Tuesday, February 22, 2011

High Tea

High Tea Tablescapes

I am joining the lovely Laura at Decor To Adore for High Tea.  Life has been a little busy, so I am doing a repost of a Teascape I did last year.  I hope this counts.

We're serving Tea for three today.  I hope you enjoy your visit and refreshments.

A centerpiece of spring flowers and feathers.  I'm using a lace tablecloth with flowers also.

Please choose your teacup. We have three vintage ones to choose from.

I'll be glad to pour from the silver service. There's also lemon if you'd like.

Our dessert of White Chocolate Raspberry Cake is being served on a cutwork cakestand topped with a bird cloche.

An assortment of sandwiches are being served on a silver triple server, please try some of each. There's an assortment of fruit if you'd like.  The peaches and grapes are especially nice and sweet. Help yourself to some lemon water.

Our vintage plates are Grace China, made in Japan. Please help yourself and then let's visit. I'm so glad you joined me today

Thanks for stopping by, I had a great time. Please come again soon.


  1. What a fabulous cloche, Marty! Not to mention that delicious looking cake!

  2. Wow Marty... I'll be right over! Your table looks wonderful! You could have the queen for tea!
    xo Susan

  3. So beautiful! I would love to join you for tea Marty.


  4. I like the cup in the middle the best because of the pattern and because it has such a very pretty picture on the side of it.
    Love the idea of having tea with you!

  5. Beautiful as always...I'm in silver heaven looking at that set

  6. Oh I adore tea. Count me in. Your teascape is stunning.


  7. This is absolutely gorgeous! You make me want to try this too. Lovely!
    Ladybug Creek

  8. Marty,
    You are such a gracious hostess! Since I have a choice, I prefer the tea cup on top. It's short and squatty like me. I adore the blue patterned rim with pink rose florals. Oh you shouldn't have! You have all three of my favorites in one dessert. . .white chocolate, raspberry and cake! Let's see, I'll try the center sandwich, please. Perchance it be chicken salad. These Grace China plates are gorgeous with your vintage linens. Thank you so much for inviting me to tea today! Next time around it will be my treat!

  9. What a pretty setting for tea!
    Enjoy your evening.

  10. Just lovely Marty. That little cake to too cute to eat....not really I would eat it!!

  11. It counts because I haven't seen it! LOL!!! What a beautiful tea party! When's the next one! I enjoyed my visit today!


  12. Marty you do the prettiest tablescapes. Oh and I'll be right over for some tea!! Martina

  13. Marty,
    You tea is just lovely! Such a pretty table. Seeing your makes me realize I forgot to set out plates with my cup & saucers. Oh well it is already done.LOL

  14. It's so pretty! And the food looks delicious. I'll be right over. :)

  15. Beautiful table...wish I could come for tea!

  16. So pretty - I'll be right over after Howard's End is finished to join you for tea. Seriously, Howard's End just started - I love that movie. Jennifer

  17. How pretty! I would be honored to be your guest at any tea party you throw! Love those beautiful tea cups!

  18. Looks gorgeous! I'd love to be your guest!

  19. your plates are gorgeous! and of course your silver too!

  20. I'm in love with your silver. I have always wanted a silver tea set. I'm always on the lookout for one at GW.

  21. Marty,
    You have some exquisite pieces, my friend. Love all the silver. The trio dish that holds the tea sandwiches is just so unusual and very very pretty.
    I love that you got out your silver service... even if it was gotten out last year.
    How creative to put all those pretty tea cups on a stacked plate stand. I'll have to remember that creative idea!
    It is so nice to visit! Your tea is fit for a queen!

  22. Marty,

    Your table is absolutely lovely! So nice. I'd love to be able to visit you for tea! Enjoy!


  23. Marty it's elegant and lovely. Love the stand.

  24. Marty, your china is beautiful and that cloche is gorgeous. ♥O

  25. Awe Ms. Marty after seeing yours and Ms. Yvonnes tea time ya'll are putting me to shame!!!! Your table is so nice and I love your silver of course.
    Beautiful job!

