Friday, July 10, 2009

Christmas in July

There are several blogs that are doing a meme celebrating "Christmas in July". I wanted to play, however all of my decorations are in the attic storage area and no way was DH going to get them down. So instead I looked around and found a few things to do a tablescape with. My table is reflecting the true meaning of Christmas. Below are the buttons from several who are participating in this meme. I know there are probably more, but these are the ones I've found. If you havn't visited any of these ladies, be sure to see all the wonderful things they have to offer.

Playing Dishes

The Art and Flair of Being Domestic

Beneath my Heart

Coffee on the Table

For the centerpiece I've used my little church birdhouse and a beautiful little angel. The angel is announcing the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus. The church is where I love to go to worship Him.

I've used candle stems and tea lights to give the table a soft glow.

A better look at the pretty little angel figurine. She's holding stars that guided the Wise Men.

The blue bubble glass reminds me of frosty winter nights and the etched glass design reminds me of snowflakes.

A look at each of the place settings. I've used a soft blue damask napkin with the Gibson napkin rings.

The dinner plate is Noritake Marigold.

The charger is from Home Goods and doesn't have any marks on the back.

Each place is set with a small gift.

Another view of the little church and the precious angel.

Thanks so much for stopping by and please visit all the others who are participating in "Christmas in July". You'll be filled with a ton of ideas for your own decorating for the holidays.

Hugs, Marty


  1. Oh Marty!
    You have such a knack for decorating and setting a table. I think you should take this up for a living. Now I noticed that you had taken the angel from the blog page instead of the Bella Sinclair Award photo. Go to the top of the page where it starts, it is the beautiful tree with the branches. Because you branch out to so many people and touch so many lives. I want you to have the right award.
    Thank you for sharing with me Marty. Country Hugs, Sherry

  2. What a sweet, sweet you've set! And I love that your table reflects the true meaning of Christmas. In December, most of us get too caught up in the "trappings" and not the reason for the season.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Marty!
    That looks lovely...the angel is precious!
    I am doing my Christmas in July post tomorrow...Hope you will come visit!

  4. This is absolutely breathtaking, Marty! So soft, gentle, warm & elegant. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. So pretty Marty! I'm going to try and do a Christmas tablescape later this month -- but like you, most of my stuff is packed away and I'll be sort of checking whats handy -- you've done a beautiful job!

  6. Marty,
    You did a great job coming up with a Christmas table! It is beautiful. I love the placemats and the cute little gifts at each setting. Gorgeous.
    Thanks for the "shout out" about my giveaways! You are my "angel"! I know that if you and I ever met in person, we would have a wonderful time together! You are a lady after my own heart.
    Thanks for being such a sweetheart!

  7. Hi Marty,
    Thanks for stopping in my blog.
    Wow, what a great job of Christmas in July with just things around the house. That takes talent when all else is packed away. Pretty!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs, Linda

  8. Oh this is just beautiful! I feel like it's Christmas ♥ I love using tea lights too. Everything looks elegant and lovely.

  9. Good save! I wouldn't get DH to get the ornaments down either (not sure I could deal with the thought of such a thing in this heat). But, your table is lovely!

  10. Marty, Your blue and white table is beautiful! I have always wanted to do a blue and white christmas. The kids always balked because they love the traditional christmas colors.

    I love your napkins, those are so pretty! Your white plates are precious and I love the idea of the gift at each place setting. The birdhouse and the darling angel are a lovely centerpiece surrounded by the lovely candle light! Can't you tell? I love it all!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  11. Oh, Dear Marty! How gorgeous! I'm loving the Christmas in July! I have those chargers too and think they're so pretty! Everything you do is just marvelous! I've entered your name in my giveaway!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  12. oh wow Marty .. where do I start. LOVE LOVE LOVE the birdhouse church and the blue bubble stemware ... be still my heart! I have the same in red.. but that blue would be perfect for the colors I"m going to use this year. Love the candle stems.. and those chargers are darling... love how detailed they are.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Just so beautiful and elegant Marty! I love the way you arranged the candles. They are gorgeous. :)

  14. That's gorgeous, Marty! You darling lady is the one who will always know how to make a challenge look easy! I had a headache before I came up with mine and finishing it was worst! Yikes!

