Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thread Spool Tassel Tutorial

Several of you asked for a complete tutorial for making tassels with thread spools. This is just the easiest thing. In my last post I made a couple using fringe and tassels along with ribbons, you can check them out below, but I thought I would make this one with just ribbon.

This one I am making for a friend of mine, and I know that she likes pink and black. She even had a small black christmas tree and it was gorgeous. I've just gathered an empty thread spool and an assortment of ribbons in different widths.

I start at the bottom of the spool and work my way up to the top. I've started by using hot glue to fix several pink ribbons overlapping each other all the way around the bottom. How many always depends on the width of your ribbon and you can cut them any length you want.

Next I chose a checked ribbon and started glueing it around the sides of the spool again overlapping a little.

This row is all done.

Next I am using an even wider wired pink polka dot ribbon and just overlapping a little again all the way around the spool.

You can do as many layers as you want, but I don't like for them to be too fluffy. The last row that I'm adding is glued right up at the top of the spool and I decided to use a black and white polka dot in a med. width.

Now I am ready to finish off the top, so I glued a narrow white ribbon all the way around the top, again overlapping a little.

For the hanger I just took a really narrow ribbon and cut a piece long enough to thread through the spool and on the bottom I tied a knot large enough that it would not pull through the hole.

For the final touch I glued a couple of leaves and tiny rose buds to the top.

Ceekay this is for you. Hopefully we can get together soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate your visits.


  1. Marty I love making tassels and have a basket in the studio that I throw items in that would make good tassel toppers. I would say the only downside to them is the dang hot glue gun. You can't get away without a few good burns..but beauty is painful sometimes. Thanks for sharing the spool idea- that is one I have never used.

  2. Marty,
    Your tassel is beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial. Being a sewer and quilter I have now found new uses for my empty spools!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I don't have any tassels so I really want to try this. Do you get the spools at the craft store? Thank you for the tutorial. You used a nice color combination on yours. Joan @ Americana By Candlelight

  4. Now aren't ;you clever! I think I could even try this and be halfway successful!
    Also, I love your blue and white treasures. I can't believe you find so much at the thrift stores and Goodwill. I must be living in the wrong place! Happy treasure hunting!
    Thanks for stopping by Applejack Lane.

  5. Oh Marty Sweetie...
    Your tassel is just beautiful and it couldn't be going to a sweeter gal than our CeeKay. She will be so excited. I love it, and now I am going to go and purchase some ribbons and flowers and such and try making a few for me. Who knows my 200 th post is coming this week. I am going to have a giveaway and I may just make a tassel for mine.

    CeeKay's tassel is just devine. I love it. You are such a special lady sweetie. I love your "Heart". You are one of the most giving people of yourself that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

    Thank you again for sharing. Country hugs and so much love Marty. Friends Always...Sherry

  6. Lucky Ceekay! What a beautiful tassel and thanks for showing us how to do it. I'm going to try making one, you make it look so easy.


  7. Very nice!

    Thanks for linking up at Friday Follow! I'm your newest blog follower. Happy weekend!

    ~ Lynn

  8. What a great tutorial. It's so detailed. Really wonderful. Now, not being a sewer, where do I get my hands on some empty spools?

    Thank you so much.This was a great post.

    - The Tablescaper

  9. How precious & just PERFECT for Ceekay! I knew instantly it was for her as soon as you mentioned the black Christmas tree!! LOL

    I need to do some of these. Lord knows I've got oodles of ribbons & trims in the sewing room. :D

  10. Thanks for the tutorial. It's darling. Linda

  11. Love this - The colors you used are so pretty together! Thank you so much for the tutorial - I think I need to try one of these! It's beautiful.

  12. Thanks for showing us how you made this Marty! I love it!! Very cute and so much easier than I imagined. I want to give this one a try. Thanks!

  13. Mary-I think even I might be able to do this one! Yours looks great. Your pictures and instructions are great!Wish I had all the materials to do one now!

  14. Wow -- that actually looks easy. Time-consuming, but easy. I had no idea you could use old thread spools to make tassels. How neat!
    Thanks for the step by step instructions. Now I need to ask my daughter to use up some thread, and go raid my ribbon box!

    (I'm thinking these would look great on a small Christmas tree, too, wouldn't they?)


  15. Now if that's not the cutest tassel!!! You make it look so easy. Adorable, absolutely adorable.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial. I may have to dig thru my "stuff" - I mean supplies, and see what I have to make one.

  17. Thank you so much for this instructions, Marty. You made it looks so simple and I can try it now. Another project for me. Whoohoo! I love projects, I wish there were more than 24 hrs. in a day....Christine

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Thank you so much for showing how easy this can be!!!


    Robin :o)

  19. For those of us not gifted with the ability to sew, much less thread a needle, where do we go to get spools? Is there a "spool store"?

