Monday, September 13, 2010

30th Table Top Tuesday

Wow, we're already at the 30th Table Top Tuesday. I can't wait to see what all you've done.

Ok, I am still promoting the "Fall Cloche Party" on this coming Friday the 17th. So remember, dust off those cloches and let's party. I've created a new vignette using some of the same items in the corner of my kitchen.

My cheese dome can be used as a cloche too, filled with cheese and fruit or maybe a pumpkin and fall leaves. My rooster cloche is really simple with cork fruit.

The hurricane filled with wine corks is a cloche too. Fill it with fall finery and it works great.

With the undercounter lights on at night, it makes a pretty vignette.

A cloche doesn't have to be filled to the brim. Sometimes something really simple is the best.

Now for all of you Non-Cloche people. Let's see how imaginative you can be. I've changed things up a bit.

I think everyone in blogland made one of these hurricanes out of vases from the Dollar Tree. I used a parfait glass for the base of mine, so I filled it with some apples and then put one apple in the top. See, it makes a wonderful cloche.

Now I do know that every one of you has a clear glass stemmed water goblet. I put some pods in mine for a little fall decor. See even a cute pumpkin would look wonderful inside.

Instead of my rooster cloche, I could use a cake plate and cake dome and have the same look. Think outside the box and have fun. The cloche police aren't going to come and get you, and besides, it's so much fun to play. (My DH thinks I have lost my mind, but I am having a ball.) lol It's all for fun and I can't wait to see how creative you are.

One more suggestion and I'll quit. This is the little chicken wire lantern that I bought at Ross last year. It is suppossed to be a lantern. However, by taking the glass cylinder out of it, I think it's a fabulous cloche don't you?

A little vignette with the lime ball and planter I found in Calif, and a few leaves.

This little DT pumpkin is just perfect inside.

Just look around your house, I know you have something to use as a cloche. How about a birdhouse?

So, grab the button and tell all of your friends about the party. I can't wait to see all of your cloches and all of the containers you decorate.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.

Be sure to link up below, I can't wait to see your creations.


  1. Dear Marty,

    I like your blog a lot . I am a big fan of different type of images. I like some of good images in your blog. I am asking your permission to copy some of them for my own blog.(

    Waiting for Reply

  2. Marty,
    You are so good at this! I love your upside down hurricane and your water goblet. They look wonderful! So smart.

  3. Hi Marty! I love your cloches! The wire one with the bird finial is my favorite! I must say you are the cloche queen...this from a totally cloche-impaired follower! lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Marty, you put the best vignettes together. I am going to try to join the cloche party if I can think of what to put together.

  5. Marty, I don't know how in the world you come up with so many neat cloche designs!! You're the best!! My fall things are still in the attic, I hope we can get them down in time for me to do some fall cloches!

    Thanks for hosting!


  6. I'd love to join, but I don't think used kleenex and paper plates make for a very pretty tablescape :)

    I love your corner vignette, and yep, I've made lots of dollar store cloche-y type things too.

    Lovely post!

  7. harvest is a brewing in the Marty household. I love it all Marty, looks so warm and welcoming, you truly are the queen of vignettes. Thanks for hosting your awesome party. Debbie

  8. Your fall arraignments are so pretty. I do not change things a lot after I finally get something together. Thank you for stopping by and offering your suggestions on the color decision. I am going to do as you suggest and just give it a couple of days to see which I like that best and listen to everyone's opinion. I thought your tabletop Tuesdays were about dinner settings. Since I see they are not all that I may try and join one week when I think I have something that looks finished. I am in awe of your creations.

  9. Dear one, I have been playing in your Cloche parties for several yrs now and....I STILL don't have a cloche. Goodness me...what a pitiful pearl I am..:)
    BUT...I am playing with other containers and some past photos of other parties with you.
    Looking forward to it..
    xo bj

  10. Its sure a beautiful Fall in your home Marty.. I am workin on getting my cloches together..
    Thanks for hosting this party so we can show off our purdies..

