Sunday, December 26, 2010

What Did Santa Bring You?

I hope you all had a very Blessed and Merry Christmas.  We were so blessed to spend time with family and friends and to share great food and exchange gifts of love.

For Table Top Tuesday this week let's have an Anything Goes party.  Show us a vignette, a gift or anything you want to share.  Let's just have some fun.

My daughter gave me the biggest cloche I have ever seen.  It is huge.  She also gave me the beautiful plants that I placed under it. 

To show you how big this really is, I placed it over my church birdhouse.  Huge!!! 

Now, how fun is this going to be to decorate with.  I can put half the house under it.

I have to tell you the story of this.  She recently made a trip to Italy, and while she was there she said she kept seeing these keychains hanging off of everyone's purse.  She went into a shop and told the lady she wanted one for her mother as a gift and the lady looked at her so astonished and said indignitantly "She doesn't have one already?" 

Mink with a beautiful carved stone and chaines.  Now how spoiled am I?  Can't say I'm not in fashion, at least in Italy.

I can't wait to see what all you have to share for Table Top Tuesday - Anything Goes.  Mr. Linky will be up tomorrow afternoon.  Thanks so much for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.


  1. Wow-that is a big glass! You can do a lot with that. I like your key chain as well. Very chic.

  2. Neat Marty! Sounds like all of us women out here in blog land had a wonderful day with our families and friends...with a few nice gifts added. Have a great day.

  3. HOLY COW! That cloche is huge. How in the world do you lift it? I love it!

    Your key chain is amazing too. I have never seen anything like it here. Very cool.

    Have a great day! La

  4. Very nice!! Love that huge cloche!! What great gifts you got. That key chain is so cool! You sure are the trend setter over here in the states now.

  5. Love your new cloche! It will be such fun to use and I'm sure there will be no end to the things that will go under it. Love your new stylin' keychain.

  6. The cloche is so beautiful ! The keychain is really neat-What a conversation starter and you can say to others that inquire " What you don't have one? " how funnny-made me chuckle :-)

  7. Wow, quite the cloche!! and that is a styling key chain...

  8. It's super cloche! I love the little key chain, too. I'm glad to see you had nice Christmas!

  9. Marty, love the gifts that you got and looking forward to the Tuesday everything post. Have a wonderful New Year.

  10. What a beautiful key chain! Love the cloche...that is very large. Tuesday will be fun! See you then. hugs, Linda

  11. Nice gifts. I love your church birdhouse!

  12. You must have gotten weak in the knees when you saw that cloche, Marty! Apparently, your daughter knows you very well! : ) Love the keychain, too.

  13. Now that's a cloche Marty!
    Just gorgeous and the keychain too!
    Great idea for tabletop Tuesday too.

  14. Life is strange Marty because Joe and I saw that gorgeous huge cloche in a store today. he was actually cringing thinking I was going to buy it but I have no table space for it! He said what on earth would you put in it? I said that is not an issue Marty taught me well! ♥O

  15. Oh, how true, Marty has taught us all so well!!! That cloche is amazing, and yes, she knows you the chain, "made by hand"....I have to have one!!!....hugs....cleo

  16. Marty,
    What a sweet post and invitation! Your cloche is goregous! Your purse charm is ,too cute! Have a great week. . .we're in the middle of "after~ Christmas" sales in retail. See you soon!

  17. Marty,
    Now that is a really BIG it:) Also LOVE that keychain!


  18. So nice that you have a daughter that knows her Mother's likes so well!! Glad you had a good Christmas!

  19. My sweet hubby gave me a cloche (which I had picked out!) but it isn't as big as I had thought it would be. Your new one is GORGEOUS!!!! I'm going to be looking for a bigger one after Christmas I think. Santa was very good to me. Love your key chain:)

  20. Dang Marty that is a big big cloche. Your birdhouse looks perfect set inside. I'll have to give some thought to what I can come up with that is green.....for Tuesday.

  21. How wonderful Marty! My son gave me, what I believe is, the very same cloche! I am in heaven!
    God Bless,

  22. I love that HUGE cloche! I have found some cute bell shaped ones that I am hoping to buy after the New Year! A mink keychain, aren't you just a spoiled one? Hee Hee!
    Hugs to you and I love your blog here. I hope you will come join me soon. Anne

  23. Hi Marty, I love your new cloche and I can imagine you will come up with some new great displays using it. Great keychain!

  24. HI!!!
    I hear that Cindy is coming into town!!!Jan 11th and I should plan something with you girls for the 13th!!!!!do you have it planned out yet???Let me know what we are going to do and I will be there, if my daughter is not in labor!!!!
    I am so looking forward to her visit!!!
    Happy New Year,

  25. Beautiful Cloche... and you used it very smartly... Hope you have a great time with your family...
    Wish you a very Happy New Year
    I would love if you come to visit me at

  26. Marty that cloche is wonderful! Happy New Year to you! JenT

  27. That is a big cloche! What a perfect gift for you, Marty! I like the idea of Anything Goes. I haven't posted in a few and I know I can come up with something!

  28. What wonderful gifts. She sure knows her mama to get such a great cloche!

    Merry Christmas.

    - The Tablescaper

  29. Hi Marty! I know you are going to have some fun with that cloche. And the Italian key chain thingey is so cute - what fun! Linda

  30. That's what I called HUGE §;-) and gorgeous, indeed! I now droll... GH (great hubby) is now murmuring no more clochés.

    Lovely daughter... hope you had a great one too. Well, as I am always late in my participation, in your meme, would you be kind to link me in your TTT for today, pls?

    When I wake up, I will link you in the right link for the theme.

    C you soon.


  31. Love your huge cloche! So pretty. I am sure you will be able to do many lovely things with it throughout the year. I will look for future picts. Kit

  32. Love the gifts! You made out like a bandit this Christmas! :) I'm excited for Tabletop Tuesday!

  33. Oh I won't be satisfied until have have one of those gigantic cloches! See what you have started, Marty?

    Marty...didn't you tell me that we went to highschool together or at least that you went to the same school. NO one can be as old as I am...NO one!

    Gloria reminded me of she right?

    LONG time ago, high school! :)
    I believe I will join in this Tuesday. What let's see...what can I show?

  34. The keychain? Yep...I want one of those too! :)

  35. I had to smile when I saw your beautiful cloche. Your daughter sure knows what would please her mom.
    I love it.

  36. Hello, my darling Marty.

    Thank you very much for your comment on HomeBunch. It was so sweet of you!

    Wow, your daughter has a very good taste, don't you think? This is beautiful! I didn't want many gifts this year, all I wanted was to all of us to be here, and that was my special gift and I had the best Christmas ever! My kids gave me a very cute reindeer plates and that was really sweet. I need to take some pictures to show you. :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


    Luciane at

  37. I love that cloche! I wish I could have one like that!!
    and that keychain is really awesome, I like that!
    I cant wait for your linky party tomorrow!

  38. I bought this same cloche yesterday~ so we can now be cloche twins. :)