Sunday, February 13, 2011

Careful What You Ask For

Living in the desert has huge limitations on what flowers you can have.  It's just too hot for most things.  Then if you have a cold winter like this year where temps get down into the 20's just about everything dies.

I want some more of these.

And these.

And this trimmed up.

And for the yard to look like this again.

 I should have kept my mouth shut!!!  Yesterday DH got in the mood to clean up the side yard where all the gardening things are stored.  He insisted that he had a project for me.  Now I would really rather be doing other things, but if this will help get the yard in shape, then ok.  Look at the job he gave me.  Have you ever seen so many pots in your whole life.!!!!!

No one needs this many, but he won't throw or give away any of them.

 My chore for today is to hose off these racks and then to organize all of these pots by size onto these racks.  Surely he was kidding, however I found out quickly that he was dead serious.  Geeeeeesssseee!

 Ok, once I get this done, he promises me he will start to make the yard look like this again.

I hope you have something more fun to do today.


  1. Marty that is some pile of pots! I hope today brings more fun and one step closer to some of those gorgeous flowers! ~~Linda

  2. That sure is a lot of pots! Wow. It is way to early to start any outside stuff here, you will be ahead of everyone.

  3. Oh my gosh those pots are husband is a bit of a "hoarder" too and I admire your patience. Let us know how the organizing comes out! Have a great day.

  4. Marty, my garden looks pretty sad now too. After this last bit of snow and temps in the teens, most things are either mush or very crispy. I've a lot of work ahead of me for it to look lush and colorful again.
    I notice your background is a solid color. I seem to have lost my background over night and now it is all gray. Do you have any idea what might be the problem? It was the color of yours but with a slight design. I use Best Blog on the Block for the background. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thanks ~ Sarah

  5. Hey, if he would come and do my yard, I would wash the pots! That is how desperate I am!! Have fun!!

  6. Marty as soon as I saw all of the pots I thought oh how fun a potting bench all decorated, i just know Marty is going to do a potting bench!!! I love clay pots and I love them crusty so I like the pots just the way they are!!! How fun that he is ready to do some gardening. It always looks worse before it looks better. You will have a lovely yard back in no time. Looks like you will be busy with the garden hose today!! Love you,Kathysue

  7. Okay Dear Hubs has enough pots there to build one of those terra cotta pot fountains for you! Maybe two! ♥O

  8. i hear u about the pots! they take up the entire bench in my potting shed! it is to be 58 here today...aahh great for a day with hubby for his bday today!

  9. i hear u about the pots! they take up the entire bench in my potting shed! it is to be 58 here today...aahh great for a day with hubby for his bday today!

  10. My backyard is so ugly right now, patches of brown with patches of snow! Yours is so pretty, love the one round pot on the wrought iron stand...beautiful flowers Marty:)

    Have fun cleaning and sorting the pots, wish I was doing that today!


  11. Have fun -- but you will be happy to be organized! I love clay pots and it's hard for me to pass them up at Estate or garage sales -- especially those with age! But, alas, I don't have those wonderful storage racks so pass them up I do!

  12. Holy Cow Marty! That's alot of pots. Will he let you use some of them for craft projects? Or does he guard them jealously, just in case he needs them? At least it's nice enough to work outside finally. It's 68 and sunny here. But I'm stuck inside doing taxes - bleck! Hugs, Kat

  13. That is one heck of a lot of pots, Marty! I love your fence wall. Now that is the ultimate in privacy. My yard looks like a monster chewed it up and spit it out...

  14. My mouth started salivating at the site of all of your pots! Love your Hubby! Can't wait to see pics of your backyard soon... Have a great day!

  15. That's a lot of pots!! I'm sure it's going to be a long day cleaning and sorting them. Good luck!


  16. we also recently sorted out our potting greenhouse, and ended up with many, many pots. Since we're moving, we knew we wouldn't keep them all, so we put them roadside for free, and within the day, they were all gone =) At least they'll go to good use! I'm sure we'll start a new collection at our next home.