  11. Marty, I am smitten with those pears. Your cloches are just always inspiring! Thanks bunches for the party! hugs♥olive

  12. Can't wait Marty!
    And you never cease to amaze me with your creativity!
    Everything is gorgeous and creative too!

  13. Marty you have the most beautiful cloces ever. Each one is just stunning and displayed beautifully. Great vignettes! :)

  14. Marty, I love it all! Believe me, I keep trying to imitate you. It just seems to me that mine never looks quite like yours. Yours looks all *clochey*. Mine looks all *cheese domey*.


  15. Marty, it's definitely looking a lot like fall at your place. I'm trying to come up with something to share on Friday.

  16. Marty - you are certainly the "Queen of Cloches"! You always come up with the most amazing ones. Looking forward to the party -- it's been ages since I've done Tabletop Tuesday --- I'm going to have to play again soon!

  17. Marty, I think you ought to publish a book on tablescaping. Honestly, you come up with more great ideas. I love the whole vignette with the scales. Linda

  18. Hi Marty...

    Ohhh ARE having fun! Hehe! I just love it! Love getting a little preview of your Autumn Cloche party pretties! Eeeks...say that one fast! Hehe! Anyway, I just adore your kitchen corner's always changing...keeps us guessing, Girlfriend! You know, I am really loving all that pretty wicker that you have in that vignette! Where did you find your pretty wicker bottle holder? Your cork fruit are so unique...very pretty! Well dear lady, you certainly have given us all some "food for thought"! What a great just turn that vase that you made...over...and use it for the apple cloche! You're absolutely right...sooo many possiblities and I always go away from your place...ever soooo inspired! Thank you, Marty! You're the best!!! Can't wait for the cloche party! And...thank you so much for throwing this fun filled Table Top party for us every Tuesday!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  19. You've got some beautiful fall decorations Marty! I love the chicken wire cloche and the scale.

  20. Hi ya! I hooking up for TTT and then I will be ready for Friday too! :)

    Love your ideas! Thanks for the help!


  21. HI Marty! Oh, I don't think anyone can be as creative as you with the cloches. These are wonderful displays!
    Can't wait for your party.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelai :)

  22. Everything is so pretty, Marty. I love your cloche with a chicken top...Christine

  23. Great ideas Marty...I think we are going to have to crown you the official Cloche Queen. I was thinking of doing something with the upturned wine glasses but had not figured out what I wanted to display...I have an idea for your winter cloche party (am I being presumptious?? =)so I guess I will wait to use that idea later. Love your vignettes...that lime ball is too cute.

  24. Marty,
    I'm working on my post for the Fall Cloche Party! You are such an encourager! ! ! I am grateful for your lovely posts! Keep 'em comin'!

  25. I am loving that wire cloche! Gorgeous!


  26. Hi Marty,
    it's been a long time since I've stopped by. Life took over and kept me from blogging and reading my favorite ones. I hope the cooler months will mean I get to visit more often again.
    The corner in your kitchen is beautiful and I LOVE the wire birdhouse!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day,

  27. I have nothing to contribute to the Linky this week (personally, I blame the laziness...) but I am loving all these beautiful links to visit! :)

  28. How great are you? I'm not even sure what to say is my favorite - it looks great!

  29. Hi Marty! Oh what lovely fall decorations you have. What an exciting time of the year. The holidays are rapidly approaching. It's a time of nesting and coziness. You have done a great job expressing this wonderful time of the year!!

    Susan and Bentley

  30. Hi Marty,
    You're so creative and clever! I would never have come up with such imaginative cloches, thanks for sharing your ideas with us! I'll try to come up with a few more for Friday's party.
    Also, thanks for hosting us for Table Top Tues!
    Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  31. Hi Marty,
    I'm so excited to be joining your Tabletop Tuesday for my first time!
    All your Fall decor looks sooo cute! Love the darling chicken wire cloche! You've done such a great job as always!

