Monday, May 17, 2010

13th Table Top Tuesday - Desk Area

Welcome to the 13th Table Top Tuesday. I am so glad you are joining us today. I can hardly wait to see what all you have created.

I am definitely from the school of function first. So while I really do want my home to look like I care about it and try to decorate it the best I can, sometimes you just have to be a little unconventional.

This is our breakfast room that joins the kitchen and familyroom. I love to be here in the center of the action, so I decided this is where the computer works for me. I really didn't want to be stuck in one of the bedrooms off in a corner of the house. I can cook, watch TV, visit with family and be on the computer all from one spot. So months ago I decided to turn my breakfast room buffet into a computer desk. I just turn one of the dining chairs around and I am all ready to go.

By raising the two drop leaves, it gives me a nice big surface to work with and a place to tuck the computer under one leaf on the side so it is out of the way. I try to decorate this area appropriate for a desk area.

I have plenty of light and even though you can't tell from this picture a nice view to the side yard. (Actually there is a block wall fence not too far away, but hopefully my plants will grow and give me a pretty view.)

I've placed an antique phone and brass ink well for the desk look and some antique shoe lasts just for fun.

I thought my new moss ball that I made was perfect for this corner. It gives the area a little bit of greenery, some height and some weight. To see the tutorial of how I made it, check my previos post here

This area works perfect for me. I am really enjoying it. Do you use some area of your home in an unconventional way?

I am also linking to Centerpiece Wedensdays @ The Style Sisters.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I always look forward to your visits.

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  1. Just beautiful as usual Marty!
    I love the old telly, the shoe forms and of course your topiary! I have desk in our living room that houses our computer. I want to be out where hubby is at night and not cooped up.
    Hugs Dear,

  2. I agree -- it's much more fun to work on the computer in the midst of things, rather than in a back bedroom. I think your setup looks great! Those antique shoe lasts and the old phone are so cool -- love those vintage touches!

  3. Marty, I love your vintage phone and shoe molds. I have a couple of those molds now. They just add a bit of whimsy and texture. Your desk top vignette is great.

  4. Hi Marty, i love you old phone!! Your desk is decorated so lovely. I would love to join in on tabletop tuesday, but i'm not sure how to do the link....Kathy

  5. Marty Ilove your area here and how fun to still be apart of the TV and family room..sighs just beautiful as always my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps thanks for another fun par-ty girl

  6. What a great place for your computering, Marty!

    I love that centerpiece, too.

  7. Hi Marty! There's your lovely arrangement! And I love those shoe lasts! You have the most interesting antiques! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  8. Great job Marty, love the phone!!!
    That looks and sounds like it is the ideal place to be in all the action and maybe get a little blogging done at the same time. Thanks for hosting tonight,I also adore your little arrangment, I can't wait to try one. For some reason my blog photo failed to come up tonight, sorry for the error.

  9. Marty, love the shoe forms. The new topiary looks fantastic sitting there. Great job! ~ Sarah

  10. Hi Marty!

    I think your whole "desk area" looks just perfect! I love that moss ball (as I have already said, LOL) and the other accessories are just the right touches.

    I have adorpted a part of the dining room table as my computer area. I had my laptop upstairs, but like you said, I just HAVE to always be in the thick of things. LOL

    Have a wonderful evening!

  11. Just the most beautiful spot, Marty! Everything you decorate becomes such eye candy for us in The Land of Blog!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  12. Your desk area is beautiful and the moss centerpiece is gorgeous!

  13. Your spot is wonderful to be on the computer! I use my laptop right in the middle of the den from an armchair. I am like you, I don't want to be cooped up in a room by myself somewhere! I love your desktop accessories. Very nice! Great photos as usual, love looking at all your details!

  14. Marty you are so right about being where your family is. I'm upstairs, in the family room that is mainly used for computer use and it's pretty lonely up here. I'd rather be in the downstairs family you've got me thinking....thanks! :)

  15. Hi Marty,another great job!! I LOVE the moss ball centerpiece you made and the vintage phone is fabulous!We have two vintage phones, my husband bought them off of ebay years ago.

