Sunday, January 2, 2011

Paring Down-Less Clutter

I love Christmas and all the decorations, however, I am really ready for LESS.  I need everything to be really simple and no more clutter. (At least for a while. lol)

The dining table and buffet have been stripped of  the Christmas village and Cloche Nativity scene and replaced with sparse and simple. 

I love seeing the tree and all of the special ornaments, however  as soon as Christmas is over I can hardly wait to get it all down and packed away.

Simple and calm to start the New Year.

Does your house feel like it's twice as big with all the Christmas packed away.  Mine sure does and that's wonderful when you live in a very small house.

I hope you all had a very Happy New Year.  Join me for Table Top Tuesday and we'll take a look at my table vignettes.  Mr. Linky will be up Monday evening.  I can't wait to see all of your new creations.
Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.

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  1. Yes, I can hardly wait to get rid of mine too after Christmas, it feels like I can breathe again. I love your living room Marty, especially the big mirror~its all calming and elegant.

  2. Time for me to take down the Christmas for sure! Taking my time and getting it organized and making lists of what is in each tub for next year. It may take me longer but next year it will then be easier! Since organize is my word for 2011 this is the first step! I will join you Tue with a new vignette! hugs, Linda

  3. Christmas take down always makes the house look embarrassed with simplicity. I'm hoping to get things under control today. Thanks for the inspiration Marty.

  4. I had my tree down the day after Christmas:) I always reorganize around Christmastime. I guess because I can't stand a lot of stuff around:)

    Hope you had a great New Years.

  5. I too am looking forward to de-Christmasing and de-cluttering today! Have a wonderful day!

  6. I have been working on taking down Christmas all week. Today I'll tackle the tree and that should be it. Your home always looks lovely!

  7. I hear ya. Once the Bowl games on the First are over, I'm ready for a new year. Heck, a new decade!!

  8. Am tired with all the knick-knacks now, but I am still waiting for another batch to come on Friday, so, hopefully, everything will be pack and move to the attic next week-end.

    I live in a lil house (compact living, I would say) and having all these lil things, makes tupsy-turvy. Good, holidays come to an end.

    Happy New Year and hope you had a great one at your end.

    See you on your TTT...

  9. I feel the same way. I am so ready to put all Chrismtassy stuff put away to have a minimalist home again! Your home looks so out of a showroom, but with heart!

  10. Marty, I am so glad to have the Christmas stuff put away and will probably do much less next Christmas. I am pairing down, too. I just need less stuff. That is hard for me, but needs to happen. Your space is all freshened up. Now back to my painting.

  11. Marty,

    Like you I love all the Christmas decor but am so very glad when I get it all packed away. I think I finally finished that chore yesterday. WHEW!!!!!

    My next focus is to clean out all closets, cabinets, dressers, etc. and get rid of what I am not using anymore. Definitely in a declutter mode. The only thing is, I looked in some kitchen storage areas and I question what I SHOULD get rid of????? This may be a difficult task. Happy New Year to you.


  12. Happy New Year Marty!

    I took everything down New Years Day. Its a little melancholy when its all over, but I also feel like with everything gone, its a new start for a new year. ;-)


  13. We always take everything down on New Years and it is amazing how much larger the house looks. We too have a very small house, so it's a nice change to feel like it's larger :) Hope you and your family have a blessed New Year Marty! Hugs, Kat

  14. Marty, my husband and I just finished taking down the last piece of Christmas ... you're right ... so refreshing! And, yes, a bit empty looking. Time to think about new projects. :) As always, your home looks beautiful. You always have the prettiest vignettes! Happy New Year!

  15. I must be part of the minority--we always leave everything up until after Jan 6-the 12th day of Christmas. I can hardly bring myself to do it at all--I LOVE to look at everything and feel so sad when I finally do get the job done. I know I need to declutter some more, but again I am in the minority. I love to have "stuff" all around me. If it is too minimal I think it can start to look cold-I love the look of loved items in our home. I think it feels warm and cozy. Not messy cluttered, just filled with everything we love to have around us.

  16. Your house always looks great with or without the decorations. It doesn't look small in your pictures.
    Looking forward to Tabletop Tuesday. Because of our move to our small RV, I don't have anything to post yet, but I will.
    Also will enjoy seeing everyone elses.
    Happy New Year.

  17. Marty,
    Oh what loveliness! I especially like how your centerpiece mimics the beautiful artwork on the wall behind the dining room table! Your newest chest beside the chair is so darling. I'm working on a vignette for your first 2011 Table Top Tuesday now! Thank you for extending the invitation with this post!

  18. Hi Marty,
    I am in the process of taking it down today!
    Oh what a not fun job!
    So I take a little break and admire your beautiful home!
    Now I am energized again!
    Can't wait to see you too!

  19. Your house is always so elegant and lovely, and I think that it is a direct reflection of you! Thanks for your sweet comment about my kitchen curtains, I appreciate it so very much!

  20. The tree went out today. I will be glad to get it all put away, it is so much more fun to get it out!!
    But everything will be cleaned and will look like you said "bigger"

  21. Yes, I sure do feel that way! It happens to me before Christmas even arrives!

  22. Oh sweet Marty you can run circles around all of us. I only wish my home were in the state that yours is in. Tomorrow is the day to hit the trenches for me. Dread oh Dread!!! Love you,Kathysue

  23. Hi Marty! I always resolve to have less clutter...but it all just creeps back in! Your home is lovely as always!...hugs...Debbie

  24. Hi Marty,
    I feel the same way. As soon as all of the decorations are down I love a more simplified look.

    Your livingroom looks beautiful, peaceful and cozy.


