Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goodwill and Garage Sales

I always have to visit GW when it is senior day with 25% off.  I have found so many wonderful things and am constantly amazed at what people giveaway.

 I love ironstone and I have a small pitcher collection, so of course I just had to have this one.  Remember everything is 25% off, so when it was marked only $1.99, of course it had to join my collection.

 Still looking for things for Christmas and Birthday presents for this coming year, I saw these and knew someone on my gift list would love them.  Very tall and stately.

 The large one was a steal for $3.99 less  the 25%.

 The smaller one at $2.99 less the 25%.  See the thick rim on theses.  Very heavy glass and I love the crackle finish.

I love brass accessories, and if you've been reading your Decorating magazines, you know that brass is making a huge comback.  I found this pair of wall candleholders, super heavy and pretty long.  With the 25% off $5.98 for the pair.

Isn't the scroll detail on theses petty. 

I also visited a couple of Garage Sales, however not much.  I did find a couple of treasures though.  Remember I found this wonderful silver butter dome at GW, but the glass insert was missing.

I found this little custard dish for 10c, and it is the perfect size.

Fits the base and sides of the butter dome perfectly.  Couldn't be better.  Yip-Skip!!!!!

The lid fits over it perfect too and just the right size for a scoop of butter.  Great find.

I also found two of these glass chargers at the same sale for $1 each.  Love the color.

This brand new bunch of Hydrangeas was $1.50.  Gorgeous color.

One of the chargers will also be wonderful to display wicker and moss balls on. 
Fun treasures, and lots of new things to play with.

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  1. Marty, I love all your finds. lucky! The silver butter dome is beautiful, I just adore things like that and the brass candleholders, terific! I love brass, I have a few pretty things I treasure.
    Thank you for sharing.ç

  2. Wow, Marty - you really hit the jackpot today! Linda

  3. Marty, May you have a sweet valentine's day and wonderful February.

    You have done it again with the bargains, girl!!!

    I really like your ironstone pitcher. Fantastic find!

    Hope you'll come by for a cupcake sometime in blogland,
    d from homehaven

  4. The ironstone pitcher is so elegant. I can picture summer flowers in it right now. hugs♥O

  5. the pitcher is great! i still can not believe the silver u find. Got my found silver tray cleaned and it is in my post today fyi

  6. Hi Marty, You always find the best things at GW and this trip was no exception. The pitcher is wonderful and I love the brass candlesticks. Such great finds.

  7. Hi Marty,
    I'm always amazed at the lovely things that you find. I don't have much luck with our GW store. The last few times, I left with nothing.

    I really like the white pitcher and all your other finds.


  8. What lovely finds Marty! Your pitcher is really lovely, and your candle holders are so nice - I can imagine they will look fabulous on the wall with lighted candles. Love the chargers too - such an unusual pattern and all at such wonderful prices :o)

  9. Martha Stewart showed a collection of her brass pieces last month I think. So you are very trendy! You find the best stuff at your Goodwill.

  10. Your finds are simply amazing! I'm always inspired to drop by our GW store after seeing your posts, but NEVER find anything that comes close to your treasures. Our prices aren't nearly as good either!

  11. Marty, your GW treasures are fantastic. We have a GW, but no good finds like this.
    Lazy on Loblolly

  12. Hi Marty!!!
    What fabulous finds!!!! Thank you for linking up! You are a doll!

  13. Marty,

    You scored some amazing buys! I love the pitcher! I am so impressed that you found a dish the perfect size for your beautiful silver butter holder!

    Thanks for sharing. Boy do I wish we had GW here! I miss it! :)

    Have a great day!

  14. Marty those glass candle holders are sooo pretty. I have been visiting my local GW for things like that. I saw a great posting on Under the Table and Dreaming that showed all kinds of unique ways to made terrariums.Those glasses would be great for some succulents! Once again great finds!

  15. Great finds, Marty! I love that pitcher. I'm keeping the idea of picking up Christmas gifts in mind since you mentioned it. I'm sure it will be a money and time saver later in the year!

