Monday, March 7, 2011

55th Table Top Tuesday

Welcome to the 55th Table Top Tuesday.  I'm still in Oregon. Thank you all so much for all your prayers.  I am so humbled by your kindness. My grandson was in a U.S. Ski Race and near the end of a run he cut too close to one of the gates after a jump and crashed and unfortunately broke both legs very badly.  They did surgery and inserted 4 rods and several pins and they say his legs will heal in time.  He will be in a wheelchair for a minimum of 3 months before they can begin to do any rehab or start to consider trying to stand or walk.  He is home from the hospital now and I am here helping my son take care of him.  The Lord is SOOOOO GOOD, He doesn't have any spinal or head injuries, so we are so blessed.  Again, thank you for all of your prayers and best wishes.  I so appreciate it so much. I have this post scheduled, so I  hope it works.  I am so glad you've joined the party.

 I have a little sliver of wall in the hall between the opening to the kitchen and the hall leading to the livingroom.  Just big enough for this small cabinet.  I used this piece in the breakfast area of my previous home to hold wine glasses and such, however it holds a lot of my tin cans and collectibles now.

 When I lived in Oregon, I lived in the woods in a very rustic home, so my decor style was primitives.  Some of the tins and collectibles belonged to my mom and grandmother.  Others were things I found at antique stores.

 The cracker and coffee tins were ones that belonged to my grandmother.

 The crayon box and slate were ones my mom used in grade school.  The little teapot and syrup pitcher were hers also.  The doorknob came off of the farmhouse that I was born in.

 The round salt cellar, foodchopper and syrup belonged to my grandmother.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.  Don't forget the SPRING CLOCHE PARTY on the 11th.  I look forward to seeing you there.


  1. What a lovely collection you have! What great memories looking at all those wonderful tins.

  2. That is just darling! I love the crayon tin and the dorknob. Such a beautiful collection.

  3. The primitive collections are wonderful still. Love all of the old advertising pieces.

  4. PRAYERS for your grandson and how wonderful that you are able to be there for him and your son. I've thought about your grandson often as one of my college friends broke both of her legs in a skiing accident in Maine (25 years ago). It took time and hard work but she was up and walking within the year and eventually fully recovered.

    Thanks for posting the link and I have linked to you for the first time this week!

    Take care of yourself, too!

  5. Omigosh such treasures Marty! How awesome that you have the crayon box and slate that belonged to your mother -those things are priceless! I love that little hutch. I'm curious about the color - did you paint it or was it always that color? I love it!
    p.s. I'll participate soon- we are undergoing renovations right now and I'm a bit overwhelmed!

  6. Hi Marty, I'm so glad your grandson is doing well, and has a good prognosis, and so glad you can be there! I wasn't sure if you were doing this this week, so I'll link up in my blog shortly,
    hugs and blessings for all your family!

  7. That poor guy! How painful. The Lord was indeed looking out for him on those sloops. My prays for him to a speedy recovery. Diane

  8. gorgeous cans!!!!!!
    Happy week,

  9. Such a beautiful, special collection! I'm so glad to hear of your grandsons's progress, and we are keeping you in our prayers!
    xo, Andrea

  10. Marty I am so glad your grandson is going to be OK! I'll keep him in my prayers. Looking forward to your cloche party, Martina

  11. Oh Marty! I am so sorry about your grandson! Glad to hear that he doesn't have any additional injuries or trauma and we will definitely keep him in our prayers. I wish you were in OR for another reason because it would be just so fun to try and connect with you! :-)

  12. Matry,
    Great collection...thanks for hosting.


  13. Marty, those are so great. Thank you for hosting the party


  14. Thank you for the update on your grandson, Marty! Prayers continue.

    I like your little shelf and it's contents.:-)

  15. Your grandson will be in my thoughts and prayers. A long recovery like that with 3 months in a wheel chair will be difficult for him. I know you must feel better being there with him too.

  16. What a scary accident Marty, glad your grandson will be ok. Lovin' your whole display, cans can truly be works of art:@)

  17. Marty, your Grandson is in my prayers. It sounds like it's going to be a tough time being in a wheelchair, but thank God he didn't sustain any brain or spinal injuries in his accident.

    Thinking of you.


  18. I'm so sorry to hear about the severity of your grandson's injuries, Marty; however, so glad to hear he's going better and on the road to recovery!