  25. Hi Marty! Aren't we funny creatures? We love Christmas and to decorate, etc....but then can't wait to take it down and de-clutter! I'm really in a de-cluttering mood...for the entire house!! It'll take some time, but it's going to happen!! Happy New Year!

  26. Happy New Year Marty! This is a timely post, as just today we got back in from a trip to Charlotte, NC and I said to my beloved, "I'm taking that garland off the veranda porch on the second floor; the inside will take tons longer to put away. I had four trees this year, as I participated in a Holiday Home & Garden Tour that I chaired in our neighborhood. It took me two months to decorate, so I'm not looking forward in many ways to putting it away...hopefully it will take LESS time to put away. :) I really have the DECLUTTER bug too. Thanks for always being so lovely to visit...I have missed visiting you more often this year. Prayerfully 2011 will bring me by more often. The best of blessings to you friend!

  27. Hi Marty!

    I am ready for less, too. Your home looks wonderful.

    Have a great week! La

  28. Marty, your home is always so beautiful. Your decorating style is so classic. I love it. It always looks for warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  29. Happy New Year, Marty! I'm like you and want my Christmas decorations down! I've tried to start for the last three days and have had life interruptions! :) But today I've at least taken all the ornies off the tree and now they must be put into boxes! :(
    You've been on the ball and your home is so lovely and elegant. Just gorgeous!
    Thanks for popping in to see my little headers.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. The holidays are always a treat, but the paring down afterward is a gift in itself!


  31. Hi Marty, I am slowing putting away our things as we have had a house full of guests who just left and we have a project going on. Plus I have missed blogging so much. That dust and stuff will be there when I get to it! ♥O

  32. You have a beautiful house :)

    We're living out of one room at the moment (while redecorating the rest) so we didn't decorate for Christmas this year. But we'll get the feeling of extra space when we get the rest of our house back! :)

  33. Marty, I know the feeling; but thank goodness I did not put up a tree in our home this year. LESS to take down. But, I am leaving out all my snowman decorations for January. Hubby hates it, because he has to return to attic to quickly. :) Enjoyed seeing all of your decorations though for the holidays. Wishing you well for 2011.

  34. I always feel my house looks so plain and bare after I pack it away after the Epiphany. I am in that get rid of it mode right now too! The thrift shops are brimming with everyone's purges, lol. Then we can go buy it back!
    Happy 2011...less is better!

  35. I have had the strongest urge to purge and do more organization. Also a strong urge to make changes. Hmmm...wonder why??? I need to think through all this carefully though as I tend to make too many rash decisions. I need an interior designer...wanta come for a visit?

  36. Marty,

    We spent the whole weekend taking down EVERYTHING including the outside lights! It feels great to be all cleared out - almost like a blank slate!

  37. My Christmas is all out of the living area but definitely not all put away! I'm sorting and donating and organizing and packing differently. Changing up some ways I store my Christmas things and moving other things around to accommodate. I jumped into the New Year goals I set right away. Love the look of your home with the simplicity you've arranged.

  38. I am very jealous, Marty. I wish I could take down my Christmas decor but I am still having my last holiday party on Tuesday, then I can finally clean up afterwards. I can't wait. Your house is nice and clean!...Christine

  39. Looks beautiful either way, I think! I know what you mean about it seeming bigger - seems like every year someone walks into the room after the tree is down and says, "wow, it seems huge in here!"

  40. I'm right there with you, Marty. I love the clean feeling of a freshly UNdecorated house.

    Hope you had a wonderful new year.

  41. Your home is so lovely and elegant. I do agree that rooms always seem so much larger when the decorations are packed away. I still have my home decorated, but it will all be coming down this week.

  42. I agree with taking down all the Christmas decor how open and spacious it makes everything seem! We were definitely ready to say goodbye to the clutter. Your home is just so classically beautiful. What part of Arizona do you live in? I live in Surprise. Have a wonderful day!!

  43. Tree is down, but not in storage yet. I vacuumed and dusted as soon as I got it down, could not wait. :D
    Happy New Year!

  44. Marty,

    Love your house as always.. here's a great idea: If you want LESS CLUTTER, I'm volunteering to ACCEPT YOU "CLUTTER". LOL I mean, you just have gorgeous stuff! Pass it on! :-) hahahaha

    I love your space, you know that. And I agree with you! I also need to to the same... less thing around here. But when I say "things" I mean toys! I have 2 small children and my gosh! I can't stand all of these toys anymore! :-)

    Have a great week!


    Luciane at

    PS: If you have a minute, come take a look at the Living rooms that I posted today.

  45. oh I so agree!! I'm ready for less as well.. Its time to remove and repack all the decor and accessories..

  46. G'day Marty ~ What beauty your home shines during the Christmas season & before & after. Just lovely ... I am back to my normal decor & loving it.

    So wish I ere in AZ to be with you gals ... what fun!

    Pop over for our lovely CSN GIVEAWAY!

    Have a beautiful New Year ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  47. I always love it when the Christmas things get put away. I'm not a clutter person and by the time it is taken down, I've about had enough of the "stuff"!

  48. Love your simple and fresh look. You are so right. We love to put it up and we love to take it down.
    I am doing nothing this week, no cleaning and no posting. I am still struggling with medication allergies.
    Can't think of anything but hives.
    I will be reading and commenting though. I Love what you do. Thank you for giving others a venue in which to share.
    Hugs, Ginger

  49. Well Marty even after I put all the Christmas stuff away my house still feels cluttered to me. I wish I could borrow you for some decor advice. It's all those darn collections of mine *sighs* I long for the beautiful serenity you have achieved in your livingroom and home. Vanna