Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Cloche Party

I am so excited you are here for our "Spring Cloche Party". You all inspire me with how creative you are and what wonderful vignettes you display under a cloche and in your apothecary jars, birdcages and all kinds of containers. I can hardly wait to see them all.

Since I blab about these parties so often, I think you have seen most of my most recent displays, but here they are again.

This is one that I have on one of the shelves in a bookcase.

A sweet little birdnest with a few eggs.

My apothecary jar got a little Spring and Easter decorating too. See the wonderful tag that Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds made me. Love it.

Just some moss and moss rocks and a little bird and eggs from the Dollar Tree.

A little bit of my green for St. Patrick's day.

A sweet little figurine of a precious little girls holding a bird. Moss, eggs and a cute little green bird I found at Michael's.

This is one you have all seen, but I love it when all of my cloches are grouped together in one display. All white just brings everything together.

The next few I know you have seen when I Springified my kitchen. One of my sassy roosters on a cake stand, berry candle ring and one sunflower all topped with a cloche.

A few more sunflowers in my chicken wire cloche.

Lemons in the Rooster cloche.

A tiny little blue and white rabbit on the coffee table.

I know you just saw this for the Easter Decor Party.

I love this wonderful heirloom egg and under a cloche it is just perfect.

Thanks so much for joining the party. I always have so much fun and can't wait to visit you all.

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  1. Your cloches are all so lovely, Marty! Each and everyone of them is such a joy to look at.....Christine

  2. Marty, I thought I'd get my act together to join in this time around, but life had gotten in the way. LOL I managed to get my Alphabe-Thursday post up but didn't get one done for the cloche photos I had to share. My husband had emergency eye surgery on Tuesday so the week got away from me. Love seeing yours and look forward to what others will share. Thanks for hosting. Happy Easter to you!

  3. Hi Marty!
    Your post on cloche displays is absolutely stunning! Your vingettes leave me speechless, I am just taken by your creativity and the beauty of your home.


  4. Hi Marty, you are the QUEEN of cloches! I'm in love with the little birdies and eggs! Thank you for a wonderful party. Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  5. Another fantastic job, Marty. I especially love that white artichoke. It must be such a joy hanging out at your home.

  6. Marty...thank you for hosting! I am so excited to participate. Your cloches are gorgoeus and such an inspiration!


  7. Hi Marty, thanks so much for hosting this fun Spring Cloche party. That old egg in your last photo is just gorgeous. What a precious thing to have. Happy Easter

  8. All of your cloches are wonderful, Marty. I love the bird theme you have running through most of perfect for spring. Thanks for throwing the party!!


  9. Hi Marty,
    You are the cloche queen my dear!
    I enjoyed all these pics so very much. It's hard to pic a fave, when they are all beautiful! It's been so warm here I haven't got a chance to do my cloches, but I can enjoy seeing everyone else's!
    Big Hugs
    Happy Easter,

  10. Love seeing your creations - makes me want to decorate more for Spring. Thanks so much for hosting again - you are appreciated.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Marty, I love that bird and your bunny and your lemons. Just lovely, so spring ! If I can squeeze a cloche onto my spring table I will try to link up - how long does your McLinky last ?


  12. Oh Marty! I love all your "springafications" under glass! We do love your parties! Thanks for inviting us once again for the fun.

  13. All of your cloches are great, Marti, but I must say that I'm really drawn to the all white vignette.
    Thanks for hosting this wonderful party once again!

  14. Marty, I never tire of seeing all your wonderful cloches & the innovative ways in which you decorate them. You have a special talent for creating little scenes beneath & around each one.

    Thank you for inspiring us to look around & see what things we can use in different ways.

    Have a Happy & Blessed Easter, Hon!

  15. They all look just beautiful. You have such a way with arranging pretty things.

    So sorry I can't play along...nothing to show..poor pitiful me..:(
    It is a lot of fun seeing all the pretties, tho.