    Hugs, Sherri:)

  32. You have the best ideas Marty! Love that little wire lantern. And you made me laugh out loud with the "cloche police" line! Hugs, Kat

  33. Marty you are the cloche Queen! I was thinking I was done. Now you have shown us how to use other things as cloches too! Oh no, this means I may not be done yet. LOL! Such great ideas!

  34. Hi Marty, I love all your fall decor! I'm in love with that beautiful glass cloche. It looks wonderful, and so does everything....Kathy

  35. Dear Marty, yes, I agree, you are the queen of cloches! They are all so unique and you so know how to put them together so well! Each of your photographs is just awesome.

    I am hoping I can join in on your party. I have one cloche and that is because of your inspiration!


  36. Hi Marty! I LOVE your Fall vignettes in your kitchen ... the corks in the hurrican; the fruit-filled cloche on the scale; the basket filled with goodies ... it's all so welcoming, festive and beautiful! Thanks for hosting such a fun party, and for allowing me to share my Fall kitchen tabletop decor. It's fun to be back in blogland after taking the summer off. Take care, Becca (Adventures in Decorating)

  37. Marty - What a beautiful autumn vignette! The cloche party is exciting, too.
    Love the vignette by evening light. I think I have the same rooster as you! He looks terrific.
    Thank your for hosting!

  38. Love it,look fresh and clean like the season...I want your little scale....really!! x0x0x

  39. Such a fun arrangement on your counter. The scale is just wonderful. I love the little organic pears on the pedestal too. It makes it feel like fall is here.

  40. Beautiful, Marty!!! Your creative instinct is amazing!! Thanks for hosting! :)

  41. What fantastic ideas, Marty! I guess I'd better get off my duff and get busy over here!

  42. I've never created a cloche before, but last night I put one together for your upcoming party.

    Have a great day! La

  43. You never cease to amaze me. An upside down goblet. Love, love, love it. And the bow just makes it.
    Enjoyed all your fall decor and cute vignettes. I must get out some of mine, but won't make it by Friday. You can bet I'll be back Friday to see what everyone has come up with.

  44. Oh Marty! Love all of your cloche's and that vignette in the kitchen is sooooo pretty! I love all the textures! The wheat bundle looks great!

    Lou Cinda :)

  45. Flipping the glass upside down is a great idea...I didn't even realize what it was at first. Good thinking!

  46. Hi Marty!

    Everything looks so pretty and I am really enjoying your "thinking outside of the box" when it comes to getting creative in making cloches! You have given me some inspiration!

  47. Hi Marty, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments. I've been so wrapped up in everything I haven't done a bit of fall decorating. I can't believe it's mid September. I guess it's time for me to get out my pumpkins and leaves!

  48. oh Marty!!! you never stop inspiring me!!! I really need to look at your blog earlier in the day...cuz every time I see something that gets my juices flowing...It is late...and I am grouchy and tired the next morning!!! lol
    just all looks wonderful girl. Missed you. I need to get around more often!

  49. Marty, thanks for your kind note about my Fall kitchen decor! I've enjoyed looking at everyone's festive projects ... so inspirational. Too, I love how you've placed cloches throughout your beautiful home. The ones on your table are perfect! Take care, Becca

  50. I need a table styled, would you please come help me!! Janell

  51. Hi Mrs. Marty,

    Whew! I made it to your party this week. A wee bit late. I also see that Friday is Cloche Day. Eeek! I need to get cracking. Luckily I just pulled the current tablescape down yesterday and have a clean place to decorate. :)

  52. Busy, busy. busy!!! That's what you've been, Marty. All of your cloches and vignettes are such a really good example of what can be done to decorate for fall! Love the cork fruit in the pedestal cloche. :-)
    hugs, Sue

  53. Hi Marty,
    I am Sanghamitra a big fan of your lovely blog.I stay in Singapore and write on Indian Ethnic Decor/ Lifestyle. Here is my first time contribution!...Hope to see you on my blog !!:)
    Would love to stay in touch :)

    Warm regards