  17. Oh my what a project, but envy you in the sunshine!

  18. Oh Marty, what a load of pots! You are lucky you can work outside right now. It is sunny in Utah for the next couple of days and then snow is coming. We are several months before we can even think of getting yards cleaned up and ready for summner. Have a fun day with your pots. Hugs, Karie
    p.s. Love your new header. Looks great.

  19. OH Marty... summer is calling my name.. I can't wait, this week we are getting a break from all the cold weather it's going to get up to 58 by Friday... Here is my neck of the woods we can't really start until Mother's Day... I'm counting down..Happy Sunday


  20. Girl, you definitely have too many pots! What do you use those tiny ones for? I do love flower pots, especially unique ones. Hope some of mine survived this harsh winter.

  21. Hi Marty...

    Oh my goodness girlie... That is quite a collection! I just read that one should scrub their pots and sanitize them from year to year. Never have heard that one before. I work so darn hard to get all the yukky stuff on the outsides, why would I want to clean the darn things....

    Wow.... 20 degrees in the desert. Now, that's pretty darn chilly, isn't it??? We've had some mighty cold weather too....and just a bit of the white stuff.... and I am sooooo looking forward to spring. Whoooopeee!


  22. Wow, that's a lot of pots! Have fun sorting and organizing.

  23. Wow...that's alot of pots. Good luck with those.

  24. Looks like you could start your own greenhouse. I'm doing laundry today.

  25. Hello Marty!! I found you through other bloggy friends of mine, and so glad to be here, I love your blog!! Oh my stars, that is certainly a lot of pots!!! Bless your heart and good luck to you cleaning them all up!!! WOW!! Looking at your photos of your lovely breakfast room and immediately spotted your picture of the man saying grace at the table. I have that exact same picture, given to me by my mother, it hung over our table as a little girl, and now it hangs over mine. Mine is entitled Grace Enstrom. Hopefully one day soon I will find the Lady that sits across the table, I have seen it before but it wasn't exactly in my price range at that moment. LOVE IT!!!

  26. HI MARTY!!
    Our yard is screaming, I AM DEAD!!!
    We got down as low as 18 so most of our stuff is dead, we covered everything, but that is just to cold to survive!!!I am Praying and Hoping I am wrong!!!
    What a fun project, it will look fabulous in the end!!!

  27. Fantastic Hubby you must have to help you get organized! You will feel so good when it's all said and done & have a garden partner that will work out there with you! Can't wait to see your garden this sping/summer! Hugs!

  28. You crack me up.
    I think I'd paint some of those and use them indoors!
    I could throw them in my entry with all the other "old" stuff that's about ready to come out to help this place look like spring!
    Have a fun day! Happy Valentines Day my friend!
    Hugs. Karen

  29. First Marty I love your new blog header,
    Second that's a whole lotta pots!! (And I'm a semi hoarder so coming from me that means something! *winks*) I'm with Kathysue, I like them looking crusty and mossy!
    Your hubbs probably wouldn't buy that though huh? Wish I lived closer I'd squirrel some out for ya *winks* Good luck my friend! I might have to really debate how badly I wanted my yard to look great? LOL! Vanna

  30. That is a lot of pots to fill! :D I am looking forward to planting mine again, but it won't be anytime soon.
    Like your header.
    Have a great week.

  31. I wish I could get my Mr out in the yard.. he might step foot out there twice a year.. the yard is my domain and I went out this morning looking around, saying to myself "Time to get busy with the clean up"... I love being out in the air doing anything that has to do with gardening....
    You do have a lot of pots... have fun!

  32. Oh my Marty,
    That is a pile of pots!
    I can't wait to see what you hubby has in mind!
    You are such a trooper girlfriend!
    Big Hugs,

  33. Marty,
    Have you seen the yard ornament people made from clay pots! Perhaps your dear hubby is going to start producing those? I'll bet he just wanted you to get outdoors and spend some time with him in the sunshine! Ah~h~h. .. now that's sweet!