    Love all of your treasures! And, how you've displayed them is wonderful. Thanks so much for hosting and letting us play. Hugs, Becca

  19. Fabulous collection here..and I LOVE your little cabinet.
    Hope things are good where you are.

  20. Hello sweet friend...

    Ohh Marty, I am sooo glad to hear that your grandson is home and beginning to recuperate! I just hated to hear of his skiing accident but I am very thankful that it wasn't even more serious! Of course, breaking both legs is very know what I mean! He is young and very strong, I am sure that he will be up and around in no time at all! I'm sure that he is very happy to have his grandma there to help him out! That is such a blessing, my friend! Of course, I am continuing to pray for him and his complete recovery!!!

    Well dear lady, you are sooo good to still post and host your TTT party...even through all the circumstances! Thank you, Darlin'! Of course, I just adore that pretty cabinet full of your olden tins and such! I still just think it's fabulous that you have the doorknob to the home that you were born in!!! I also really enjoyed seeing your grandmother's and mother's things...such precious treasures! Girlfriend, after seeing your home as it is's difficult for me to imagine that your last home was rustic and decorated in the primative style! I would have loved to see photos of it!!! I'm sure that it was really are such a creative and talented designer!

    Well my dear, please do take care! Don't wear yourself out taking care of everyone! You are in my prayers as well, sweet friend!

    Love ya,

  21. I hope your grandson is not in a lot of pain and his recovery is one of ease and speed. Prayers for you and yours. I have to admit, the thought of my kids growing up and skiing scares me a little: but I'm sure they learn a lot through these life lessons. I'm thankful his damage was not much worse!
    What treasures you have displayed! I love family heirlooms with meaning!!
    Thanks for hosting. My link is not about a real "pretty" tabletop, but one very full of meaning.

  22. Marty,
    Thank you for the update on your grandson. I will continue to pray for him and for your family. So thankful that you can be with them at this difficult time.
    Your primitive cabinet is adorable! I love that every item on every shelf has special meaning in your life. These are the types of things that help ground us in troubled times and give us great comfort! Thank you for hosting this weekly meme. .. I draw great inspiration from you and the ladies who participate!

  23. You have such a wonderful collection, Marty, and it is displayed so beautifully! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending you a big hug....Debbie

  24. It really is a blessing that your grandson didn't hit his head or hurt his spine. But 3 months in a wheelchair has got to be really hard on someone so young! I'll keep him in my prayers Marty.

    You're so lucky to have all those precious items from you mom and grandmother! They look wonderful displayed in your little cabinet! Vanna

  25. Marty, sounds like a long road ahead for him. I am sure they appreciate your help so much. Love your cupboard full of vintage goods.

  26. Lovely collection especially that some were family. So glad to hear your grandson is doing better. I will keep him in my prayers. Blessings, Debbie

  27. Oh Marty! I am SO sorry to hear about your dear grandson! My thoughts are with you and I am sending you prayers.

    I have a lovely little English chest that I was playing around with trying to create a spring vignette with my new cloche~ the big one that was just like the one your daughter gave you.
    I was trying to put a large seashell under the glass and I must have hit it at just the right spot. Breaking glass. Went to two Marshalls and Home Goods today looking for another.
    It looks like I won't be playing on the 11th. :(

  28. So sorry to hear about your grandson. Hope he will heal quickly and that rehab goes well.
    I love your collection ~ all the pieces are so cute and nostalgic :)

  29. What a lovely collection of tins. I'm wishing your grandson continued recovery and well being.

  30. Love your use of that sliver of wall in the hallway! Great vintage pantry display!!!
    Thanks for hosting another fabulous party!

  31. Marty, God is so very good! I am singing his praise as I continue to pray for your grandson! hugs, Linda

  32. I've always loved all your primitive collection, Marty and I still do. I hope your grandson is doing ok....Christine

  33. Love your tin collection. I'm so glad your grandson didnt get hurt any worse then he did I'll send up a prayer for him for a quick recovery and a low frustration level. I imagine it could be very frustrating being confined to a wheel chair like that.

  34. First, I'm so sorry to hear of your grandson's injury. He was so fortunate that it was no worse. I've already said special prayers for his recovery. He is blessed to have you with him for a time.

    Love your small cabinet ~ it reminds me of the one my sweet daddy made for me. I really like how you have arranged the vintage items in it!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  35. Marty,
    I am glad your grandson will be ok. I love your tins. So interesting! Thanks for hosting!