  26. Marty, you've set a beautiful tea. The cake looks delicious. ;-)
    Cheers ~ Sarah

  27. I wish I could be there to join you, Marty. Your table is lovely!...Christine

  28. so very lovely! i LOVE the bird cloche! that cake looks scrumptious, too!
    beautiful tablescape!

  29. I love your Tea, I wish you would link it to Tea Time. Oh, the dishes, silver, tablecloth, the napkins are lovely too! I think I have a cloth that matches them. lol Love the cloche! All the white the sandwiches. I love it,wish I could join you! I will not be able to link in the next months, I will be going to my 41st surgery next week, and have been in tests all day today. I am hoping I can recover just looking at everyone's blog, I missed so much with sick grandchildren, off to Doc tomorrow to see if I have taken their chest congestion and strep throat. My daddy came through his heart cath today and will have open heart surgery Thursday. Love your TEA

  30. Hi Marty! Oh, this is so beautiful! I'm having a tea party for the ladies at my church next month and you're giving me some great ideas for decorating!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. Very pretty and elegant as every thing you do Marty..hey how's that guest hunt room coming along..I seen a riding hat the other day and thought of you my Dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  32. Everything looks so inviting! Love that cloche with the bird and the silver tea set.

    Tks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments on my family room :)

  33. Lovely dishes, and your food looks very tasty. I especially like how you topped the cake with a cloche. How creative!

  34. Every detail is just beautiful!

  35. Well that table just takes the cake. NO, I'll take that cake, all looks so yummy and fun.

  36. Hi lovely lady. your Table for your Tea Party is so Beautiful just like you. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Tablescapes ~~~xxoo

  37. I simply love "high teas". I've really only been to one. It was soooo nice. It would be nice if we could have one for real! That is if we could do it at your house with your beautiful china, etc. Gail

  38. Oh my goodness I am overcome with all of the loveliness!

    The table setting is just spectacular.

    That glass cloche is nothing sort of gorgeous!

    I adore your sweet white figurine.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you SO very much for linking up.

  39. So pretty & sweet!
    And LOVE, LOVE the cloche... where ever did you find it??? It is fabulous!!

  40. So pretty! I am so hungry right now!
    Chocolate raspberry CAKE and those sandwiches!!!

  41. A very pretty table Marty! Lovin' those beautiful green plates:@)

  42. Thank you so much for your visit today Marty.
    I am so happy to come to tea. I love your china, there is just something so special and fresh about the color green....it's like a spring day, all fresh and new. Your table is gorgeous and I just want to sit here and take it all in, Char

  43. Marty - Everything is perfect as usual. I love your cake cloche and the cake looks scrumptious! Coconut? A fav of mine. Love all of your beautiful silver service and your lovely presentation. Truly fit for a queen! xo Nancy

  44. This is so pretty. I love the white container with the fruit in it. The cake looks so pretty...everything is beautiful!

  45. that cake looks so Yummy.. everything looks great but I sure would love a slice of that cake:)


  46. Marty your table looks fit for a queen! I adore those tiny little cakes you can buy now. They are just the perfect size for a little gathering such as this!

    My tea is a repost too - I am glad I am not the only one!! Just going lightning speed here since I got home and no sign of slowing too soon- it's great-God is good!

    Just got back for the dentist (ouch) and needed to take a pretty break so am visiting some of my favorites!

    bee blessed

  47. Hello sweet lady...

    Marty, you are truly the most gracious hostess! Thank you so much for this lovely tea today! It's so beautiful...of course, you know how I love all that gorgeous silver! Your silver tea service is beautiful!!! Ohhh...and those sweet teacups and dessert plates...very pretty, my friend! Ohhh my...and how did you know that white chocolate with raspberries is my "all time" favorite dessert? I think it will be just enough for "moi"! You girls will have to fill up on the dainty little sandwiches! Hehe! Okay...I will share...but begrudgingly! wink!

    Marty, I know that I always say it...but must say it once again...you make the prettiest flower arrangements! I love this arrangement that you have on your tea table! You could give me lessons on this subject...I could use the help, my friend!

    Once again, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tea table with us for the party today! This was such a treat, sweet friend!

    Love ya,

  48. What a gorgeous flower arrangement. I think your setting is so pretty!!


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