    The tassel is so pretty Marty - I need to go get my fringe and then I'll be ready to give it a go!

  20. It is wonderful Marty...I love it! Your tutorial is fantastic. I tried to make one on my own, but I think I really like the spool idea! You are so sweet to think of me....see you soon!

  21. Well, that is just the most adorable thing! I feel a project coming on. Thank you, Marty!
    xoxo Pattie

  22. Marty, Your tassel is so cute! ...and I adore the black and pink colors! Precious! :)

    My heart almost stopped when I saw your blue and white finds below! What great pieces!!! Beautiful!

    ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  23. This is very clever! What a great use of spent plastic spools and small bits of ribbon. I'll have to keep this project in mind.

  24. G'eve, Marty ~ I am sure Ceekay will be thrilled with your gorgeous creation. How sweet of you ...

    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

  25. That is such a cute idea! I think I will have to make one... I need to buy a hot glue gun first. Can you believe I don't have one??
    Suzanne :)

  26. How pretty, Marty! I've never attempted one of these. I can just imagine what my cats would do with all those ribbons laying about!

  27. That's a cute tassel for sure. I love the colors you chose for your friend.
    I've used spools to make tassels but everyone does it a little bit different. Thank you for inspiring us and sharing how you do it.

  28. This is just so darn cute!
    I absolutely love it ! !
    Thanks for the tut.

  29. Marty!
    This looks so simple and yet so cute. I think I can even do it. Thanks for sharing.


  30. Now aren't you just the best! This is just darling -- and so are you for showing us how to do it ourselves.

  31. Marty, What a lovely present you have made for Ceekay - thanks for sharing it with us.

  32. What a pretty, pretty tassle...and the perfect gift for a dear friend.
    I have never attempted to make one so I thank you so much for this tutorial!
    How sweet of you to share it!

  33. Omg Marty,
    Ceekay will just love it! Thanks for sharing this, I remember you talking about it but I just couldn't quite picture it. It's so beautiful and I love the color combo you picked. Your a clever lady! Hugs, Cindy

  34. Marty, I can't wait to make my first tassel, Surely even those of us whom are creatively challenged can do this. We will see.


  35. Wow, Marty! What a great tutorial! I understand for the first time how to make a tassel! I am definitely going to try this! Thanks! Happy Sunday...hugs...Debbie

  36. Marty,
    Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial! I'm having my friend, who's a quilter, save me all of her empty spools! I just hope mine compared to yours!!! TFS!

  37. Marty, Thanks for sharing how you make tassels, I have seen others and some look very complicated. You made it simple but so gorgeous. Your friend is a lucky girl because the black and pink tassel is just gorgeous. I am going to try to make one this week if I can get out of the house, we have about 6 inches of snow just on my front deck and the roads are just a ice skating ring.
    Thanks again for sharing, Patricia

  38. Hi Marty!! This tassel is so cute!! How inventive of you to use the thread spool. I'm impressed and I just may have to try this!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  39. Hi Marty, I don't know if you remember me, but we use to talk back and forth on before they did away with it. I have now joined blogland, too. Still a lot to learn, but am excited that I finally have done it. Love the tassel you made. I have quite a few, but they are all store bought. Great tutorial on how to make one. I may have to give it a try. Good talking to you....Kim

  40. Thanks m, you are always so sweet. And you do take great pictures too. Thanks for sharing, I am going to look into that as well.
    Love your little tassel, they are so cute. I am seeing them everywhere.

  41. Marty, that is so beautiful. You are so kind to share with us how you made that tassel. I've tried making some, but now I have a better idea of how to go about it. Take care, Rosie

  42. Marty -

    You are so becoming my favorite blogger! This tutorial is so inspiring! It looks easy and makes up into a really splendid touch to ones decor - or special hostess gift (which is always nice to have on hand!) Thank you so much for taking the time to share in step-by-step photos.


  44. Hi Marty! I love this tuturial! I have been wanting to make tassels but your tuturial is by far the easiest! The colors you chose are perfect! Thank you for sharing with us!

  45. Marty, that little tassel is just so sweet! And so easy! And thank you for taking the time to show us so clearly how to make them. I enjoyed the little tutorial. Now I know what I will do with so much of that ribbon I have been collecting.
    You're a gem and so much fun to know!

  46. What fun! I can't wait to try it.

  47. oh , how pretty.. using your very detailed instructions, I just might be able to make a few of these. Thank you so much...

  48. Hi Marty,
    How fun! I love tassels but never knew how to make them. I will have to give it a try and I'll let you know when I do. Thanks for the tutorial.



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  57. Senior Communities are cranking out those spool tassel charms. My great grandmother loves making those things. Thanks for showing me how to make them because now I can work with my great grandmother.


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