  36. Hi Marty!
    I am so glad to hear your grandson made it through surgery and is home recovering. And grateful that you made it to him safe and sound and are there to help.

  37. Marty, I am thrilled your grandson is home and can begin his journey toward healing. How wonderful that you can be with him and your son. He will be in my prayers. Take care.

  38. You have a wonderful collection, Marty and I love how you have it all displayed in that pretty cabinet. Very nice.

    I am so sorry about your grandson's accident but happy to hear he is on the mend. I will keep him in my prayers.


  39. Marty, so sorry to hear about your grandson, I will pray he has a Speedy Recovery! How scared you must have been. I so happy he going to be OK, I know he not looking forward to the chair for 3 months.
    I am home recovering,hard to type but hoping to be better soon. I adore the cabinet, old tins, coffee pot! The slate, your Mother's how special! I was thinking today about wishing I had one, I visited a slate quarry and have pieces of slate on my travels. So happy your grandson doesn't have any of the injuries you mentioned.

  40. I'm so glad that your grandson's injuries were not any worse than broken legs. We live in Idaho and so many of us ski here. A few years ago after my husband traded in his skis for a snowboard, he got caught in some deep powder and could not make a turn in time before he slammed into one of those large metal standards that support the cables for the the chair lifts. He put his right arm across his chest for protection and his arm took the brunt of the impact. Amazingly, he did not break or fracture his arm, but he has been less of a dare devil since then. I will continue to pray for your grandson. Fortunately he has youth on his side and the Lord too!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  41. Oh Marty, your poor grandson! I'm so glad it wasn't any worse than it was, but I know this long recuperation will be hard on everyone. I'm sure that they are so thankful to have your help.
    I remember this shelf and all of the treasures on it. I'm just so amazed that you have your mother's little chalkboard. What a treasure that is! The way you have these treasures arranged on the shelves makes such an intriguing vignette. I loved being able to study each shelf, and I also love that you have the doorknob from your home. Thank you for being such a great hostess and continuing to host from Oregon. laurie

  42. Marty, I am so glad he had his surgery and can now focus on healing and eventually rehab. Thanks for hosting. ♥O

  43. Thank goodness he will be all right. Though he will have his struggles for awhile. I just love your gorgeous collection!

  44. I'm glad your grandson is being well taken care of and loved. I'm sure this is a real test for someone who obviously is very active. Prayers will continue.

    Your cabinet is a perfect fit and so many wonderful treasures!

  45. Glad to hear your grandson is doing alright. It does help to think how things could have been much worse, doesn't it? Your cabinet is the perfect place to display your lovely vintage items and what special meaning many of them must have for you! Thanks for hosting TT even when you are away!


  46. Thanks a bunch for hosting!!!

  47. My Prayers are with you Sweetie! You are an incredible lady to make such a beautiful post, Host a party AND take care of your Grandson too... Giant Hugs to you,

  48. So glad that your grandson is home and on the mend. He is very lucky to have you to help take care of him. I will keep y'all in my prayers. I know he has a long road in front of him. I received my beautiful candlesticks in the mail but life has been hectic for the past few weeks and I haven't had a spare minute to take pics of them or post about them on my blog. I hope to be able to do that very soon. Thank you again for them. I love them!

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  50. Marty, I love your little sliver of a wall, with your wonderful collection. Such lovely treasures. And so glad to hear that your grandson is on the road to recovery.


  51. I'm glad that your grandson is home now. Thanks for sharing your charming cabinet with such great family and vintage pieces!

  52. Marty, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson, but so relieved that he is recovering:-) What an incredible group of treasures you have in that cabinet!! You have some great things.

  53. Marty,

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandson but glad to hear that he will heal. What a horrible accident that was, you all must have been terrified! Blessings to you and your family.

  54. Marty I am glad your Grandson is on the mend. With our son being on ski patrol in Mammoth Lakes Ca he has all kinds of horror stories concerning skiers.

    Love your tins! I had lots in the country style days and got rid of most but there were some favorite old ones I could not part with!

    bee blessed

  55. Hi Marty! I'm so glad to hear your grandson is home and recouping! What a blessing even though I know he has a hard row ahead of him - it could have been so much worse.
    I know he's glad is grandmother is there to spoil and pamper him.
    Keeping y'all in my prayers.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  56. You will be ablessing to your son and grandson. Continued prayers for patience and strength for all of you.

