Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Box Full of Kindness & Exquisite Treasures

I am constantly amazed at the kindness and friendship that is so freely given from fellow bloggers. I received a box in the mail today that shows all of this kindness and friendship. My box came from Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements. Now I ask you, where in the world can you mention that you need to find a piece of faux cheese for your cheese dome and then someone tells you they have one and they will send it to you. Then they tell you they don't want the cheese to be lonely on the trip, so they're going to include a few other things. Well, when the box arrived I just about squealed so loud that you could hear me clear around the world. Look at these treasures.

Look at this beautiful crystal. It is totally exquisite. Now if you have ever visited Bills blog you know that he sets the most beautiful tables you have ever seen and on top of that he is so knowledgeable about crystal and china and has some breathtaking pieces.

I wish I could take photographs well enough to truly show the detail and how beautiful these pieces are. I am definitely going to use them in my Easter tablescape. They are stunning.

Look at this delicate porcelain bird. The colors and the detail are so pretty. I just love it.

Doesn't this plate just say Marty all over it? The colors and the folk art design are just me to a tee. I can't wait to put it in my displays. Perfect. Love it.

Now of course he didn't forget the cheese. It fits my dome just perfectly and it looks good enough to eat. I am thrilled with it. It has already replaced the faux grapes.

I just can't thank you enough Bill. I am so thrilled and you are such a treasured friend. I so appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.

If you havn't visited Bills blog, please stop by and treat yourself. You will come away totally in awe.


  1. The crystal is very exquisite!!! Simply beautiful. What a sweet friend to send you this wonderful gift! I will visit Bob's blog right now.....

  2. It sure is nice to see the thoughtfulness and generosity that abounds here in blogland. And you are right at the top of the list Marty!

  3. Oh how pretty. I think we are all blessed to be part of bloggy world. I think there are many many amazing people on here including you, my dear friend. Bill is such a wonderful blogger too. I enjoy visiting his blog and being one of his followers. :) I love everything you received from him. Beautiful!

  4. You're too kind, Marty! Kim just mentioned your post in a comment she left for me. You shouldn't have made a fuss about my little "care package," but it's very sweet of you to have done so. Such thoughtfulness is one of the reasons you're so beloved in Blogland!

    Hope the rest of your week goes well, my friend.

    Warmest regards,

  5. How sweet! And beautiful! I just love it all. God has given so many the gift of giving! Thanks for sharing with us all and I just being a follower. You have so many wonderful gifts and talents. Be blessed. Cindy

  6. What a wonderful gift, Marty! The glasses and the bird are so delicate looking!

  7. My goodness what lovely gifts. The crystal is fantastic, and the little wagtail is darling.

  8. Hi Marty!!!
    Oh those gifts are just so lovely, what a treasure trove of friends you have, and oh remember it is so funny that these blogger friends are all in our heads and they are not real people!!!!haha
    Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

  9. Marty, that is such a wonderful package ans so thoughtful. I always love Bills Tablescapes and I thought he seemed like a very nice man but this is just too thoughtful, Now I know I like Bill ,he treated our sweet Marty with such a nice gift. Kathysue

  10. What a wonderful gift package from Bill! Absolutely beautiful stemware. I'm looking forward to seeing them in one of your tablescapes.

  11. The crystal is gorgeous, Marty. Bill is an utter gentlemen as well as creative tablescaper. I learn so much from him and we could all do well to have his generosity! You are a lucky and deserving gal!


  12. Oh Marty...I am so happy for you. Your treasures are beautiful. Bill's blog is wonderful and he is so kind. Enjoy!

  13. Marty, nice of Bill to send all the extra goodies! I luv those beautiful glasses...what a nice surprise:)


  14. Beautiful crystal but even more, beautiful friendship to be so kind. You are very blessed.

  15. Somehow I'm not surprised that Bill is so generous and kind. I love visiting his blog...I always learn something and I enjoy the beauty of it. He couldn't have picked a nicer person to send this to. I'm glad to consider you both friends in Blogland.

  16. I know exactl how you feel! I felt that way when I opened a box from Gloria at Happy To Be and found a gorgeous teapot tassel in my colors! It stunned me and still does. It's amazing how sweet folks are in the blogging world...(well, at least in ours!) :)
    Congratulations on having such a precious friend!

  17. Oh Marty,
    That is so cool!
    Bill is a very thoughtful person indeed! The crystal is just gorgeous and the plate and bird are charming! Your a special friend and I think people love to know you! Big Hugs, Cindy

  18. Oh wow!
    How beautiful!
    This is why I love blogging so much!
    Meeting such beautiful souls!
    Gods Blessings

  19. Bloggers have got to be the most generous and kind people ever. I have received so many wonderful gifts too.
    Your gifts from Bill are perfect for you. He knows your tastes and that in itself is so special.


  20. Marty - how beautiful! Love that crystal -- can't wait to see it set beautifully upon your Easter table! What a sweetie that Bill is! Enjoy your gifts.

  21. A box of loveliness for sure. What a wonderful experience to know someone in this world, kind enough to sent you such exquisite items..

  22. You're so blessed! Bill is so wonderful!!!

  23. Bill is a great guy!! So helpful. The crystal is stunning.

  24. I'm so happy for you. Blogland truly can be a wonderful place. The crystal is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with all of these wonderful treasures.

    - The Tablescaper

  25. Hi Marty, Bill is a great guy, he is my American dictionary!! Often words are mentioned on blogs that I have never heard of before or in the context that it has been used eg, Susan last week said about a "secretary" between her windows, I imagined a person waiting to do admin work standing there, but Bill found a different explanation for me which made it sound a lot more sensible!! He has helped me with other words, like a wet bar, a vignette. Also he was not offended when I said I thought the material was a bit OTT the other week in his tablescape, we had a laugh about that, especially as I said I was a boring English lady.!!

    Your posting are always great to see and you give a lot of friendship and encouragement to other bloggers.

    I would send you something if I thought I could find something or have something you might like, you are a great blogger friend. Jackie in UK

  26. Wow! What a great gift...I've found bloggers to be very caring and free hearted.

    Enjoyed my visit...Betty

  27. What a sweetheart!! We're still pretty new, but we are also meeting the NICEST people! Marty, Bill just knew that you'd do something fabulous with those gifts! Enjoy!
    xoxo Pattie

  28. Bill is such a dear sweet man! And I have some stems in that same pattern! The crystal belonged to my Grandmother and I inherited it! Enjoy!

    Kat :)

  29. Who wouldn't feel like a special friend with all the attention you paid to the whole setting. Sometimes it is the little moments that make life special! Very lovely.

  30. What lovely crystal. The cheese is cute, too! :)

  31. What an amazing gift package! I love to see examples of kindness - it really is what matters. Those glasses are wonderful. I will head over to Bill's site right away.


  32. Oh Marty, how wonderful! He truly is really a very nice gentleman.

    I just picked up an aluminum tray at a garage sale because it made me think of one of his beautiful tablescapes.

    I also got two cloches today! One is a wire one on a pedestal. I guess I better get that post ready for your April 2nd. cloche party.

    Talk to you soon ;)

  33. I always love Bill's tablescapes and his knowledge of china and crystal. What a generous gift...shows his heart is as big as his china collection.

    This community of bloggers, and their generousity always amaze me.

  34. Marty, how wonderful! Bill truly is such a gentleman. And his taste is exquisite. He really did send just the perfect things for you. And you, my dear, deserve every bit of this kindness because you are one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Hugs, Kat

  35. Well, I think Bill must be wonderful! Great taste too!