  16. SO pretty, Marty. I love your parties! The all white is my favorite
    xoxo Pattie

  17. Thanks for hosting this event! I'm learning alot from all fo the wonderful things taht posted every week. Keep up the good work!

  18. As always, your cloche displays are gorgeous. I like the bird displays, but they are all pretty. Have a great Easter! Thanks for hosting a fun party!
    p.s. Love the cloche w/ the bird on top & the brown rooster one.

  19. I never tire of seeing your beautiful cloche displays, you always have something new that adds your magic touch!

    Thanks for hosting for us to enjoy!


  20. Love all your vignettes Marty. I could not pic a fav. The darling wire cloche is soooo sweet! You find the cutest cloches and know just how to display them...that takes talent! I'm always at a loss...mine sort of set empty. LOL I need your imagination to fill them. :-) Happy Springtime!

  21. Your cloches show me how varied and creative this simple idea can be. You've done a lovely cloche in every picture.

  22. Hail to the Cloche Queen! These are wonderful, as yours always are. Of course, as a lover of the color combination, I LOVE the blue t's always such fun to link to your blog. laurie

  23. I love the bird and nest best. No. I love the side table by the window with those BEAUTIFUL plates and eggs...and...and...;-)

  24. I love it all! Especially the blue & white saucer with rabbit and the one with lemons! Be blessed. Cindy

  25. I'm a totally 'green' newbie but had fun with this concept - especially with Easter ;)

    Thank you for the opportuntiy to participate, Marty!

  26. Just GORGEOUS Marty!! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  27. I meant to add - I loved all of your Easter-themed photos and I now realize what a challenge getting a good photo can be with a cloche!

  28. Hi Marty! I love all of your lovely cloche displays. I've been so busy Grandmommying I didn't have time to set up any new cloches. I guess I could have shown some old ones. Well, I'll just be a party crasher and look at everyone elses.
    Be a sweetie and Happy Easter,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Marty, beautiful vignettes all. I don't have my cloches up and on photog, but I'm enjoying yours. I hope you have a blessed Easter, and I adore that fresh eggs sign. Did you know I have chickens?~~Dee

  30. All are beautiful, but...the rooster is my favorite.

  31. Hello there dear Marty,

    What a treat!.., Yay!..,Your Spring Cloche Party is finally here Marty!~ What lovelies you have to share with us; I love them all, but especially the one with the blue and white and yellow bunny in that darling cloche!~ I simply adore it!..,

    Do please pop by before it gets too busy, if you have a moment, to see my cloche and 'Easter pretties'.

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  32. Marty-I always love to see your cloche collection. I've been away (seems like forever) as my mom has been very ill. I did snap a couple of quick pictures before I left home and I really hope that I can get them up tomorrow for the party. Mom was moved from the hospital to a rehab center today and I hope to be able to squeeze in a bit of blogging while I spend time with her there.


  33. ACK! Again I have missed a cloche party -- I MUST get a cloche one of these days.

    LOVE the blue and white bunny in the cloche; he's adorable! I love your design sense and your sense of whimsy when you create the vignettes. I smile all the way through your posts!
    Happy Easter!

  34. I always enjoy seeing what you have encased in your cloches and apothecary jars! You succeeded so well, once again, as everything looks so pretty and fresh for spring. Glad I was able to participate this time.
    hugs, Sue

  35. Thanks for letting me participate in your cloche party! This is my first time making a cloche, your party and all the pretty cloches in blogland have inspired me! Thank you!

  36. You have such a talent to make the cloches so beautiful. I'm inspired and frustrated at the same time...Can't find cloches in the UK :o( Oh well, I'll keep hunting!

  37. Hi Marty!!!What a great little party you have with this!!!!
    I still need to get one!!!! My apothecary jar will work but I want a real one!!!!Yours is always so lovely!!!! You make every room bright and cheerful with your great little finds!!! I recognized a few of those great little gifts in there!!!!!
    Have a Happy/Hoppy Easter!!!

