Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's Have A FALL CLOCHE PARTY-Sept. 17th

Yea!!!! Yip-skip!!!! It's time for a FALL CLOCHE PARTY. How about on Sept. 17th we all get together and show off all our Fall Cloches. I see that everyone across blogland is more than ready for Fall to get here, so let's help it along and have a party.

Just get out anything that looks like fall to you and put it under a cloche and sprinkle around a little fall color and you're good to go.

A few fall leaves, a little raffia and this little rooster is all dressed for the season.

Maybe just a simple candle, some berries and pine cones.

Fall apples are always perfect. Can't you just smell a luscious Apple Pie.

Now if you're not too into the oranges and reds, how about some darker blooms and a few finials in warmer tones. Anything goes and brings in the season.

Don't have a cloche, not to worry, just grab a hurrican or apothecary jar and fill it full of fall fun. They work perfectly too.

So grab the button off my sidebar and spread the word. We want everyone to come to the party.

Don't forget about the Barnyard Bash on the 10th too. You can find out details on my sidebar.


  1. Your examples of "fall cloche beauty" are fabulous! I especially love the rooster one with the apples around in the wooden tray! Hopefully, I can dig out my fall things by then and join in the fun!


  2. Hi Marty!
    Absolutely no one, no one at all can outdo you when it comes to decorating with a cloche!
    I love all your vingettes. The rooster one is 2die4!
    I'm in for the party because I'm gettin in a fall mood for sure.


  3. Woo-Hoo I'm in! I posted your party on my sidebar:@)

  4. Wooooohoooo, putting your button on in a jiffy.

    Thanks, Marty!

    Barb ♥

  5. I'm in. Gosh means I have to attempt the hot attic.

  6. I love the hurricane glass look, it is my favorite but each one speaks to me because I am past ready for fall. Bring on the pumpkins.

  7. Hi Marty, I am soooo ready, count me in!! Char

  8. Your cloches are beautiful. You do such a beautiful job of decorating with them.

    I must admit, though, I am NOT ready for fall, not even a little bit. Our weather didn't get warm until the end of the first week of June, so I can't even think about cooler temps yet. I refuse to decorate for fall until November!!

    But I will enjoy looking at everyone else's decorations.


  9. Marty, your cloches are so charming and so well put together. I am thrilled you are going to have another party. I missed the last one, I did not have a cloche. I have one now, so I'll be at your party. It was so much fun creating one...may have to get another one. This is addicting too!

    Have a nice evening.


  10. Oh how fun! Something to look forward to again, Yippee! I'll be there, Marty and you sure have a lot of great ideas....Christine

  11. I was so excited until I saw your cloches Marty! How could I ever compete with all of those beauties;)!

    Count me in!


  12. I don't own any cloches but I love seeing what everyone else does with them.

  13. Yeah!!! A cloche party!!!! YOur cloche examples are just beautiful. YOu are the queen of cloches!

  14. So pretty Marty! I'm sad though, because I don't have any cloches. I rarely see them in my daily ventures. Where do you find yours- they are so pretty!

  15. Marty you really are the Queen of cloches!! I won't be entering but I can't wait to see what everyone else does. I've got some deadlines to meet. Check out what I'm up to.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  16. Let's do it! Now I must write it down and put in my phone which I do not know how to work! hugs♥olive

  17. Glad to hear you are having another fun cloche party! I hope to join in!

    Love all the display ideas you have here, don't know how you come up with soooo many great ideas!!


  18. Hi Marty! I missed your last one, too, and so I'm thrilled to see this one! I will definitely try to make time to get something together for it, especially since I am SO ready for fall, after this terribly hot summer! I just became a follower, too. I thought I already was, but I didn't see myself amongst your hundreds!! :)

  19. yes....I am soooo ready for Fall, count me in.....cleo

  20. Yay!!! I can't wait!!! Maybe I will own one by then!

  21. Yeah! I am looking forward to seeing what everyone links up, I have two and really don't know what to do with them!! Janell

  22. Your gittin' your fall on! :) Looks darling! I am going to try and make it this time for the party! It is the same day as the big kick off for our women's ministry and our wedding anniversary .... so I think I can remember the date! :)


  23. Count me in Marty....can hardly wait to get my fall stuff out :)


  24. I love all of your autumn cloches. Until blogland, I am ashamed to admit that I didn't know the term at all (and much about the concept either...) Then, you had a cloche party. Since then,I have fallen in love with it!

    I shall try to do a cloche that's party worthy and share!

  25. "Oh Marty I LOVE your cloches"... I'm excited to participate, this should be FUN! Would you PLEASE send me the "FULL CODE" in my email so I can post it on my blog??? Thank you and "HUGS", Donna

  26. Hi, although here in Brazil next season will be Spring, I will attend the Fall Party Cloche certainly!!!And I will also participate in the Barnyard Bash( Happier than a Pig in the Mud). I find yours idea adorable! Would like that here in Brazil the people were interested, I'm trying to make them participate. Hugs .

  27. I'm in and the wheels are spinning alrady.

  28. Hey, I found a cloche! I have a hurricane I can turn over!! Funny thing is, I gave two gorgeous cloches away last year for Christmas. They were so nice I ordered them form Williamsburg's catalog and here I am clocheless!~ Okay I am now coming I created one.
    I'll post you on my sidebar.

  29. These cloches are great, I'm excited to work on something tomorrow. I might add I really like your blog I wish I could get mine spread out like this.


  30. Found you from the Barnyard party... can't want ti join your cloche party!