Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Colorful Farm Animals

First I want to thank you all for being so faithful to link to TTT each week.  I am trying to make the rounds to everyone, however I am filling in for a friend who had surgery and so I am working a couple of days a week  in her place now.  I know you will all understand.  So bear with me and I will visit as many as I can.

I have Chicks, Roosters and a Pig in all colors and I love them.

My fun orange rooster from GW.

The lime Chick I found at TJMaxx.

And of course my speckled Rooster & Hen that I've had for a while.

When I found this wonderful yellow Pig, I just fell in love.  Had to have him.  He came from HG.

I thought the yellow Pig needed a friend, so I thought I would try and transform this little Rooster.  First I gave him a good sanding to take some of the shine off.

 Then I got out my supplies.  Yellow paint, Mod Podge and Stain.

 A couple of light coats of yellow paint and he looks better already.

 I wanted to give it a crackle finish, but I didn't have any white glue and I was too lazy to go to the store and get some or some crackle medium.  So, I thinned down some Mod Podge to see if it would work.

 I painted on a coat of the Mod Podge being careful not to go over any of the areas twice and then waited for the crackle.  It never happened.  I know they sell a Porcelain Crackle at Lowe's, so I will pick up some for the next project.  This was worth a try, but I think the sealer in the MP kept it from cracking.

All wasn't lost, I just started applying the stain and wiping off until I got the look I was going for.

See it next to the pig.  Pretty close in color.  I didn't make the Rooster as dirty as the pig, after all, he is a little bit more proud and cleaner. lol  See the Crystal Clear can in the background.  When he dries I will give him a good coat so he will shine really pretty.

All finished and I love it.  Now I'm working on a vignette.  I'll show you later.

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  1. Marty, love your colorful animals and that roo turned out great. You are getting good with the paint and stain. He looks just like the pig.

  2. Your yellow rooster turned out great, Marty! At first I thought it looked fine white, but you really made it look so much better! I don't even think you need to crackle him. He's such a great size for a countertop vignette, too!

  3. Oh my goodness, it looks like the pig and your rooster were bought at the same time and from the same brand! Wow!, they do look amazingly related, Marty!, you're a very talented lady! Thank you for hosting!
    Lots of hugs.

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  5. I absolutely adore your pig...and his new friend is awful cute, too! Beautiful color!

  6. Cute pig! I love the transformation of your rooster! He looks great!

  7. Total cuteness...love your darling decorating!!!

  8. Marty I love all your colorful farm animals and your Mr.Roo turned out wonderful!! Martina

  9. Hi Marty, Roo looks great. Just love all of your adorable animals.
    Marianne :)

  10. What an inspiration you are! The rooster turned out wonderful! You make me want to paint all the plain little old pieces pieces I find at sales!! There is hope!!! ;-D


  11. Hi Marty That rooster looks so much more interesting with the yellow paint and glaze! Don't crackle him! He looks very proud of his pretty new feathers! Linda

  12. What a cute job on the rooster! He looks very well with the pig.


  13. Marty,
    You made it look so easy to paint the rooster. He turned out great! Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Wow, you did a great job of matching that yellow. I use to teach tole painting. I have never heard of using mod podge to crackle. Love it just like it is! Also love the orange rooster and green chick. Thanks for letting us share on TTT.

  15. How clever -- he looks really good!

  16. :) I do love me a farm animal in my kitchen! LOL! :) These are cute!


  17. Love how your rooster turned out! Was that just regular stain you used? I have several items (some ceramic, some concrete) that I was wanting to "age" a little bit. Will that work?

  18. I can't believe the amazing transformation the rooster went through. This is incredible! He looks so much like the pig.... loved all your roosters and the speckled one is my all time favorite. You are so talented with stain and paint. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and for your lovely comment. Wish you a very happy and safe Memorial Day.~Poppy


  19. This Cornish Hen loves your rooster. What a great idea! You are so inspirational. I love roosters and hens, collecting a few of them myself.

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  21. Of course, I adore Mr & Mrs Speckle-the-Rooster, but your pig is adorable ... and I can't believe how well you matched the white rooster to the pig's yellow finish!
    But please tell me you don't spray paint in your gorgeous kitchen???
    I'm having nightmares of fine speckles of yellow on the granite!

  22. Hi lovely lady. I love the job you did on your Rooster sweet lady. Did you spray paint in your kitchen I hope not. !!!!
    I hope you have a Great Evening sweet lady ~~~