on using some of my apothecary jars...I have several of those.

    So looking forward to this!

    Hugs, Barb

  19. Hi Marty...I have NO imagination so have to get idea's from others. I am really looking forward to this little party. IF I can think of something I will jump in and get my feet wet!

  20. Hi Marty, just want to tell you that you've just been tagged...Christine

  21. Hi Marty! Well to try and answer some of your questions. First, to take my blog's dress off - I signed in to my blog and then at the top right hand corner clicked on Customize. That takes you to your Dashboard. There was an html code that I had to use for my blog dress so I just deleted the code. Then on the left hand side of this page there is a place to click that says 'Fonts and Colors' or something like that. Then the very first little square says Blog Background Color. There are all of those colors right across from it. You just pick the color you want and then click save and your blog will have that color for the background.

    Now about your little button. Click on the Customize button again and this is the backbone of your blog. Whichever side your sidebar is on should have a little box with the words "Add a Gadget" and it's underlined. Click on that and scroll down until you see 'Add a Picture'. There is a place to write the title and a subtitle, the http link ( I copied and pasted your blog link there) and then I uploaded the picture of your cloche from my Documents where I had saved it to and then clicked save! Now it's on my sidebar and anyone can click on it and it will take them back to your blog so they can read about your party.

    Does this help? I hope so. I don't know alot, but these few things I can do!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  22. I will be sure to participate. I will be out of town, but will schedule my post to run. Can you link me up since I *may* not be able to Thursday night? Hmm, will see how I can work this.

  23. What a great theme for a party! Yes, you are many of us have these beauties and sometimes they can be a bit tricky.

    It will be great fun to see all the ideas from everyone.

    Thanks for dreaming this up Marty!

  24. Marty, glad you explained it better. I can scrape something up by then... LOL See you then, but first to see your beautiful table?

    Have you seen the yellow embossed plates lately at Fry's Marketplace? Are they getting close to 50% off yet? ;-D

  25. I can't wait to see the beautiful cloche displays. Fun idea!


  26. Hi Marty! Sounds like fun. I will be there. Your button is already on my sidebar. :)

  27. Marty you have me excited for this event!

    I MUST find a cloche...:)

    You are so clever and creative to think of it.
    ~Melissa :)

  28. OKAY...No cloche, but I do have a few apothecary jars. I'm in. This will be a great time.

    Have a good day.

  29. What a fantastic idea!!!!!! I love cloches and I can't wait to see all the inspiration that comes from this...ohhhh happy day!!!

    You can be sure I will be copying and saving pics and ideas from that post girl! Can't wait...have a great day!

  30. O, this sounds like great fun. We should be seeing lots of creative ways to use these great pieces.
    xo bj

  31. Okay, I've decided I think I can create something. It may not be anything spectacular, but once I saw it was opened to apothecary jars and such, I figured I'd put my creative head on and get working. So I'll put your logo on my sidebar and participate!

  32. Oh what a great idea, I must remember it!! I just love all my cloches, everything looks so important under glass!! All the best,Chrissy

  33. Should be a fun party -- I do like cloches although several are in the garden.

  34. This is a great idea! I have a couple cloches but I have a very hard time trying to figure out what to do with them. Everything I try is either too big or too small so I'm really looking forward to seeing what everybody else does with theirs.

  35. Oh how fun! I have a few, so count me in!

  36. Hi Marty!
    I plan to participate in the cloche party. I just have to remember now! ;-) Before blogging, I had no idea so many people love them as much as I love mine.

    I tagged you for a game, so stop by if you'd like to participate!

    ~The Old White Cottage

  37. Hi Marty,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet comment. I was looking at one of your past posts and noticed the Pfaltzgraph pattern. That was what I registered for when I got married 36 years ago. It's long gone, but it brings back happy memories for me!

  38. Oh Marty, this looks like it's going to be a LOT OF FUN! I don't have any cloches - but I think I might go out and get one, or fashion one out of something for the 19th. Let me see what I can come up with! :)

  39. Enjoyed reading your blog today. I am still finding my way around blogland....I always love making new friends..I am posting about Disney so hope you will stop by. Commenting automatically puts you in the drawing for the June giveaway.

  40. OK Miss Marty-
    If I can get it all together I am going to participate.


  41. What a great idea for a blog party! :) I have ONE! LOL! Can't wait to see everyone's!

    Great tablescape below! The "chef" plates are too cute! Love them! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  42. Marty, thank you for watching out for those plates. I so appreciate it!

    Oh, I found a great cloche at Tuesday Morning, but it was a bit pricey for my taste, so I'm off to look for another somewhere else...

    Wish me luck! ;-) Have a great weekend dear one and big hugs from Texas!

  43. Hey Marty !
    Count me in ! I am going to have to start writing these special dates on my calendar ( once in a while I forget....LOL)
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  44. Hi Marty,
    What a great idea! I would love to participate in this, but we will be on vacation and I doubt I can do it this time. Will this be an on-going event? I hope so! Can't wait to see all of the designs!


  45. I have been on the hunt for a cloche everywhere.I've checked garage sales,T.J.MAXX,Ross,Hobby Lobby,GW.Ugh! Anyone have an extra they want to donate to me? LOL Yeah right.Maybe I'll luck up and find one before the party.

  46. What a fabulous idea! As a person with dozens of cloches ....I will be back to visit for sure!
    Take care, Laura

  47. Ok I am a newbie -- can't find a cloche anywhere. Any hints to where one would find a cloche, new or antique??

    Sandi in Texas

  48. I just bought a cloche at our local Tuesday Morning store and saw your Cloche Party icon on Shelia's (Note Songs) blog. I am so excited!
    You have a lovely blog - I've signed on as a follower.
    Have a great day.

  49. um, I thought a cloche was a hat? I would love a 'hat' party, but not with a glass hat???
    Love your site. Blessings, Jan

  50. I found your blog and your notice of the wonderful Cloche party over on Dana's blog " A Cat in My Lap". I would love to participate. It sounds like so much fun. now to put your button up on my blog. Happy Wednesday. ~ Lynn

  51. Okay...count me in!! I have sooo many cloches, I had to put some away!! Sounds like fun.

    I am placing your link/photo on my blog!

    Warm Hugs...Linda

  52. Marty,
    I am loving this idea for a party! I am adding your button. Cathy

  53. That sounds fun! I think I'll join in!!!


  55. Marty: Lord girl how I love a cloche!! LOVE THEM!!! I do have some that I will be posting, but even more important is I know I will see and get some GREAT ideas from all of these talented women!

    Count me in! I'm so excited!

    Lou Cinda :)

  56. Oh how fun! Please add me to the party! Now I need to go get ready!


  57. What a lovely party idea!! I am so inspired by your cloches, that I am going to join in the fun!!!
    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful party!!!
    Margaret B

  58. Enjoyed what I have seen of the party. I love cloches! I do have one, but i don't have a camera right now. My husband is a way on a Missions trip and he took it. I will try to post something at the next party! Gail Moore (nice to meet you)

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  60. Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be ok.
    I'm definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.