Monday, July 6, 2009

Tea Time Tuesday

Thanks to Gina @ K and G Bookclub for taking over the hosting of Tea Time Tuesday. Our wonderful Barb @ Grits and Glamor has purchased another business and she is about the busiest lady in the universe at the moment. Be sure to visit Gina's blog to see her wonderful Tea Time setting and a list of all the other lovely Tea Parties taking place in blogland.

My Tea is set up as a mid-morning refreshment for me. I love to sit in the living room with a little peace and quite, have a cup of tea, a snack and read my newest magazine for the 100th time. I've set up a tray on the coffee table.

Green tea and some honey drizzled raisin bread from the local bakery and I'm all set.

This is my favorite teacup. I love the little girl picking flowers, and every time I take a sip I can see the flowers on the inside of the cup too. I found this wonderful little teacup at GW.

The centerpiece on the coffee table goes well with my tea tray. Love the tulips (faux) and the little birdhouse and angel bell.

It would be nice if you were here to join me. I have another cup and I'd be happy to pour.

I've missed quite a few of you lately due to computer problems and being a little under the weather. I've re-installed Windows and seems like the problem may be solved. Fighting computer problems for a couple of weeks is a real test of keeping your cool for an addicted blogger. Hope everything is fixed, cause I need my fix.
Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to read my book, sip my tea and enjoy my honey-raisin bread. I hope you'll stop by again soon.


  1. These are gorgeous photos...the tea setting is exquisite...I love that little teacup...applause...

  2. Marty,
    You have outdone yourself again.
    Everything looks so inviting and peaceful. Love that teacup.

  3. Hi Marty. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I love your tea time tray. The cup is adorable. I love raisin bread and I love Romantic Home magazine too. I just saw your previous post about Amy. I will pray for her! God Bless! Lauralu

  4. Marty, that would be my favorite tea cup also! It is just so sweet. I've never seen a tea cup with a pretty little girl on the side of it. Glad you got your computer problems worked out. laurie

  5. You make tea look so lovely - wish I could join you! That is an adorable cup and the bread sounds heavenly. Enjoy your quiet time.

  6. Isn't it amazing what you can find at Goodwill sometimes - that cup and saucer is wonderful. I've never seen one with a little girl on it - too cute. Sally

  7. Oh, I love that cup too! I just am so excited for Thursday and going to your GW!! I hope I am not the jinxer!

  8. It's all looks so elegant and refreshing Marty. The raisin bread sounds delicious too. Can you send some to NC for me?

    Computer problems are frustrating. We had to wipe ours out and re-install everything. Well Alex did. I'm not skiled enough.

    I hope you feel better soon.
    ~Melissa :)

  9. Did you change your profile words? I didn't realize you were from Texas. My Mom is from the valley near Harlingen. I have relatives all over the state. Mostly San Antonio. Where are you from?

  10. Oops! That was a perfect example of something right in front of me that I did't notice until just now.
    Texas is the best! My parents were married in 61' at Harlingen AFB.
    Whew! That's along time ago...:)

    I wish we could meet one day!
    That would be so much fun if we could have a HUGE blogger convention and all bloggers could meet.
    Can't you just picture it? :)

  11. Marty,
    Your tea time table is beautiful.
    You give me good ideas for my own centerpiece. =0)

    Thanks for leaving a comment about my mini nest post.

    As you said, not the right sizes in the store and too expensive;
    That's how i got started making my own nests and eggs.

    Barbara Jean

  12. do you hear someone at the door?yes!its me i'll be right over,lol..
    this is really,really lovely marty love the tea everything..ttys my friend..


  13. Marty, I love all of it, and that tea cup is adorable! nancy

  14. I love the little tea cup! Too cute. The bread looks delicious. It's late and I am starving!
    I hope your computer problems are gone for good!

  15. Hi Marty! I'm glad your puter is fixed and I'm hoping you're feeling better! I'm sure the nice hot tea will help! What a lovely setting on your coffee table! So beautiful! I love your little tea cup too! How darling! I haven't had any raisin bread in some time. Yummy! Just gorgeous pictures, Marty!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Marty,

    This is so pretty! I love the teacup and saucer, and the tray is beautiful! Can I come over for tea next time?