  16. Marty,
    I love love that old phone! The tabletop is very nice.

  17. Marty, I love that computers have gotten so much more compact these days and allow us to stay in the midst of things. I love how you've decorated your "desk". Your home always shows the care you take
    xoxo Pattie

  18. Still loving that moss ball, Marty! I think that's a great place to put it. I love your table runner, too!

  19. Great place for a desk, Marty and I love how you decorated it. Very practical! We have a home office but it is located right before you can enter the master bedroom so it's pretty convenient. I am in it a lot. When I cook, I just bring my i phone to the kitchen and I don't miss any comments or messages....Christine

  20. Wonderful computer area! You have definitely mixed function with decor! Your moss ball is terrific and goes well with the vignette. I'm torn between having a quiet area to do my blogging or being in the midst of things - so far my own office has won out. Thanks for hosting Tabletop Tuesday!

  21. Very Pretty! I would really like to have a desk area for my laptop, but have not figured that out yet. I need more space. :)
    Enjoy your week.

  22. Marty, love your old telephone! Looks great on your desk too.

  23. Now you KNOW I love looking at that fantastic phone....absolutely wonderful!

  24. I LOVE your pretty desk area...
    I am especially in love with the wooden shoe lasts...they are PRECIOUS.
    This is such a fun meme.. I do hope it's ok to have food on the dining table. :))

  25. Marty it is so fun to see where you are when you are communicating with us out in blogland. I love all the special touches you have added. The things you added are perfect for the room and so nice to look at for you. Great job my sweet Marty, Love you,Kathysue

  26. Marty, now I can visualize you sitting in your breakfast room as you visit me and other blogs. What a great place for a desk area. Love that antique phone, and your topiary looks so pretty there. Thanks for hosting Tabletop Tues. laurie

  27. I like what you have done there Marty and it's a lovely breakfast buffet too...very envious here!

    Like you, I like to in the thick of things...who wants to be stuck in a back bedroom for heavens sake. Hence my studio is what once was our lounge and dining room. We have never been one's for formal dining, everyone seems to gather in our kitchen around our rather large square dining table!

    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  28. What a nice place to sit and blog! I love the little touch of those shoe forms, a serious vignette like this needs a little whimsey.
    Your moss ball looks great!
    Thanks for having the party, I am glad that I could join this week.

  29. HI!!!!
    Love the computer near the center of all the action!!!Who wants to be off in a bedroom!!!SO glad I can be near it all!!!!I would never be on here if in a back room!!!!Love the antique things there, so perfect!!!!I love your moss ball, I have to start my moss project soon!!!!I want to make it, I cannot wait!!!!
    Love your space!!!

  30. love your old telephone! Looks great on your desk too.
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  31. I congratulate you on having such a neat computer area. Mine is a mess. That's why it is in the back room. Love the old telephone.

  32. I think it is a clever use of space and so much neater than my area! And with such other lovelies to look at as well!

  33. Thanks for sharing this. My computer is "tucked" into the master bedroom. I know that's a big no-no, but it's the only spot we had to put it. It is nice to see how someone else incorporates her computer into a room not "made" for the computer. (I LOVE your moss ball arrangement - so pretty)

  34. This looks so inviting. Mix of new and old work wonderfully and the moss ball is brilliant.

    Hope you have time for a cup of tea while you visit Wanda and me.

    Have a wonderful week.

  35. Hi Marty, I love how you displayed your centerpiece with the antique phone and ink well! Your centerpiece really came out so beautiful, love the moss with the grapevine, rustic, yet so elegant on your table! Beautiful display! Thank you for hosting Table Top Tuesday!

  36. Marty, your desktop setting is wonderful. I love the juxtaposition of the antique phone and the modern computer! I'm going to check out your moss ball tutorial because I really like what you've done. I could use that phone in my 1921 arts and crafts home!


