Sunday, September 13, 2009

Met. Monday - Fall and a Giveaway

Thanks to Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for hosting this wonderful event. Be sure to visit her to find out what she's been up to and see a list of all the participants. You will surely see some wonderful creativity.

It is still in the 100's here in the desert and I am still thinking fall, trying my best to wish some cooler weather our way. I really needed to do something to the front door to spruce things up a little. I'm not showing you some pots that had dead plants in them, and no sense in planting anything new yet, so out came the $3.99 wreath form from Michael's and some Dollar Tree flowers and leaves. Surely I can make something out of this since I already have it all.

Ta-Da!!! This may not be the greatest but it is better than nothing and everything is just stuck through the twigs so I can change it out later.

Here it is on the door. Now don't laugh at my basket of faux flowers on the porch. I will replace these with something real if the weather ever cools off. It is better than nothing for now and believe me it looks better than what is in the nursery right now.

Next project is to paint the two rockers on the porch, but you can't paint in this heat either. We have a lot of restrictions on what we can do in our subdivision, we can't use white, but I did find out I can use the cream color on part of the trim. So, the question is whether to paint the rockers cream or brown like the shutters. What do you think. Once this is done and a nice table is added, some hanging baskets with pretty flowers and things will look much more inviting. Give me your ideas. (I guess I should explain the no white. If you've ever been to Arizona you will notice that probably 90% of all the homes are painted white with red tile roofs. Our development is all done in tans and light browns with brown tile roofs. This rule is so one house doesn't all of a sudden stick out like sore thumb being painted white. It really does keep the community looking cohesive.)

Thanks so much for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits.
Be sure to see my Giveaway Post. I am celebrating my 100th post and also doing a Pay It Forward giveaway. You can find it here.I have 4 gifts to giveaway, so you have a lot of chances of winning something. I hope you will all enter, I would love to give you a gift.
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  1. I love the wreath you did a wonderful job!

  2. It looks so pretty Marty, you did a great job. I really like the look of the green ivy and the palm against the fall colors. Boy I needed some inspiration because it's pushing 90 here today, and it's hard to convert my thinking when I have just come back from the wonderful fall feeling in Canada. I did buy a faux pumpkin that looks pretty real, and we are popping out now for dinner, so I think I will take a peek in a nearby Cracker Barrel for more ideas. My little two cents says paint the lovely rockers cream just to make them stand out. It's a lovely porch.


  3. You cant use white!!???!!! GASP!!
    How come? What's the logic behind THAT? I mean, it's not FUSCHIA, it's white!! So weird! Never heard of such a thing!
    I would paint them cream!

    Love the wreath!

  4. I guess I am going against the grain, but I love that dark brown color of the I am for painting them that color. My front porch rockers are black (also the color of the shutters) and I LOVE them!

    The wreath is fantastic and looks like fall...even if it is still 100 degrees!


    Robin :o)

  5. Very Cute Marty. Don't you feel so clever when you can make something out of bits & pieces?

    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  6. The wreath looks lovely!

    I can't imagine having to live where there are restrictions on what you can and can't do with your own property. It must be quite frustrating at times.

  7. I like the wreath! It looks good on your door next to the fake flowers ;)

  8. Your wreath looks very make it look so effortless....I never was any good at floral arrangements so I'm in awe at what you've created. As far as the rockers vote is for chocolate brown. I think they would be lovely in brown on your front porch.

  9. Marty,
    Beautiful wreath. I loved the sunflowers on it. Your porch looks great, and I think the rockers would look wonderful in the off white color. Just let me know and I'll come rock with you a little.

  10. OK Marty, I'm trying this, this fall. I've never made one before. I love all the different things you used in your's. Great inspiration! Thanks.

  11. Brown!!!

    Your wreath is wonderful and yes, I too am WAITING and WAITING for it to cool off so I can plant!!

