Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday Favorites

I am joining the wonderful Chari @ Happy to Design for her fun Sunday Favorites Party. Thanks Chari for such great fun.

This was originally posted on 6/22/09. A Tea for friends.

Thanks to our lovely and gracious hostess Barb @ Grits and Glamour it's time for another fun Tea Time. Be sure to go by her party and check out all the lovely Teas that have been set up.

We're serving Tea for three today. I'm so glad you joined me. I hope you enjoy your visit and refreshments.

Please choose your teacup. We have three vintage ones to choose from.

I'll be glad to pour from the silver service. There's also lemon if you'd like.

Please help yourself to some fruit, the peaches and grapes look especially good.

For dessert I hope you'll try some White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle cake.

We have an assortment of sandwiches, please try some of each. There's also some iced lemon water if you'd like.

Our vintage plates are Grace China, made in Japan. Please help yourself and then let's visit. I'm so glad you joined me today.

Thanks for stopping by, I had a great time. Please come again soon.


  1. Oh Marty,

    What an elegant teaparty with all the silver and vintage pieces. Just absolutely beautiful! I love the server and the stacked pretty!

    Have a great Sunday!

    Miss Bloomers

  2. Marty, thanks for sharing this tablescape with us again since I was not blogging then and had not seen this one. I am loving all your silver. I have just started buying a few pieces and need more. I saw a water pitcher like yours the other day for $45.00. Don't know if that is a good price or not so I passed. Have seen a few more usually in that price range. Wish I could luck up and find one at GW.

  3. OH Marty, I will take the topmost tea cup --love the shape of it! And milk, please, no lemon.
    Cake, yes! And some fruit because, well, it looks too good to pass up.
    I'd love to share an elegant tea time with you.

  4. That cloche is amazing (not to mention the cake looks yummy!)! What a beautiful tablescape! I would come for tea anytime!

  5. Oh Marty! This is beautiful and I think I missed it the first time. I don't know why but I am glad you reposted it....Christine

  6. Your display of the cake in the cloche is stunning! Love the tea party.

  7. Marty,
    Elegant and beautiful!

  8. Marty this is SO pretty, but those dishes!!I so love old china- gorgeous!
    xoxo Pattie

  9. Oh Marty...this is so lovely! I wish that I had been there to enjoy it in person! Everything looks so yummy and the table is pure perfection! The silver pieces are wonderful...obviously I love it all;)!

    I am so glad that you share this again!

    Happy Sunday!

  10. I'm in love with those grand white napkins ... they're really lovely. Love the white lady figurines too.

  11. Hi Marty!

    I'd love to join you, thanks for the invite! You set a lovely tea lady, thank you for sharing.


  12. This is so beautiful, Marty!

    We are home from our gallavanting and now I am gallavanting the land of blog, catching up a tad.

  13. Marty, you have set a beautiful table for a "tea for three". Those green bordered plates are ones I have never seen before... I also have mention that yummy looking cake under the ever so tall cloche!

    I started blogging soon after this original post. I am so glad that you shared it again.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  14. As soon as I saw that cake in the cloche I couldn't concentrate on the rest of your post....ya, ya, ya, lemon, ya, ya, tea, plates whatever....there is cake. Sorry, it just looks so good.

  15. Oh Marty, I am so glad you reposted this because I did not see it the first time around. What a beautiful tea you set! Everything looks just perfect and so inviting! Love it all!

  16. Hi Marty...

    Ohhh...what a pleasure to have you join in with us for Sunday Favorites today...and this is just the most perfect post to was such a treat, my friend! What a sweet tea luncheon! Ohhh, and I must tell you that the white chocolate raspberry cake sounds absolutely divine! White chocolate and raspberry are my two favorite sweets!!! Well my friend, this table is just exquisite...with all that beautiful silver, sparkling glass and vintage teacups and plates! I love it!!! You know, I was taking a close peek at your pretty lady figurine...I don't believe that I've seen this one before! I also have two of these pretty ladies but I love the hat on this one! I'll have to keep my eyes out for one! Hehe!

    Thank you again for sharing this beautiful tea luncheon table with us today for Sunday was a real treat indeed!!!

    I hope that you're having a super Sunday, sweet friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  17. What a lovely spread, you have hear Marty. Everything looks delicious! The fruit, sandwichs, and of course that cake in the cloche! Wow! I really can't get over how similar your dish's are to the ones I have from my grandmother. They would coordinate together really well! I love the little scroll pattern around the edges in between the roses. So pretty!