Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday Favorites - Mini Kitchen Remodel

Today I am joining Chari @ Happy To Design for Sunday Favorites. This is a fun party where we show one of our posts from the past.

This post was originally posted on 2/7/09. I know you've seen my kitchen a hundred times, but maybe don't remember what it looked like when we moved in.

The most bland and builder basic thing about our home when we moved in was the kitchen. The cabinets were a very light almost blonde maple, white walls, white appliances, counters and sink. The first thing I did the week after we moved in was to paint the walls chocolate brown. (Sorry, I don't have a before pictue.) At least you could see the cabinets afterwards, they didn't fade into the walls.

I talked to a cabinet refinisher and he told me about "Dark Paste Wax". There are several brands out there, the one I bought is called Brie and the shade is a dark walnut. After two coats of the wax, the cabinets had a really nice warm brown tone. One that I could live with. Be sure to try it on the inside of a door first and make sure you go with the grain of the wood. This stuff works wonders to bring cabinets to life.

I ordered some nice hardware off the internet at a very reasonable price and installed undercabinet lighting. Now the cabinets were looking a whole lot better.

The best feature of the kitchen was the pretty travertine tile floors.

Then the very best part came. I received a remant piece of granite as a gift, it would work perfectly for the island. You can see all the tools, this is immediately after they installed it. Most all stone yards sell remnant pieces at 1/3 to 1/2 the sq. ft. price of a full sheet. These are small pieces only suitable for small jobs.

With the gift of the beautiful granite I needed a new sink and faucet. Again I found some great buys on the internet. This really changed the look of the island and the entire kitchen.

I found some corbels to support the granite overhang, and painted the island wall a soft camel color and aged the detail on the corbels a little. Just this small piece of granite gives the kitchen a much more updated and custom look.

This is what the kitchen looks like today. I've been really happy with the results of such a small remodel. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to make a big difference. Not counting the gift of the granite, the entire project came to a little under $400.00 for sink, faucet, under counter lights, corbels and hardware. Huge improvement for a small investment.

Thanks for stopping by. I always look forward to your visits.


  1. beautiful Marty,love the granite,it looks so much richer..have a great day and thank you for stopping by all the time to say hi..have a good one my dear friend..

  2. Wow the island transformation is gorgeous! It really makes a huge impact. Love the corbels. What an amazing job {and great budget too!} Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  3. Marty,
    Your island is awesome!

  4. Oh Marty- what a charming kitchen! Your granite island is just wonderful, what a nice gift! I still can't believe you did it for that amount, that is incredible, great job!!

    Thanks for sharing and thank you again for your sweet comments when you drop in to see me! Next time you drop in, I'll have a great big glass of Texas iced tea for you! Do you get back home to Texas often?


  5. I love your kitchen! Great job mini remodeling it.
    I hate my cabinets; they are light yellowish. I cannot afford to replace them, and I don't want to risk painting them (I'm not very experienced at that). Dark Paste Wax sounds great, but I suppose it only works for dark surfaces.
    I like your blog; it's a great source of interior design ideas.

  6. Marty, your kitchen looks beautiful. You didn't leave any stone un-turned! From the granite to the cabinets to the hardware, it's all top of the line. And then your beautiful decorator touches are the icing on the cake! Wonderful job!

  7. Very nice, Marty! I didn't realize a paste wax would affect the color. Good to know. What a great gift ~ I'd love a gift of granite!

  8. Marty, your kitchen looks so adorable as if it was featured from a kitchen journal. Really great work.
    Greetings, Johanna

  9. Marty, you surely did get a lot of "bang for the buck". The granite is beautiful, and the corbels add so much. Good idea to go with rich paint color, wax, and change the hardware. Lovely! Linda

  10. Truly beautiful Marty...your tile is close to ours in color so I am looking hard at your counter color!
    I want to get ours done towardthe end of the year or first of next and this would be perfect I think!!

    Your cabinets turned out just perfect!