  17. Oh, how I would love to join you for tea at this beautiful setting. I love your precious little tea cup & saucer, you have a really great GW!! Everything looks so pretty, Nicole

  18. That;s a lovely setup. I love the tulips... faux or not. :)


  19. Marty,
    Oh I know about computer problems! So frustrating. I love this beautiful setting, it's so gorgeous! You have it down to a tea my dear! LOL, no pun intended. Cindy

  20. Gorgeous. I would love to join you, so pull out the extra cup...I'm virtually enjoying the calm and beautiful setting and this tea is delish!! Thanks for pouring.

  21. Hi
    thanks so much for joining into Tea Time Tues....isnt so much fun..

  22. Oh Marty this looks so wonderful my cleaver to have Romantic homes there...this is almost like the one I did a few weeks ago...just love my tea and a great that tea have so many pretty things girl...glad you ot the puter problems taken care of..May you have a great day Marty...oh I got the moss off to you today...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  23. Dear Marty
    Your tea time is beautiful, and the bread looks so yummy. I was also admiring the change to your beautiful living room, the chair was made for that spot, looks fantastic. I will now hop on over and send some birthday wishes, so heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing Marty, your blog is always uplifting and so beautiful.

  24. Marty, this is fantastic. I love your tea set. Gorgeous!!! Love the new blog look as well.. I've got to take some time and work on mine..the city finally got the water on late this afternoon, so tomorrow I'll play catch
    hugs ~lynne~

  25. A beautiful tea party! Wish I was there to join you!

    I hope you are feeling much better!


  26. Hi Marty!

    What a lovely tea cup and table setting. Everything is always so pretty. I am so glad your computer is feeling better we always need a good blogging fix. So glad you came to visit ;)

    Take care,

  27. So inviting....and another wonderful Goodwill find...the tea cup is adorable...I never find anything good at the G.W.......

  28. Marty, I am so sad that I had to miss Tea today. I didn't know that someone had picked up the party!!!

    I found this when I was responding to thank you for stopping by Playing Dishes. I am sorry it took me so long to respond. We had a death in the family and I just have been stretched IR time.

    I just updated and added all the names to my Christmas In July Tablescape drawing. I have all the names stored in a little teapot until time to draw for the giveaway winner of the Christmas tablecloth on July 25.

    I hope you will join the table party this week on Saturday. Hopefully without a holiday, there will be more participants. If you don't do CIJ, do a post of a past tablescape and link it and the photos to help us celebrate CIJ. Come back for a visit.

    I hope to see you at the next Tea party.

  29. This is beautiful Marty! Hope you're feeling better. ☺ Diane

  30. This is so lovely Marty. What a nice, relaxing morning. Love the tea set, and the tea cup is beautiful. I just can't get over what you find at your GW. Hugs, Kat

  31. I am so far behind on visiting, will I ever catch up???!

    This is beautiful Marty. Your tea looks delish, too.

  32. Marty, I am a tea-drink, too. No coffee for me - except coffee ice cream! I would gladly join you for a cup of tea and that cup is so pretty and unusual! Linda

  33. Marty,
    What a dainty little tea cup. I have never seen one like it. I cannot believe you found it at GW!

    I know how you feel about the addiction of blogging! You can spend way too much time on here! I know we're not the only blog "junkies"!

    I hope you are feeling up to par soon! Have a wonderful tea time!

  34. Marty, this is such a sweet setting for mid-morning tea. I especially love that tea cup with its inside surprise of flowers. So pretty!

    You must know by now that I'm a furniture junkie, and I love that chest I can just peek at in the background of some of your shots!

    I hope you are feeling all better soon. You and your computer got sick at the same time? Now that's too much closeness!
    All the best ... Cass

  35. That is a really pretty cup! I'm sure it makes having tea that much more special to use something so beautiful!


  36. What a cute teacup. Your setting is perfect!

  37. What a pretty little setting.

  38. Hi Marty,
    The pictures and setting are absolutely beautiful! Now I'm gonna have to fix myself a nice cup of tea! I made cucumber sandwiches yesterday (for the first time) -- want me to bring some over? ;)

    Thanks for the comment on my "Delta Dawn" post. I'll start working on some home tours right away -- I have several streets in various towns I'd like to show you.

