Friday, May 7, 2010

Favorite Things-I Love Flowers

Today I am joining Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for a fun meme to talk about our favorite things. Be sure to swing by and check out her blog to see all the participants.

I am always amazed at the wonders of nature. This really small cactus is rather ugly until all of a sudden it decides to bloom.

Then the bloom is totally spectacular. Almost as big as the whole plant. It only lasts for 1 day, so you have to enjoy it when you can.

The following is just a walk around the yard and a few simple things that are blooming right now, but always make me smile when I see them.

These are my Mother's Day Flowers from my youngest son. This is definitely one of my most favorite things.

Happy Mother's Day everyone and God Bless you and all your family.


  1. Marty I am right there with you. I love flowers and yours are spectacular, I have never been a cacti fan but that flower is gorgeous. It almost looks as if it is made out of wax. Beautiful!! Hugs Kathysue

  2. Your flowers look gorgeous Marty!
    I enjoy every kind of flower and I never tire of seeing them. How interesting that the Cacti only blooms for one day. I talked to my son Josh in Phoenix tonight. He said you've been having lovely weather and even a few cooler days. And your son was so sweet to send you the flowers. Happy Mothers Day to you,

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Marty! Your flowers are spectacular, so pretty. The cactus flower is so unusual....Christine

  4. I love flowers, all kinds, all the time. They are one of the many wonders that never cease to make me smile.

  5. I love going for walks in the desert after it rains to see the flowering desert!! The cacti are just amazing!
    I miss that!

    I have the first few tiny seedlings pokin through the soil today! We are do for a heavy frost tonight though so tucked them in under a canvas!

    Happy Mother's Day Marty!


  6. Happy Mother's Day!! I'm another one wholoves beautiful flowers! Your's are gorgeous!


  7. Marty, that cactus flower is gorgeous! How sad that something that pretty only lasts one day - it looks so sturdy - like it would last forever. Your flowers in your garden are beautiful, and of course, the best is getting a gorgeous bouquet from your son. Thank you for linking all of these beautiful flowers to Favorite Things. Happy Mother's Day sweet Marty. laurie

  8. Happy mother's Day! I love your flowers. Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comments.

  9. oh my goodness! the cactus bloom is so pretty. I don't think I've ever seen one before!

  10. Wow! That cactus is wonderful! I haven't ever seen that before. All your flowers are pretty!

  11. All flowers are special enough! They are beautiful. Love the cactus flower, good photo on that one too! Is that a photo of an oleander too! They are one of my favorites!

  12. Marty,
    What beautiful flowers- the one on the cactus is amazing. You have a great son- enjoy the bouquet.

  13. The flowers in your garden are so vibrant and colourful - gorgeous!
    I looked and looked at that cactus that only blooms for a day and thought 'what if it bloomed and no one was at home?' - what a disappointment that would be!

  14. You have gorgeous flowers. I've never seen one of those cactus bloom before. A totally awesome sight.

  15. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! That cactus bloom almost looks like a tissue paper flower it's so delicate!

    Happy Mother's Day!


    Robin :o)

  16. I was strolling through PInk Saturday and saw your comment on Debbie (Ribbonwood Cottage) so I came by --- you coulda been in Pink Saturday today! Lovely flowers! I'm still smiling at the Bathroom Beauty Snappers party! Wasn't it fun! :) Jenn

  17. PS - really enjoy your header photo .. beautiful and serene. Jenn

  18. You obviously have multiple green thumbs ;-) I'm doing good to keep the stuff I just bought alive. You have such unusual beautiful flowers!

  19. Hi Marty; OH you have some beautiful flowers a blooming,,,,,,,,, and the cactus flower,,,,,,,,,,, oooooo gorgeous,, what beautiful petals. Have a wonderful Mother's Day


  20. Cacti blooms never seize to amaze me. One of these days I'd love to travel to your area to see some blooms in person.

  21. I have never seen a flower like that before! I can't believe it only flowers for one day. It is beautiful.

    Best wishes,