    God Bless. Pam

  57. Thank God your boy is going to heal. My husband works for a ski resort and my daughter taught snow boarding. We all know the dangers and fun of skiing.
    So glad he has a loving family to surround him.
    Mary Ann

  58. I'm so glad your grandson is home and that you are able to be there for him and your son. I'm keeping him and all of your family in my prayers.

  59. Hope that your Grandson is doing better.

    What a wonderful collection of memorabilia you have, and they are so charmingly displayed.

  60. Marty,
    My thoughts are with you and your grandson...what a horrible accident...hope he is feeling a little better. Love your shelf and display of vintage cans.
    Hang in there!
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  61. Marty,
    I am thinking of you and your grandson. What a horrible accident. So glad he will recover and I bet he is glad to have his Grandma there right now. I love your display of primitive memorabilia.
    Big Hugs,

  62. So soprry to hear about your grandson's accident.Hope he will be OK and that he will recover in time.What a worry for you.Big hug.

  63. Marty, I'm so relieved that your grandson is recovering. You are so spinal or head injury is something to truly be grateful for. I'll keep all of you in my prayers.

  64. Marty, I am so glad your grandson is doing o.k., he was really lucky. I love your old tins and boxes, I know they are special to you. Will pray that your grandsons recovery goes well and for you as the care giver.

  65. Marty,
    You and your family will continue to be in my prayers!

    I adore this wall shelf and all of the lovely collectible primitives that you have in it!! it is just my style!!


  66. Marty: sorry to hear about your grandson, but I'm glad he's on the road to recovery. Thanks for hosting -hope you are home soon - Jennifer

  67. glad your grandson is home, like you said it could of been worse..poor boy.

    Love your tins!

  68. Ugh, my son is just recovering from a broken shoulder, and that was bad enough, so this must be simply horrible. You have my prayers for a speedy and full recovery for him and extra grandma energy for you.

  69. Marty, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson! I'm very glad to know it wasn't any worse than broken bones.

    I'm drooling over your tins and I love how you've displayed such special items from you mother and grandmother.

  70. Marty,
    I love everything!
    The door knob that is really cool!! And your Mom's slate and crayons!! How special is that!

    All the stuff that was your Grandmothers!

    Family stuff is so much better!!! I remember what you told me about your Grandmother's table, when I did a Table Top Tuesday. Thanks for that by the way, it was special!

    Do your kids know the stories behind all this stuff?
    Do they like antiques? Do you only have a son? I can't remember.

    Oh and hows it going taking care of your Grandson?
    Both legs.......not good! Hope he is feeling better!

    I'm working on Table Tops for Easter!!
    Take Care!

  71. Hi Marty,
    You have a wonderful collection of vintage tins and such! I have a few of the same ones in my collection. I like them all displayed on that cabinet together.


  72. Hi Marty, I am so glad that your grandson is doing so much better. You guys are all in my prayers.

    I love your little shelf full of old food things. I am in the process of a couple of tablescapes but I don't think that I'll be able to post today.

    If I can help in any way, please let me know. God bless and take care. I know that your family is so happy to have you with them.

  73. What a wonderful old collection. Hope you're doing well! Thanks for another TTT!

  74. First of all Marly dear I'm so happy your grandson is safe, kids aare strong and young, he soon will be up and walking, he'll learn fast, he's sooo young. God bless him everyday.

    I love your vintage tins, I have a couple from my MIL's, she had them with tea, actually they're from China... wish I can give them to you if I was closer.
    Keep believing in the power of prayer. Thank you for hosting Tuesdays, I'm here!


  75. So sorry to hear about your grandson. I hope he will have a speedy recovery.
    Your little cabinet is a perfect place to display your tins.
    Take care out there!

  76. Marty, what a godsend you must be to your family! Definitely sending prayers ... from my place to yours as the next few months will be important ones in your grandson's life...

    Your treasures and shelf are wonderful. Knowing the history makes "vintage" so much better!

  77. What a darling cabinet, Marty. It's so nice that it fits perfectly in that spot in your new home.

  78. Marty, continued prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery for your grandson.

    Your cabinet really does fit in that spot perfectly.


  79. Oh Marty, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson. I hope he recovers as quickly as possible.
    Your post today is lovely. I like very much to look at all those antique canisters and keepsakes.