  16. Great finds Marty. Our Good Will does not have nice things like that anymore. As a matter of fact, they are moving more into selling NEW items in their houseware department. Although I never see anyone buying anything. And we've never had senior discounts. Enjoy your lovely treasures.


  17. What fabulous finds! I am in awe. Goodwills in our area never have anything this nice! You're gonna have to get a bigger house if you keep finding such great deals:)

  18. Marty,
    What an exquisite ironstone pitcher! Yes! You were lucky to find such a tresure. My favorite find of your Garage Sale are those chargers! Gorgeous! The hydrangea are beautiful! Great bargain hunting day, I'd say! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hi Marty,
    WOW! You really found some fabulous items this week. The ironstone pitcher has such a great shape to it. Love the chargers and candle holders also! ~ Susie

  20. Oh Marti, you found some fabulous finds! I love the white pitcher. As always, thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy your evening,

  21. You found some great things Marty! Lovin' your new pitcher, I can picture it with fresh cut flowers-enjoy:@)

  22. You always find the best stuff at GW. I stopped by my GW today, and as usual, there was nothing. I love what you picked up.

  23. Marty, our GW's just don't have prices like that. Even without the discount. That pitcher is amazing and 1.99, wow!

    I'm still a silver girl but I don't mind the brass coming back because I have a pair of brass sconces I need to sell. They are really pretty but they were just too ornate for what I wanted in the bathroom. Maybe they'll sell!

  24. Great finds! I'm so jealous that you still have good enough weather to be hitting garage sales. We won't see any garage sales again until March at the earliest. That pitcher was an absolute steal. It would be the perfect vessel for a flower arrangement. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Great finds as usual. Funny thing is... I have found almost the identical two goblet at the goodwill! I think there was originally three. The ones I found are crackled like that...but have gold leafing speckled down the stem. I also love all the silver you have been using lately. Makes me want to polish all of ours! Blessings <3 Paula

  26. You did wonderful today, Marty! How nice that you found the right size bowl for the butter dish. What were the odds of that?!!


  27. Hi Marty, great job on all your finds! I've been going to the GW on Grand and Peoria and they've got a pretty nice selection. Which one have you been going to?

  28. Hi Marty,
    What a great shopper...your treasures are wonderful and I am sure someone on your birthday list is already putting their name on those wonderful gifts.

  29. You always find the neatest treasures!

  30. Marty. all I want is more ironstone and especially pitchers. That is gorgeous!! You are so lucky with your finds. I find junk when I go.

  31. Marty, You got some great deals! I haven't been to GW in a month or so... I need to make a run!
    Have a pretty day!

  32. Hey Marty !
    You found some great stuff !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  33. You really did good! I am always amazed the the bargains you find.
    Enjoy your evening.

  34. Marty you found some fabulous items this week. I love that white pitcher and such a good price. Cute candle holders...I also keep an eye out for Christmas and Birthday gifts when I shop. So glad you joined JFF this week. hugs, Linda

  35. Oh I love your new white pitcher. I can't wait for this snow to go, and rumm sales to start here! I've started my ottoman - in fact hubby has built me two boxes! One smaller one for us, and a larger one for daughter for her Feb birthday. I'll get pics to you. jo

  36. All of your GW finds are so terrific. I'm thinking of a trip to Arizona to see you just to shop at your GW Store.

  37. Marty, your pitcher is wonderful! You always find the best things at GW!

  38. Excellent purchases! You did really well, didn't you.

  39. Hi Marty,
    How smart you are to shop early and secure such beautiful gifts! I love the white pitcher the very most. Thank you so much for stopping by to say hi and for saying such nice things.
    Take care and God bless,

  40. What fun finds! Those things all look brand new too!

  41. I feel like I go to the GW when I come to your site, you get such good stuff everytime, I'm living vicariously through your shopping!