    Warmest regards,

  39. Hi Marty!

    I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better and that your computer is too!

    What a lovely little teatime....I never take time to make everything so sweet and special...but WOW...what a difference....I'm thinking I owe myself a little treat.


  40. Good Morning Marty! Lovely post as usual. Did someone say honey-raisin bread? I will be right over. OMG it all looks so lovely. Thank you for sharing this morning. We are in for a rough road ahead and still need many prayers. Debbie is so exhausted, and I worry so about her. It is horrible to watch a child suffer and be totally helpless. Thanks for the well wishes. It was such a wonderful idea. I am going to print all of the pages and then Debbie can put a book together for Amy. I will keep you posted. Country Hugs, Sherry

  41. I know what you mean about computer problems. My computer is fine (it's an Apple), but the internet is VERY slow here in my new abode. (sigh)

    I'd love some of that tea. I wish ...

  42. Marty, your teaset is gorgeous....such a gracious setting. Tea and a bit of can't get any better than that!

    Hugs, Barb

  43. Everything is just as it should be. It's all very elegant. I love the teacup with the little girl. How nice that it was a GW find. The tray and all the little decorations are so cute. The raisin bread with honey. But, the best part is that you did it for you and not waited until you had company. So often, we either don't use our nice things, or we keep them for company. I say use them.

  44. I would love to join you in thie wonderful set up, Marty. I love your tea set and the vignette. So pretty!...Christine

  45. Oh how relaxing that setting looks. Thanks for sharing your tea with us.

  46. Oh I hope you will be well soon! I adore your sunbonnet Sue teacup.

  47. I am loving that white tea set! Absolutely gorgeous~

  48. Marty, your tea looks lovely! I wish I could be there with you have a chat. Love that tea cup!

  49. Oh Marty! This is just lovely! I would love to join you for tea!! Your tea set is just gorgeous and I can see why that's your favorite pretty! Your honey raisin bread looks yummy! How relaxing!!...hugs...Debbbie

  50. oh my - that is soooooo gorgeous. I want to go make some tea now! how beautiful!!!!!!!!

  51. Your tea setting is very appealing!

  52. I was in visiting the blog of country wings in phoenix when I saw your comment. I wanted to come in and see your blog. I am glad that I did, I enjoyed the visit and the tea, thankyou so much, Char

  53. WHat a lovely tea time - I love your setting, xv.

  54. Your teaset is beautiful, Marty. I want to find one so bad for me and my daughter but haven't found one I really like... That's me, super picky! LOL

    I hope you get your computer fixed and up again. My system is also slow so the hubs has to figure it out. Hope you're enjoying your summer!

    Hugs, Chandy

  55. Hi Marty,
    Ohh...your tea and honey-raisin bread looks so yummy and relaxing. I think it is so wonderful that you make yourself such a lovely treat every day. It is those special moments in our day that make life so fun! Thanks for sharing. Amy :)

  56. Marty, I was by the other day and am still just struck by the beauty of this cup and saucer. It is so lovely.

    Thanks for stopping by Playing Dishes. I entered your name in the CIJ Tablescape Party giveaway to be held July 25 after the final party. Of course your friend is welcome to attend the party and all of the rest of them this month. This CIJ party series is open to everyone with a love or dishes and/or Christmas. I can't wait to meet her. I hope that you will do a table or coffee table or tray or some thing for a holiday post to link up on party day. You have such lovely things. Think outside the box and use neutral colors with Christmas color accents.

  57. Yum that bread looks so good and I love your pretty little teacup. I collect them too.

  58. HI!!!
    Do you have allergy issues like me????
    Take care of yourself!!!!
    I love the tea-cup, that is a really neat one!!!
    I love the bird house decoration too!!!
    I want some tea and bread, looks yummy!!

  59. what a perfect way to relax in the afternoon in your beautiful Living room. Hugs kathysue