Monday, March 1, 2010

Table Top Tuesday - Spring in the Dining Room

I am so glad you are joining us today for Table Top Tuesday. I was so thrilled last week to see that you showed us wonderful bathrooms, kitchens, hutches and shelves. So many beautiful vignettes and such great inspiration. Thank you all.

Last week I showed you this huge mess that I had on my Dining Room table. Too many projects in the works and it really became a mess.

Well, projects are finished and I cleaned up the mess. As you can see in the above picture, I usually have a floral arrangement on this table. I thought I would try something different. I have changed out the colors in my LR/DR to blue and white for spring. You can see pics of this post here.

I have been inspired by all of you to add a little blue and white to my home and started collecting a few things. I just gathered everything from all over the house and made a vignette on the dining table. I don't have a lot but by grouping them all together they do make an inpact.

For me this is a different look and I really like it for a change.

The candlestick and owl came from GW, the rooster was 50% off at Home Goods and the ginger jar I got for $l4.99 from Pier One. I found the little bird at Ross.

I've used a blue cup and saucer for the small rosebud bouquet, the artichoke was on the clearance aisle at Home Goods for $10, and the vase came from TJMaxx for $9.99.

The little bunny came from Ross, the sweet little doves were a gift from a dear friend, and the pineapple also came from Home Goods. The plate is actually the bottom of a chip and dip set I found at Gw, but I thought the shape was pretty for a backdrop. The cute little rooster pitcher was another GW find.

The buffet got a couple of changes too.

I added my wonderful pin cushion that my friend Pat gave me to this corner, then I elevated one of the cloches on a small white pedestal stand that I made by glueing a candlestick and a plate together.

White magnolia blooms went back into the cloche and I placed a gorgeous spoon next to it that Sherry gave me.

I added a large blue and yellow plate to highlight the glass candlesticks and changed the candles to white and yellow.

You don't have to spend a fortune to collect a few different things to add to your home and create a look that is totally different than you've had before. Besides, it is so much fun too. lol

Today I am also joining another fun new meme called Nifty Thrifty hosted by Linda @ Coastal Charm. Be sure to visit her and see all the treasures everyone has found.

Thank you all for stopping by, I really appreciate your visits.

Be sure to link up with Mr. Linky below so everyone can see your wonderful Table Tops too. I can't wait to see all of your lovely vignettes.

So sorry. I got Mr. linky straightened out. Thanks for linking up.


  1. Marty I love the freshness of the blue and white, it looks so crisp and very Springy with the little touch of yellow, Love it, Hugs Kathysue

  2. Marty I just hooked up but is seem to be last weeks linky thingy girl...don't know why...I'll have to try it again when you get it figures out....Gl♥ria

  3. Ack! I forgot tomorrow was Tuesday! I will have to try and get some pictures before I leave for work in the morning and link-up when I get home. I think you have a nice selection of blue and white, Marty! It does make a statement set up as a centerpiece.

  4. Lovely for Spring! Very fresh and pretty
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Marty,
    Your addition of the blues really makes your room take on a new look.
    I just love that little bunny, the bird and the pineapple. Of course, I love it all.

    So pretty.


  6. Oh, Marty, I just love your blue pieces. You've got them all grouped together like a real professional. Let's see, I think I like the ginger jar best. No, maybe the bunny. No, the candlestick. I can't pick just one. The spoon from Ceekay is so sweet. Love it.

  7. Marty, love the blue pulled together for your dining room table. That Home Goods rooster is too cute! Oh, how I long for a Home Goods here where I live.
    Thanks for sharing these new updates for your spring look. I want to play along with them meme myself, but I simply need more time in my days. I hope later in the spring to join in. Thanks for hosting. I love to visit all the tabletop creativity.

  8. I love your new blue and white look. That is one color combination that one never grows tired of seeing.
    Thanks so much for hosting this fun day. I didn't realize you had taken it over...but I am glad you did. It is such fun to make something pretty, take good photos and then show them!! I love it!!
    xo bj

  9. Beautiful, as always Marty.
    Love the blue and white, such a clean look.

  10. I love all the blue and white on your table in place of a flower arrangement. Thank you for sharing I am always getting wonderful ideas from you. Still watching for some cloches too ;)

    Sami G

  11. I just love all your blue and white pieces. Very Pretty!! Martina

  12. Oh! You know I'm a sucker for Blue and White. I love your little tea-spoon that CeeKay made. Way to cute!!


  13. I love your blue and white grouping. Marty. Everything is so fresh and crisp...Christine

  14. I love the blue and white grouped together for a table centerpiece. And the buffet looks nice with it's new things too.