  15. Your centerpiece is just too beautiful, Marty! It's so hot but your whole set up is getting me excited about Christmas, lol...Christine

  16. Beautiful tablescape Marty! Thank you for all the links. Now I'll have to drop by their blogs for a visit! ☺ Diane

  17. Marty,
    Another beautiful table! I don't even know where to start. I love the Noritake china plates. They are sooooo pretty and the layers just adds to the beauty. The little wrapped pressies, the romantic glow of all the candles, and the serene look of the blue and white in the birdhouse and accessories is wonderful. THe bubbleglass is very festive, but those smaller stems are the ones that I am oogling.

    Thank you for participating in the second week of my CIJ Tablescape Party.

    Your table will be a hit with everyone.

    I also was so pleased to find the other Christmas blog and hope to be able to see all the CIJ goodies there, too.

  18. Your table is truly lovely! The stemmed candle holders caught my eye right away. Those damask napkins are so beautiful -- family heirlooms? The china is very special too. Looks like a pre-WWII pattern -- do you know?

    Hope your have a wonderful weekend.

    Bye for now,

  19. Marty,

    I love what you have done without dragging all your Christmas boxes out!! I especially love your little white church and the angel. All the candles truly represent Christmas to me. It is a time of year when I like to have them glowing all evening long. Your tablescape is perfect and a lovely way to show Christmas in July.

    Wonderful job!!!


  20. Christmas in July....what a great idea. Hmmmm....except it's reminding me that Christmas isn't all that far away, is it?....especially when I'm still procrastinating on the spring cleaning....ooops!

    Your tablescape is JUST BEEE-U-TI-FULLLLL.....


  21. You did a good job coming up with a Christmas tablescape without hauling out your Christmas pretties! The candlelight just "makes it"! Love the angel and the church birdhouse too!


  22. Oh so beautiful! The blues and whites you used maked it all look so cool (refreshing) and festive!
    Great job!!

  23. Hi sweet friend. How have you been? Not sure you're an award free blog or not. but i have you on my thoughts on my blog ;)

  24. Merry Christmas in July Marty!! This is beautiful.

    I also just saw your post about meeting Ceekay, you look wonderful. I know how much fun it is, meeting a fellow blogger. It's great you two got together!!

  25. HI!!!
    Oh my if you did that with just what was handy, your Christmas table must be exquisite!!! I loved the blue, I love Snow and snowflakes so it was perfect!!!
    I really enjoy getting a lesson on table decorating from you!!
    I'm now adding that to my Tasty Treats or dinners on Tuesdays!!! So this Tuesday I will have another theme to go along with dinner!!
    Thanks and many hugs,

  26. Well, Marty, your Christmas things may be in the attic, but you have managed to pull together a meaningful Christmas tablescape capturing the true essence of Christmas. Maybe we should all dispose of all the superfluous stuff and stick with the simple, but elegant, heart of the matter! I'm thinking there might be a message's so easy for our lives to become so cluttered with good stuff, that we don't focus on the essence. Beautiful, as always. Linda

  27. Marty this is so beautiful. Simple and elegant, and you've captured the spirit of Christmas wonderfully with that precious angel. Love this! Hugs, Kat

  28. What a pretty table setting. Love the bird house. Have a great weekend.

  29. so beautiful and full of Christmas spirit.. You've done a lovely setting that was such a pleasure to look through. I hope I can get in on this next week. Thanks so much for sharing with us..

  30. Oooh, that blue is so soft and pretty! You are so smart to put this all together in July! I'm participating too, but used photos taken last Christmas!


  31. It is so hot here in Oklahoma that I LOVED the Christmas ESCAPE! I needed it today...

    Beautiful Ms. M! Just lovely!


  32. Hi Marty, What a great idea to enjoy your lovely decorations this time of the year when we can reflect upon the true meaning of the season. You have such a way of making everything look so pretty. Hope you have a good day and maybe a little snowfall on that pretty table!!!!

  33. mercy girl,when i first got to your blog i thought i had gone back into your blog at Christmas time.
    i started to re-enter when i noticed in July.whew!!!!!!!!
    those dishes are glorious.i don't know if i like the chargers or the dishes the best.both are awesome.wonderful job as always.
    thank you for always thinking of me.yep,it is finally going to start so it can finally be over.i am not in a hurry to hurt.i am in a hurry to have a life again.i want so bad to be "me'again.what the old saying?you fon't know what you've got until you loose it?
    i remember as a young woman,all these"old"people used to say." least you have your health".I'll bet we all eyes would flip to the back of my head.yeah,yeah,ok!!!!!!!!!!boy,it's so true.ask a teenager,while they know it all,huh?well,i'll be thankful next ya...ann

  34. Gorgeous tablescape! One of the prettiest I've seen. Also love Noritake Marigold pattern so delicate and pretty!

  35. Oh Marty...I'm in love with your Noritake Marigold dishes. What a beautiful pattern.

    That is the sweetest little church. You did a great job with a tablescape for Christmas in July.