  38. Morning Marty..just had to come by and take a peek at all your pretties before the day got started..I didn't get to pull anything together for this one...but you know how I love to see give so much inspiration with yours girl...everything is just beautiful! Thanks again for just being such a fantastic host to all these great 'eyecandy' events! lol Take care girl and Happy Easter! ~Picket~

  39. I had no doubt this would be a joyful experience. Each time I visit your blog your displays are stunning.
    Thank you for hosting this party. It allowed me to go to blogs I havent visited before and spend my morning viewing beauty after beauty and thats the way I like to start my day.


  40. Hi Marty...I just love them all...
    everything is just beautiful! Thanks again for just being such a fantastic host...LOVE the blue and white bunny I think I have the same bunny...
    Hoppy Easter

  41. They are All so gorgeous!!! You have inspired me to go and prepare my own...I can't wait!!

  42. Marty, you do such a wonderful job of filling your cloches and displaying them. I have one of the bird cloches, too. Have a wonderful


  43. Okay ... this will take a long time to visit every blog , but will be fun ! Thanks Marty for hosting this party ! Your cloche's are just fabulous !! And your photos !!!
    The Little Things

  44. Thanks for hosting the party Marty. It is one of my favorites. I just adore your cloche with the Dollar Tree birdy & the Spring tag. CUTE!!! Have a Happy Easter. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  45. Marty, I don't see how you do as much as you do-hosting two blog parties this week, commenting on all the blogs, and participating in others. You must be an extremely organized lady. I always enjoy your posts.
    Have a very happy Easter!

  46. Just Beautiful Marty!
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

  47. Oh Marty these are all so incredibly adorable! They really make my eyes light up with delight!
    Since you probably know that I'm CRAZY about roosters and sunflowers too, my favorite display would have to be the one with the white rooster and sunflowers!!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  48. Hi Marty~

    Would you believe I just bought my first cloche a few days ago? I hope it will be ready for your next party...I am a little slow;)!

    I popped in to wish you and your family a beautiful and blessed Easter!


  49. Hi Marty,

    What great ideas! I love the jar with the bird, the Spring tag is just beautiful. Have a lovely Easter!

  50. I'm late to the party but I enjoy cloches so much and I have you to blame!!! LOL. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

    Miss Bloomers

  51. Marty, I didn't get to do a setting for the your wonderful party, then I remembered your comment about the cloche I did for my Granddaughter Tea Party, so I added it here. I love, love all the birds, the wire cloche is always my favorite, as is the rooster! I love them so much!

  52. Marty, popping in to wish you and yours a Happy Easter.. hugs ~lynne~

  53. Hi Marty, looks like a fabulous turnout for your cloche party! Happy Easter, I'm back home now after a visit with my parents. I brought back a few family treasures so maybe I can post them soon. I have vowed to not waste as much time on the computer and get some things finished around here. And the weather is getting nice so you know where I'll be spending much of my time....yes, with my horses. I'll still check in now and then but keeping two blogs going has been hard and I think I'll have to give one up....we'll see. Have a happy Easter! Blessings to you. Luanne

  54. Hi Marty,
    I wish I had joined this party. You displays are lovely. The antique painted egg under the cloche is so beautiful. I also love the egg plates. You have great parties. Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  55. So many beautiful cloches, Marty! And another great party, too! You know I love the blue and white bunny on the blue and yellow plate! The rooster is a pretty one, too! Happy Easter!...hugs...Debbie

  56. Hey Marty!

    I like them all but I think I LOVE that "sassy rooster" cloche!

    I've been looking forward the this for weeks. I have even found/made some cloches,and was SO excited, but of course I put off getting them put together. Is it too late to join in on the fun?

    Well, I'm off to look at all the other bloggers great ideas.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  57. I'm about a month late to the cloche party, but what the hay! I love 'em! I hope you enjoy, and will become a follower of my blog! Yours is fantastic!