  15. Hi Marty! I just gasped when I saw all of your wonderful blue and white...gorgeous! I love the vignette on your end table, too! Fabulous, Marty! I don't know how you keep coming up with so many beautiful ideas! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  16. You know I love blue and white -- everything looks fabulous! So fresh!

  17. Hi Marty!
    I am not a blue person but like you said you too are becoming one through the all the blogs... I have been so encouraged that I just put a light blue patio set on layaway... of course I will be accented it with red ... but it is a start for me!
    I am loving the white accents too... I am so wanting it to be spring here!

    Thanks again for hosting this week!
    I love seeing everyones displays!


  18. Gorgeous centerpiece, Marty! I love the blue and white.

  19. You have acquired a wonderful collection of blue and white! It looks great clustered together in this vignette! Of course, I love the yellow roses with it as well!


  20. Marty you have such lovely displays! I am loving the blue and white pottery myself is so fresh and pretty!!~

  21. Love the blue and white collection. It looks great, soooo springy. You have a good eye when you are out collecting. And that little tea spoon is precious!
    Have a great Tuesday!
    Hugs, Pat

  22. Hi Marty
    You know I LOVE the vignette in the center of your and white is my favorite. It is just lovely.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  23. Marty...ADORE your gorgeous tabletop! Blue and white...and such beautiful pieces! This makes me want to do a blue and white arrangement somewhere! Love the changes on your buffet, too! The magnolia blossoms are so pretty under the cloche...stunning!

  24. Hi Marty. Oh what a pretty display. I love the way you show everything. I think every single piece is stunning. :) I couldn't pick just one. lol Thank you for hosting this fun party. Have a wonderful evening.

  25. Evening, Marty! Oh, your dining tabletop is so pretty. I love your pretty blue and whites! I'm seeing quite a few things I'd love to have! Thank you again so much for hosting Tabletop Tuesday!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. I love the new tablescape. Pretty blue and white.

  27. I love your blue and white collections. You have a knack for arranging things so nicely!

  28. Marty I love all your blue and white vignettes. I do not know if you have a Cracker Barrel in your area but ours has a collection of blue and white pieces. I am waiting for them to go on sale. Thanks for hosting Tuesday Tabletop, Joan

  29. Hi Marty! Your table is so spring like and pretty... I can't stop looking a that white pineapple too! Its gorgeous!

  30. I adore blue and white your changes!


  31. You always make everything in your home so beautiful. All of your blue and white finds look great when they're grouped all together. I especially love that sweet little bunny, but then again, I have a special part of my heart for bunnies!

    I didn't have anything new to share today for Tabletop Tuesday, but I still wanted to participate, so I gathered up several tea-related vignettes from my albums. I hope that will count for a Table Top Worthy post! :)

  32. Marty, your tabletop is just charming. I love the change. You are so inspiring! I am going to see what I can do with mine...quickly. The clock is ticking! :)
    See you in a few! I can always count on getting a wonderful idea from you!

  33. Marty - I have yet to get a tablescape up but when I do I will be here for the party. I always stop by to see your beautiful images and vignettes. They truly inspire me to one day do the same. Thanks for always stopping by and leaving me comments I truly appreciate it so much.

  34. I love the blue and white Marty. Great idea using the dining table like that.

    I have joined the party today too. I am very excited! Thanks for hosting and for having me today.

    Best wishes,

  35. This is a different look for your room, but I really like it. It is so fresh and crisp for spring and summer.


  36. Thanks for hosting the blue and white display...beautiful! Sandra

  37. Marty, your blues and whites are very fresh and pretty! Looking forward to linking up in the near future. :)

  38. Marty, I love your blue and white with just a touch of yellow,your table is so pretty. I've joined the party this week. Thanks for hosting, it is so much fun.

  39. Marty, So glad you took over hostng this day. Your blue and white vignette is gorgeous.

    Have a great day.

  40. Oh me! Oh my! Since I'm trying to get a blue & white collection going for my breakfast room at the "house in Hooterville," I am coveting all the b&w pieces you have found, Marty. Simply gorgeous!

  41. Hello Marty,
    You were my FIRST guest tonight at my PARTY... I luv EARLY BIDRS...thanks soooo much for coming by and joining in! Your centerpiece ofblue and white is soooo favorites are the pineapple and artichoke! I will be joining your party a little later...thanks for hosting it.


  42. The blue and white is so pretty. I love how you have changed it up! It is amazing how you can change things by grouping objects in the same color pallet.