  12. Great job on the wreath. It is a beautiful accessory to your front door, and so welcoming.

  13. Marty, the wreath is lovely! About the rockers....we had white rockers for 30 years and recently painted them black to match the black shutters - love it! It's more dramatic, plus the Georgia mildew doesn't show! Sooooo, I'm thinking a deep chocolate brown for you. I'm sure whatever you decide will be fabulous! Linda

  14. Marty, the wreath is wonderful... I think you can paint the rockers brown or cream....

  15. Hi Marty,
    Your wreath looks so very professional!! I love it and the faux flowers look good too! I give you so much credit just to be able to get in a fall mood with all that heat! I like the creme idea for your rockers, but I know whatever you pick it will be awesome! Hugs, Cindy

  16. I love what you did. I made one of these last year and it was missing something, but it had been so long since I had actually experienced a real Autumn scene I couldn't figure out what it was. Now I know it was that I forgot to put any green in it! Thanks, I am sure my front door will be looking better this year!

  17. I love your front porch, something my house doesn't have. I would paint them cream (actually I would paint them white but that would be for my house). I'm inspired, but don't have any time to get fall stuff out yet.


  18. Hi Marty! Your wreath looks great, I gave up on trying to do my own because I can never get a good look, but you have the touch. As for the chair dilemma, cream would really stand out but that is why I'd go with brown. Have a great week!

  19. your wreath! It's beautiful! Can't believe you did all that without a hot glue gun...I'd never get it to stay in. Love the colors and it's perfect for fall. Ok, without looking at what everyone else suggested...I vote for the color of the shutters for the rockers. I'm surprised I'm saying that because I love white rockers but somehow it seems like the cream would be too light and maybe feel a bit I vote the darker color. Can't wait to see what you choose. :-) I know it will be great either way because you have excellent taste!

  20. Marty, the wreath is beautiful. I really need to get you out here to help with my craft impairment lol. I vote chocolate brown for the rockers. I would love to sit and rock and tell stories with you on that front porch. Hugs, Kat

  21. Hi Marty! Oh, honey you did good! The wreath turned out beautifully! You know I think your fauxs on the porch look real! I do understand about the heat! All my tiny flowers died this year.
    Now your porch is pretty and I think I'd like your rockers painted the color of your door.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  22. Hi Marty! What a wonderful job you've done on your wreath! I like the ivy added on too. I would paint your rockers cream...The brown would be too "perfect" IMO Have a great week, and I'll check out your giveaway.

  23. Oh Marty - it's so pretty and perfect for fall! You should also link to the DIY Show Off Fall Festival! ;)


  24. It looks lovely, Marty. My door needs one. You want to make a trip to TX? :-)
    Have a great week. ~ Sarah

  25. this wreath turned out beautiful and so thrifty!

    i host a Goodwill party every Wednesday. stop by and join in!!

  26. Hi Marty! I love your wreath! It looks very pretty! Love your porch!

  27. Very fallish, Marty! Good job on your wreath.

  28. Your wreath looks great, I've got to get mine out and give it a re-do!

    I think the chairs would look nice painted cream.

  29. Hi Marty,
    I love your wreath and the faux flowers...I think the sunflowers make your entrance look very inviting.
    Now as to the rockers...I like cream as it will contrast with shutters in the background.
    I do enjoy visiting you.

  30. The wreath, and you front porch, is very pretty!


  31. hey don't sweat the basket of flowers...when everything is fried...go faux! right?
    Marty your comment about true friends to me is so sweet it brought a tear in my eyes! I love how kind you always are. I am a true friend to you too.
    okay...mushy crap overwith...go brown for the rocking chairs. EVERYONE does could do both? make the inside slats cream and the outer trims brown...or...yea..I can't decide!
    congrats on the giveaway celebration...I am on my way over to check it all out!

  32. Your wreath is beautiful, Marty! And even your fake plants make your entry very inviting. I would paint the rocker brown so that there will be contrast against the wall but I am sure whatever yo do will be gorgeous.Christine

  33. It's amazing what you can build with a few key ingredients! The wreath turned out really cute.

    My first thought was brown for the rockers because the contrast would be nice...BUT, the dark color will show up dust worse.

