Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wonderful Surprises - Packages

I was so thrilled when my DH came in with the mail today and I had 3 packages. Three!!! What fun, I love getting packages don't you. I was so lucky to win another one of the Christmas In July giveaways. This one was from Printersdevil @ Playing Dishes. Now I hardly ever win anything, so to win two giveaways is just unreal. I love it. Thank you so much Printersdevil. I am absolutely thrilled.

This is the wonderful Fedex package that came, and can you believe it a gorgeous tablerunner. It is a wonderful cream color with tassels and a beautiful scroll design.

Just look at how pretty the design glitters. It very softly shines with the finest gold threads. Now you know for sure that this will be used at Christmas and I'm also thinking this will be perfect for the upcoming all white tablescape party that Cuisine Kathleen is having on the 25th. You can click on the button on my sidebar to find out all the details. Now you know you will all want to participate.

Then most of you already know that Lynette from Lynett's L.A.M. has opened an Etsy shop. She makes wonderful things and you really need to check it out. We have been friends from way back at the begging of RMS, and she is the sweetest lady in the world. I ordered this lovely "Welcome" from her. Isn't it pretty, and look how beautifully she boxed it up. Thanks Lynette, I just love it.

Then since I just had a birthday and became way older than dirt, another friend of mine from RMS and Micasa sent me this gorgeous card and the most beautiful silver necklace with my initial "M" in silver on a beautiful black background. I am so thrilled and just absolutely love it. I will wear it everywhere. This wonderful gift came from my friend Pat, now she doesn't have a blog, but she does check all of you guys out and she leaves comments, so when you see her name, then you'll know who the sweet person is.

It is amazing as others have said that you can meet people over the internet and feel so close to them and care so much about them. I have so enjoyed all of blogland and really enjoy all the wonderful friendships we share here. Thank you again to all my wonderful "internet" friends. I really cherish your friendship.

Hugs, Marty


  1. Marty,
    Happy birthday, late. =0))

    Barbara jean

    PS Somehow i had never signed up to follow your blog. I have remedied that. =0))

  2. How exciting receiving so many packages, Marty! And everything in them are so lovely. Congrats on winning the table runner! Belated Happy Birthday!....Christine

  3. Happy birthday! You got some beautiful gifts....yeah for you!

  4. It is always so exciting to get packages in the mail, unfortunately around here they are usually for my sons work, or for our neighbors who live on an undeliverable private drive! Oh well, it is still fun! Thanks for sharing! Sue

  5. Hi Marty! Three in one day!? Man, that's fabulous. I love all of your gifts! You're going to be playing!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Isn't it great getting packages in the mail! Wonderful gifts, Marty!

  7. oh how exciting Marty!!
    they are all fabulous gifts and you deserve them all...take care my beautiful friend and enjoy all your gifts..xx

  8. Hi, Marty,
    Happy Belated Birthday!! You received some wonderful things in the mail. The table runner will be gorgeous for Christmas or really any time of the year. Isn't that the sweetest card that your friend made for you? I just love it. Have a happy week. Vicki

  9. Oh, happy birthday! I just had one too, so we're both older than dirt! Love your great gifts...everything is so sweet...makes it almost worth being a year older...almost. LOL! Have a great day!


  10. Marty, What wonderful surprises and you are so right about all the great, kind,caring and giving bloggers out there.

    Happy Belated Birthday!


  11. What a fun surprise to get three packages at once. The tablerunner is just beautiful, can't wait to see what you do with it. Where are you going to use the welcome sign? And wasn't that the sweetest thing for Pat to do? I love the card, it's so Pat! By the way, Gloria offered to send Len to do a rain dance, I'll send him your way too lol. Hugs, Kat

  12. Happy Birthday Marty! I bet we are going to see that table runner in an upcoming tablescape! ;)

    What great treasures!

  13. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your wins! It's so much fun to get mail. I won my first blog giveaway recently and I can't wait to get my package. I hope you are having a fantastic week Marty!

  14. Somehow I can't see you as older than dirt. LOL.
    Happy Late Birthday. How did I miss your special day? Must've been somewhere in between internet hookups.
    I love getting packages too! Very fun!
    HAGD! Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds

  15. Good for you! I too love to see those packages in the mail! You are such a blogger treasure with all your sweetness all across blogland.

  16. Happy belated birthday...hope you had a great one. You have some cute things in those packages...what a haul!!

  17. Congratulations on these nice wins.

  18. How fantastic Marty!

    I adore all of your new pretties. You are a wonderful lady and deserve them all.

    ~Blessings my friend, ~Melissa :)

  19. Hi Marty! What great presents you got! Don't you love getting things in the mail. It just makes your day so to speak! Woo hoo!
    Have a lovely day.

  20. So happy you won Printer's Devil give away! And the necklace is lovely too!
    It amazes me how generous bloggers are.
    And you deserve the lovely things you got.
    Thanks so much for the mention of my WHITE event. You are a sweetheart!

  21. Marty, I am so glad that you received the tablerunner. I left the little cards at home when I went to the postal center with my 10 packages! I was so intent on not forgetting anything and I forgot the cards of all things! I'm sorry it took so long. Life got in my way with some major alterations to my family. (explanation on my blogs) If you don't mind, I made do a post with links back to these photos. I meant to take photos of everything to post before I mailed things. I have photos of many of the things, but not the tablerunner or the matching tablecloth that Shutterbugs won. I would really like to show off the things and comments from winners. I agree on how awesome a blogging family we have here. With the volume of bloggers it is amazing of all the wonderful giveaways. I have won numerous ones myself and have received everything except two items. I just love blogging! Happy belated birthday, my friend!

  22. Marty~
    First: isn't if FUN to get stuff in the mail? So exciting!
    I love the table. The calming sandy colors are just perfect as summer burns for a few more glorious weeks!
    Hugs and Happy Friday
    All Things Heart and Home


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