  42. Marty I just came home from the Vallue Village and not much at all (One small ratty carpet for $6.99) I'm having a bad bargain week. Good thing I'm not having to keep up with the Joneses or the Martys! Lol! Cuz I'd get my butt kicked! Loved all your finds girlfriend! But that ten cent dish fitting perfectly??!!....Well why wouldn't it?! *winks* You've got the magic touch! Vanna

  43. It was a good day again for your Marty. Awesome pitcher..I like the shape of it. Can't wait to see what you do with all your neato stuff!!

  44. I must say, I've never in all my years seen a butter I want one! That is the most interesting, and so very unique piece. Wow.

    PS...thanks so much for the birthday wishes and your visiting with me yesterday!!!

  45. I'm in love with that butter dish. What a find at the GW. So glad you found a glass bowl to fit in. Great finds!


  46. You always find the best stuff!

    I'm so glad that brass is coming back since my house is full of it. I personally think it is classic looking.

  47. Oh my heart be still! I just love that butter dome. I am so glad that you found the perfect dish to fit.

    The Fashionista and I will be heading to the thrift stores this morning to scour for things for the High Tea Tablescape and Blogger Tea. Fingers crossed.

  48. Wow, I bought a couple of things yesterday at the Salvation Army, and I thought I had hit the jackpot, but you really did! I to am amazed at what people discard!

  49. Hi lovely lady, I love all the things you find at the thrift stores good for you sweet lady. I hope to see you on Tuesday linking up with you. This is the right day I hope ??

  50. What wonderful "finds" and I particularly like your white pitcher and those brass candle holders, oh my just beautiful. Wellllllll, you have inspired me to make a trip to our own GW. My DD has made some great "finds" there too.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  51. Great finds and beautiful new treasures, Marty!...Christine

  52. Wow, these ARE great finds, especially that pitcher! My Goodwill never has stuff this good, and I go CONSTANTLY!


  53. Marty:

    You got some amazing finds. I agree that the color of those chargers is wonderful and that domed butter dish is so sweet. Happy hunting!

    PS - I'm surprised to see some Valentine's decor at your home.

    - The Tablescaper

  54. Marty, you got some wonderful treasures. I love it all.I especially love the pitcher. I've had more pitchers come home with me from GW than I even want to tell. I just can't pass them up.
    I love to take advantage of their discount days too.
    Have a good day,

  55. I love these finds!!! Truly, you find amazing stuff! I will miss my church's thrift store when we're in Italy, but I'm looking forward to finding Naples' version of Good Will. The military base has a small one and I'm sure I'll find some good stuff there, but I'd like to find some Italian versions! You are such an inspiration!!!
    Blessings/hugs, Lana

  56. You must have been in front of me when I went shopping. Found nothing but I love all you found.

  57. Hi Marty! Hope you are enjoying nice Arizona weather! Very windy here in So.Calif. Not helping my head cold!!Eeek! Loved all your finds! Those tall candle holders are so pretty in the clear color. I have them in the gold color. Sadly I broke the tallest one. They came in a set of three. They were gifted to me one Christmas...ha...that's what you have in mind for these too!! The brass candle holders are nice too. Great find. But that custard dish find...what's the chance of that fitting in so perfectly! Bet you did a Woo Hoo!! Thanks for sharing all your treasures at bargain prices.. that's the best of all! Hugs!

  58. Wow Marty.. . you really found some great things. I love, love that white pitcher, and those brass sconces, are you. Some great finds for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  59. Marty , Your Goodwill finds are awesome!!

  60. Very nice, Marty. I have a thing for pitchers and this one is fantastic.

    Enjoy your new play-things!

  61. Hello!
    Just found your blog this afternoon~ it's so pretty!
    I love th ironstone pitcher. I can never pass up one of those either if the price is right!

  62. Just found your blog today and I'm in love with it! Wonderful inspiration!

  63. wow what lucky finds. Love the chargers so different.The pitcher is unusual shape and the glassware so special.
    double score you