    If you paint it cream, you could wake it up with fun colored pillows, or keep it all soft with cream and brown (or red, or blue) ticking. Hobby Lobby has some really nice ticking in several colors.

  34. Oh Marty what a beautiful wreath. It turned out great, you did a wonderful job. I love looking at finished wreaths. I love making Christmas wreaths with the pine cones, holiday wreaths and seasonal wreaths are so much fun to make, and it really creates such a lovely decor in or out of your home.

    Have a blessed day,

  35. Marty,
    Your porch looks lovely.
    Glad you can paint cream.
    Guess restrictions are good in that people probably can't paint chartreuse and purple houses, or anything too bazaar. =0)

    Fun that you might have another cloche party.

    Maybe for Christmas Holidays?


    barbara jean

    PS Sure nejoy all your viists to my palce.

  36. Hey Talented Lady, What a great job and a pot to match..They are both beautiful, Marty.
    Congrats on your 100 post....I will find out where to sign up for giveaways.

    Happy Monday...I am taking a short break...sick friend, trip this weekend and vacation the following Thursday...Lots going on around here.


  37. your wreath is pretty marty! I'm dying to get my fall and halloween stuff out. but I'm going away this coming weekend.. so I'm waiting til the following one!
    happy monday!

  38. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Oooh...I love your new autumn wreath!!! You did good, Girlfriend! I was just giggling...they do say that great minds think alike...right? This is what I posted for Met Monday as well...making an autumn wreath! And...using the same $3.99 grapevine wreath from Michaels! I think yours turned out beautifully...I love how you used the wispy sprigs coming out from the sunflowers...that really is that!!! You have a beautiful porch and I love your rocking chairs! I think I would paint them the cream color...just so they would stand out against the house! But I guess it depends on whether or not that you want them real noticeable or not. Painting them the darker brown will cause them to blend in a bit more! Can't wait to see what you decide! Girl, quite honestly...I think you're doing a fabulous job...mustering up autumn creativity...especially when your temps are still so hot! Maybe you need to come to my place for a visit..we were only in the low 70's over the fact, Saturday it was down right chilly! Hehe!

    Have a fabulous week, my friend!
    Love ya,

  39. Marty,
    Your wreath looks great! I am certainly not laughing at the faux flowers. I think they look just fine. I have faux flowers on my porch, too!

  40. Looks lovely,don't you just love fall?? hope your day is a good one,Chrissy

  41. Marty, You did a great job on your wreath, love the sunflowers and the addition of the wheat, it is a wonderful fall touch. I would paint the rockers the dark brown , they would pop off of the house color beautifully and ground that area, it would look rich and sophisticated, Have a great Monday! Hugs Kathysue

  42. Marty: I love the wreath!! It looks so great on the door!!

    As for the rockers? I'm thinking the shutter color, but either one would be pretty!

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda

  43. you did a great job on your wreath, I love it. Your porch and everything look so FAB. Happy Fall, even if its still warm! ;)

  44. I'd definitely paint the rocker's brown!!

  45. I would use a darker stain for sure. Love the wreath. I hope you will post this to my Celebrate the Holidays party on We. Come see all the Knock Off Knock Outs today.
    Its So Very Cheri

  46. Love the wreath Marty! I made one years ago & didn't glue anything in either - but I've always liked it so much that I haven't changed it out!

    My 2 cents - I'd paint the rockers cream or white. They'll be sooo pretty! ♥ Diane

  47. Marty, your wreath looks so pretty. I think you do a great job with it. I cannot imagine neighborhood rules against the use of white! I've never heard of such a thing! laurie

  48. Great job on the wreath. It looks fabulous. I could never live in a homeowners association. Too many restrictions for me. I'd paint the rockers cream.

