Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reminder - Fall Cloche Party Sept. 11th

Today I want to give you a view of one of my cloches that I have redone for the fall season just to get you in the mood for the "Fall Cloche Party" on Sept. 11th. A while back I changed some of the kitchen accessories around and filled my cute rooster cloche with a few small antique kitchen things.

Here is a close look that you have all seen before.

Well, a recent trip to the Dollar Tree and I found a few things to start doing a little fall decorating with, so I changed the cloche.

This brings a small touch of fall to the corner vignette on the kitchen counter.

Some feathers, moss, fall leaves and twigs, a pumpkin and a gourd and I have a whole new look.

I really enjoy this rooster cloche, it looks wonderful with anything in it.

So, get all of your Cloches and Apothecary Jars out and fill them with a little fall. Sept. 11th is the date, there has been some confusion for some reason, but it is the 11th of Sept. Be sure to grab the button below and place it on your sidebar and spread the word. Our first "Cloche Party" was such a fun event and this one will be too. You will definitely want to participate and to see what all everyone does with all their various containers. You'll be absolutely amazed at how creative everyone is.

I can't wait to see you at the party. Thanks for coming by, I really appreciate it.

Hugs, Marty


  1. MARTY! Today I went SHOPPING! I am so excited about your cloche party! I need someone to help get my autumn stuff out of the rafters though!!! I have things to do!
    Can't wait!!!!
    Hugs! Karen

  2. Marty,

    I love what you have done with your cloches. They have that great "fall look"!! I am having so much fun making some of my cloches...I am afraid it is going to become an obsession!!

    Can't wait until the party!!! :-)


  3. It's gonna be great. Love $1 store inspiration.

  4. OK, that's it....I'm buying a cloche this week! I think I am the only person in blogland without one! I am so excited about fall being right around the corner. It's my favorite time of year!


    Robin :o)

  5. Love what you have done!! LOVE that cloche! Your son did goooooood! I'm working on mine!!

    Lou Cinda

  6. Alas, my Dollar Tree has sold out of all the CUTE fall items...well, there are several more in town :) I love that you change them up..they look great!

  7. You have done a great job! Looks like you are ready for fall.

  8. i wish we also have autumn here in our country, the cloche looks cute!


  9. I am done with my post for the party, Marty. I had to post it in advance cause I will be out of town. It should publish the night before the party.You should have a knack for displaying stuff in cloches, it's beautiful!...Christine

  10. Ohhh how cute your cloche looks. I have been wanting to decorate for Fall but it just doesnt seem like "Fall" around here. Still....I am going to get my cloche out and participate!

  11. you make it look sooooo easy...well lady I am here to tell you I am struggling!!! I get all the stuff out...and go blank! why didn't you just ask me to plant something!! You might as well have asked me to tablescape! (another gift I do NOT have!)
    BUT....I am trying!!! if all else fails...I will just post them empty!

  12. I suppose that I should tell you that I am admiring the cloche both ways...you did a great job girl...I was too busy having a mini tantrum...and forgot to say it! lol

  13. How beautiful is your cloche Marty! I can't wait! I mentioned your party in my post this evening my friend.

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa ;)

  14. I adore that cloche! It is one of the cutest ones ever...I cannot wait to see all you do with yours at the party!
    Um...where's my comment? I was sure I already wrote..I didn't? Well, anyway...it's lovely both ways and it would even be wonderful empty! It's that cute! Having a ...giveaway? Hmmmmmmm? :)

  15. Love it! You always do a great job! I still haven't found a cloche. :( I may have to make one. :D

  16. Marty that is the most wonderful cloche ever! I love the pedestal stand!

    All you fall nesting bloggers are killing me! I am trying to hold on to the last little bit of summer for as long as I can!!! I just didn't get enough summer this year!


  17. hi marty how are you??
    i hope its getting a little cool in Arizona, over here its a bit cold already at night, can't wait for fall(opps i cant belive i just said that!)lol...
    thanks for stopping by my boring blog, i really cant think of anything to blog about these days.i'm loving the idea of another cloche party, you know i have just one but i should come up with something we'll see?? ..
    have a great day my dear friend i know you'll always come visitto say hi even if my blog is boring.
    be back later..


  18. It looks so pretty Marty. Just the little fall changes bring a nice touch of autumn. You are like me, we don't have the same fall in our hot climates, but it is still nice to decorate for it anyway. I am sad that I am going to be in the air on my way home, the day of your party because I have so many jars and cloches that I could do. Still, I look forward to seeing all the wonderful and inspiring work of the participants.


  19. I need to get my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with!

  20. Thank you for the reminder! I certainly need it! I'd better get busy!

  21. How cute, guess I need to find a cloche. I see how everybody else comes up with such cute idea's for them.

  22. My cloche is packed away in the warehouse! I'll figure out something, though.


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