Sunday, July 25, 2010

Met Monday - A little of This and That

Thanks to the gracious Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for hosting this wonderful party. I can't wait to see all the before's and after's. Be sure to visit her blog to see a list of all the participants.

The last 3 weeks have seen a lot of before, during and after going on around here. Not from me, but from my 18 yr. old grandson that has been here visiting. I'll show you what he did at the end. You'll be amazed.

Now for what I did, not much except cook and try to fill this boy up. lol I did buy another one of these garden stools from Big Lots to revamp for my daughter.

She wanted a white one, so I got out the spray paint and gave that blue monster a good sanding, then several thin coats of white paint. The final touch that makes it look like really expensive china is several coats of clear gloss. You can't really see the shine in the picture, but it looks very upscale. Clear gloss is the final trick to really achieve that expensive look.

Remember the one I painted for my front porch a while back. See the shine, that's the way the white one looks too. Love these things.

I found this little ceramic column or lift at GW. Again a couple of coats of 2 colors of green and now I have a piece to use to elevate anything I need to.

I forgot to take a before pic, but it was this really shiny gold mottled finish. Not too pretty.

Now for the REALLY HUGE METAMORPHOSIS. My son helped my grandson build a guitar while he was here. This is what they started with.

He's got it all stained and a couple of coats of sealer on it and he's still sanding and fine tuning the finish. He did all the wiring, soldering and put a 15 coat hand rubbed finish on it.

Still lots of hand rubbed finished coats to go, but he loves the color it turned out.

All finished and just had his first jam session with my son. He's so proud and I am so proud of him. See the headstock, he signed his name before the final coats of clear went on. He said I want everyone to know that this is mine and I made it. When it was all done he and my son took it to the guitar shop in Phx. and the owner estimated the value at about $1500.00. He offered to buy it for $800.00. My grandson was just beaming, but of course it's not for sale.

His brand new guitar completely hand made by him in his new case ready to take on the plane back to Oregon. I can't tell you how much fun it was to watch him as he worked on this every day. He is such a love and so talented. You should hear him rock. He is really, really good.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.


  1. WOW, I LOVE those garden stools and have had one on my wish list for EONS... never seen quite the right color YET either, Hmmm I never dreamed of "PAINT"(Thank you SO much)... Now for your "Handsome Dude"... A chip off the ol block! See how talent runs in the family!
    Oh Marty, I STILL can't get your button YET!!! But I will!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marty, your good looking grandson is amazing and yes, I agree with Donna, he is like you! You have a great and talented family, no doubt about it! What a beautiful guitar, he should be proud! Love the garden stool, it's awesome in white, great job!

    Hope you are having a great Sunday!


  3. Happy Sunday Marty Sweetie...
    I love this post. Now isn't this guy just the most handsome thing? I can see where he gets his good looks. He takes after you sweet friend. I love his guitar. What a treasure he has made, and he will always remember the time that he sat there at your house making this with his Dad. Memories in the making. Every time he plays it he will think about it.

    Your white garden stool completed for your daughter, is just beautiful. I love your green one on your porch though. It is just beautiful.

    Hope you are having a gorgeous Sunday. I so want to get together soon. I have missed you sweet friend.

    Country hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  4. Wow, lots of guitar love. Congrats to your grandson for his achievement. And thanks for the tips on using clear gloss as the final sealing layer. Love the drum stools. They may just have to make it on my looooonnnngggggg list of to-do's. :))

  5. Marty, I love the stool from Big Lots. I really need one of those so I will have to check out our Big Lots. I can't believe they built that guitar. That is great and I can tell he loves it.

  6. Just love those stools Marty! You Grandson has made a superb job of his guitar - he looks rightly proud.

  7. Those stools look fabulous, Marty! They are so expensive at Pottery Barn! And I am so impressed that your grandson built a guitar! I didn't know that was possible! I know you loved having them around! Hope you are having a great weekend...hugs...Debbie

  8. Hi Marty,I love what you did with the stool. It looks fantastic. Your handsome grandson did such a great job with the guitar...Kathy

  9. Sweet MaRTY, THIS is amazing he built a guitar!! Wow that impresses the heck out of me!!he should be proud of himself, that is quite an accomplishment. Great look for the garden stoo. They look just like the ones I got from Homegoods and they cost a lot less and I even got mine on sale for $49 each. Wow!!! You are a wonder with the spray paint I am just not very good at painting anything. Happy Sunday,Kathysue

  10. Wow! Your grandson needs to come visit DH! Remember the shots of his music room? He built most of those himself. I can't wait to show him this when he gets home, that finish is going to knock his socks off. He always says that the is the hardest part of building a guitar. I'm so impressed, it's really beautiful. Hugs, Kat

  11. Oh girl I loved seeing your grandson and the guitar he fun that you had him there...I love it when my grand kids come but mine are much older than yours and all have babies of their own now that I get to play with...Love that garden stool what daughter will to...Your a GREAT grandma Marty...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. How amazing that your grandson made his own guitar! I never new you could buy kits for that. It looks wonderful!

  13. Oh, I bet you are so proud Marty!! That is just way cool, what a great job he did!
    And your stool makeover is just so neat, I love the sheen and it does really look so nice!
    And I know 18 year old boys are hard to keep fed! I have 6 brothers and it's amazing my parents were able to keep them fed!
    Have a great week too!

