Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dark Paste Wax-Questions Answered

I was asked so many questions about the dark paste wax I used on my kitchen cabinets. that I thought I would give you a little tutorial.   This is what I used.  I bought mine locally, but if you go to you will find it in many different colors.  The one I used was a very dark brown, kind of a dark walnut shade. 

All I did was make sure my cabinets were really clean and didn't have any dirt or cooking grease on them.  I did not sand them and please don't sand.  This is not a refinishing tool, just a wax.

Very important.  My cabinets are maple and don't show a lot of grain, however it is mandatory that you wipe the wax on with the grain of the wood.  I tested out the inside of a door first to make sure that I would like it.  Just wipe it on with a soft rag, let it sit just for a short time and then buff it off with a soft rag.  I just used old tee shirts.  It does take a bit of buffing to get the shine, however it is amazing  how it does darken the wood and really brings the wood to life.  It made a huge difference in mine. 

I have also used it on different pieces of furniture to cover minor scratches and give the wood a new glow. 

If you have oak or some kind of wood with a lot of grain, you will definitely see more of the grain after the waxing.  That is why I say to do the inside of the door first and make sure you like the result. 

That's about all there is to it.  I really like the product, just test it and make sure you like it.  It has definitely held up.  I havn't repeated the process in the last 4 years and my cabinets still look wonderful.  So if you can't totally refinish or paint, this may be the answer.

This is a picture that you saw in my post yesterday of my cabinets before.  Mapel with a very light stain and very little shine or character.

This is what they look like after.


  1. Hi Marty...

    I remember you telling about using the dark wax to darken your cabinets! It was the first time that I had heard of using a wax to achieve this effect! It really did make a beautiful difference on your kitchen cabinets! Thanks for sharing the "how to's" with us today. I also took a meander around your kitchen party post. My friend, your kitchen is gorgeous! I love all that you've done to it and I also enjoyed seeing some of your fabulous vignettes as well!

    I just read your sweet note, my friend and wanted to come by and say thank you! Have a great day, Marty!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. My neighbor swears on that wax for her front dooor - which is always gorgeous!

  3. Thanks, Marty! I may look into this as an option as we are going back on the market after the holidays. I think it will be a good idea to do on my oak cabinets.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. After this morning, I had already decided to use it. I think the tip about trying it on the inside of a door makes great sense.
    Please drop by and visit the post I published today.
    Oh, I added your button to my blog. Hugs, Ginger

  5. I hate to ask a dumb question, but. What is a tag? I notice that your site is award free and tag free.
    Thanks, Ginger

  6. Hi Marty, I have a colorless paste wax that I use occasionally. I find that I like some of the "old fashioned" products better than the new. I like your cabinet handles, nice and up-to-date.

  7. Beautiful Marty, waxing just like grandma used to do, I love the look and smell of it, Char

  8. Great reminder to maintain and care for my wood work. I love a good paste wax. I'll have to look that one up. Mercy that was a lot of work you did. Looks beautiful

  9. I never even thought of putting paste wax on cabinets. It sure makes your cabinets look beautiful and brand new!

  10. Thank you, Marty! By the time I got around to looking at your "Heart of the Home" post, you had already posted this info about wax. And I certainly would have been asking you about it!

    Your kitchen is really lovely. It was fun to see the "before" and especially fun to learn that your granite was a gift from your daughter. That's so cool!

    Have a great day!

  11. Great post Marty! Thanks for the little tutorial. My daughter found a nightstand at a yard sale for my son's room. But the color of wood is lighter then his furniture. This sounds like a perfect solution. We will give it a try. Thanks!


  12. I have GOT to get me some of that wax!!! THANK YOU!!! My kitchen cabinets will love their soon coming spruce up!!

  13. Its amazing what a can of paste wax and a little elbow grease can do. Your cabinets have just come alive with the TLC you provided.

    What a great fall project.

  14. Do you ever feel like a magician, Marty? Amazing!

  15. Thanks for sharing. I would have sure enough asked the ? about sanding!

  16. What a difference the wax makes. I'd love to try it on my pine cabinets!


  17. They look wonderful. I would have never thought about the wax and it is a great substitute to painting them. They really look great!

  18. Beautiful job, Marty! They look stunning! love your hardware too! Thanks for the tutorial!


  19. Wow - looks wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing this. I am going to try on my table.

  20. Your cabinets look great. This is good info for future reference. I just noticed you have over 900 followers....WOW!!!!

  21. Hi Marty, Your cabinets look great. I have the opposite problem--my cabinets are VERY dark and I would like to lighten them. I've always had white kitchens in my other houses. You did an amazing job and have a great eye! Linda

  22. its amazing that you could accomplish such a transformation with wax.. genius idea..
    Just getting here today so please allow me to say in this same comment how beautiful you always decorate your kitchen while still keeping it warm and inviting...

  23. YOur kitchen is just beautiful! Those cabinets are just glowing. Thank you so much for the great tip. I have a couple of piece of furniture that could use tis wax.
    YOu are a fountain of info... great info!
    xo Yvonne

  24. Thank you so much for this tip. I'm so wanting to do "something" to my kitchen cabinets and maybe this will add more life, without me having to do a ton of work or spend a ton of money.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  25. Hi Marty, Thanks for the info on Briwax. I am going to try this on the vanity in the guest room.

  26. Thank you for sharing this "secret". I love what it did for your kitchen cabinets.....over $1,000.00 worth for sure.

  27. Valuable share, Marty. I've heard of it but never used it. TY

    Your cabinets, wellll, actually ... everything you do is marvelous.

    Have a beautiful eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  28. Marty, what a stunning difference the wax and hardware makes! Your cabinets have such a rich look now. I really like you choice of harware, too!

  29. Thanks Marty!
    What a great tutorial that was, I may need to give that a try!
    Your cabinets look amazing with the added color!

  30. Marty,

    I have used this product for years on my English pine furniture. It really brings the wood back to life.

    Your cabinets look absolutely beautiful. Love your kitchen.


  31. Hi Marty, it's been a while since I've visited, don't know why because you have such interesting posts. Had fun catching up and I really love all your interesting vignetes. They're lovely.


    PS - love your cabinets!

  32. Marty,
    Thanks so much for the tutorial on the Briwax. What a wonderful product. I have to try it. Your Heart of the Home post was gorgeous! ~ Susie

  33. Hi Marty!

    Wow, this is the first time I have seen your before photos of the cabinets. What a huge change this wax made! I love it! Thank you for letting us know. I have several pieces of wood things that I really didn't want to have to strip and then stain. I think I will give this product a try!

  34. I have always loved your kitchen, Marty! It reminds me of all of the cups of coffee we shared here from Micasa days! lol You are so sweet to share your waxing secret! Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  35. How long did it take you to do all your cabinets? I am ordering mine today!

  36. My cabinets are old and in need of refinishing. I want to strip the old varnish off and I was thinking of just waxing them after. Will that work or do I need to varnish them before I wax them?


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