  37. Hi Marty,

    I hope you are having a great day. Love the telephone.

    Very nice as always!

  38. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh my...what a beautiful desktop vignette!!! Marty, you really are the "Queen of Vignettes", sweet lady! I always enjoy seeing what you're going to come up with next! Hehe! I don't know how you do it...coming up with such fabulous and creative vignettes on a weekly're sooo talented!!! Anyway, I do love how you've taken your favorite room, the breakfast room, and have made a desk area for your computer! I think you're right, I would hate being shut away in some remote corner of the house as well! Hehe! I have my computer set up in our office/mud room...lots of traffic!

    Well my friend, you really have decorated your buffet/desk beautifully! It's sooo you!!! I love the vintage feel of the vignette...using that old telephone and the old wooden shoe pretty!!! Ohhh, and I love your new moss ball! After leaving my note, I'm going to go and check out how you made, love, LOVE IT!!! I actually have a styrofoam ball and some moss right now that I think I could use for one of these pretties! I love how you set it on the creative, Marty!!!

    Darlin', thank you again for hosting our Table Top Tuesday party...I sure do appreciate you!!! I'm getting a late start...just added my link to the party a few minutes ago. I hope the saying is true..."better late than never"! Hehe!

    Have a terrific Tuesday, sweet lady!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  39. Hi Marty :)

    What a perfect area to do all your blogging! I love your project too :)

    I have a laptop, so it moves back and forth from the den to the kitchen.


  40. As always Marty, so beautiful. Love the wooden shoes. Be blessed. Cindy

  41. MARTY! I'm just wondering one thing? Where is the cloche? Big smile! hahahaha....
    Love the table, love the look, love all of it. Just beautiful.
    Lovin' the party!

  42. Marty...your home is stunning my friend. Truly so! I tried to find the post on your new sofa but it was not there!

    I love to pop in and see what you are doing!


  43. Always so lovely Marty...that phone is so cool!

  44. Marty-That is a smart way to utilize the buffet and a great place to do your work! I AM stuck off in our media/bonus room. Love your phone and ink well!

  45. This is a beautiful and functional have the very best taste!!!

  46. Hi Marty,
    What a great blogging spot. I wish my home was as neat and tidy as yours. Your home looks like a lovely decor magazine.


  47. Marty I love your work area. And Ii am copying that beautiful moss ball. I'll be joining you next week for TT (I hope).

  48. Oh Marty...what a clever girl you are! This is such a great idea and a beautiful one too! all of your gorgeous accessories! Pure perfection!


  49. Love that your using your buffet for a computer desk. The top is wonderful, you hardly notice the computer screen! For all the treasures you have with it. Adore the telephone! Yes, your moss looks great there, and the lamp takes your eye over past the computer! You really have a great talent for decorating! I always love your wonderful ideas!

  50. I think your buffet is a perfect place to use your computer, especially since you obviously keep the workspace neat and tidy with the not-so-pretty "office stuff" stored out of sight. The vignette is beautiful!

    Before my daughter moved out, I had no extra room for a computer desk so I used a corner of my dining room too. Although it was tight quarters, I did like being able to multi-task from a centralized location in the house, rather than being isolated back in a bedroom. Now that we are running the horse farm business, the desk isn't always as neat as it could be so it's better that the desk & computer are not out in the center of the house anymore! ;)

  51. What a wonderful place to "compute", Marty! Very light and cheerful. I love the way you have accessorized there, too. The shoe lasts and the antique phone are such unique items! I love them.

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my little giveaway ~ good luck to you!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  52. Your computer area looks so inviting. I know I'd love to sit there.

  53. Hi Marty,
    I love what you came up with! The old phone and shoe form are fabulous. Thank you for participating in my first Centerpiece is so fun to see what everyone can come up with. Thank you for grabbing my button as well. Love these parties...I get inspired!

  54. Hi Marty! Your work area looks very bright and comfortable,two important things for blogging!