  14. We used to have a Big Lots but it closed a few years ago....still miss it! Love the work you did on the stools, and the guitar....way cool!

  15. Wow-impressive. I played guitar in high school, college and for a bit after. I still have my favorite one. I can't imagine "building" my own, it is beautiful!

    Love the white stool!

  16. Love all your work but I especially love that guitar! Amazing.

  17. Love the stool - it really turned out great:). My son would love the guitar, he's a guitarist too. Hope you have a great week - Jennifer

  18. wow- that is so neat! and so great that your grandson is taking after you in being handy. what a nice trait to pass on and inspire in him.

  19. I love the garden stool! I will be heading to my Big Lots tomorrow for one! Your grandson is one talented cutie pie! He did an amazing job.

  20. Your grandson must be so proud, as you are. Imagine him, 50 years from now and the wonderful memory he made with you, making his first guitar. Beautiful.

  21. Hi sweet friend...

    I just read your sweet note and wanted to come by to say hello and see how you're doing. I have been trying to play "catch up" in's difficult to do after being out for two weeks! Hehe! I see that you are keeping busy with family as well...I just adored this post! I can just imagine all the smiles that this young man brought to his grandma! Girlfriend, he is truly talented...I know a little about guitars and this guitar that he built is gorgeous!!! You know, he will always cherish this...working so hard on it! He has so much to be proud of! Congratulate him for me...okay? I also just love your little transformations as well! Love that blue garden stool painted white! You did a great job, Marty! Now I'm wishing that I was near a Big Lots...I would love to have one of those! The nearest "anything" to us is a couple hours away! Boohooo! Hehe!

    Well my friend, I do hope that my note is finding you and your sweet family well! I'm sooo glad that you have been able to visit with your family!!! I think my youngest daughter Jenni and my five grandchildren will be coming here in a couple of weeks. We have a camping trip to the mountains planned! I can hardly wait to camp with those sweet babies!!! Take care, sweet friend and I'll talk with you later!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  22. Love your projects this week...especially the guitar. How awesome is that! What a wonderful time you had!

  23. Marty...

    The transformation of the BLUE Garden stool is amazing! I think it is the neatest thing that your grandson is taking on projects as well. What a GREAT trait to pass along.

    You are one creative soul Miss Marty. I so wish I could join up with you, Karen (amazing), CeeKay (I love her!)and Jamie (don't think I know her) for a day of shopping in Arizona. :( That would be sooo much fun. The only time I ever get to see that lovely state is when we are traveling through it to get to Southern Cali. Maybe someday we can stop longer and truly take in all the sites...

    Have a wonderful evening my friend... Thank you for always sharing with us the neatest things~


  24. The blue to white stool is about eight kinds of awesome. The guitar is splendid and fifteen coats of finish is pure love. olive♥

  25. Gosh, that guitar is something to be proud of. Was it a kit or something? AMAZING!!

  26. I have seen that big white thingy before on the Ballards website and they are so high!!! I went to Big lots this weekend and got some goodies myself!!!! I found some cute things for the rooster party!!! Love the guitar!!

  27. I never would have thought to make your own guitar!! What a neat idea and I am sure they made lots of memories while working together too!

    The F/C pantry is going slowly but we know when the time is right God will have it all come together. One of our older ladies broke her hip so we're going back and forth to hospital and keeping her 4 animals at her house. It is a very sad situation with family members and praying for God to come and do a miracle of grace and forgiveness among them all.

    bee blessed

  28. Love the stool...Great idea....Have a great week...


  29. Marty, You are the sweetest person! I love your stools! I haven't been to Big Lots in a while, but think I will be headed there soon! I love this! It does look very expensive! I love nice things, but don't love to pay the price! That is the fun of the hunt...finding great treasures for very little! Thanks for sharing! And that guitar...well, awesome! My seven year old son plays AND he loves to build, so I will be showing him this in the morning!

  30. That is Ah-maz-ing!
    All Things Heart and Home

  31. Building your own guitar is an amazing feat! Your grandson will never forget this experience.

    I love the table that you did for your daughter. It looks expensive and not like something that came from Big Lots!

  32. I'm very impressed! You do not see that kind of industry in teens all that often today. The guitar is fantastic, and you have the right to be VERY proud of him!!

    The garden stools DO look very high end, and I think that it is all very lovely!

    And I love this blog.
    That's all.

  33. Oh Marty this was a wonderful post. There's nothing more heartwarming than being privileged to peek into father and son moments. Your grandson's face says it all. Thank you for sharing. Love, Mollye

  34. Love all your things, but I cannot believe the guitar! Now that is a transformation! Thanks for stopping by!!

  35. Your grandson is as talented as he is handsome! I know you enjoyed having him there. The guitar is amazing.
    I love the white garden stool.

  36. Oh My Gosh Marty, your grandson is a doll! Not only did he and his dad create a guitar - they created such wonderful memories. I can just imagine that each time he plays the guitar, his memories of the time spent at your house, building the guitar with his dad, will flood his brain, and he will again grin with pride and love! laurie

  37. That's so funny! I painted a bunch of BL garden stools white a few months ago. You have to love their price as opposed to anywhere else.

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