  49. For some reason dark brown just jumps out at me for those rockers!

  50. I think I'd paint them the brown shutter color. I love your door decor.

  51. Wow, no white. That is harsh is kind of harsh. Well I love the wreath you made and you have a great front porch.

  52. Love the wreath--love the way the straw stuff sticks out and the bright yellow of the flowers. I think the fake-o flowers in pots look fine. I am not putting fall wreaths out on my doors until summer ends...maybe even later! HA! too warm here also.

    I can't believe they don't allow white--what a weird thing as a rule! Guess no shabby sheek--well I guess cream would pass for the shabyy sheek (hmm , how DO you spell that?)---I have no idea which color would look better! But you will have to show us when you get done.

    The rule made me think of vermont. They just passed a law allowing all people to have a clothes line if they want to....I think it is pathetic that the state had to pass a law for this...but with the way so many laws are passed in communities the state decided it was time to go over their this case, I can say I LIKE IT.....good ole clotheslines--I have one and I love it!! except of course for the mosquitoes!!

  53. Thank you for posting-this will fit in with my Wed party as well.


  54. I really like reading your blog. I just read about your paint restrictions and looked at your porch photo. I wonder if you painted the rockers cream, if they wouldn't get lost because of the window trim. Maybe brown would be the best choice as an accent color, as a complement to your front door. Then you could add some light colored cushions or even use a nice stripe fabric. Just a thought. . .

  55. I vote brown for the rockers! At first I thought "cream" but then I did more mental picturing ... and brown won out.
    I just think they'd look nicely "anchored" in a coat of brown.

    The wreath is great -- aren't grapevine wreaths fun, because you CAN just poke stuff into them and not have to get out the dangerous glue gun? :-) Love your asymmetrical wreath design -- nicely done!

    And I think I need to check out Dollar Trees foliage soon for when I finally buckle under and start Fall decorating.


  56. I just made a wreath for my front door as well. I think fall really gives me the decorating bug!

    Yours looks great, I wish my front porch was big enough to have a couple of rockers. They make it so homey!

  57. Hi Marty...your wreath is beautiful! It looks beautiful on your front door, and the colors are very complementary to the colors of your home. As for the rockers, I almost always prefer white or cream for outdoor furniture, but I almost think the shutter color would look more cohesive, and perhaps you could put some cream or cream and brown print cushions on the seats. Whatever you decide, I know it will be just as beautiful as the rest of your lovely home.


  58. Marty, your wreath turned out beautifully. I'm going to have to get one together..thanks for the inspriration..hugs ~lynne~

  59. I too am dealing with wanting to decorate for Autumn when it is like the dead of summer outside. Your wreath is lovely.

    The Raggedy Girl

  60. Hi Marty, your front porch is lovely. The wreath is just tooo adorable. I would love to take a glass of iced tea and a magazine out there!!

    Hugs, Barb :-)

  61. Your wreath is fantastic! I need to get crackin!

    I would paint the chairs cream. It is close to white and I think it would look great on the fairly traditional rockers.

  62. Marty, I so love your wreath and your porch! I have only put out a few touches of fall but hope to add more in the coming weeks. Thank you for sharing! BTW, I love your home and your kitchen also.
    Hugs, Noreen

  63. What a pretty autumn wreath! Looks like you might have been a florist in another life. :-)

    My sister lives in Gilbert so I know all about your heat right now. Ugh!

    I think the rockers would look pretty painted to match your door but you do what makes YOU happy.

  64. Beautiful! You did a awesome job and it looks perfect on your door

  65. Marty this wreath is beautiful and very Fall! I really love your home color and style too. Show us more of the outside if you can sometime.

    Thanks for your kind encouragment. It's been a scary week for me for sure.

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa ;)

  66. Marty, everything looks fabulous! You did a fantastic job on the wreath.

    Wow, I can't believe your neighborhood covenant prohibits the use of white paint! I wonder why.


  67. Love the wreath girl, I want one. Maybe ya'll could send on over the the Ponderosa. I did just have a birthday, ya know. Hint! Hint!

    Seriously a job well done in your fall transition. Have a great day full of many blessings!!!


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