  34. Pretty flowers!

    I don't envy the job, but I wish I could take some of those off your hands! :)


  35. My first time here...My eyes are green with envy at all those pots. I love terra cotta and use them indoors and out, but I don't have a collection like you do. Balisha

  36. Oh, believe me, I DO have something more fun to do than THAT !! :)))
    However, it takes THAT to make our yards look nicer. How beautiful your fence line will look with flowers in ALL those pots.:)
    xo bj

  37. Oh Marty, bless your heart! What a HUGE job! I hope he wasn't too tough on you. HAHA!


  38. I want to see all your handiwork organizing those pots.
    Mary Ann

  39. OMG....that is a lot of pots. One should be so lucky to have so many. Our temperatures in Arizona should start to get warm once this next storm is thru next week. I can't wait to get my tomatoes in & armenian cucumbers. I already have Cilantro, spinach...saved from the frost a week or so ago. Strawberries R putting on now. Happy potting. Happy Valentine's Day.

  40. Marty, first of all thank you SO much for being such a loyal and sweet follower. I so appreciate it! The office is really starting to take shape. Joe is going to be exhausted but he won't stop:) I am glad I didn't have to do all those pots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sure have ALOT of POTS!!!!!!:):) I know your yard will be gorgeous once again though. I know what you mean about being limited: we live in the woods and get very little sun so we are limited too. I am so thrilled though that we CAN grow hydrangeas, they are one of my favorites!!!!! XO, Pinky Happy V's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. holy moly that's a lot of pots! i need to buy a few more...should i go to the store or your house? lol.

  42. That's a big pile of pots, Marty! It won't be long til your yard looks wonderful again!

  43. Wow! That's a whole lotta pots!!
    I like to garden, but not sure I'd want to stack pots either!

  44. Looks like a lot of work, but doesn't it feel good when it's all done?? I need someone like your husband to motivate me to do some tasks I've been putting off!! Gorgeous photos and wow, love that yard!!

  45. I am afraid I might win a challenge on the number of pots in the shed LOL.
    I am kind of with your husband on this. When you are potting something up you need a lot of sizes to choose from.
    As for stacking them, I have used a picture on my blog once that I would love to copy one day.
    So I am including a link to that post here (sorry for backlinking to myself like that, but I think you might like it too).
    Scroll down a bit to the picture of the terracotta posts.

    Good luck with the organizing and happy dreaming of your garden to you!

  46. What a beautiful yard! The trees, the flowers, the bench, love it all. Here in the middle of Michigan we will have snow for awhile. Seeing your yard has given me that "spring feeling". Hopefully now that you have organized the pots, your husband will get right to making your yard like your beautiful pictures again soon. Can't wait for more pics.

  47. Your yard is lovely. Makes me want to grab a glass of ice tea and sit down for a daydream on that bench!

  48. WOW! Good luck! Now that's a TON of pots but your yard is beautiful. I'd just be happy to look out and see grass instead of snow. So ready for spring! :)


  49. Marty, that is a whole lotta pots there lady!! You could easily sell some of those. They have patina to them that new ones don't. I know you want your yard to look good again and I want the same thing here. We have our work cut out for us on our back yard. It has been taken over by weeds for some reason.

  50. Don't get rid of your clay pots Marty. I just checked at WalMart the other day, and they are getting pretty expensive too! Fill them up with beautiful flowers :-) Happy Valentine's Day!


  51. Wow! You sure have a LOT of pots! I sure could use some of them! I was going through my gardening closet a couple of weeks ago and discovered that I have a sever deficiency in pots. So before I can plant my herbs, I need to scrounge around at yard and estate sales. You have a wonderful yard and before you know it your flowers will blooming abundantly again! What is the tree to the left of your bench?

    ~ Tracy

  52. Oh Marty, I had to laugh...I'm sorry but that sure is a lot of pots! If I lived, I would come and help you wash those pots....are you done yet?

    Have a wonderful day and Happy Valentines.

  53. Hi Marty! Stopped by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!! See you tomorrow for TTT.

    Susan and Bentley

  54. Ahhh..But the rewards are worth the work...

    My mother used to have a friend that lived in the desert. She was an artist, as was my mother, and she used to send my mother pictures she drew of the beauty outside her window....

  55. You have a beautiful yard... in the desert.

    Your new header is beautiful.

    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.


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