  11. Love it!!I love the granite, and the corbels are great.I'm looking for corbels like that. They add so much charm.Everything looks lovely...Kathy

  12. Fabulous Marty! You picked just the right upgrades. And I love your brown walls
    xoxo Pattie

  13. This is called "working smart!"


  14. Your kitchen is gorgeous!! I love how you've decorated the tops of your cabinets, so wonderful!

  15. Marty, This is fabulous! The island looks wonderful and the transformation made such a difference in the kitchen. Thanks for the tip on the paste wax. I would love to slightly darken my cabinets and this may be what I have been looking for.

  16. Hi Marty! You know I love your kitchen! I've had many a cup of virtual coffee there in the Micasa days! lol And I can't believe how easy you make sewing pillows look! I think it is just that you are a talented seamstress, my friend! Have a great weekend...hugs...Debbie

  17. Lucky girl with that gift of granite. Kitchen turned out gorgeous

  18. Hi Marty,
    I'm finally getting around to visiting you. I've been so busy and have been trying to catch up on my visits.
    I love your kitchen. It's amazing what the small changes did, especially the granite. Yours reminds me of the design in my kitchen.

    I also love the vingettes above your cabinets. You have wonderful taste.


  19. Looks like a special place to cook up great meals, love all of your changes!

  20. Marty, I really do like the granite on the island. It totally transformed the look of the kitchen. I have an island that I would like to do something different with as well. Maybe I will be blessed with some granite as well! Gail

  21. I didn't realize you added the granite. It is wonderful! Your kitchen is very warm and inviting!!

  22. That was quite a gift! Granite!! Looks fantastic!

  23. I LOVE the sink being in the island. At least I love how it looks - - - is it convenient that way?

  24. I missed this post the first time around. Wow, that granite top made such a huge change!! it is so beautiful. Everything always looks so pretty in your kitchen!!

  25. Wow the granite really changed the look of your kitchen. It looks great!


  26. Hi Marty,
    You did such a beautiful job in your kitchen! And all your beautiful decorating is really the icing on the cake!
    Heard it's very hot in Phoenix, stay cool my friend!

  27. Hello sweet lady...

    Marty, I remember this post very well! Of course, I think you know just how much I adore your beautiful kitchen! I love, love, LOVE those beautiful brown walls and the cabinetry really pops against them. I bet they did just fade into the white walls before! Love how the wax just warmed the color up...that's a great tip! But my friend, I have to agree with you...adding that gorgeous granite island countertop just made your beautiful kitchen sparkle!!! It's that I would have picked! Girlfriend, you have done a fabulous job with your kitchen and I just love how you've accessorized it! I wished that my cabinetry was open on the top like yours...I sure would have fun doing all the vignettes! Hehe!

    Soooo happy to have you today for Sunday Favorites, sweet lady...this was a great post and so deserving of a second showing! Thank you!!! Also wanted to thank you for your sweet note and anniversary well wishes! We had a great time in Denver and I loved Home Goods! Hehe!

    Have a super Sunday, Marty!
    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  28. Thinks for the tip on the cabinet wax....they do look great. Trish

  29. Thank you Marty! I have been meaning to come by here and say Hello. I have been reading along on google reader and have seen all of your recent posts.

    I ADORE your gorgeous new pillows! Soooo pretty! The colors and fringe are perfect. You really did a wonderful job. Your kitchen and granite have always been one of my favorites. Amazing transformation!
    Love the decorative corbels and your cool faucet. Very nice touches!

    Have a blessed Sunday sweet friend.
    ~Melissa :)

  30. I love the granite, and sink and faucet. It makes the kitchen look so rich. The cabinets have such a rich glow to them. You sure were lucky to get that piece of granite for free. The corbels are a perfect touch.

  31. I don't remember seeing this one before, it is beautiful! I really like what you have done, especially the corbels! The dark wax is amazing, I didn't know it was available (maybe because my cabinets are white!)


  32. You did a beautiful job remodeling your kitchen, Marty. It is gorgeous!..Christine

  33. Hi Marty, your kitchen looks wonderful. I love the warmth of it and it looks as though you have lots of natural lighting. You did a great job.


  34. Marty, your kitchen looks very warm and inviting with the new paint color & the granite on the island. Love all the changes!