    I PROMISED myself wholeheartedly that I would start earlier on Christmas this year. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  36. Happy Christmas in July Marty.....
    I have a reward for you on my are an alright lady.
    I love your beautiful tablescapes.
    Angel Hugs

  37. Oh Marty, this is so pretty. All of those candles surrounding the church and the angel just make it look like a Christmas night. Your china is beautiful! laurie

  38. Your table is truly beautiful. Very inspiring.

  39. This is a beautiful Christmas tablescape... I would adore it if I did something like this in midwinter during the holidays.. So holy and breathtakingly elegant and sweet.. Love it! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog about Daddy...

  40. Marty-I love the Marigold! It is a beautiful setting. Thanks for the visit. I hate that I forgot about CIJ...

  41. Hi Marty! What a beautiful job you have done again. I almost expected to see a few snowflakes drifting by. I do love the Marigold plates.

    ps: what a nice photo of you and Ceekay. You have a lovely sparkle in your eyes.


  42. I'm wowed by that white plate! I don't know how I became so obsessed with plates! I bet you do though, Marty, huh? Do we have the same disease? Anyway, your scene does indeed look angelic. A starry, starry night. Shimmering in blue and glass.

  43. Awww - Marty - you're so sweet. HoHoHo and Happy Pink Saturday. Your table looks so festive and COOL! I can't wait for cooler weather. xoxo Nancy

  44. Marty what a pretty spiritual looking table! Thanks so much for stopping by. And i agree, another daughter, how fun! I never thought having only 2 kids was enough for me, but as soon as i read your comment, i realized I will eventually have 2 more! thanks for that! Have a great second half of your weekend! Sue

  45. I love the combination of blue with white. Good job.

  46. Marty, what a gorgeous table! The blues are perfect!


  47. Marty, your tablescape is just gorgeous!


  48. Marty this is so cool and pretty...Love the soft blue/white..I could just see me asking Len to bring my Christmas stuff in to do this ha ha!! I think he would shoot me...Hope you have had a great weekend so far...I have Second Sunday Tomorrow swap meet YAHOO!! Wish me luck...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  49. I simply adore those dishes!!!

  50. So pretty. I LOVE the etched glasses, they are really beautiful.

  51. I know what DH is thinking about that attic trip. Way too hot up there for July. But you did quite nicely with things in reach. Love the angle.

    Blessings on this Sunday.

  52. Marty, Your table is beautiful and congrats on your award.....Thanks for helping with Amy's party, couldn't be successful without help from friends like you.

  53. Love your tablescape -- the blue is so cool looking.

    Love Christmas in July!

  54. Howdy Marty
    Merry Christmas in July :)
    Oh my you are so talented and each photo was so creative .
    I just kept scrolling over each photo again and again ,but I had to stop long enough to let you know I have an award for you .
    Blessings to you sweetie .
    All you have to do is accept it ,if you want to share it that is okay too.
    Now back to Hubby it's too hot to go to the attic :)
    Blessings of joy to you and yours.
    Happy Trails

  55. Afternoon, Dear Marty! Oh, I just love it when you come to visit! I've just feasted my eyes on your beautiful tables again. You really know how to make "beautiful". Thanks again for coming by and hope you've had a marvelous Sunday!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  56. Hi Marty! So good to hear from you....seems like I've been gone for ages! You must really be hot there to be dreaming of Christmas! Your table is just wonderful and my favorite is the angel, of course, directing the Wisemen! I will go to check out the other fun!

  57. BTW, I agree with do branch out to so many....and congrats on your award from her!

  58. The dishes! The candle sticks and birdhouse and napkins my favorite! Just love blue and white! So lovely!!!!

  59. Wowza,girlie!! I never met a dish I didn't like but love yours for sure. It makes me realize I could use frosty blue with old ornaments I have to make my Wedding china work for Christmas season dinners. They are Lenox Southern Vista and will make more appearances on my table...thanks for the inspiration.


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