  43. Hello Dearheart...

    Ohhh Marty, I just love this new look! All that beautiful blue and white is simply stunning! I love it! I'm with you...I just haven't had much in the way of blue and white but have begun to pick up a few pieces here and there! They really make a grand statement when placed did good, my friend!!! I also really like your pretty white lace scarf that the vignette is's gorgeous! You always have the prettiest table linens, my friend! And...your buffet is just as beautiful! I love how you've added a bit of that sunny yellow into the mix! I think that all of your crystal candleholders look so pretty together...again, all put together...they make such a grand statement! Sooo very beautiful, Marty!!! Thank you so much for sharing your new blue and white pretties with us today and thank you so much for hosting Tabletop Tuesday!!! I really enjoy everyone's beautiful vignettes...I'm getting sooo many great ideas!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  44. Hi Marty!

    Oh all the blue and white with ittle hints of yellow are just beautiful! Everything has this wonderful fresh and clean look. I think that is the feeling of Spring comming!

    Have a wonderful Day!

  45. Marty, you know I love all of this blue and white. You have combined everything beautifully, as always, and you have so many unique and pretty pieces. I am coveting the pretty blue and yellow plate on your buffet. Thank you for hosting Tabletop Tuesday. laurie

  46. a true classic color combination...
    and you have added some personalized panache!
    that is when the houses...become homes, don't you think ?

  47. I love all the blue and white on your table...the rooster, the bunny, the vase, the owl! It's beautiful. I also love all your cloches and was kind of sad looking at them as I broke the only one I had yesterday:( Now, I'm in the market for a new cloche! This is my first Tabletop Tuesday and I promise to better next time with my vignette:) Thanks for hosting.

  48. Mary @Boogieboard CottageMarch 1, 2010 at 11:38 PM

    Hi Marty! I'm really loving your blue and Wjite! And great finds at GW too! Mary :O)

  49. Ohhhh so pretty Marty!!! Love the classic look of the beautiful blues and matter what's in style..that combo is always in the line up! Just soooo pretty to the eye and I saw some of those white bells the other day at the dollar store...I should have got me some! I need to get some more cloches..they just go so great in any room...beautiful post girl and thanks so much for such a fun event...have a great week sweetie!

  50. Hi Marty

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Your blue and white is wonderful, makes me wish I had more storage and display places in the bungalow. Thank you for hosting Table top Tuesday and I am looking forward to looking into other peoples houses and see what they have in their vignettes!! Jackie in UK.

  51. You're a girl after my own heart...I LOVE all your blue and white!

    I always say that pink is my favorite color but I sure do have alot of blue in my home!

  52. Hi Marty,
    I'm joining you for the first time today, thank you so much for continuing with this fun meme.
    Your blue & white pieces are gorgeous but the sideboard with the collection of cloches won my heart. The little spoon is just darling.

  53. Hi Marty!

    I love your mess on the dining room table! Reminds me of the estate sales I go to and my heart starts to palpitate!! Tee hee!! You have some really lovely blue and white pieces. I have only just begun to pick up blue and white things. Never really thought it went with my decor, but I am finding that I like the contrast as a nice change here and there as you will see in my contribution to Tabletop Tuesday! Thanks for picking up the ball on this fun party! Hugs!! Oh.. P.S. loved all the photos at your recent blogger luncheon!

  54. Your blue and white pieces are great selections. You've made really lovely tabletop displays!

  55. I really like your blue and white pieces! Everything looks so nicely placed together, and that pin cushion really caught my fancy.
    Mary Lou

  56. Marty, you did a wonderful job with the blue and white theme. What a great collection of treasures! You could write a book! Linda

  57. Your blue and white vignette is beautiful! And what great deals you found!

    Kat :)

  58. Marty, what a gorgeous display. You can come up with the best groupings. Love the blue and white. Well done.

  59. Love the blue and white Marty - sorry I couldn't join in today - had mucho going on!!

    Happy Day Friend!!

    If you get a chance, stop and enter my giveaway!

  60. I just love blue and white china. I collect it also. Your table top looks gorgeous. This is my first time joining Table Top Tuesday, and I can't wait to visit everyone.

    I love that blue and white and yellow piece on your server.

    Thanks for hosting such a fun event.

  61. This is just gorgeous!! I LOVE blue and white myself and use it everywhere with everything. It is so versatile and classic. You have done another fabulous job! Love the grouping:-)

  62. Yippee! I got to join your party this time, Marty!

    Your blue & white items looks LOVELY in the center of the dining room table. I don't have much in that color either but recently purchased a tea set in Blue Willow. You'll see it in a few weeks.

    Thanks for hostessing this fun meme & I'm happy to get my act together in time to join in this time. :D


  63. These blue/white dishes look amazing with yellow. I love the white artichoke and pineapple,both are screaming hospitality!

  64. I see my BEE-U-TEA-FUL pincushion you made me in the mess on your dining room table. Just love it Marty! I have it here in my studio and will think of you every time I look at it! Perfect!
    Your dining room table does look ready for spring! I cannot do it yet . . . I just love winter too much. I will hate to let it go. ;(
    Thanks again for everything this past weekend. I had a ball!
    Off to work . . . No rest for the weary!
    Hugs! Karen

  65. Oooh! I just love how you grouped the goodies all together! It makes it so interesting! Great idea!
    Hope you have a lovely day!
    Thanks for hosting this fun party!!

  66. Marty -- I am a total sucker for blue and white, so your dining table is my idea of heaven. Of course, I also LOVED it in the "before" shot because it just made me laugh; I've been there too many times myself!

  67. Great collection. Blue and White are always so crisp together and your setting is divine.

  68. Love the new look of your table top and buffet! I am completely addicted to blue and white and have been since I was 18 and discovered my first piece of blue Willow!

    ~ Tracy

  69. Hi Marty,

    I found your site through Sherry of (country wings in phoenix) and I would like to see if you want to participate in a boutique in April in Mesa? Myself ( and Sandy of ( hosting it and we could use some more crafters. You can see more information by clicking the button on Sherry's site, my site or Sandy's site. I hope to hear from you.


  70. Marty, you KNOW I am crazy for the blue and white table display! It is so fresh and clean looking. And I love the way you've grouped everything. I also am in awe of the cloche stand you made. You are indeed the queen of cloches and of tabletops!

  71. This is just so super-fresh and pretty! I wish I had your talent for all this hunting and gathering -- you certainly have mastered the art of beautiful composition.


    p.s. Thanks for hosting the party!

  72. Just gorgeous! I love the white pineapple and artichoke. HomeGoods?

  73. Hi Marty, I'm just stopping by to say hello since it's been awhile!! I've missed you! I just couldn't seem to get out of the doldrums! We've had two days of sunshine now and it's hopefully starting to warm up a bit but of course we have mudslides everywhere as the snow melts. You have the neatest items on that table! I have been shopping to just get out of here! I get cabin fever! Have a great rest of the week!

  74. Hi Marty,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Well the invitation still stands about being in the show, but since you only want to shop (LOL) that will be fine, too. If you know any crafters, please direct them to me so I can get them signed up. We have a huge ballroom to fill full of participants and I'd like to be able to do that. Please consider signing up to follow me, as I'll be having another giveaway in May. Check out ( for the most recent of my winners.


  75. Your pictures are always soooo lovely. Just doesn't get better than blue and white.
    Thanks for taking over Tabletops...such a fun and inspiring thing to see everyone's pictures.
    Thanks again and blessings ;-)

  76. Hi Marty,
    Love all of the changes. Everything looks so well thought our and just lovely. I am now inspired to get a move on, join this Tuesday party and fix up my house. Thanks for inspiring.

  77. You really can't beat blue and white! A crisp look for spring. I don't think I could choose a favorite piece :o) Though all your groupings are tasteful.
    Thank you for sharing tham with us.

  78. How pretty this all is! Marty, you're always one of the first ones to comment on my posts and you always leave such a cheerful and sweet note -- thanks for being such a dear bloggy neighbor!

  79. Hi Marty...
    Your chang-up of blues and white are stunning.

    I like how you elevated your cloche by gluing the candle stick and dish together...your a crafty one!

    Happy Table top Tuesday girl!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  80. Marty, It looks like spring has arrived at your house! I am such a sucker for anything blue and white.
    Love your collection.

  81. As you can see by my entry, blue is a favorite color of mine as well. Your table setting is lovely. I have become a follower and invite you to do the same...

  82. Hi Marty,

    Oh my, I forgot about today. I will have to participate next week.
    Love your blue vignette. Love the patina on your table too!


  83. I love all the blue!

    I'm a new follower and just linked up for the first time also. I love this linky.

    Off to visit beautiful blogs for decorating ideas.

  84. Hi Marty!
    Wow girl, your table cleaned up nicely but I have to admit...I did love seeing all of your wonderful creativeness all over it!!!!
    Awesome party and I'm enjoying the party hopping. One day soon I hope to play with's soooo much fun!

  85. Just beautiful!

    I am so glad I found your site I have linked up, and I am now following you. Pop on over and see mine. It was so thoughtful of you to leave a comment for me.

  86. Lovely as can be!!!
    Just like you :)

  87. Hi Marty.... OH how gorgeous your Spring table top is... What great buys you found,, love love that ginger jar,, I don't have much blue and white in my home,, but I do love it.. hmmmmm maybe I should add some now, love how yours looks. have a great week.



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